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The Fireman Finds His Voice

That is the tagline of the Official Announcement at PaulMcCartney.com. The opening track, "Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight" was played on the Zane Lowe show on Radio 1.

McCartney's web site states that the album consists of "thirteen tracks recorded in thirteen days over the period of nearly a year."

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rotten Apple 71 O - See Links Below

Rotten Apple 71 O is here:
Regular Version
Full Screen HQ Version

Thanks to those of you who put the link in the comments section of my last post. Things are quite busy in my world this weekend, but I will be working on new posts for this week.

Additional Notes on the new video:
It is possible that the blurry man from R.A. 71 O is Tony Sheridan.

Here is a video of Tony performing in 2004.

The NBC Check appears to be authentic, but it is not the famous Lorne Michaels Saturday Night Live Check.

The video contains some images that we have not seen for a long time, like this one:

One theory is that the video is intended to remind us of the glory days of the Rotten Apple series, but it is also possible that parts of this video were done a long time ago and the suitcase parts were simply dropped in. Whoever gets the suitcase at CERN should get a nice white "Back to the Egg" bag.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Initial Reports on Israel Concert

UPDATE: Just a Sampling of Video Links from Tel Aviv Concert
Paul McCartney - All My Loving (Live in Tel Aviv 25.09.08)
Paul McCartney - Blackbird - Live
Paul McCartney - Drive My Car (Live in Tel Aviv 25.09.08)
paul mccartney - israel 2008 - a day in a life+give peace a chance
Paul Mccartney In Israel - The Long And Winding Road
Paul McCartney - Hello Goodbye (Live in Tel Aviv 25.09.08)
Pro Shot Documentary Footage
Paul McCartney Israel September 2008 + Concert Footage HD
News Articles
Paul McCartney rocks Tel Aviv with crowd singalong to 'Give Peace a Chance'
Paul McCartney performs for thousands in Tel Aviv

And this might even be the first video from the show I suspect some things will be appearing in better quality very soon.

Vince reported that there is finally an Amazon link with a release date (November 18, 2008) for the new Fireman

And Associated Press had this picture of Paul entering the Church of Nativity in the West Bank in order to prepare the world for the next big thing - Peace. (And damn if there isn't a hand above his head...again!)

Paul McCartney visits West Bank with peace message

5 More Seconds

Bookends were added to that 12-second video. Check out:

The Fireman from 0bama2OO8

I cannot determine if anyone we know had anything to do with this video, but the description "itisme" matches what Paul appears to say at the beginning. That creates tons of delicious interpretations, but nothing close to a smoking gun. I sincerely doubt that Paul would be involved with this one, and I can't even confirm that it is Iamaphoney, but it certainly is his style.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MikeyNL1038's Discovery and Tutorial

MikeNL1038 posted two videos this week, the latest, just a couple hours ago.

The latest one is called paul is dead - nothing is real 272 and features an EXCITING discovery. If you go to the new Official Fireman Web Site and you make the window smaller so that you can slide it, guess what you find! That's right -- A mirror image.

You can't go wrong with mirrors. From the Sgt. Pepper drum that becomes 1 ONE 1 X HE | DIE, to the the Walrus that emerges when you put a flat mirror on Diana Dors' elbow on the cover of Sgt. Pepper (as the Beatles did when they changed the ending of the promotional film of "A Day In The Life" for the Anthology), to what you find when you LOOK at Magical Mystery Tour for the word lOOK, to the word LOVE that becomes the word CODE, mirrors are everywhere in the Beatles mystery. It is Alice Through the Looking Glass. And somebody keeps writing to this blog saying, "Read the Record Mirror," which is a phrase uttered by Paul just one time in an unreleased outtake of the song "Let It Be." So, now we have the Official Paul McCartney Fireman web site playing with mirrors. It ain't the publius enigma moment and it ain't the smoking gun, but it is smoke and mirrors.

MikeyNL1038's other video was paul is dead - nothing is real 262

I honestly could not hear the word "dead" as Mike suggested in the video, but I did hear excellent sound and was extremely impressed by how he isolated the vocals.

I asked Mike if he would be willing to share what studio wizardry he employed to pull off the video soundtrack since we have several musicians and video makers who frequent this blog. Mike went above and beyond by writing a tutorial and sending it to me the very same day. So, let's give a big tip of the hat to Mike. He deserves a big thank you from all of us.

