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Sgt. Pepper Myth or Reality

It's a common expression here in the United States. When an artist or band releases a groundbreaking album or when one looks back at someone's greatest artistic achievement, you hear the phrase, "That's their Sgt. Pepper." It is not unusual to read an article that touts the historical significance of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album and you often find it at the top of various polls in magazines, newspapers, web sites and radio stations. It has probably received more praise than any other Beatles album yet not as many Beatles fans as you would expect rate it as their best work.

The Beatles themselves showed a similar ambivalence toward Pepper. There were positive things said about it during the Anthology, but there have also been a few disparaging remarks over the years. John said, apart from "A Day in the Life," he couldn't remember much about Pepper. Ringo said that he learned to play chess during the making of Sgt. Pepper, which was not meant as a glowing endorsement. George indicated that he wasn't that fond of Pepper and Paul confessed that he didn't really remember George turning up for the sessions. In the Beatles Anthology book George said, "In a way it felt like going backwards. Everybody else thought that Sgt. Pepper was a revolutionary record--but for me it was not as enjoyable as 'Rubber Soul' or 'Revolver,' purely because I had gone through so many trips of my own and I was growing out of that kind of thing."

On the other hand, Paul felt strongly enough about the merits of Pepper to speak about it at length (over 50 pages) in "Many Years From Now." Producer George Martin has made a second career out of talking about Pepper. There is no question that he adored the album and it is a joy to watch him at the console isolating tracks and saying things like "Beethoven wouldn't have minded coming up with a melody like this" while playing the introduction to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

Some say that Pepper hasn't aged well with its flower power focus, but that may just be revisionist thinking based upon the tragedy of the Beatles music still not being remixed and remastered. Listen to the songs from Pepper that were included in the "Yellow Submarine Songtrack" or "Love" and they don't sound dated at all.

Although there is no consensus as to whether Sgt. Pepper was the Beatles crowning achievement, everyone seems to draw a line between Revolver and Pepper, and PID mythology is no exception.

There was a clear change that happened to the Beatles with the release of Sgt. Pepper. The change in the physical appearance of the Beatles was played up on Dick Clark's American Bandstand.

It was with this album that the beloved four moptops became distinct individuals. But even though John seemed to initially be the one who changed the most radically in appearance, Pepper marked the beginning of Paul being set apart from the others, a trend that would continue for the rest of the Beatles career. These images have been pointed out so often, it is possible to miss how strange they seemed to first generation fans.

It was Paul who was in the knees up sitting position in the inner gatefold.

Paul had the black carnation in Magical Mystery Tour.

The Beatles (White Album) came with photographs of each of the four, but only Paul's was an extreme close up.

Paul, of course was barefoot on the cover of "Abbey Road."

And Paul was the only one with a red background on "Let It Be."

There are many other examples, each of which by itself would seem insignificant. But the fact is that this singling out of Paul all started with Sgt. Pepper.

The common perception is that Paul took over the leadership of the Beatles from Sgt. Pepper onward, but there are some problems with that theory. John might have been going through some personal issues at the time, but most people seem to agree that John's songs on the White Album in particular were at least as good if not superior to Paul's songs. There was even a convincing article in Beatlefan #166 last year by Rip Rense praising the often overlooked John songs on Sgt. Pepper. You can find the article on Rense's web site.

In fact, when viewed historically, many of John's disparaging remarks about Sgt. Pepper don't seem genuine. As the well respected discussion group star, Apollo C. Vermouth pointed out, it was John in Magical Mystery Tour who wore a hat with a HEART on it in a scene that took place in a CLUB where he was watching a BAND. Was that a coincidence or a subtle tribute to an L.P. that he would later dismiss?

A few years later on the Imagine album, John wrote "How Do You Sleep," a vicious attack against Paul, right? That is true for most of the song, but let's revisit the first verse:

So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise
You better see right through that mother's eyes
Those freaks was right when they said you was dead
The one mistake you made was in your head
Ah, how do you sleep?
Ah, how do you sleep at night?

Is he really talking to Paul there? If Pepper was Paul's idea, how did it take Paul by surprise? Some would say John is talking about the reaction to Pepper, but that runs counter to things that Paul has said about the album. In hindsight, he seemed pretty confident with the "If you think we've dried up, you just wait until you hear this" attitude he said he had during the sessions. And if John is talking to Paul, then who is the third person referred to in the line about "see right through that mother's eyes"? John later suggested in hindsight that while the song seemed to be an attack on Paul, it was more of an attack on himself, but that still doesn't explain the meaning of that first verse.

There is something mythological about Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The answer to the Beatles mystery lies in there somewhere. Don't you think?

In other news: MikeyNL1038 is at it again with paul is dead - nothing is real 232.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jason Starkey is No Phoney

There has been some talk in the comments section about the identity of the person I call "the actor" in the Iamaphoney videos. This person started appearing in Rotten Apple videos around #39. We often refer to him as Iamaphoney, but there is no way to know if the person we see on camera leaving "Love Code" signs around the world and suitcases in California is the same person who writes and records the songs and edits the videos.

Just to recap for those who tuned in late...As Iamaphoney's personality began to emerge last year, there was a bogus biography on Wiki for one Ian Martin Jr. The entry stated that he was born in November of 1966 (of course) in Sao Paulo, Brasil [Brazil] and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. The entry identified him as one of the founders of the Danish band Pupul (aka Pupil CPH or Pupil Copenhagen). He also supposedly worked in television. Wiki also clearly identified Ian Martin as the person behind the Rotten Apple series on YouTube.

