Friday, July 24, 2009

"Turn Me On Dead Man" Premier Tonight

This new film will premier at the L.A. Shorts Fest tonight, July 24, 2009.

Drop me a line if you happen to catch it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Still Here

He's at it again. Check out what the man of peace has to say for the eve of the Autumnal Equinox: PauIMcCartney - Peace One Day.

UPDATE 2: Ooops. I forgot to give you the link to the real clip!

Also MikeyNL1038 sent me a list of some things I missed.

this HQ footage of the "just a good replica interview"

a very long version of I Found Out, and if you listen close in the background, you can hear the IAAP voice

paul is dead - nothing is real 5

iamaphoney - harmless game (songsmith version)

everthing is real - behind the phoney 2
which was deleted within 30 minutes... then reuploaded the next day, but with a part cut of it. this is the original version.

iamaphoney - Harmless Game multitrack

I noticed several comments regarding the identities of those who have been putting out videos related to Iamaphoney in recent weeks. Much of it seems to be speculative and contradictory. I have always suspected that everyone except me is in the loop. I'm afraid I have no clue for you all.

Now we know that Iamaphoney has a tendency to, well, you know, play with the facts a little bit. He is not above throwing in a slightly misleading or out of context piece of evidence to further his agenda. But, he really didn't have to do much in his latest effort thanks to Paul McCartney. Paul still maintains that for the Abbey Road Cover Shoot, he left his jacket on but took off his sandals because it was too hot (how much hotter does it get when you are wearing sandals?). He also explained that since he was hot, he opted to walk across a hot street barefoot. You have to wonder why he hasn't come up with anything better in the last forty years.

But later in the conversation about the Paul Is Dead rumor, David Letterman said, "That was the idea. That was the other part of it. There was a guy who looked like you taking your place."
Paul's incredible response was, "Well, this is him" while pointing at himself.

Yes, Paul's answer can be taken two ways, but really folks, could Iamaphoney himself written a better script for his latest video Late Show Special - Paul McCartney?

Some terrific videos have appeared recently. Here is a brief rundown.

This could get a little confusing. PAULMCCARTNEY, the former Beatle's Official YouTube Channel uploaded the video from his December 1990 U.K. single "All My Trials."

Now, the YouTube user PauIMcCartney, who was not a former Beatle at all, uploaded a video of "All My Trials" too. Oops, I don't remember Paul's version having Aleister Crowley in it. It's the old Iamaphoney alias trick.

Yes, no matter how many of his brethren betray him, IAAP is "Still Here."

Another channel appeared recently that does the lookalike letter substitution trick. The LEWlSCARROLL channel appeared in March, but it produced three interesting videos in the past week. Presumably, the Nutters Production folks used to work with with Iamaphoney but have had some kind of falling out with him.

inside the org:1 come and get it multitrack.
Inside the org:2 Apple Trashed the first hideout
Inside the org:3 We're all mad here

You can see more of the Nutters on this channel - NUTTERSPRODUCTIONS and this channel - NuttersProductions08.

This YouTube channel that appeared to be an Iamaphoney alias seems to be yet another disgruntled former Iamaphoney employee. The whaIedreamers channel (No, not the Julian Lennon one, but the one that has a Capital "I" instead of an "L) has a new video with some unseen Iamaphoney footage and the message "I'm in! No More Lies! Revelation Now!"
The video is called footage TPF 1.

Okay, now I have been in the rabbit hole for a while, so I don't know for sure if I have this straight, but here goes. The Nutters and the whaIedreamers appear to have quit the Iamaphoney organization, but the former Beatle known as Paul McCartney seems to be either playing along with or playing into the hands of Iamaphoney.

Yes, I realize this is quite confusing, but I have good news. Another YouTube user has emerged with three new videos this week that should help clear everything up. AdmiralAlbert has provided the most concise and accurate, albeit slightly vulgar, explanation for what has been going on in this bizarre Beatles mystery. Check out these three wonderful videos:

Paul is Dead at the End of the World - Pt. 1
Paul is Dead at the End of the World - Pt. 2
Paul is Dead at the End of the World - Pt. 3

Our friend GRITzz93 has a couple new videos as well.

Finally Paul McCartney has made a new official video for the Fireman track "Dance Til We're High."