Friday, June 27, 2008

Beatles Cartoon Series Revisited

I recently posted an article about the "Penny Lane" episode of the Beatles Cartoon Series. It included the disclaimer that other than the licensing of the songs, the Beatles themselves had nothing to do with the production of the cartoon. I have no evidence to the contrary, but I wanted to take a moment to suggest that although unlikely, it is at least plausible that a Beatles Cartoon episode could contain relevant clues. YouTubeornottobe grandfatheraleister could be on to something.

Iamaphoney even used images from the Beatles Cartoon for the Rotten Apple 21 subtitled "nothing IS real."

The characters in the Beatles Cartoon series were based on caricatures created by Peter Sander. The Beatles Fanzine, Strawberry Fields Forever published Sander's original "blueprints" in Issue #10. Click each picture for a larger version.

One reader of this blog stated that the actual episodes were made by artists in Korea to save money, but I have not been able to confirm that. One credible Beatles Cartoons fansite says although it was true that the producer looked to other places than the U.S. because of economic reasons, the actual work was done in Australia, with additional production taking place in England, Mexico and Canada.

The Beatles Cartoon was still in production when the Beatles music and message changed dramatically. If something did happen in 1966 that caused the Beatles to start putting clues in their releases in 1967, it is plausible to me that the later Beatles Cartoon episodes could contain clues. All the Beatles would have had to do was send Neil Aspinall or even Tony Bramwell to Beatles Cartoon Executive Producer Al Brodax. They could have said, "The Beatles would like you to put this and that in an episode of the cartoon. And if you will do them that favor and not ask any questions, there is the possibility of a Cartoon Feature film in the near future."

When "Yellow Submarine" materialized within a couple of years, Al Brodax was involved, much to the chagrin of many others working on the film. Brodax was a surprising choice because he was the one who insisted that the Beatle characters in the cartoon series have American accents.

To give you an idea of how some people felt about Al Brodax, here are a couple representative quotes from some people who worked on "Yellow Submarine":

Animator Tony Cuthbert said, "I think as a team we weren't particularly friendly with King Features or Al Brodax."

Millicent McMillan, Heinz Edelmann's Assistant said, "All Brodax books should be burnt and him as well for good measure."

A bunch of people involved with "Yellow Submarine" issued a group statement condemning Brodax and his book "Up Periscope Yellow."

An excellent source of information on the "Yellow Submarine" movie is radio personality Dr. Bob Hieronimus, author of "Inside the Yellow Submarine." He has interviewed many of the principle people including George Martin, Heinz Edelmann and Derek Taylor. I would love to get Dr. Bob's take on the Rotten Apple series and even tried unsuccessfully to contact him via email. With his knowledge of symbols and mysticism, I'm sure he could interpret some of those loose ends in the Rotten Apple series for us. [So, Doc, if you are listening, give me a shout. We actually met once. You asked me if I thought David Peel would be a good guest on your show.]

So the bottom line is that the idea of the Beatles brain trust planting some message in an episode or two of the Beatles Cartoon Series is more plausible to me than many of the other things that we speculate about here. It could be something very general and subtle too, such as that picture of the back of the heads of the four moptops with Paul's picture being just a little different from the other three.

One thing is for sure: Apple thought that the Beatles Cartoon Series was important enough to purchase and take off the market in the early 1990s.

Here are some excellent links for more information:

Television Heaven: Beatles Cartoon Series
Unofficial Beatles Cartoon Site
Dr. Bob Hieronimus' reaction to Al Brodax's "Up Periscope Yellow."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Condensed Pilgrim

I was asked to do a post about "Condensed Pilgrim," the latest video from RockXLight (aka Jude).

It is a well crafted video with some sweet moments (such as George Harrison giving a rare smile for the camera) and some disturbing ones as well. Be warned that the video contains the often used shot of Lennon's face that made the tabloids when some parasite slithered into the morgue (Yoko used the image herself in the video for John's song Woman), as well as the full frontal nudity of the "Two Virgins" cover. There is also an effective, but disquieting image of Beatle Paul that suddenly is splotched with a blood red color.

The video has some great moments including footage of Derek Taylor saying "[If the Beatles tried to reunite without John] I think rotten apples would be thrown at the stage." What an outstanding find! The soundtrack also seemed to take a bit of work.