Mike's Audio/Visual Tutorial

How to extract vocals from 5.1 DVD's by MikeNL

Tafultong has asked me how I did the vocal isolation on my latest video. The video, paul is dead - nothing is real 262 contains the DVD version of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)/The End. I wanted to make it extra clear on what Paul said in the (love you, love you, love you) part so I took The McCartney Years DVD set and a copy of DVD Audio Extractor. The program costs $29.

I ran the DVD folder through DVD Audio extractor and got 6 different tracks. The first 2 tracks are mostly the instrumental, track 3 is the center channel, which contains the isolated vocals (most of the time, heh). Track 4 and 5 are the rear-speaker channels which in this case, being a live concert and all, contains the audience sounds and a lowered instrumental. Track 6 is the subwoofer channel and has all the bass-frequencies in it.

Then I converted the video from Sgt. Pepper/The End to MPEG1 with VLC Media Player with the build in convert wizard. Then I imported all the files into Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 to make the video! (Click image below for full size)

There are also ways to convert a stereo recording to an (almost) completely vocal-less karaoke version. If Tafultong likes this idea I will post an tutorial on that too later this week.

Sure Mike! If anyone else has any tips and tricks that you think would interest others who read this blog, drop me a line (just put my name at Yahoo.com).

Thanks again, Mike.

Paul Arrives in Israel

The Los Angeles Times posted this picture of Paul signing autographs in Tel Aviv.

UPDATE: This is a recent quote from Paul McCartney

"Its quite striking that modern science has many things in common with some of the ancient religions. I think we are at a very interesting stage in human development and I just hope for the best and I am optimistic about it."

Click here for the entire article from My Park Magazine.

UPDATE 2: Two Interesting Articles in Today's Jerusalem Post.

McCartney visits Church of Nativity

Is it McCartney or is it an imposter? (Thanks to lenmac of Nothing Is Real for spotting this one)

I can't figure out how this benefits Iamaphoney, but his 12-second Fireman video showed up on yet another YouTube Channel:
3 From TheMcCartneyYears

He also posted CERN from lamaphoney and ROMA from IAMAPH0NEY. It can get quite confusing when the alias sites are so close in name to the main site and the videos themselves are re-titled reruns.


NME.com reported that Paul McCartney arrived safely in Israel today and successfully avoided the paparazzi and other various Blue Meanies. UPI reported this as well.

Israel takes pride in security and I am sure that all will go smoothly with tomorrow's concert, despite all of the concerns raised by the media this week. Anyone who reads this blog probably knows that I am a Paul fan first and I wish him the very best success with this history-making concert and a safe return home.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where There's Smoke...

There is quite a buzz about a new 12-second video that appeared on two Iamaphoney alias accounts. Both channels could easily be mistaken for legitimate Paul McCartney sites, especially since the video could pass for a Fireman Promo.

by PauIMcCartney
3 by JamesPauIMcCartney

The question now being asked is "Is Paul involved with Iamaphoney and is whole thing just a viral marketing campaign to promote the Fireman project?" The only tags for the video are "McCartney" and "Fireman." Although it would be great, I sincerely doubt it. Having said that, I think that there is a greater chance that Paul is working with Iamaphoney than that Paul is actually bothered by Iamaphoney. Besides, I found out today that we really don't need to worry about Paul McCartney's safety anymore.

The video doesn't really give anything that can't be found on the new Official Fireman Website.

It is interesting that the website says, "the fireman unfurls his hose on the autumnal equinox." Unless the CD hit the shops today or yesterday, that date was missed, unless you count Iamaphoney's video. If that colorful band image from the beginning of the video appears on any official McCartney/Fireman product, then we really have a story. Otherwise, Paul can simply thank Iamaphoney for creating a little bit of a buzz about the Fireman.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Fireman Emerges?

I think we have a Fireman spotting.

The New Music Express expressed bewilderment at this fragment of a promotional photo from Paul McCartney. Were they really serious when they speculated that it might be a veiled attack against EMI? I think they gave it away when they ended the article by saying, "NME.COM will have the full image in the next coming days, so stay tuned to find out the meaning behind the legend's message."

