Monday, March 31, 2008

One More Item

socash, from the "Nothing Is Real" discussion group spent this evening cracking a code that came with the zip file from the author of a blog -

See the previous post for details.

He extracted two videos from the application and posted them on his YouTube page.

One remaining item was a password protected text file. When he finally cracked it, he posted this link:

You can see and hear for yourself--a very repetitive slide show with a soundtrack consisting of some scary sounds, backward voices and loops from Two Virgins, Revolution (a couple versions), and other sources. I am now doubting that this has any involvement from Iamaphoney. A rather anticlimactic end to an exciting day. But we should be greatly indebted to the excellent work that socash did to unravel this latest mystery.

For whatever it's worth - a parting shot from milesdeo

Coming out of the Woodwork

UPDATE 2: socash extracted two videos from the mystery application and posted them on YouTube.

[End of Update 2]

UPDATE: Thanks to the great work of socash, jarv, iameye and letterb at Nothing Is Real, we now know that the file contains some video. Here is the description from socash:
Its almost like a movie thus far. No real interaction. Lots of ghostly images of dead people. The dead Beatles. Epstein, Mal... In the Cavern Club.

He also reported that the file seems safe so far. I would still advise caution.

[End of Update]


This is quite a weird day. While I was investigating a new blog, the message from the new blog appeared in the comments on my blog. The text is identical to what I was reading at

WARNING: The links contain a zip file with an executable file inside. It tested negative for viruses on my computer, but this task would be safer in the hands of someone who has a test computer. I'm afraid that I don't have the courage of a 65if2007. In fact, I'd sooner be with forest rangers and rattlesnakes.

Anonymous said...

What's in a name?

I realize that by posting what I am about to post, I may receive countless inquiries that concern my identity. My name is unimportant. What I have done, however, may be of some use to you all.

For many years I worked for Yoko Ono Lennon as her personal assistant. I coordinated concerts and arranged public appearances for John Lennon, and for a time served as Yoko's own personal priestess in white (and sometimes black) magick ceremonies. I don't look back upon those years with any significant amount of fondness though I do miss John terribly. I was one of his many lovers, though I always felt he and I had something special. I suppose they all think that, though, and my time spent John is nowhere near as important as what I am about to share with you.

Before leaving the Dakota behind for good (this was after John had died), I took with me a few things to remember him by. One of these I believe may be relevant to all of you in conspiracy-land, so here I share it with you:



You may wonder why I am doing this, and I why I have chosen this medium, this format.
You may want to ask your friend Iamaphoney about that. He and I were close, but we have begun to drift apart due to unnecessary complications that arose. Regardless of what his answer may be, this is how it is meant to be. They have decided how things should unfold, and I am simply playing my small-but-significant role in this great Greek tragedy.

Whether you choose to believe a woman who will not even reveal her name to you is another matter all together. I believe it was Aleister Crowley who said it best:

"Do as thou wilt".

This individual describes herself in a very similar way to May Pang, whose new book "Instamatic Karma" published by St. Martin's Press is on the desk in front of me as I write this. (I'm hoping that if it is her, she will see the plug and slip me the answer) Having said that, it is highly unlikely that this individual is anyone having to do with May Pang.

I guess I should also remind everyone about the existence of That has been around for some time with very little activity.

The Suitcase Adventure

As I reported yesterday, 65if2007 claims that he found the Briefcase. While our hero sleeps, I will try to fill you in as best I can from the information that is coming in drips and drabs.

The famous Briefcase. So it famous is.

The Contents:

The 1976 edition of Crowley's Book of the Law.

Cover of the Original Soundtrack to "The Magic Christian" with annotations.

This 2-Sided Poster

He also reported that there was a CD with a video on it that he graciously uploaded to YouTube.
You can also get the native file here.
All of this information comes from the Nothing Is Real discussion Group who are busy analyzing the findings now. Some members are skeptical about all this.

In related news, a new character who calls himself/herself milesdeo has arrived on the scene leaving cryptic messages at NIR and on Iamaphoney's YouTube page. We'll keep an eye on this new identity, but it's so easy to insert oneself into this process that I will withhold judgment until milesdeo gives me some news I can use.

I am planning to have at least one post per day from April 1 through April 10 as we approach the Iamaphoney interview.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Suitcase Found??????

65if2007 (a contributer of comments here) seems to have found the suitcase. Tonight he posted this on the "Nothing is Real" discussion group:

The zippered pouch has nothing in it.