The video ends with the question "Are you really out there?" written backwards. The description asks "O when will you make your move?" (Funny how everyone is using game terminology these days)

I received an anonymous comment about this video that prompted a response from Jude.
Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why the elaborate charade, Jude? You don't really think Lennon's still alive, do you?

Jude said...

Elaborate charade?

Please. I'm no more behind a charade than IAAP himself. I'm no more behind a charade than oskarros, who went looking for the briefcase only to find Paul McCartney standing outside of a limo with a man who looked John Lennon.

That's not exactly a denial if you read it carefully.

My first question was: "Who is this oskarros?"

My best guess is that it is a misspelling of YouTubaPlayer oskarrakos

See Comments under Rotten Apple #111 for more information.

The second question is a tougher one. Who is Mr. Pilgrim?

When a video appeared called The Pilgrim under the Iamaphoney alias Y0KOONO, MikeNL posted this message on Nothing Is Real: John Lennon = alive?

I don't know how that was derived from that video, but I do know that prior to that, MikeNL was inquiring about the identity of a Mr. Pilgrim based upon communication with Iamaphoney. Now Jude's video appears to be suggesting that same thing.

Interestingly, the Liverpool Echo did a curious thing recently when they took an old picture of John Lennon and doctored it so he appeared to be older. I have no idea what would cause them to do that.

Real Picture:

Echo Picture:

Jude claims that he is lifting the veil, but are we really any closer? I am reminded of the magicians scenes in Magical Mystery Tour. They report that the bus is ten miles north on the Dewsbury road. The people on the bus go through all kinds of adventures and then later in the film the scene goes back to the magicians. They are all excited because the bus will soon be here. So where is the bus? Ten miles north on the Dewsbury Road. The bus really hasn't moved. It's all in the mind, ya know.

Please don't be long. Please don't you be very long. Please don't be long or I may be asleep.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Love Code Contest

Back in July of 2007, Iamaphoney told us in Rotten Apple 40 that he had cracked the "Love Code."

A quick search of the web indicates that there is precious little information anywhere about the implied "Love Code" contest.

The "Love Code" was mentioned in an article on web site. The typo in the headline doesn't do much for its credibility, but it seems to be a real site.

This particular article is cited in the Wikipedia entry for "Love." However, Iamaphoney has messed with Wikipedia in the past.

That's about all we know regarding the "Love Code." You can find several references to the Love Code Contest on the web, but all of them seem to reference the same source. I could not find any corroboration for the George Martin interview in which he is supposed to have mentioned the contest.

One YouTubiligation was so frustrated by this that he put out this plea:

It has been a year and we are no closer to knowing anything about the existence of the Love Code. The shelf life of a contest like this is always rather limited, so there is a remote possibility that it did exist at some point or that George Martin did say something to that effect in an interview. But if it did exist at all, it did not seem to have much impact in promoting the "Love" CD.

If there is a code, George and Giles Martin are the ones who would hold the key. Giles Martin has a MySpace site. Giles Martin is also on the friends list of this guy on MySpace:

I wonder if he told Giles that he cracked the code.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Santa Susanna Pass

Why did Iamaphoney insist on taking the suitcase to the same place? What is so significant about the Santa Susana Pass that he keeps showing on the suitcase videos?

Who was Saint Susana?

According to legend, Saint Susanna (the usual spelling) was born of Roman Royal blood. She was the niece of Pope Caius and cousin of Emperor Diocletian. A devout Christian, she is credited for converting her Uncle, the Young Maximus, whose name you can hear if you listen to Strawberry Fields Forever backwards as shown on Rotten Apple 39.

She refused to marry the non-Christian man that the Emperor had chosen for her and she had taken a vow of virginity. The response of the Emperor was to have her beheaded. Her body was secretly buried by an empress, who was a closet Christian.

There is also a Susanna in the Gospel of Luke 8:3. The name with other variants (e.g. Shoshana) appears in various Biblical Literature. Despite the spelling variations, all descriptions of Susanna seem to agree on one simple fact. The name Susanna means LILY.

New Videos from the Others

An increase in editing skills and more questions about the Beatles Cartoon Series.

Paul is Dead - 26 - Joe Ephgrave R.I.P Mac from grandfatheraleister

8 - Footnote for Joe Ephgrave from footnotebot

9 - Ringo Skull and Bones
from footnotebot

Paul is Dead - 6 - We know
from PIDgame

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things You Should See

Three excellent items for your viewing pleasure...