This is a good sign that the Fireman project is still on track. Someone mentioned that it has not yet appeared on any upcoming release list. Then when The Fireman canceled an appearance on "Later With Jools Holland" last week, I was beginning to worry about the fate of the project. Although the "official reason" for the cancellation was that Paul had to rehearse for his Israel concert, the speculation is that he opted to be with one of his kids. It would not be the first time. The Kennedy Center Honors come to mind as an event that Paul missed in order to support one of his children. That's the way McCartney is. He's not the Antichrist.

Still, no results yet for a new Fireman CD on Amazon.com. In fact, a quick search with the keywords "Paul McCartney Youth" didn't result in a release date for a new Fireman CD, but instead yielded this (Click picture for link):

Weird, huh?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dark Horse

In the final days of Apple, George Harrison struck a deal with Herb Albert and Jerry Moss of A&M Records to start his own record label. The label released its first two albums the first week of September 1974. "The Place I Love" by Splinter and "Shankar Family & Friends" both featured heavy Harrison involvement. George's plan was to record for Dark Horse as soon as his Apple contract expired the following year, but he failed to deliver a new album in time and ended up moving to Warner, where Dark Horse became only a custom label for George Harrison product.

The A&M Dark Horse period (1974-1976) gave George the chance to support other artists, and his stamp was on several of the releases. Splinter consisted of Robert Purvis, who wrote most of the songs and Bill Elliot, who actually sang lead on the Apple single "God Save Us" by the Elastic Oz Band. "God Save Us" can only be described as a John Lennon single featuring a guest singer. Splinter's album, "The Place I Love" could arguably be described as a George Harrison album featuring two guest singer/songwriters. Although the songs came from the band, the arrangements sound as if they were lifted directly from a George Harrison album.

In a clever way to give attention to his new record label, George Harrison called his December 1974 Apple album "Dark Horse." The front cover featured a cropped and doctored school picture. The cropping not only allowed it to fit on a 12x12 album cover, but also got rid of Paul McCartney and Neil Aspinall who were in that large group of students. The original picture can be found here.

The doctoring of the image involved giving George a blue tint to make him stand out, and putting tee shirts on some of the people in the front row to show various record label emblems with which George was associated (including the stunning Dark Horse logo of course). There was also the insertion of a bald headed character right in front of George in the center of the crowd with a Capitol Records logo. That man was not in the original picture.

Cropped version of the original picture:

Dark Horse Album cover:

Another feature of the front cover of George Harrison's "Dark Horse" album was a picture of Babaji, the guru that is believed by some to be living in the same body for centuries.

For some reason, the picture of Babaji comes in different sizes.

One key point about the presence of Babaji is that it is yet another example of a subsequent work pointing back to the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album as Babaji was there too, partially obscured by the famous hand, right between Paul's pal William S. Burroughs and comic actor Stan Laurel. This is particularly significant since many people see this cover as a parody of Sgt. Pepper anyway.

Another curiosity about the Dark Horse cover art is the inner gate-fold picture of George walking with someone who frequently intersects with the Beatles mystery. Although the man walking with George is not identified, it is actually Peter Sellers.

The "Dark Horse" album and its simultaneous tour resulted in George receiving some of the worst press of his career, but he continued to sign new acts to his fledgling record label. One signing that raised some eyebrows was that of everybody's LEAST favorite Wings lead guitarist, Henry McCullough. In an interview promoting the "Dark Horse" album George explained that Henry came to him saying, "I don't know if I am a great player or if I can't play at all." George said that he told Henry that this loss of confidence is what happens when you play in a band with Paul McCartney. It wasn't really his playing as much as the fact that Henry never seemed to be in tune during those early Wings concerts that seemed to turn off some fans. That's why it is interesting that Henry chose to keep a false start of one song on his album where he jokes, "You don't have to be in tune for this number." There is no way to know if that comment was aimed at his former employer, but the title of the tune just happened to be "I Can Drive A Car." The most shocking thing about Henry McCullough's album for George's Dark Horse label is that it is an excellent collection of songs.

By this time, George was not as involved in the recording of Dark Horse releases, but he still received a credit on Splinter's second album, "Harder To Live," when they dusted off an old recording that they did with him for the movie "Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunichs."

George was not available for the band shot on the back cover, so a cardboard version was used.

