Monday, August 31, 2009

Notes From The Overground

Fans of Iamaphoney's music simply must be excited about what MikeyNL1038 got his hands on.

iamaphoney - the right album bootleg 09-09-09 promo

Okay, well maybe you won't love the whole video portion, but musically this looks like it will be a sonic delight for those of us who have been intrigued by Iamaphoney's soundtracks.

The last thing I heard from anyone related to the Iamaphoney camp was that "The Right Album" does exist. All I could think of was the fictitious John and Yoko album that was at the heart of the infamous April Fools joke from our friend Jude. But this appears to be a second Iamaphoney bootleg, and if the clips in this video are any indication, it will be superior to the first one. If Iamphoney shared these recordings with Mike, and Mike shares them with us, that would be a wonderful thing. The supposed release date of 09/09/09 is a bit strange considering that as much as I adore Iamaphoney and worship the ground that he walks on, I'm afraid that I will be listening to something else on September 9 of this year even if our hero comes to my house and places "The Right Album" in my cold dead hands.

Still I look forward to hearing it and I predict that "Apple Star It Was A Fake Mistake" will be the sleeper hit of the year among conspiracy theorists, NIR types, TKIN types, PID fanatics, United Methodists, and Charles Dodgson fans like me.


Once again, Paul McCartney is talking about this subject.

It is almost as if the people who sell magazines think that people in the world would find the topic to be interesting.


The I Don't Have A Clue Department has been wondering what the videos by this relatively new YouTube user are all about.

At first glance GnikNusEht appears to resemble a cross between Grandfather Aleister and Milesdeo. Wouldn't that be an unusual duo?

Speaking of unusual duos, was that really Jude and Socash sparring recently? Both are great characters on the journey in an Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler kind of way. I hope you both are doing well.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Goddess

Another one of those NIR types wrote a thought-provoking post recently based on a couple pictures pointed out by me of all people.

I was wondering if there might be a connection between this...

and this...

And so I asked our friend P(D)enny La(i)ne, who I felt could provide some expertise in the subject. Using some of Jarvtronics' recent revelations about the Sgt. Pepper album as a starting point, P(D)enny built a fascinating argument suggesting that the imbalance between the masculine and the feminine in our society will result in the collapse of the United States and the emergence of a One World Government. P(D)enny went on to say that this revelation, which is tied to Hopi Indian prophecy, is emanating from Paul's heart on the Sgt. Pepper cover.

My question to P(D)enny was prompted by my curiosity about the Goddess sculpture found on both the "Wings Greatest" album and the "Back To The Egg" album.

The sculpture also appeared in the strange ritual that kicked off the "Back To The Egg" television special.

I believe the Wings Goddess Sculpture is the work of Russian artist and fashion designer Romain de Tirtoff (also known as Erté). It certainly reflects his style. Paul's daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney (who was seven years old when "Wings Greatest" was released) credits Erté for being a major inspiration and even wrote the forward to a catalog of his works in 2004.

As P(D)enny noted in his article, it's funny that the Goddess appeared both on the last Wings release in the U.S. before the move to Columbia Records and the first release on the new label. The United States has a Goddess and her name is Columbia. The formal name of Washington D.C. or District of Columbia is a constant reminder of her image.

The Statue of Liberty is seen by many to be a representation of Columbia. That would explain this famous logo...

It does sound rather far-fetched that the Beatles, and Paul in particular, would somehow be involved in the fulfillment of ancient prophecy that restores the balance between masculine and feminine and creates the way for a New Order and One World Government. I'm rather embarrassed by my association with the concept at all, but that won't stop me from playing with it.

I don't see any Statue of Liberty on the cover of Sgt. Pepper. But, it is interesting that the Beatles would hold an Apple meeting in 1968 on a Chinese Junk while sailing around the Statue of Liberty. And if they had looked at her left hand during that meeting, they probably would have seen the Laurel Wreath she was holding.