#1 - The ending of Paul is Dead - 24 - The Fireman is Paul by grandfatheraleister was a scene from the 1926 film "Faust." If you would like to see the whole thing with a modern musical accompaniment by Art Zoyd, click the image below.

#2 - There is a nice fan video for Paul's New Fireman song. Click the image below for "Lifelong Passion"

#3 - An entertaining lecture on Fake Beatles from one of the best blogs around.

Friday, June 20, 2008

23 June 1970

UPDATE 1: big boys don't cry from MaIEvans

Activity at the Apple offices had come to a stop. The Press Officer was nowhere to be found, apparently writing a book. His assistant, Mavis Smith had just resigned because she was sick of having nothing to do. The press office was being run by Richard DiLello, the house hippie, and the phones were not ringing anymore.

Ringo was probably in Nashville recording his "Beaucoups of Blues" album, although most of the tracks were recorded in two days (June 30-July 1).

Mark Lewisohn in "The Beatles Day By Day" noted that Paul, Linda and family left England for an extended holiday abroad in April of 1970. Paul had just announced that the Beatles no longer existed. There is no information on where Paul went other than "abroad." That's the last entry on Paul's activity until December when he filed suit in court to dissolve the Beatles partnership. But Paul told "Life Magazine" in an interview published in April, 1971 that he had a knot in his stomach all summer at his farm in Scotland. There is not much information on George Harrison's whereabouts although his mother was very ill at the time and passed away on July 7. He did do a recording session with Eric Clapton June 18. Even John and Yoko had dropped out of the spotlight for a while, although they were probably in Los Angeles at the time undergoing therapy at the Janov Institute for Primal Therapy.

So we have John and Ringo in the United States. George was most likely in England. And, Paul, where was Paul? Probably in Scotland. He was also the subject of the June 1970 issue #222 of Batman Comics.

The U.S. Pop Charts featured several Beatles-Related items on June 23, 1970:

#4 "The Long and Winding Road" single
#1 "Let It Be" album
#2 "McCartney" album
#24 "Hey Jude (The Beatles Again)" album
#34 "Sentimental Journey" album
#53 "Abbey Road" album
#119 "Live Peace in Toronto" album
#120 "Magic Christian Music" album (The Badfinger L.P, not the Movie Soundtrack)
#149 "In The Beginning" album (Tony Sheridan tapes)

So, what is the significance of 23 June 1970? You tell me.

Did the Beatles meet to celebrate what would have been Stu Sutcliffe's 30th birthday?

Did Mal Evans type something that included this fragment shown in Rotten Apple 111?

This is what I could read based on the quick shots throughout the video:

because of the
and he was fired. Poor Georg
Why, he cried bitterly, why
and again I was standing t
my body was shaking and I w
but big boys don't cry... It
having a chance to tell his
left cavendish the same evening
We were all there, Neil, Ro
and Tony Everybody was exci
did a good job in Nairobi
we had known him forever

Why am I writing about 23 June 1970? Because the date appeared in the comments of this blog. It could be nothing or it could be Iamaphoney's reaction to the negative comments about the 2nd Suitcase.

If I were to bastardize a gem of wisdom from Clifford Stoll, I might suggest the following:

Do something once and you're a pioneer
Do something twice and you're an engineer
Do it three times, you're a souvenir and it will be time to move on

I have to tell you that I was listening to the Iamaphoney Bootleg today and I still think it contains some damn excellent music.

Good luck.

UPDATE 2: Paul is Dead - 25 - The Car Crash of Paul McCartney from grandfatheraleister

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Will Paul come back as Superman? Some people have been asking that question. It does put a new twist on the Paul Is Dead scenario.

Like everyone else during the heyday of Beatlemania, the writers of the Superman spin off, "Jimmy Olsen" found a way to work the Beatles into the story in the September 1964 issue.

Another issue of "Jimmy Olsen" has created a great deal of interest because of its appearance in several Rotten Apple videos.

Everybody wants to know the origin of that picture. I was hoping that I would find it in one of the Beatles Monthlies from 1965, but I didn't. I did find another picture of that comic book however. It is the third one from the left on Paul's organ in "Help."

