Friday, April 9, 2010

paul is dead - the rotten apple 80 plus

It looks like "Peace of Mind" will be rightfully reinstated as Rotten Apple 79, albeit with some significant changes.

Rotten Apple 80 here! Looks like somebody has been reading the record mirror.

Initial Observations

Glad to see Iamaphoney come through. The revelation still appears to be a way's off. Obviously, the old "put different dialog in the video footage" trick is being employed again. The guy with the accent is as lovable as ever. Nothing hammers you on the head, but there are some new things in this one worth investigating.

I would be interested in hearing your impressions. Please feel free to comment as we analyze this latest effort.

More to come...


Those mysterious dots scrolling down the screen in recent Rotten Apple videos are reminiscent of the dots on the Abbey Road wall that have been historically connected together to form the number three. That was the interpretation as far back as the F. Lee Bailey television mock trial at the height of the original rumor. Recently a picture was published on the fabulous Wog Blog that reportedly shows more dots that were on the wall. Elements of the album cover have been superimposed on the wall.


Is this a face in a tree or the power of suggestion?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Miss I

Dear Mr. Iamaphoney, Do you know I miss you? We all miss you, don't ya boys? Do ya miss him, miss him, miss him? All the Beatles miss you.

We (or at least I) have not heard from Iamaphoney since the release of the severely underrated "Peace of Mind," but I am hopeful that things will change soon. I have never been that fond of the Iamaphoney posted "schedule," and quite frankly, due to some kind of extremely specific learning disability from which I apparently suffer, I have always had trouble decoding it anyway. But I sincerely hope that "01020410" as indicated on his YouTube channel means that we will see a new Rotten Apple effort in the next couple of days. I have been told that Iamaphoney has shared in various correspondences with viewers that he, in fact, does not control the release or revelation schedule, and in my studies in the rabbit hole, I am finding more evidence to support that assertion than I expected. I am also beginning to think that eventually there will be an answer (ebtitel) to all of this.

With that in mind, and in the absence of medication, I am offering a video of my own. If we do hear from Iamaphoney this weekend, I'm sure it will blow mine away, but my hope is that my effort will rest comfortably in the shade of the one, the only, the original Iamaphoney. We sure do miss you. All the Beatles miss you.

For my video I chose to do a cover version of one of my favorite songs on one of my favorite albums "Time Takes Time." The song is called, "Don't Know A Thing About Love." Stanley, I hope it's okay.

I do try to answer questions and honor requests, but it can sometimes take me a while. So if any of you have a request or question that has not been addressed in an article or on one of my videos, I haven't forgotten you. And, please keep sending me those clues.

As I said, things are rather slow in the Iamaphoney news department. Are there any Nutters fans out there? Hmmm. How about Nutters? Well anyway, if you are curious about this unusual item from 24 seconds into the video A BIRD IN THE BUSH - 1 by aGameOfFlVES... can find it here if you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

The documentary version of Rotten Apple 65 can now be found again here.

I love this guy named sneidng who makes ukulele versions of Iamaphoney classics. If you play the ukulele, you're okay by me.

And yet another videomaker has joined the ranks of the Iamaphoney imitator society. Say hello to WeirdCandycain. A support group meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, but it will be canceled in the event of a new Rotten Apple video.

Come on, Iamaphoney. We all miss you.