The main pouch is fastened by a lock.

I can't get at what's inside it without breaking the lock or the strap attached to the lock.

Without doing that, I was able to retrieve a 1976 edition of Crowley's "Book of the Law".

There's a larger item inside that's wrapped in paper that I would have to pry the lock off or break the strap off to see. Am I supposed to do that? Or is Iamaphoney going to send me the key?

He also wrote this...


...about seven times!

New Video - The Hunter are the Hunted

This one comes from the Rotten Apple Army.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Remembering Neil Aspinall

Paul McCartney paid tribute to his departed friend on the Official McCartney Web Site.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Free Association Game 2 - Alice Among the Vampires

The Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, is pictured on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Carroll’s works included “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” and its sequel “Through the Looking-Glass.” “Alice In Wonderland" was made into a movie featuring Ringo Starr as the Mock Turtle. Lewis Carroll’s most famous poems were "The Hunting of the Snark," which was made into an concept album by Mike Batt and featured Julian Lennon plus some guitar work by George Harrison, and "Jabberwocky” which is said to have inspired the writings of John Lennon. I also believe that this is Lewis Carroll’s Alice, pictured on the sleeve of the Beatles single “The Ballad of John & Yoko.”

Iamaphoney has made several references to Carroll in his videos including this picture from an illustrated version of Alice’s Adventures.

That same book was being read by Sharon Tate in some home movie footage pictured here.

Iamaphoney’s contemporary aIIofthemwitches used some of this footage to make some frightening connections between the Sharon Tate murders, the Beatles, and the perpetrators of the crimes, that is, Charles Manson and his gang known as the Family. Tate’s husband, Roman Polanski, who was not at home when the murders occurred, managed to carry on his successful career as a movie director despite the loss of his wife and unborn baby. Before the murders, Polanski directed the movie Rosemary’s Baby, which starred Mia Farrow who went to India the same time as the Beatles to learn meditation under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was the inspiration for the Beatles Song Sexy Sadie. Mia Farrow’s sister, Prudence, was in India with the Maharishi too and became the inspiration for the Beatles song Dear Prudence.

George Harrison, who was also with the Maharishi in India had just completed recording the soundtrack to the film “Wonderwall” which starred Jack MacGowran whose name was dropped in the a song known as “Winston, Richard and John” or "Promenade" from the Beatles bootleg album “Sweet Apple Trax.” He was the same Jack MacGowran who was the star of “Dance of the Vampires” (also known as “The Fearless Vampire Killers”) along side Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski, who also served as the Director. Iain Quarrier, who only did about five movies in his life also appeared in both “Wonderwall” and “Dance of the Vampires.” George Harrison didn’t appear in “Wonderwall” but he did appear with the rest of the Beatles in “Help” along with Alfie Bass who played the doorman in “Help” and the Inn-Keeper in “Dance of the Vampires.” Another actor, Andreas Malandrinos, had small parts in both “Dance of the Vampires” and “Help.” The Beatles were supposed to do another movie right after “Help” called “Up Against It” written by Joe Orton who is not the same person as David Orton, the production coordinator of “Dance of the Vampires,” which featured the beautiful Fiona Lewis as Magda the Maid, who definitely was the same person who played Marie d'Agoult in the movie “Lisztomania” which starred Beatles drummer Ringo Starr as the Pope. Another actor from “Dance of the Vampires,” Otto Diamant, was also in the movie “Lisztomania” with Ringo Starr. Ringo did not portray the Pope in the Beatles film “Magical Mystery Tour” but he did play a drummer who had an Aunt named Jesse, portrayed by the rotund actress Jesse Robins who also happened to play Rebecca Shagal in “Dance of the Vampires.”