This leads me to believe that the picture from the Rotten Apple videos was taken during the filming of "Help." Ironically, Dick Lester, the director of "A Hard Days Night" and "Help" along with Beatles solo efforts "How I Won the War" starring John Lennon and "Get Back," the Paul McCartney concert film, has directing credits on two Superman movies.

Superman turns up again on Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, if you play it backwards. There is some disagreement over what the inner groove actually sounds like backwards, but the word "Superman" or "Supermen" seems to be heard by almost everyone who listens to it. Paul told Rolling Stone Magazine in an interview from 1974 that some visitors to his house on Cavendish Avenue pointed out an obscene phrase that could be heard if you played the groove after "A Day In The Life" backwards.

Paul explains:
I said, "No, you're kidding. I haven't heard it, but I'll play it." It was just some piece of conversation that was recorded and turned backwards. But I went inside after I'd seen them and played it studiously, turned it backwards with my thumb against the motor, turned the motor off and did it backwards. And there it was, sure as anything, plain as anything.

Paul recounts the same story in "Many Years From Now" but adds:
That kind of stuff does happen. That's why you can explore the accident. But that was far out. We had certainly had not intended to do that but probably when you turn anything backwards it sounds like something ... if you look hard enough you can make something out of anything.

One YouTuberculosis looked hard enough to hear the phrase "Will Paul be back as Superman?."
In relation to Paul Is Dead theory, this phrase has been cited by those who believe the original Paul will return from hiding or will be resurrected from the dead.

Superman, or somebody who looked just like him turned up again in the fantasy of the Buster Bloodvessel character in the Magical Mystery Tour booklet.

Superman remained in Paul McCartney's consciousness to some degree after the Beatle years. In 1995, McCartney used the famous Superman introduction (Faster than a speeding bullet, etc.) in the premier of his "Oobu Joobu" radio program. In 1998, he taped a special performance of "Calico Skies" for the ABC Television Special "A Celebration of Hope," which was a benefit for Superman actor Christopher Reeve.

The tragic stories of Superman actors Christopher Reeve (who died young from complications related to injuries he suffered from a horse riding accident) and George Reeves (who died of an apparent suicide) have led some to believe that there is a Superman Curse. It turns out that every single individual who has ever been involved with Superman has either died or will die some day. If Paul McCartney did die in 1966 and is resurrected, he will put an end to the Superman Curse. Will Paul come back as Superman?????

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rotten Apple 111 and More

UPDATE: MikeyNL1038 has kindly provided a Reversed Version of Rotten Apple 111

the rotten apple - 111 from Iamaphoney

It appears that a second suitcase has been dropped in the same spot in California. I suggest that we bring 65if2007 out of retirement to go fetch it for us. I realize that he may call it a briefcase and throw it into the ocean, but that might tell us how many original Mal Evans suitcases Iamaphoney actually has (or had).

For those who keep track of the Triple-A teams, we have three more videos released today.

1) 2 - McCartney Eye from PIDgame

2) Paul is Dead - Hamlet Act 2 Scene 2 from grandfatheraleister, who was gracious enough to add a comment to this blog earlier today.

3) Paul is Dead - 3 - Now am I dead? from CryHepZero

Happy Birthday, Paul

Dear Paul,

I wish you the very best on your 66th birthday. You know the biggest piece of evidence in support of the rumors we talk about here is that it is so hard to believe that one man could produce so much great music in one lifetime. I remember driving in the mountains last summer listening to "Memory Almost Full" and saying to myself, "After all these years, he still does it to me." Watching you playing "Mrs. Vandebilt" for the people of the Ukraine blew me away. I am always trying to anticipate where you will go next, but you continue to be full of surprises and an endless source of fascination. It would be folly to suggest that the most successful musician of all time could possibly be underrated, but I find myself appreciating your music more and more as the years go by. "All My Loving" sounds as fresh today as it did the first time I heard it. "Calico Skies" sends shivers down my spine and causes my eyes to fill up. I could go on and on, but I won't because you will soon be 66 years and one day. Plus, I've got a new Rotten Apple video to watch.

With much love,


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Penny Lane Beatles Cartoon

UPDATE: Paul is Dead : 2 - The Crying of McCartney 49 from CryHepZero.

The latest video by grandfatheraleister, Paul is Dead - 24 - The Fireman is Paul, liberally uses footage from one of the last Beatles Cartoon episodes. I watched the original cartoon, which was based on the song “Penny Lane.” This can only be classified as a labor of love because I will never get those eight minutes of my life back.

