Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Version 2 is here

Update: MikeyNL1038 has posted a version of the †heRigh†Album Special - He'll Be Dared Video Edit 2 N13G with English subtitles. And, no, I cannot identify the girl at the end.


Oh yeah, he got it right this time.

†heRigh†Album Special - He'll Be Dared Video Edit 2 N13G

Thanks to yenohpehttonmai, you can still see the original version here.

More to say, but I have to run.

Watch out for the batty William the Conk. (No crypticism on my part. Just thinking about Dickens, Joyce and Carroll)

Friday, May 7, 2010

New Video: †heRigh†Album Special - He'll Be Dared

Just in time for Mother's Day, Iamaphoney gives us †heRigh†Album Special - He'll Be Dared.

He'll Be Dared???

Not that it doesn't make some fine anagrams (Bearded Hell, Bladder Heel, Labeled Herd, Ed Balled Her, Led Here Bald, Dad Beer Hell, to name a few), but really, I'm hearing "He'll be dead" when you play "Let It Be" backwards, because dammit, that's what I have been programmed to hear.

The video itself uses quite a lot of footage from the "Free As A Bird" video, as well as exterior crowd footage from "Let It Be" [Still reading the record mirror, are we?] and some unidentified crowd footage. There are also clips of some 1960's types that we have seen previously.

And in a lovely animation, the much loved fake mustache is flying like a nightingale. [Sorry Ken, just a plug for the film. Try and keep it in]

And then, there is this:

There is some brief, but interesting footage (actually inchage) of Paul, circa early 1968. This was hinted at in Rotten Apple 80, but in this video, Paul does appear to be standing in front of a white Volkswagen.

The last two videos have both made reference to the famous "Superstone" concept, which is still a sore subject for me. If we must dredge that up, at least we can compare soundtracks to show what a clean version we now have with this new video. I believe the lyrics (if you can call them that) have changed a bit too. Maybe we are heading in the direction of †heRigh†Album after all.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Like More Wizards

You Tuba Player LikeMoreWizards says: The Teachings is already there in TheRottenApple,series. We will all have to go backwards in order to experience the truth,

I'm not sure why the message ends in a comma, it could me that more of the message is to come or it could mean that more typographical errors is can do be expected.

Either way, a new video shows lots of footage of the Phoney Figure, and I don't think we have seen all of this.

I don't know if the peculiar soundtrack reveals anything, but I have considered the idea that there is much we have not found or interpreted correctly in the Rotten Apple Series. Perhaps it is a good time to start looking backward.

In the meantime, check out 1 3 WAWILMW by LikeMoreWizards