Now, that is just silly to associate a Laurel Wreath with Stan Laurel, unless of course you are a stamp collector.

Silly yes, but let's go back to that strange "Band On The Run" video from the McCartney Years. Guess who makes an appearance...

Now check out those eyes...

"Making another magic transformation, find the right boy for the right girl"

So what was it that prompted a level headed NIR type like myself to query P(D)enny La(i)ne about the Statue of Liberty and the Goddess Columbia? In July, Paul McCartney was the sole guest on the David Letterman show. The show was aired on a network called the Columbia Broadcasting System and features an all seeing eye as its logo. On the particular day that McCartney appeared, Dave had two sight gags in different segments of the show guessed it.

As John Lennon sang: If the Man wants to shove us out, we're gonna jump and shout:'The Statue of Liberty said come!"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Harmless Games

The two people who have been considered the Peter and John of Iamaphoney disciples both uploaded new videos in the past week or so. Jude, the one who traveled to Mexico City a couple years ago for the sole purpose of trying to cross paths with our hero, has now become an Iamaphoney satirist under the moniker 36EdujYeh. Like all of Jude's videos, Rotten Apple Training Series Vol. 1: How To Be a Phoney is well-conceived and worth watching. I think it blows the lid off of something or other. At least that is what the video under his other identity RockXLight promised with The Revelation. I guess Jude now has the dubious distinction of being the only Iamaphoney lid blower who failed to reach some sort of settlement immediately before blowing off the said lid. Sorry Jude, but you made fun of Iamaphoney and that goes against my religion, so N0 BL0G M3NTIONS F0R J00. But Jude's frequent partner in crime (well, discussion groups) MikeyNL1038 has taken an entirely different path paying tribute to Iamaphoney with a cover of "Harmless Game." It is a nice clean recording and well worth checking out by fans of Iamaphoney or those who like to hear songs created by playing other songs backwards.

Shaggily, I believe that "Harmless Game" is an accurate way to describe the Iamaphoney phenomenon that has been enjoyed by many people including myself. Aside from a couple bumps in the road, I have always felt that the Rotten Apple videos have been delivered in the same spirit as the Beatles' Harmless Game that was centered around the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

For those of you who don't believe that Jarvtronics of Nothing Is Real is on the correct path to solving the Beatles mystery, consider that both Lewis Carroll and Edgar Allan Poe played harmless games in their art. "Alice In Wonderland" was a game of cards.

"Through the Looking Glass" was a game of Chess.

"The Gold Bug" was a treasure hunt and cypher game.

Look at the way Paul aligned himself with Poe in the video for "Band On The Run" in the McCartney Years.

The video also has a shot of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band plus Brian Epstein between two pillars just like the High Priestess Tarot Card. Note the contrasting colors of the two pillars.

Just as Carroll kept referring back to his work hoping that people would "get it," all four of the Beatles have continued to refer back to Sgt. Pepper throughout their careers. (See previous post)

The Beatles must have been big fans of Alice.

Iamaphoney knows they were big fans of Alice. Apollo C. Vermouth knew it too.

Yes, that's Ringo as the Mock Turtle in the 1985 production of Alice.

Jarv has found a great deal of significance in Paul's song "C Moon." Paul has revisited that song many times in his live concerts over the years. He even made a special radio commercial to promote it when it was released as part of double A-side single in 1972 with "Hi Hi Hi." [Incidentally, isn't there something magical about repeating a word several times----Just like in "Through the Looking Glass" when the Queen said with her voice rising each time "'Much be-etter! Be-etter! Be-e-e-etter! Be-e-ehh!'" or was that the Beatles' song "Getting Better" or was it "Hey Jude"? Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!]

Paul not only played the song C Moon frequently, he also explained it frequently. L7 was from the song "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs and it means SQUARE. Chess Boards are made up of lots of squares. Ringo learned to play chess during the making of Sgt. Pepper. Indeed he did. C Moon is the opposite of the square L7. Opposites are what you see through a looking glass or through the ties that plasticine porters wear.