Ringo also starred with Peter Sellers in the movie “The Magic Christian” with an actor named Ferdy Mayne who worked with Peter Sellers in “Revenge of the Pink Panther” after he was in an episode of the British television series Zoo Gang, for which Paul McCartney wrote the theme song, but that was after Ferdy portrayed Count von Krolock in “Dance of the Vampires” but nearer to the time that Ringo Starr played Merlin in the vampire movie Son of Dracula. But before all of that, Ringo Starr was in a movie called “Candy” which featured the boxer Sugar Ray Robinson, who was NOT in “Dance of the Vampires;” however another former boxer named Terry Downes who defeated Sugar Ray Robinson in a boxing match played the part of Koukol, the Servant in “Dance of the Vampires.” The part of the village idiot in “Dance of the Vampires” was played by Ronald Lacey, who along with Jack MacGowran must have just finished playing their parts in the John Lennon film “How I Won the War” which was being filmed when Paul McCartney was writing the theme to the movie “The Family Way” which was not as catchy as the theme McCartney wrote for “The Magic Christian” which featured a cameo by Patrick Cargill, who played the Superintendent in “Help,” and Roman Polanski, who although he had a small part in “The Magic Christian” was not in the scene where the word “Pig” was printed in red on a TV screen (shown in the partial screen capture below) which is a good thing since it certainly reminds one that the word “Pig” was written in blood on the front door of his house the same year that “The Magic Christian” was released.

Magic Christian Partial Screen Capture

Polanski/Tate Residence front door

The Ringo Starr movie “The Magic Christian” which had several references to pigs was based on a novel written by the same author who wrote the novel Candy which was also made into a movie starring Ringo Starr. That author, of course, was Terry Southern, who like Lewis Carroll appeared on the Cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The final affair of Roman Polanski's murdered wife Sharon Tate

Monday, March 24, 2008

Neil Aspinall Dead at Age 66

Iamaphoney Schedule Update

It looks like there will be at least two more events before the April 10 interview.

Joined: July 23, 2006
Last Login: 13 hours ago
Videos Watched: 2,097
Subscribers: 594
Channel Views: 95,077
Living The Beatles Legend
Name: Billy
Age: 44
Country: United Kingdom

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Video - Rotten Apple 199

He died in a carcrash
(on a batty conk) = "By noon attack"

Paul McCartney Rushes to New York

We're sorry to hear that former Beatles Road Manager and Apple Director Neil Aspinall is extremely ill with lung cancer. Paul McCartney has reportedly traveled to New York to be at his dear friend's bedside.

Story from New York Daily News

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Latest News from the Discussion Groups

In "Nothing Is Real" Mike tells us that Iamaphoney knows for a fact that the suitcase is still in the same place where he left it.

In the Paul Is Dead/Paul Is Alive Spanish group, felipegcs made the startling discovery that the modified ending of the "A Day In The Life" video from the Official Beatles Anthology features vertical mirror effects on both sides of the Sgt. Pepper cover creating several interesting images including a Priest-like figure, a demonic figure and a "BEATLES 23" or "BEATLE SoS" message.

In the Paul Is Dead Miss Him Miss Him Miss Him group a user found a creepy Manson-related news story on YouTube about human remains at the Barker Ranch. Iamaphoney's Rotten Apple 66.6 is listed as a video response to this.

TKIN found this connection between The Beatles and Freemasonry.

Finally Macca Fun House wishes everyone a Happy Easter (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Iamaphoney's music videos?

I received this comment today from an anonymous writer:

Another big item that did not get a mention here was Iamaphoney's music videos which he posted on YouTube last week only to quickly take them down when he was fingered by NIR.He wants to keep both projects seperate [sic] but he's going to have a hard time getting his music career off the ground when he's constantly outed.

I think you are referring to a post made by a user named nothingthatdoesn'tshow in the Rotten Apple 2 thread of the Nothing Is Real discussion group. The post consisted of the phrase "Do you figure..." followed by two embedded YouTube video links and the word "hanssah." By the time I found the post and tried the links (within two hours of the original post) the videos had been removed from YouTube. But within that two-hour period Iamaphoney expert/fan/future interviewer Mike had seen the linked videos and wrote "i figure.. it's phoney alright, though he has his hair painted there we can see a very large sgt pepper cover there too!"

First of all, I think Mike meant that a person in the two linked music videos appeared to be the same person that has appeared in several Iamaphoney videos in places like Abbey Road, Beatlefest, and more recently Mal Evans' old residence and Charles Manson's old hideout. I try to call that individual "the actor" because I have not seen any conclusive evidence that the person in the videos is the individual who calls himself Iamaphoney. There could be one person filming the videos, another one editing them, another keeping track of about 9 YouTube and 3 MySpace accounts, another recording the music, another globetrotting while being filmed etc. Hell, there could be teams of people for all I know.

I do believe that nothingthatdoesn'tshow did find videos that feature the person from the Iamaphoney videos although he gave no clue on the board as to how he found them.