An interesting song on Splinter's "Harder To Live" album is called "Halfway There." The song uses travel as a metaphor for a growing love relationship, but there is an interesting twist. Although the couple is traveling throughout the verses of the song, they always seem to be only "halfway there" to their destination. It reminds one of the Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" film where the bus moves all around to different locations, but each time the scene goes back to the magicians, the bus is still at the same location (i.e. 10 miles north on the Dewsbury Road). The chances of there being a real connection between these two items is minuscule, however, if you look at some of the lyrics to "Halfway There" by Robert Purvis, you'll see:

Hitch a ride outside Durham
Takes you straight into Leeds

Well, a quick check on Google maps will tell you that if you do "Hitch a ride outside Durham" and head "straight into Leeds" you could quite possibly find yourself 10 miles north on the Dewsbury Road. Click image below for full size version.

Another act for Dark Horse was named "Jiva" after the sanskrit word meaning "To breathe." This white funk band was apparently recommended to George by Olivia. The opening track, which was also a single, was entitled "Something's Goin' On Inside L.A." Granted the lyrics are open to interpretation and there is a line about "snide remarks" that makes me cringe a little, but I think you will find that something bloody weird was going on in this ditty that is undoubtedly about the fabs.

Something's Goin' On Inside L.A. (Lanning-Hilton-Strauss)

Someone's sittin' down and just about to lazy day it all away
Notices there's somethin' wrong and somethin's goin' on inside L.A.
He pices up on the eyes of someone walkin' thinkin' nothing's true
He says something cosmic's goin' on while Ringo sings his song, "For Only You"

The other three magicians realize the mystery tour is just a game
While healing bruises, licking wounds and trying to comprehend a shipwrecked fame
The lovers of the truth remark regarding what the hell they're gonna do
They say something cosmic's goin' on while Ringo ends his song, "For Only You"

In case you didn't hear it
You can't be any nearer to it
Something's Goin' On Inside L.A.

There's someone layin' money down that can't undo the chains inside his heart
And sometimes acting violently because of someone else's snide remark
The money goes to people into arguing that heaven isn't here
While all the time ignoring that perfection which the lovers see so clear

The pawn shop dealer deals inside has no direction when he's in the street
He has always had a fear of whirling dervishes that knock him off his feet
I'm just talkin' 'bout an ordinary man that tries to crawl inside his life
Who is hung up and brought down and cannot seem to get along without his wife

Now in case you didn't hear it
He can't be any nearer to it
Something's goin' on inside L.A.

You can hear this track on Jiva's Myspace Page.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Flurry of Activity Continues

32 60 Re - Run by Iamaphoney

The always accommodating Iamaphoney has given us a brief review of the four suitcase offerings, providing an answer to the question posed by Tygrefyfe.

That is a snippet of "A Day in the Life" backwards at the end. I was not a big fan of the suitcase idea from the beginning. And then when it turned into complete madness with the 65if2007 episode, resulting in a second suitcase, I mentioned that Iamaphoney seemed to be in disarray. But now the Iamaphoney organization appears to be acting a deliberate and purposeful manner, with complete disregard of the merciless criticism accompanying every move. I like that. I like that a lot.

Thanks to the perceptive reader who pointed out that we now can read the back of the shirt that first appeared in Rotten Apple 101:

Much has been said about this item that we now can see clearly:

There is also a new Iamaphoney inspired video available:
Paul is Dead - The Letter by PIDgame

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Iamaphoney Video - 32 Go

The 4th suitcase has been dropped. Each case easily distinguishable from another. No end in sight to the Rotten Apple Adventure. More later...

32 Go by Iamaphoney

Time Beat by Ray Cathode (aka George Martin and Maddalena Fagandini)

This might be the place - Salita Del Pincio, Italy.

Got a suitcase?

It's not the easiest video to interpret, but a video appeared on YouTube that appears to suggest that somebody went and got the suitcase from CERN...and got regrets...and left it there...

See Paul is Dead - Got a suitcase from CERNsuitcase666

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

News, Rumors and Hunches

UPDATE: The trailer for "All Together Now" is up on YouTube.

It appears that Paul McCartney and Youth did cancel their appearance as the Fireman on Later with Jools Holland. "F" informed me last week that the Goldmine Trash blog reported that they had pulled out in order for Paul to rehearse for his performance in Israel. I don't know why it was canceled, but I'm pretty sure that the official reason has nothing to do with the real reason.