There is a chess piece that moves in the shape of an "L" called the Knight. George Harrison makes the shape of an "L" on the back of Sgt. Pepper.

The chess piece called the knight looks like a horse. George's record label looked like a Dark Horse.

As Jarv pointed out, George even did a parody of the Sgt. Pepper cover for his Apple album "Dark Horse" even going as far as to feature Babaji, who is also on the cover of Pepper.

Yoko Ono prefers to play with white pieces.

Did you notice the game board on "Band On The Run" from the McCartney Years?

Yeah, it's a game all right.

And by the way, what the hell is this?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Everybody's Talking

There is quite a bit of chatter occurring in Iamaphoneyville lately. I'm finding lots of talk of salamanders, a certain Volkswagen, a particular suitcase, and of course Magick.

Follow the links...

Paul is Dead - Footnote to Admiral Albert by our friend felipegcs


paul is dead - nothing is real 334 suitcase contents by MikeyNL1038 - Congratulations, Mike for finally getting these.

A significantly extended version of System by YouKnowMyName231

Inside the org:4 LIBER by LEWlSCARROLL features some pages from "Alice's Adventures Under Ground" as long as you don't blink while watching.

One Way Ticket to Nowhere by Sunssol

footage TPF 1 Reversed by LikeMoreWizards

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Review: Turn Me On, Dead Man

One of the most perplexing things about seeing the trailer and reading the advance promotion for this short film was the question of how they were going to tell the story of the sudden death of a member of a rock band at the peak of their popularity and the subsequent cover up in just 22 minutes. After seeing the film, I was impressed at how much ground they were able to cover in such a short amount of time.

Director Adam Blake Carver uses an effective technique of alternating between black and white and color to tell the story. With the exception of the first scene where the band's manager arrives to tell the three band members about the death of Blake, their popular bass player, all black and white scenes indicate the time when Blake is alive and all color scenes indicate the time when the band is carrying on with a replacement. This little trick is not only used effectively, but it also shows some insight into Beatles history when you think about the stark black and white "Revolver" cover versus the lavish color of "Sgt. Pepper" and "Magical Mystery Tour."

The band itself depicted in the film is not the Beatles, I think. I don't remember a band name ever being mentioned in the film. On some mock newsreel footage (that includes a couple extremely quick images of the Beatles) the four band members, who share some resemblance to the Fabs are simply referred to as Blake (Paul), John (Guess Who), Charlie (George) and Ryland (Ringo). The band members are played by Joe Reegan, David Moscow, Luke Edwards and Brian Ruppenkamp.

The original music in the film, written by Logan Metz and Lincoln Mendell and performed by the Bumblebees is based on the styles of the time period represented (1964-1968). The song snippets are adequate, but not quite up to the level of the Rutles. One song has a Beatles "Wooh" as in "She Loves You" and the John character sings in a nasal voice.

Producer and Co-Writer Tyler Knell explained, "In making the film, we realized early on that we had no interest in trying to be 100% accurate, because we knew we never would be able to break through those constraints and tell the story the way we wanted to tell it. Therefore, you’ll find that we took creative liberties wherever we could afford them."

This was a wise decision. The characters make no attempt to speak with a phony Liverpool accent and aspects of the chronology are slightly different from Beatles history so that the story can be told more effectively. In fact, Adele, a Yoko-like character played by Kalia Pamela is annoying the other members of the band in the studio as early as 1966 and contributing to the riff between Blake and John that precedes the car accident. So, apparently PID is Yoko's fault too. Yoko haters will also be pleased to hear that Adele has to use facial expressions alone to wreak havoc as she does not make a single utterance in the whole film. I hope this doesn't negatively impact Kalia Pamela's chances of playing the lead role in a movie based on the life of Alanis Morissette.

