Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ringo Gives Us A Clue - Do the Math

The latest Official Ringo Starr update certainly urges us to do the Math. So fasten your seat belt (Alas, if he would have fastened his seatbelt, this would not be necessary).
Obviously our journey to enlightenment involves the passage of time.
The Beatles have a great interest in the passage of time. I know of no album that has more references to time than Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
So imagine my surprise to hear Ringo promoting his appearance on the Powerpuff Girls. We have crossed this road before.
Notice the clock in a frame from the first Beatles-related Powerpuff case.
So is there anything mysterious in this new Powerpuff episode featuring Ringo?
Yes, it turns out that Ringo portrays famous mathematician Fibonacci. The famous Fibonacci sequence and its relationship with the Golden Ratio is enough to make you think there is some kind of conspiracy of hidden knowledge being programmed into kids. The Fibonacci Sequence is closely related to Indian Mathematics. In fact some credit goes to an Indian number cruncher named Gopāla, who was not mentioned specifically in an unreleased George Harrison song, or was he?
But it is Fibonacci himself who leads us into a most interesting area of mystery. In his book Liber Abaci, the famous mathematician considers the fruition and multiplication of a group of rabbits who spontaneously died in the movie El Topo, a John Lennon favorite, whose soundtrack was released on Apple Records.
All of those Fibonacci rabbits died when they sensed the presence of a stranger who would kill their master. Now what kind of hole would a bunch of dead rabbits lead to???
UPDATE:O silly me. I forget to send Ringo's tree to the "I can see a face in the tree" department. Geoffrey, take it down right away, please.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Now and Then and Then Again

Ahh, who wouldn't love this?
I had mentioned the other day that Mr. McCartney was at it again as well. I thought this Official Facebook Post was quite cute.

If you are struggling with the answer, I can give you a hint. It is something one might find on a grave.

While I am being morbid, I should add on a serious note that I am deeply relieved that Paul and Nancy (and pilot) were all okay after a recent close call.

Finally I deeply envy anyone lucky enough to be at the Paul McCartney concert in St. Louis tonight. Hope you have a great time.

Friday, November 9, 2012

It's Happening Again

The Magical Mystery Tour Blu-Ray/DVD release has produced a couple revelations. Paul McCartney is at it again. Despite the fact that there is no hint of any kind in Magical Mystery Tour that the walrus mask is being worn by anyone but John, we have Paul suggesting in the Director's commentary that he and John switched off wearing the walrus mask just to mess with people. This of course does not make any sense. As I said, no one has ever suggested that Paul was wearing the mask in the Magical Mystery Tour film. John did have a song on the next album with the lyric, "Here's another clue for you all, the walrus is Paul," but who thought that meant that Paul was the walrus in the film? There is no doubt that Paul has enjoyed his association with the walrus since then. He even made the silly suggestion that it is him in the walrus costume on George's video for "When We Was Fab."
One thing that has always given me the creeps is the similarity of the Magical Mystery Tour animal costumes to this chilling scene in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining."
This of course is a well known stretch unless you consider that the cover of the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album was strategically placed in a scene of another Kubrick film, "A Clockwork Orange."
So you can imagine my shock, horror and delight when I found out that the aerial scene footage that accompanies the song "Flying" in Magical Mystery Tour was leftover footage from Stanley Kubrick's movie "Dr. Strangelove."
Can you see a resemblance? Ask Dennis O'Dell.
And I see that Grandfather Aleister is overdue for his next video because of Hurricane Sandy ("S" and "Y"). Glad to see him back. Keep an eye on GFA's current YouTube Channel. David Frost did another interview with Sir Paul for Al Jazeera. I wonder what Grandfather will make of this:
Oh yes, and Iamaphoney is back and hot as ever musically.
Enjoy... 6Down12Go - TheRevelAtion series x AND 6Down12Go - TheRevelAtion series z I'm so sorry.