I'm a little concerned about the Fireman project. I still have not seen a release date for the album and there have been some significant changes at the Hear Music Label, which released Paul's last album "Memory Almost Full." I haven't seen anything from Capitol either about the project. The charity song, "Lifelong Passion" and the collaboration with Nitin Sawhney titled "My Soul" could be the closest things we get this year to a Fireman album. But anything could happen. If these one off concerts really are the lead in to his final world tour, it would make sense to delay the release of new recordings.

The Israel concert is making worldwide news, particularly after someone reported that Paul had received threats from terrorists. Headlines like "Paul McCartney promises Israel gig will go ahead despite death threats" are unsettling to fans. But, WorldNetDaily offered some comforting news: "Expert: No credible threat against Paul McCartney."

Fans of John Lennon, especially those who believe he is still alive will be comforted to hear that he continues to produce new artwork.

The Abbeyrd Beatles News site has been following Yoko Ono's 100 acorns blog. In the spirit of her book "Grapefruit," Yoko continues to provide instructions to make our lives more meaningful. One curious post was Questionnaire 1 from Sunday, September 14. True/False question #4 reminded me of a cross between Ringo Starr and the Zodiac.
4) Your brother is the man you killed in the past world. He was born in your family because he wanted to be near you.

The Hunches Department suggests that Iamaphoney will drop Suitcase #4 somewhere near the Vatican and that there may be as many as 10 more suitcases after that.

Another Iamaphoney rumor is that the actor in the Rotten Apple videos has been replaced.

First Appearance:

Most Recent Appearance:

And although I am impressed with my timing, it is Philip Norman's fault that there are articles like this everywhere you look this week: "John never tried anything, I slept with him a million times," says Paul McCartney of John Lennon.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Reactions to Rotten Apple 70

UPDATE 2: Most timely: X TENSION from MilesDeo

UPDATE: Most Recent: Longs To C from MilesDeo

Most helpful: RA70 Stills from dontbotherthatguy

Most transparent: Transparency from JohnCharles2007

Most alarming: Paul is Dead - CERN Suitcase 666 from CERNsuitcase666

Most smelly: Paul is Dead - Pepe Le iamaphoney from iamastinky

Most frustrating: THE MAGICKIAN from MilesDeo [It was pulled after ZERO views!]

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rotten Apple 70 is Available


The video appeared earlier today and was removed most likely within an hour after about 9 views. An hour later the video returned. It's probable that some editing was done after the first posting, so I am still interested if anyone was able to capture the original version.

This is the "Instant Karma" of the Rotten Apple series. Apparently Iamaphoney still has the resources to do whatever he wants on a moment's notice. This must have been quickly filmed and edited, which is probably the reason for the on and off and on release.

And, yes, it looks like we have a third suitcase.

Friday, September 12, 2008


One of the many rumors linked to the Paul Is Dead conspiracy theory suggests that the original Paul McCartney was homosexual.

Paul wasn't the only Beatle to be the subject of this type of rumor. In "A Twist of Lennon," Cynthia Lennon describes John telling her when she was still in a hospital bed after delivering Julian that he was leaving to go on holiday to Spain with Brian Epstein. Many have speculated that the trip was a way for John to solidify his position of leadership of the Beatles. According to Lennon confidant Pete Shotten, author of "John Lennon In My Life,"John passively engaged in a mild sexual encounter with the band's manager on that trip. Rumors about John's affair with Brian were apparently the cause of a fist fight between Lennon and Cavern DJ Bob Wooler at Paul's 21st birthday party. Years later, John talked about his up close view of the gay scene as being a good educational experience.

In the book, "The Lives of John Lennon," Albert Goldman insinuated that John's experiences with homosexuality were much more than experimentation. Both Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono dismissed Goldman's accounts as fiction. This type of rumor doesn't die easily. Philip Norman's new book apparently suggests that John Lennon wanted to have a gay relationship with Paul McCartney. Norman is the one often seen in the Rotten Apple series saying that Paul "rewrites history." Yeah, okay.

The subject of homosexuality came up in the Beatles interview with Playboy Magazine in February of 1965. After eliciting the Beatles' views on God and Church, the interview took a sudden turn. The exchange seems shocking by today's standards.