I don't think the "creative liberties" will be a problem for Beatles fans who watch this film. The main problem seems to be the attempts to be more like the Beatles. If they are going to have American accents, why put them in silly looking Beatle wigs? Why try to mimic the exact words from Beatles press conferences when the band is clearly not the Beatles? I also did not get why the surviving members of the band were told that they would honor their tour commitments immediately after a news clip reported that the band had decided to give up touring. It almost seemed like the decision to not worry about accuracy was made halfway into the shooting of the film.

Despite its flaws, "Turn Me On Dead Man" is worth having in the dark fringes of any Beatles collection. There is one aspect of the film that possibly unintentionally mirrors the contradictory and ambiguous nature of Beatles conspiracy theories. Remember when I told you that black and white means Blake is alive and color means that Blake is dead? Well there is one scene in the movie that occurs twice, once in black and white and once in color. Also just before his tragic death, Blake picks up a young woman in distress near a Volkswagon that has its emergency flashers on. The scene in the film is in black and white, but for some reason the trailer has only the flashers in color. Isn't that a lovely clue for the PID person who pays attention to fine detail and seeks to find a sinister meaning?

Coming soon: A closer look at Rotten Apple 76.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ho Hey Ho!

I had the pleasure of attending the Paul McCartney concert in Washington D.C. last night. I went into this with the attitude that this was a bonus. I had seen him many times in concert over the years, most recently the Driving USA tour of 2002. He was approaching age 60 on that tour, so I figured that would be my last opportunity to watch him play live. I really didn't expect him to still be out rocking at age 67. Well, this "bonus" turned out to be one of the best concerts I have ever seen in my life.

The energy level of the show from start to finish was staggering. I have been watching all of the videos from these "not quite a real tour" concerts over the past year, but they didn't quite convey how much this old guy (whom some people suggest was 32 in 1967) could still rock.

The inclusion of old rockers like "Day Tripper," "I'm Down," "Helter Skelter" and a near punk version of "Paperback Writer," and new ones such as "Only Mama Knows" and the Fireman tracks "Sing The Changes" and "Highway" left the crowd of over 60,000 breathless. Now I have seen Paul McCartney performing "Live and Let Die" with all of the pyrotechnics and theatrics every tour since 1976, but the spectacle of this year's model inside the mammoth Fedex Field was absolutely awesome.

The power of the heavy songs was complimented by outstanding performances of some of Paul's gentler tracks. He did the cleanest version of "Blackbird" I have heard in concert. "Here Today" was flawless. And as a surprise, a lovely performance of "Michelle" was thrown in as a nod to the First Lady of the United States.

Even "Hey Jude" got to me despite the fact that I feel like I have seen him do it a hundred times. It was great to hear Paul do "A Day In The Life" although it is still a little shaky in places. The only obvious flub of the night was when Paul followed the line "Well, I just had to laugh" too quickly with "I saw the photograph," but the band recovered quickly and avoided what could have been an embarrassing breakdown. Otherwise, the goosebumps were up all night, I was moved to near tears about six times, and I don't know why I paid all that money for that seat because it's not like I ever sat down.

I don't know if Paul is dead, but I can tell you that the guy I saw last night was larger than life.

In Iamaphoney/PID news, it appears that good old Y0K00NO has joined the ranks of all of the others who have threatened to reveal the Iamaphoney secret. It appears an agreement must have been reached. Apparently, there is still an endless supply of cash in the Iamaphoney "Don't Start the Revelation Without Me" fund.

There is a new video from one of my favorite PIDeople, JohnCharles2007, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Paul's double was able to copy his mannerisms perfectly with the exception of whether to put his finger in front of or behind his ear. See Match Point.

STOP PRESS: ROTTEN APPLE 76 IS HERE. It includes some details that appear well worth investigating. There are a few more new things on the fringes of YouTube, but I want to examine R.A. 76 right now. Cheers.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Phoney Ultimatum?

Hey everybody, exactly one week agoY0K00NO said, "one week : you do it or we do it."

everything is real - behind the phoney 4

Well, I guess it's all out in the open now.

I'll have a review of the short film "Turn Me On, Dead Man" soon.