Judging from these two pictures from the embedded videos (shown below) and the description from Mike, I believe that these are the same videos I found in July of last year. This was back in the day when Iamaphoney allowed you to see his YouTube favorites and subscriptions. One of the videos gave a glimpse of a recording studio with the BIG Sgt. Pepper poster on the wall. As soon as I posted my discovery on the NIR discussion group, the videos were privatized. I am actually surprised that somebody put them up again just to remove them again within a couple of hours.

Here is my post to the NIR group from July 19, 2007:

Re: The rotten apple 2
« Reply #414 on Jul 19, 2007, 12:27am »


Jul 18, 2007, 5:14pm, Mellow Yellow wrote:Tafultong, those videos wont work for me, it just says "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request."

That's weird and just a little bit frightening. I didn't think that Iamaphoney would have felt in any way threatened by my discovery. It certainly didn't reduce my anticipation about where his videos were leading. And I fully intend to purchase anything that he makes available. I hope this is building up to a DVD release of some kind. Anyway, I'm just trying to play the game based on the clues he gives.

I know the big question is..."Did I capture the videos?" The short answer is NO. Damn. I wasn't able to do that from the location where I found them. You win Iamaphoney---if you are the one (or ones) who didn't want us to see the videos.

Now, from memory---here is what I found.

All three videos are by a Danish Band. I think their name is Pupil, but that wasn't totally clear to me. Their songs could best be described as Beatles influenced dance music (if you can imagine that).

Iamaphoney had several of their videos on his Favorites list. One of the videos showed a car crash scene that has shown up repeatedly in some of the R.A. videos. The band wasn't outstanding, but they were definitely good enough to do some of the "new" music in the R.A. videos that he has done recently. There is also a large Sgt. Pepper poster on the wall of what appears to be a recording (and possibly film) studio in one of the videos by the Danish band. I think it zoomed in on the drum in particular a few times. And the production values of the band's videos are similar to what we have seen in the R.A. series, albeit not quite as creepy.

In his infrequent postings, Iamaphoney appears to be someone whose native language is not English. I suspect he is Danish.

He must be either an accomplished musician and film maker, or he at least is being helped by one or more people who are.

Before the band privatized their videos (which must have happened today after my posting) there was a comment from Iamaphoney from about 5 months ago on their YouTube page. So that made it look like he was just a fan. I thought he posted the comment to cover his involvement in the band itself, but apparently I was getting too close to something he didn't want known.

I don't know. It would be a strange coincidence if the band just happened to put a lock on their videos the day I wrote about them. What kind of band would want their videos to be private?

I have one more clue. Another one of Iamaphoney's favorites is a very bizarre video called Sexolution. This video is still available at

Their is a camera trick in the Sexolution video (a person spinning and flying in the air) that is identical to one used throughout one of the videos by the Danish band. It would be odd for anybody to connect these two videos unless they were involved in both on the production side. If the link above doesn't work, it is also available here: [I removed this link because my virus detector found something nasty at the German Sexolution site]

Hmm, I hear the sound of footsteps outside. I'd better go and see what it is.


Additional Note: One of the videos I watched last July had a car crash scene in it that I now believe had been lifted from the unreleased German film "Paul Is Dead."

Iamaphoney Interview - The Latest

Mike revealed in the "Nothing Is Real" discussion group this morning that he has already done the interview with Iamaphoney. I guess he is waiting for Iamaphoney to give him clearance to release it, presumably on April 10, which should be after the release of the next video.

Mike wrote: i already did the interview, it's just a matter of it being aired actually

Hopefully there will be an update on Mike's YouTube page soon.


Hey tafultong,

i did MY part of the interview (the premade video with the 9 questions in it) i'll be having an iChat conversation at the same time with IAAP while he is watching the video, giving the answers

how everything else is gonna be handled, i don't know yet.. but he liked the video :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New IAAP Background

For the second time in the last few days, Iamaphoney has changed the background of his YouTube Page.

This one features a great combination shot of the famous "Love" logo mirror creating the word "Code" superimposed over the cover of Liverpool Sound Collage.

It is quite small and tiled across the background of his page. I wish I had a larger shot of it.

--Thanks to Zakk

UPDATE: For several weeks Iamaphoney was using a background consisting of a square lifted from the site. As I said in a previous post, the Official Site for the Fireman (aka Paul McCartney and Youth) no longer existed, but you could still view it via the Wayback Machine archive of old sites. Well guess what? When you attempt to get the Fireman site via the Wayback Machine now, you get this message:

Robots.txt Retrieval Exclusion.