I should note that as far as I know, other than allowing usage of their songs, the Beatles never exercised any editorial control over the Beatles Cartoon series.

As grandfatheraleister pointed out, the cartoon does have some interesting features. It begins with the boys finding out that the Scotland Yard agent “James Blond” is getting more attention from the girls than the Beatles have been getting. To rectify this the Beatles set off to thwart a crime after Paul overhears some men planning to rob Penny Lane. When the boys arrive in the place called Penny Lane, they run into characters mentioned in the song. They see the barber shop with pictures of every head the barber has had the pleasure to know.

There are even pictures of the famous Beatles, but as always, there is something a little bit different about Paul’s picture.

The other three seem to question Paul’s curious behavior in Penny Lane.

The most intriguing character in Penny Lane is the Fireman with the hourglass. (If we treat Penny Lane as the advance single to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as George Martin does, the hourglass is yet another example of the mundane passage of time that is so significant in all of the songs on the album – See previous post).

The Fireman appears to be a dwarf dressed in red with a five-pointed star on his helmet.

A Red Dwarf is a type of star.

The actor Michael J. Anderson played a dwarf in a red suit in Twin Peaks. His character was known as the Man from Another Place.

The Man from Another Place spoke very strangely. According to wiki: The strange cadence of the Man’s dialogue was achieved by having Michael J. Anderson speak into a recorder. This was then played in reverse, and Anderson was directed to repeat the reversed original. This “reverse-speak” was then reversed again in editing to bring it back to the normal direction. This created the strange rhythm and accentuation that set Cooper’s dream world apart from the real world.

Michael J. Anderson recalls that his reverse-speak was not difficult to master as, coincidentally, he had used it as a secret language with his junior high school friends. David Lynch was unaware of this when he cast Anderson in the part, and even hired a trainer to help Anderson with the enunciations, but when he found out he could already talk backwards so well he canceled the trainer and wrote more and more difficult lines of dialogue for Anderson to read.

For reasons that are not clear to me, Paul torments the Fireman.

The handwriting that appears to be affixed to a glass window is never explained in the cartoon.

Paul and the Fireman begin a cat and mouse game of some kind. Eventually they are both on a collision path.

grandfatheraleister emphasizes the collision in his video.

It was a violent crash.

He is either being helpful or stealing his identity, but Paul’s next objective is to remove the Fireman’s helmet to reveal his full face.

OMG it’s Crowley!
(Apologies in advance for not being able to resist)


Paul now possesses the Fireman’s helmet...on his bottom.

The Beatles continue singing with that strange writing behind them.

The Banker, the Barber and the Fireman all chase Paul until they fall into an open manhole as a result of the tone deaf trumpet player removing the cover. The cartoon ends with the other three Beatles chasing Paul presumably for misinterpreting the plan of the robbers who were actually planning to rob a woman named Penelope Lane. She was saved in the end by James Blond. Then the Fireman emerges from the manhole briefly before falling back down as the credits begin to roll.

Paul has continued to pay homage to the Fireman character of Penny Lane.

In "Penny Lane" Paul sang:

Penny Lane there is a fireman with an hourglass
And in his pocket is a portrait of the Queen
He likes to keep his fire engine clean
It's clean machine

In 1983, Paul released "Pipes of Peace" which included the song "Average Person."

Well, I'm talking to a former engine driver, (driver) trying to find out what he used to do.
Tells me that he always kept his engine (engine) spit and polished up, as good as new.
But he said his only great ambition was to work with lions in a zoo,
oh, to work with lions in a zoo.
Yes, dear, you heard right, told me his ambition was to work with lions every night.

In "Penny Lane" Paul sang:

And then the fireman rushes in from the pouring rain
very strange

In 1998, Paul McCartney and Producer Youth released their second CD entitled "The Fireman Rushes."

Now in 2008, Paul just released the song "Lifelong Passion (Sail Away)" under the name Paul McCartney/Fireman. There has been talk of a third Fireman album this fall.

Monday, June 16, 2008


This is outstanding! Paul in Kiev the other day.

Speaking of Sgt. Pepper (I mentioned previously the connection between the song "Mrs. Vanderbilt" and the SPLHCB cover) there seems to be a rather important item up for sale. UPDATE: Link is fixed.