PLAYBOY: "To bring up another topic that's shocking to some, how do you feel about the homosexual problem?"

GEORGE: "Oh yeah, well, we're all homosexuals, too."

RINGO: "Yeah, we're all queer."

PAUL: "But don't tell anyone."

PLAYBOY: "Seriously, is there more homosexuality in England than elsewhere?"

JOHN: "Are you saying there's more over here than in America?"

PLAYBOY: "We're just asking."

GEORGE: "It's just that they've got crewcuts in America. You can't spot 'em."

PAUL: "There's probably a million more queers in America than in England. England may have it's scandals... like Profumo and all... but at least they're heterosexual."

JOHN: "Still, we do have more than our share of queers, don't you think?"

PAUL: "It just seems that way because there's more printed about them over here."

RINGO: "If they find out somebody is a bit bent, the press will always splash it about."

The rumor about Paul surfaced in the mid 1960s when the "cute Beatle" was hanging out with Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and other members of the artsy community in and around the Indica Gallery.

By 1966, Paul was the only unmarried Beatle. He was supposedly living in the guest room of the Asher family house. His long time girlfriend Jane Asher had her own career and Paul was often seen with her brother Peter.

The high profile relationship between Paul and Jane could have been viewed as one of convenience to minimize the amount of scrutiny into their private affairs.

Speaking of affairs, Paul seemed to have a few that overlapped his time with Jane and with the woman he eventually married, Linda Eastman. Francie Schwartz has written books about her affair with Paul that peaked during the White Album period, and Maggie McGivern claims that her relationship with Paul started when he and Jane were supposedly still together and continued until two days before his marriage to Linda.

This is an early picture of Maggie with Paul and Peter Asher. At the time she was working for Marianne Faithful and John Dunbar, members of the Indica Gallery crowd.

This picture shows Maggie with that taller guy who some claim was not the original Paul McCartney.

McGivern's photographic evidence shows that her relationship with Paul spanned much of his time with Jane right up until he married Linda. Paul and Jane remained a public couple until sometime in 1968. To this day both Jane Asher and Paul McCartney refuse to discuss the nature of their relationship.

According to a web site dedicated to Beatle Girls, Maggie McGivern ran into Paul again in the mid 1970s when she was dating Denny Laine!

Back to Paul Is Dead mythology, one version of the story suggests that this rabid heterosexual did not emerge until the original Paul was replaced. So, the speculation is that the original Paul was gay, or at least bisexual. This theory may seem outlandish at first glance since many people perceived Paul McCartney as the most eligible bachelor of the 1960s. However, it is interesting that John Lennon, in his landmark interview with Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone (published in the book "Lennon Remembers") compared the sexual nature of the touring years of the Beatles to the movie "Fellini's Satryicon."

One thing I can tell you about Satryicon is that it contains quite a bit of sexual innuendo, but very little, if any, is heterosexual. The main character of the movie breaks up with his lover after the lover took a boy that they shared and sold him. Later in the movie the two original lovers are reunited but then one is killed. Could John have been suggesting that homosexual adventures were a staple of Beatles tours?

Some PID theorists believe that it was the replacement Paul who was homosexual, but that could be due to the replacement providing clues about the original Paul. For example, in 1968, when Paul produced the single "I'm the Urban Spaceman" for the Bonzo Doo Dah Dog Band, he used the pseudonym, Apollo C. Vermouth.

Apollo, a god of Greek Mythology loved a young mortal man named Hyacinth.

While the two were engaging in competitive games, the young Hyacinth was accidentally killed by a discus thrown by Apollo. As he lay dying, a beautiful red flower emerged from Hyacinth's blood. This could explain the presence of all of those beautiful red hyacinths on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Another Apollo, the alleged insider and "castle keep" who approached at least two Paul Is Dead discussion groups, claimed that the story of Apollo and Hyacinth was a central key to solving the McCartney mystery. Apollo's hints seemed to completely change the direction of PID theories for the select group of individuals who received them. "Paul is Dead" became "Paul Was Replaced" as Apollo interpreted clues in a new way with some tantalizing insights. What if Paul decided some time in 1966 that he didn't want to be famous anymore? There is precious little evidence to suggest that, other than the fact that he experienced the same adversity as the others on that world tour with threats in Japan, the Philippines and the United States. Some people also point to an interview that Paul did with David Frost when he joked about retirement, but that requires some creative interpretation of what appeared to be a couple quips.