We're sorry, access to has been blocked by the site owner via robots.txt.
Read more about robots.txt
See the site's robots.txt file.
Try another request or click here to search for all pages on
See the FAQs for more info and help, or contact us.

Once again the odd timing of the Official McCartney camp leads one to believe they are involved with or at least reacting to the work of Iamaphoney.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Free Association Game 1 - Another Lily

Lili Marleen was a hit in both the German and English language for the German-born actress/singer Marlene Dietrich, who plays the part of Shanghai Lily in a movie called “Shanghai Express” and is pictured on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band standing next to George Harrison, who sang “Living in the Material World” and who produced a movie called “Shanghai Surprise” starring Madonna who sang “We are living in a material world and I am a material girl” and paid several tributes to Marlene Dietrich during her musical career. Dietrich also starred in a movie called Blue Angel which was also the name of a nightclub in Liverpool that was opened by one time Beatles manager Alan Williams and is the place where Pete Best auditioned to become a member of the Beatles. In that film Dietrich performs the song “Falling in Love Again” which was also performed by the Beatles and Pete Best at the Star Club in Germany among other places. Dietrich also starred in a film called “The Devil is a Woman” which for all I know could have been the inspiration of the Ringo Starr song “Devil Woman.” After turning down an invitation to join the Nazi Party in the late 1930s, she went on to record Anti-Nazi songs including Lili Marleen, a song that became popular on both sides during World War II. So Lili Marleen can join our other Lillies such as Lily Gray, who was killed by the beast 666 according to her tombstone, and Lily Evans who might have had possession of Iamaphoney’s suitcase at one time. A version of Lili Marleen also showed up on the Official Various Artists Soundtrack to the “Magic Christian” movie which starred Ringo Starr and featured songs by the Apple band Badfinger including “Come and Get It” which was written and produced by Paul McCartney and “Carry On Til Tomorrow” which was produced and arranged by the husband of Lily Evans, the cover of which serves as the background for Iamaphoney’s MaIEvans YouTube page.

Footnote: Marlene Dietrich's role as Lola in "The Blue Angel" has inspired several parodies including Danny Kaye (in drag) as Fraulein Lilli in On the Double and Madeline Kahn as Lili von Schtupp in Blazing Saddles.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

St. Paul's Cathedral

I guess this is a post in progress. I keep finding myself returning to St. Paul's Cathedral, but with tons of questions and no answers. We of course, heard that great version of the song "St. Paul" in Rotten Apple 101.

Long before that, I had made the observation that the layout of St. Paul's Cathedral in London pictured below...

...reminded me of this frequent still in Rotten Apple videos

No shock there and no real connection. But it also reminded me of the cover of Liverpool Sound College when turned on its side.

All very loose connections, I admit. St. Paul's Cathedral in London turned up again in a posting from Jude on the "Nothing is Real" discussion group. After noting that Iamaphoney has for quite some time listed the number 80020902 (which could be interpreted as September 2, 2008) on his YouTube pages, he speculated about the two coincidental fires and copied this from Wiki:

"The Great Fire of London was a major conflagration that swept through the central parts of London, England, from Sunday, 2 September to Wednesday, 5 September 1666. The fire gutted the medieval City of London inside the old Roman City Wall. It threatened, but did not reach, the aristocratic district of Westminster (the modern West End), Charles II's Palace of Whitehall, and most of the suburban slums. It consumed 13,200 houses, 87 parish churches, St. Paul's Cathedral, and most of the buildings of the City authorities. It is estimated that it destroyed the homes of 70,000 of the City's ca. 80,000 inhabitants."

The obvious, although far-fetched implication would be "Is there going to be a fire at St. Paul's Cathedral on September 2, 2008?"
And if so, which one? There is the one in London, but there is one in San Diego as well. Both have architecture that may or may not match some of the interior and exterior shots in Rotten Apple 101. Does anyone know if either of these cathedrals were shown in Rotten Apple 101 or any of the other Iamaphoney videos? I especially would like to know where this scene was shot.