There have been a couple new videos that are worth watching. I will be writing about one of them in more detail soon.

Paul is Dead - 24 - The Fireman is Paul from grandfatheraleister

Paul is Dead : Preview to WizardofFaul #3 from wizardofFaul

UPDATE: Paul is Dead : 3 - WizardofFaul #3 Part A

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Liam Lynch's Apocalyptic Vision

Somewhere along the way, the videos of Iamaphoney went beyond the idea of the death of a pop star and subsequent replacement and cover up, to a deep conspiracy that reaches across all disciplines. From Charles Manson's twisted vision of Helter Skelter to Satanism to the return of Jesus Christ and the final battle of good against evil, we have seen the Rotten Apple series move away from the backward masking examples of Paul is Dead clues in the early videos.

Remember this 45-second gem from Iamaphoney alias THEKINGOFCOSMANIA?

Much of the time, Paul McCartney is depicted as the evil one in this end times scenario. And one of the most baffling things for me is trying to figure out why Paul referred to himself as "The King of Cosmania" in the liner notes to "Memory Almost Full." I believe that Iamaphoney was the first to ever suggest that it was an anagram for "Son of the Magickian."

Other YouTubeings including allofthemwitches and grandfatheraleister among others have latched on to this scenario.

But Iamaphoney occasionally depicts Paul McCartney on the other side of Armageddon. In fact there are several examples of the good Paul if you can watch Rotten Apple videos without blinking.

The scenario of Paul as the sacrificial lamb has been a staple of other videomakers on YouTube as well. That was never more obvious than when YouKnowMyName231 pointed out that "The Fireman Is No Mason" was an anagram for "I am the risen Son of Man."

When I wrote an article on this blog called "Nazz" after the piece by Lord Buckley, which is presumably about Jesus Christ, I received this message from someone at NIR:

James Paul McCartney.
He was the Nazz.
It is all coming together.

Take that for what it is worth. One possible interpretation of this scenario is that the original James Paul McCartney was the Christlike figure and his replacement is the Beast. This is an interesting take on all this because it not only has a bit of logic to it, but it also leaves open the possibility of the resurrection of the original Paul, figuratively or literally.

But the scope of these videos seems far wider than that. Throw together Religion, Freemasonry, Astronomy, Magick, Egyptology and Prophecy and you've got yourself one heck of an end game. As a result it is possible to link all of this to the Mayan doomsday of 2012.

That would explain all of the "It's time" stuff that we have been hearing from the Iamaphoney camp while we wait and wait and wait.

Ringo Starr is big on the concept of time. His "Time Takes Time" is one of my favorite albums. His latest venture into computer art produced this:

(Did you notice the last city listed on the Ringo Poster?)

Enter Liam Lynch, the first and possibly last artist to be signed by a label created by Ringo Starr and Marc Hudson called Pumkinhead Records. I have no idea if he has any awareness of all of this craziness about apocalyptic Paul is Dead material on YouTube, but Lynch's latest podcast is called:

In this clever episode Lynch finds himself several centuries into the future. He wakes up in a weird world where language has been corrupted into this mixture of numbers and letters in words...

...Which reminds me of this...

Lynch gets a history lesson and finds out that God intended to destroy the earth in 2012 by hurling a comet in its direction. But thanks to the ingenuity of some scientists who were guided by a street smart punk, the earth barely survived. Unfortunately, the earth still went through an incredible trauma and had other disturbing challenges over the next 700 years including several attempts of mind control by beings from outer space called the Grots (who were dead grotty).

Lynch himself would have been a victim of the Grots had it not been for a weapon that was given to him as a birthday present 700 years prior by someone who must have had some foreknowledge of what would happen in the future. That friend who gave the weapon to Lynch in a SUITCASE was none other than Dhani Harrison, son of George. (Yes, that's really him).

I strongly encourage you to check out Liam Lynch's podcasts. Dhani Harrison had a more significant role in Episode 3. You will also find an episode with Sarah Silverman (Number 4) and the famous Episode 2 with Ringo Starr. If you think this apocalypse stuff is a bunch of nonsense, I guess you're right. But you might well ask, "Why was Ringo wearing this tee shirt in Episode 2?"

And there we are. In the words of Ringo's shirt, "Jesus is Coming --- Look Busy."

And expect the Rotten Apple series to go on for another four years.