Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paul Arrives in Israel

The Los Angeles Times posted this picture of Paul signing autographs in Tel Aviv.

UPDATE: This is a recent quote from Paul McCartney

"Its quite striking that modern science has many things in common with some of the ancient religions. I think we are at a very interesting stage in human development and I just hope for the best and I am optimistic about it."

Click here for the entire article from My Park Magazine.

UPDATE 2: Two Interesting Articles in Today's Jerusalem Post.

McCartney visits Church of Nativity

Is it McCartney or is it an imposter? (Thanks to lenmac of Nothing Is Real for spotting this one)

I can't figure out how this benefits Iamaphoney, but his 12-second Fireman video showed up on yet another YouTube Channel:
3 From TheMcCartneyYears

He also posted CERN from lamaphoney and ROMA from IAMAPH0NEY. It can get quite confusing when the alias sites are so close in name to the main site and the videos themselves are re-titled reruns.

___________________________________________________________ reported that Paul McCartney arrived safely in Israel today and successfully avoided the paparazzi and other various Blue Meanies. UPI reported this as well.

Israel takes pride in security and I am sure that all will go smoothly with tomorrow's concert, despite all of the concerns raised by the media this week. Anyone who reads this blog probably knows that I am a Paul fan first and I wish him the very best success with this history-making concert and a safe return home.


Anonymous said...

great post!

All the best to you Paul!!

MikeNL said...

I hope Paul will be okay!

all the best, Paul :- )

Anonymous said...

break a leg, Paul.

Anonymous said...

"According to The Jerusalem Post this morning, I may not be the real Paul McCartney, so I just wanted to let you know that it really is me," he said with a smile on his face.


Anonymous said...

Paul is a world´s money paper collector.And when a i said money paper , i mean MONEY PAPER (please, only cash)


Anonymous said...

Ancient religions and quantum physics? Maybe Paul really is YKMN231.

MikeNL said...

paul is dead - nothing is real 272

mirror image

now playing!

Anonymous said...

what was the point of that Mikey?

Jude said...

What's the point of all PID videos?

Entertainment. ;)

Anonymous said...

Is that the official line, now?

Are you saying, at this time, all PID videos are purely entertainment?

let it be said hence forth:

all past, present and future material related to PID is for entertainment purposes( only).

Is that what you said, Jude?

or would you care to clarify the use of "entertainment"?

3,14159265 said...

of course PID videos are purely entertainment. Paul is alive.

But why does Judy get so angry if anybody is criticizing his lord the phoney?

Anonymous said...

because phoney isn't dead?