The St. Paul's Cathedral in London is undergoing a major renovation. They are also doing an extremely Beatley-type event in November, 2008 (another mark on the Iamaphoney significant date calendar!) You have to see this to believe it. It's right up there with the John Lennon Peace Light Tower. Check out the link below:
The Question Mark Inside

A Fish Tale

"He rewrites history."

That’s what Philip Norman, the author of “Shout” says about Paul McCartney at the end of Rotten Apple 34. Sometimes the lies are so blatant, you wonder if he believes anybody is listening. In a new campaign on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Paul says that his desire to become a vegetarian stemmed from a fishing trip. (Story from Reuters). We all know that for years Paul had been telling the story of how he and Linda were eating lamb one day and then noticed the sheep grazing out the window. (Story from Ezine)

Granted, sometimes there can be contradictory truths, but he does do this a lot. Remember when he said that it was fun to do Sgt. Pepper with U2 at Live 8 because he had not done the song since he originally recorded it? That makes it hard to figure out how it ended up on those live albums that preceded the Live 8 performance.

So, how can we believe him when he says, “That was me at the scout pamp”?? Scout pamp? Pamp?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Strange Convergence

Have you noticed that three strands of PID-related videos seem to be gradually moving to a common point? Iamaphoney seems to be moving toward an end game with the promise of an interview and the supposed planting of Mal Evans' suitcase at the former Manson family hideout. YouKnowMyName231 released a video today called "The Joker" about coincidence and synchronicity, which includes the words "Rosemary's Baby" at exactly 2:30 (yeah "23" which is a coincidence, I guess). And then there is aIIofthemwitches (notice the Iamaphoney trick of "II" that seems to look like "ll" on YouTube) with the constant connections between Manson, Manson's victims and PID.

So there are three completely different editing styles from these three most likely different video makers who started at completely different places. But all three of them seem to be heading toward the exact same destination.

One of the many excellent comments in response to my post "The Magic Christian" caused me to blow the dust off May Pang's book,"Loving John." In Chapter 12 she writes about a visit by Cynthia and Julian during the Christmas holidays. The chapter veers off in several directions as she describes a very unstable John jumping from the "Too Many Cooks" session with Mick Jagger, to a trip to the Playboy mansion, to dinner at Mal Evans' house and then the infamous night at the Troubadour when John donned the tampon on his head and ended up nearly killing Jesse Ed Davis with the Coke bottle in the kitchen.* That last incident prompted a visit from the LAPD. John pulls himself together enough to avoid arrest and he even answers the "Are you getting back together?" question from a starstruck member of LA's finest.

Here is where it gets weird. After the police left, May walked Jesse Ed and his friends out to their car and hears John back at the apartment screaming "I hate Roman Polanski."

Here is May's description:
I dashed back to the apartment. John was upstairs. Shaking with rage, he had attacked the four-poster bed and was doing his best to break loose one of the posts. "It's Roman Polanski's fault!" he screamed. "Roman Polanski is to blame for everything." We had met Roman Polanski at a few parties, but John had never expressed any anger toward him. I watched as he systematically began to demolish the room.

She appeared to be mystified about the source of John's rage. Where in the hell is this heading?

* Reminds one of the game "Clue" doesn't it?

The April 10 Interview Promo

Well, it's here. But there is one horrible qualifier. It's tough to get too excited with everything hinging on the suitcase.

Iamaphoney Interview Promo

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Magic Christian

The cover of the Soundtrack Album for the Magic Christian appears prominently in the "Isn't it lily" video.

That's a very interesting movie. I was incorrect earlier when I said that the new video premiered on the Iamaphoney bogus YouTube page named after Mal Evans. It actually appeared a little earlier on, which is another bogus Iamaphoney site.
If you click that link above, you will see this background.

I believe that is Spahn ranch, the place where the Manson family resided in 1969, the site of the murder of Shorty Shea, and allegedly, the place where Iamaphoney left a suitcase for someone to find.

The Video log at, (note that the first letter is not an "I") also contains the trailer for the movie "The Magic Christian."

In addition to Ringo Starr and Peter Sellers, an interesting group of people worked on that movie.
1) Apple executive Dennis O'Dell
2) Spike Mulligan, who like Sellers was one of the Goons
3) Terry Southern, who is pictured on the Sgt. Pepper Cover
4) Christopher Lee, who is pictured on the Band on the Run Cover
5) Michael Aspel, also from the Band on the Run Cover
6) A couple Monty Python members Graham Chapman and John Cleese
7) Raquel Welch, who I believe was hosting Saturday Night Live the night when Lorne Michaels offered the Beatles $3000 to re-unite.
8) Thunderclap Newman formed by Pete Townsend and featuring future Wings guitarist Jimmy McCulloch. The original name for the song "Something In The Air" from the movie was actually "Revolution."
9) Director of Rosemary's Baby and star of "allofthemwitches" videos Roman Polanski


Remember that great version of St. Paul from Rotten Apple 101? It might have been a hit in New Zealand.

