Thursday, September 25, 2008

5 More Seconds

Bookends were added to that 12-second video. Check out:

The Fireman from 0bama2OO8

I cannot determine if anyone we know had anything to do with this video, but the description "itisme" matches what Paul appears to say at the beginning. That creates tons of delicious interpretations, but nothing close to a smoking gun. I sincerely doubt that Paul would be involved with this one, and I can't even confirm that it is Iamaphoney, but it certainly is his style.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like, "It it me."

..... maybe?


Anonymous said...

I hope you're having fun.

Anonymous said...

I hope "RAM"-ies II is as good as "McCartney II"!


Anonymous said...

Rams eyes


Anonymous said...

First, in the video at the beginning and end I believe these clips are very recent clips from his trip to Israel.

Second, why is this video paired with an Obama clip??? Furthermore, why the 0bama2008 name??

Tafultong said...

Anomymous asked:

why is this video paired with an Obama clip??? Furthermore, why the 0bama2008 name??

That's why I couldn't say with certainty that this was an Iamaphoney alias. However, it's possible because he did that with Kucinich last year.

Anonymous said...

Just got sent an AMAZON link for Fireman CD & vinyl!

Now, we're talkin'!


Billisher said...




Anonymous said...

MACCA = |20><0|2z

Big time in Tel Aviv!!

Anonymous said...

He did it! Paul 4 ever!!

Anonymous said...

Paul is not dead??? Those IAAP acolytes got sum splainin' to do!!!

Anonymous said...

Vince, here.
Y'know, I pulled out "Angel Heart" from my movie collection the other day, and though, it's even MORE farfetched that other 'scary stories', I'd like to think The Beatles ( and Paul) as trying to 'put one over' on the 'satan crowd'!
These clues were to let "THEM" know that Paul was dead...... when he wasn't!
Kind of a double-whammy!
When asked if a sacrifice was made, they say, "Yeah, sure.... well, we don't want the 'stupid public' to know, but we left 'clues' to YOU; the 'enlightened ones'." Little did the 'enlightened ones' know, but 'our boys' had pulled a fast one on them!

.................. maybe?

I mean, SOMEBODY'S got to 'beat the devil', right?

Anonymous said...

Good job Bern and Harold!
YOU guys saved Paul's bacon again!
In Israel no less!
Where there should be NO BACON
(not even Francis?)

Paul is a vegan, so maybe bacon isn't the correct term

Kudos and you deserve all of the credit that Paul is likely to bestow upon your lives for single handedly saving his, look forward to the news reports of all of your adventures thwarting the evil nemesis

Hip hip hoooray!

Please post a picture of the medals you receive!

Anonymous said...

Hark! The Harold Angel Sings!