All four Beatles might have been tempted to pack it in after feeling that their lives were in danger a few times during that 1966 tour. But, what if some other event upset Paul so much that he was not able to do the Beatle thing anymore, even with the assurance of no more touring? In my effort to try to produce a scenario consistent with Apollo's hints and the clues that we all know, I returned to the beginning, that is, the Sgt. Pepper album.

In addition to the red hyacinths, we have people on the cover, some dead, some living, and a significant amount who were either homosexual or portrayed characters who were homosexual. There are also references on the cover and in the music to a fatal car crash. But perhaps Paul was not the one who died in the car accident. What if the person who died in the car crash was someone whom Paul loved?

Although Paul eventually disputed the claim, several factors indicate that the man who "blew his mind out in a car" was Guinness heir, Tara Browne. This obit was borrowed from the Nothing Is Real discussion group.

We do know that Paul and Tara were friends, but not much is known about the relationship. Paul was with Tara the day he chipped his tooth in a moped accident. Like Paul, Tara Browne was a public figure and he was not known to be homosexual. He had a wife and children. We know the consequences that the Beatles would have faced in 1966 if a story had broken about Paul McCartney, despondent over the death of his male lover, was leaving the group. Also, what if like the story of Apollo and Hyacinth, Paul was somehow responsible for Tara's death?

According to news reports, Tara's girlfriend, model Suki Potier, was with him but survived the accident. Wikipedia describes it this way:

On 18 December 1966, Browne was driving with his girlfriend, model Suki Potier, in his Lotus Elan through South Kensington at high speed (some reports suggest in excess of 106 mph/170 km/h). It is not known whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He ignored or failed to see a traffic light and proceeded through the junction of Redcliffe Square and Redcliffe Gardens, colliding with a parked lorry and was killed instantly. Potier was not injured.

This account makes the lorry (bus) a culprit in the accident, which adds a new dimension to the line "Yellow lorry slow nowhere to go" in "You Never Give Me Your Money." (Note: The likelihood that Tara was driving drunk may also be evidenced by the line in Paul's song "Venus and Mars" that says, "Red lights, green lights, strawberry wine.")

There is another detailed account on a web site that features and in-depth study of the song "A Day in the Life." The site describes the accident this way:

Tara died in the early hours of the morning of 18 December 1966, while on his way to visit David Vaughan, who was painting a design on the front of Tara's Kings Road shop Dandy Fashions. He smashed his Lotus Elan into the back of a parked van while swerving to avoid a Volkswagen which had pulled out in his path in Redcliffe Gardens in Earls Court.

This one of course adds weight to that Volkswagen that keeps appearing everywhere including the Abbey Road cover (and damn if that isn't yellow too!).

I found this picture of Tara Browne (back seat, center) on a web site where he and a business partner are referred to as peacocks. Paul McCartney has an unreleased song called "Peacocks" and it may be a sexual slang term.

Is it possible that Paul was with Tara when he died? That would explain the curious line in "Don't Pass Me By" that says, "You were in a car crash and you lost your hair." I think it was someone at NIR who pointed out the possible play on words and translated "hair" to "heir." Was Paul spirited away from the crash scene to protect his reputation? (Yes, Paul was replaced all right, not by a Canadian bassist, but a young woman at the scene of a fatal accident!)

This of course is all wild speculation and it is very unfair to Mr. McCartney. This is not intended to be investigative journalism. Think of it as an attempt to interpret the drama that has been presented in the post 1966 work of the Beatles and the videos of Iamaphoney and various others who have followed in their footsteps.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Distant Relatives

UPDATE #3 new soul is not ok by ALEISTERCROWLEY is not the same as the video of the same name listed below.

Update #2: For some background on "godparticle" from the new video, see this story from Fox News. Note the literary motif being used. Back to the rabbit hole, we go.

Update: This one may be the real deal. New images of the Iamaphoney actor are featured in new soul is not ok by KUCINICH2008

Just a few links to some recent videos that help fill the gap between Iamaphoney offerings.