Click on each picture from Isn't it lily? for more information.

New Video - Isn't it lily?

Not sure about the last one, but I think we got the real phoney this time.
(and a few other places). Iamaphoney wants you to know it's really him this time.

The Mal Evans YouTube page, on which this video first appeared, has the words "Abbey Tell Ale Kid" which could be an anagram for "Killed by a Beatle."

The Iamaphoney Interview - April 10

The Iamaphoney affair has taken another decidedly weird turn.

MikeNL a frequent commenter to this blog, has announced on the Nothing Is Real Discussion Group that he is scheduled to interview Iamaphoney on TV* on Thursday, April 10, 2008.

He is inviting people to suggest questions, so feel free to put any in the comments.

*No, he doesn't know where on TV it will be.

This comes from Mike's YouTube Channel:

After 42 years of not knowing what happened to James Paul McCartney in late 1966. On April 10, 2008 09.00 PM GMT will be the time to get our answers.

I'll be having a conversation with "iamaphoney" who will give us the final anwser (sic) about what happened to Paul McCartney. I can ask nine questions, post your question here, and not in the trend of "oh who is that guy from that video" but about what happened to paul, why he's coming forward with the information... and such

The conversation will be aired live and it's gonna be huge!

There will be a promo-video soon.

it's time!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Video - iachimoe

Not much new and not part of the Rotten Apple Canon, but it does appear to be Iamaphoney's M.O.

From a new channel

It includes some quick shots of the Captain Beefhart Album Trout Mask Replica and a soundtrack of Paul's vocal from Wanderlust played backwards.

Death of an Insider

Abbeyrd Beatles News site reported that Former Beatles Recording Engineer Norman (Hurricane) Smith died at age 85. Although Smith stopped working with the Beatles in 1965, he went on to work extensively with Pink Floyd beginning in 1967, so chances are he could have been a member of the Fraternity.

There is also a connection between Norman Smith and Seth Swirsky. The two are pictured together below.

Seth was (possibly unwillingly) dragged into the Rotten Apple saga because of a YouTube video that featured a rejected song that he wrote for Ringo Starr. In addition to Seth's song, the video featured the person I call the actor in the Rotten Apple videos. Some people think the mysterious person is Iamaphoney himself. MikeNL has a theory that his name is Richard Scott Martin.
Check out these two links:
Seth Swirsky and Norman Smith
"Ringo Song" video with Seth's song and Iamaphoney

Monday, March 3, 2008

Iamaphoney Schedule - Updated

This expanded series of numbers appeared on Iamaphoney's YouTube page.

Thanks to MikeNL for posting this chart in the Nothing Is Real discussion group. I have made a couple minor modifications footnoted below.

original: reversed: reversed with spaces: could mean:
70021112 21112007 21 11 2007 12 nov 2007 (paul is dead - the rotten apple 66,6 A)*
80020209 90202008 90 20 2008 9 feb 2008 (the rotten apple - 101)*
8002 2008 2008
8002 2008 2008
80020410 01402008 01 40 2008 1 april 2008 (interview date?)**
8002 2008 2008
8002 2008 2008
80020601 10602008 10 60 2008 1 jun 2008 (concert?)
8002 2008 2008
80020618 81602008 81 60 2008 18 jun 2008 (JPM birthday)
8002 2008 2008
8002 2008 2008
80020902 20902008 20 90 2008 9 feb 2008 (fire again) (or 2 sept 2008)
80020911 11902008 11 90 2008 9 nov 2008 (don't know)
8002 2008 2008
8002 2008 2008
80021109 90112008 90 11 2008 11 nov 2008 (again don't know)
80021120 02112008 02 11 2008 2 nov 2008 (again don't know)

* I opted to put the titles of Iamaphoney Videos that appeared on these dates. MikeNL noted London fires that occurred on the same dates.

** MikeNL says that Iamaphoney promised him an IChat Interview after the suitcase is found.