Thursday, February 18, 2010

Party Music

Since Iamaphoney has not exactly been bustling with activity lately, I have decided to do a self-indulgent post.

Some of you might have already seen my answer to the "Are you Iamaphoney?" question. If not, here is proof that I am not the Phoney with the ring he.

I would like to thank the anonymous person(s) who put the link to my video in the comments of this blog. I suck at self promotion and I appreciate whoever it was who took the time to let people know my video was there.

A couple new songs have appeared on MikeyNL1038's Iamaphoneymusic channel. I'm hoping that if I give Mikey his due, he won't spread any more rumors about me being Iamaphoney. I don't know the origin of these songs and don't recall any part of either song on in any Rotten Apple videos.

I do however remember this track from a Rotten Apple video. I was hoping it contained the formula for syncing up the "Twin Peppers," but that became a dead end after three minutes of intense investigation.

There are some other recently uploaded tracks and fragments on the Iamaphoneymusic channel worth checking out.

This next video is not new, but it is one of my favorite songs by JohnCharles231, who used to comment regularly on this blog.

It turns out that JohnCharles has a YouTube channel with lots of great songs and stories that deserve to be heard. I highly recommend "Proof" and "That's Where Mary Lived," but there is much more to explore on this talented guy's channel.

Another friend known as Take Your Soul Back has produced a new song called "Day of Reckoning" complete with a Beatley and slightly creepy backwards intro.

Take Your Soul Back has many other fine tracks to explore.