Paul is Dead - 31 - HELP! from grandfatheraleister

Paul is Dead - Sacrifice (s) from sonofwhom

I'm not sure what to make of this next one, but there seems to be a YouKnowMyName connection.
The Beatles announce the formation of Apple Corps. from GLRUK

If any more appear in the next day or two, I will add them to the list.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Heaven on a Sunday

I am very reluctant to even attempt to tackle this one, because it is a bit out of my league, but my hope is that if it stimulates some discussion it can help us all to get on the truth track.

The hard sciences have a soft spot. The great scientists, Newton, Da Vinci, Einstein, and those today who study mathematics, geometry, astronomy, physics, neuroscience, etc. are often amazed by the beauty of it all. There is an aesthetic component to the way that nature seems to add up. There are countless articles about Pi, the golden ratio, the 528 Hz frequency, and other baffling phenomena that cause us to stop in our tracks and ask, "What does it all mean?"

That is too big a question to explore on a Sunday afternoon, but Iamaphoney fans must know that these esoteric thoughts about how the universe seems to magically add up is alluded to again and again in the videos.

How many times has Iamaphoney told us that "A lie adds up" in his videos?

The theological question that emerges from these divine mathematics is "Is this evidence of the existence of God or is it man's attempt to elevate himself to the level of God?" This is the classic struggle between Lucifer and God that is played out in much of the literature throughout history. You can find allusions to it in the Bible, but not as much as you think. SirLarryMildew stated that "According to the Bible, Satan, before he was cast out of Heaven, was the Angel of Music. So this whole "Love" code thing could be a bad thing."

The notion that Satan was the "Angel of Music" is much easier to find in one of those pamphlets distributed by people who want you to burn your CDs than in the Bible itself. Being Sunday and all, I made the attempt, and it seems to require some creative Biblical interpretation to make this linkage between Satan (or Lucifer) and music. I think this interpretation is based on two passages, Ezekiel 28:11-19 and Isaiah 14:9-14. The first passage deals with the King of Tyre and the other deals with the King of Babylon, but it is safe to say that both are referring to Satan as the personification of evil. However, it is a significant stretch to suggest that either tags the devil as the "Angel of Music." In fact there are tons of examples of music as expression of praise to God throughout the Bible.

Having said all that, you don't have to be a rabid fundamentalist to consider that there is a sinister side to popular music. Historically, the Beatles have been considered the good boys with "All You Need Is Love" as compared with the Rolling Stones with "Sympathy For the Devil." But at the time, the Beatles were often lumped on the Devil's side of music, especially after John's "More popular than Jesus" statement and the release of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" the following year.

Whether the motive was to reach God or be God, the Beatles certainly seemed to be influenced by these esoteric mathematical concepts.

Ringo emerged from a pyramid for the concert segment of his 1978 television special.

George Harrison frequently used the Om (or Aum) symbol.

John and Yoko would choose their session men based on numerology and astrology.

In the case of Paul, the examples are not as obvious, but volumes have been written in discussion groups about his various linkages with the occult.

The forum that has developed in the comments section of this blog produced some speculation about Iamaphoney's "Love Code" being related to the alleged power of the 528 Hz frequency. Much of what has been written about this "Love Vibration" (a term used in the McCartney song "Peace In the Neighborhood") comes from Dr. Len Horowitz. This magical tone is part of a special music scale based on the tree of life that we have seen in several of the Rotten Apple videos.

The Solfeggio Scale and note names;
1. UT...396 Hz (Center Pillar of the Tree)
2. RE...417 Hz (Left Pillar of the Tree)
3. MI...528 Hz (Right Pillar of the Tree)
4. FA...639 Hz (Center Pillar of the Tree)
5. SOL..741 Hz (Left Pillar of the Tree)
6. LA...852 Hz (Right Pillar of the Tree)

There has been quite a bit of speculation about this tree as well.

The 528.com web site explains the premise of the Love frequency theory, which will be the basis of a major concert event occurring at multiple venues on June 19-21, 2009. Yoko Ono appears to be involved. Some people are not at all enamored with Dr. Horowitz and his theories, but maybe they are just anti-dentites.

This is only one of several possible destinations to which Iamaphoney and/or Paul McCartney may be heading. Strange as it may seem, the John Lennon beam of light in Iceland, Ringo's Peace and Love day, and Paul's one off concerts in turbulent places of the world could be interpreted as end times events and messianic movements. Time will tell if it all adds up.