I don't know if the Wiki article was something done by him or something done to him, but it no longer exists. The Danish band Pupul or Pupil Copenhagen had some YouTube videos on Iamaphoney's favorites list until I pointed that out in a post on Nothing is Real. Since then, I have not been able to find a trace of the band on YouTube.

It has been suggested that the name Ian Martin is a hybrid of Ian Walsh and Martin Lind, two Danish musicians from the band Boghandle, who supposedly reunited to create the Rotten Apple Series. Martin Lind is known as Formermedia and has several videos on YouTube, including one called "Who is Former?" that shows a person who may or may not be the actor in the Rotten Apple videos.

These two shots are from "Who Is Former?"

The picture below is supposedly Martin Lind. And if you click on this video you will see all kinds of comments from people who frequent this blog.

Someone else who frequented this blog claimed to be an acquaintance of Martin Lind and insisted that there is no way that he has anything to do with the Rotten Apple Series. One thing is for sure: Formermedia/Martin Lind is not the actor in Iamaphoney's videos.

Someone suggested that the actor resembles Zac Starkey, the very successful drummer and son of Ringo Starr. I believe that is impossible, but someone else suggested Jason Starkey, the not very successful drummer and son of Ringo Starr who resembles Zac Starkey and may even resemble the actor in the Rotten Apple videos.

This is a picture of a young Jason Starkey with a young Julian Lennon.

Jason has had some musical success including a stint with a working band called Buddy Curtis and the Grasshoppers in the mid 1980s.

But Jason has also had a few run-ins with the law for drug possession and theft. Psychobabblers like myself might wonder if sibling rivalry and career frustration could make a man do something crazy for attention. Still, there is no way Jason Starkey could be the actor in the Rotten Apple videos. Can you imagine how mortified Ringo would be if it were true?

This is a picture of the actor from the Rotten Apple series.

Compare that with the picture of Jason Starkey below:

That's Jason standing between Stella McCartney and Dhani Harrison. He's right under the smiley face killer emblem. Uh oh!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Video - noos 92

At least three Iamaphoney alias accounts have posted this new video.

noos 92
may refer to September 2, 2008, which is soon. It will be interesting to see if that ends up being the date of Paul McCartney's first ever concert in Israel. The video description says "suitcase missing," which may mean that some movement is finally occurring in the suitcase saga. However, the description of the same video on the SONOFTHEMAGICKIAN account said "Suitcase still on location," but that has now changed to "suitcase missing" as well. The description of the same video on apaulcorps was "B.P." The mysterious object with the AJA (or AIA) monogram appears to be a book cover.

This is an enhanced reversal of one of the frames, which shows a Santa Monica, CA address for Ringo Starr. Nothing Is Real discussed the fact that the address linked to an Iamaphoney domain is for a different suite (666, believe it or not!) in the same location. (IP's also resolve to an ISP in Denmark)
owner: Iama Phoney
address: 1541 Ocean Avenue suite 666
city: Santa Monica CA
Google that address and look who else has an office in that building:
Starr Ringo 1541 Ocean Avenue Suite 200 Santa Monica, CA 90401

Joining the new video party is YouKnowMyName231 with Mirror Image (sneak preview)

It has been a great day for thought provoking videos.

UPDATE: Can't leave out Paul is Dead - 30 - We All Shine On #2 from grandfatheraleister. This is another excellent video.

Excellent New Video from MikeyNL1038

paul is dead - nothing is real 222 from MikeNL1038 has plenty for Iamaphoney fans and foes alike. It contains some excellent detective work along with Beatles clues and even yet another ambiguous statement from Mr. McCartney himself.

Highlights include a shot of Iamaphoney's cameraman.

"And it's a long road from here to 2012."

Another interesting new video on YouTube is Paul is Dead - 2 - We All Shine On from iamawitch.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Wave of Videos

Thanks to all who sent the links. In addition to inspiring new interest in the Paul McCartney mystery, Iamaphoney has also influenced the trend of multiple YouTube accounts under various identities. There are either fewer than three or more than fifty people out there making PID videos. It is unlikely that any of these are from Iamaphoney. Warning: A couple of the videos listed below may be harmful to your IQ.

Paul is Dead - 5 - One (Ringo's Magic Circle) from CryHepZero

922008 is coming down fast from KUClNlCH2008

brown eyed man from MemoryAImostFull2007

Fireman from sonofwhom

11 - John's Card to Brian Epstein from footnotebot

Suitcase Fingerprints
from P1D Game (Note that the second character in the user name is the #1 instead of the letter I)

Paul Is Dead - badboyrae001 from badboyrae001

from starkyringo909

JOHN LENNON ALIVE? from ralphlundun

Paul Is Dead Clues from monkeesbeatlesfan

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


In the late 1960s and early 1970s it was common to include brief quotes in the cover art of LPs. These words of wisdom often came from the artist (frequently under a pseudonym) or from a well known associate. Usually the quote could be found in an inconspicuous place somewhere on the back cover or inner sleeve, but it could also be prominently displayed. Several little gems of wisdom were evident on solo projects of the Beatles.

The earliest one I can remember was plastered right on the front cover of the John & Yoko album "Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins." The quote surprisingly came from Paul McCartney. I have always wondered about that quote.

"When two great Saints meet, it is a humbling experience. The long battles to prove he was a Saint."

Was this a lackluster attempt at liner notes? What are these two sentences supposed to mean? The second line isn't even a complete sentence. Why would Paul refer to John and Yoko as saints in 1968?

The following "Unfinished Music" project from John and Yoko, called "Life With The Lions," contained a short, honest and to the point quote from Beatles producer, George Martin on the back cover: "No Comment." This was another interesting choice for the Lennons, since George Martin considered these experimental projects self-indulgent and boring.

The only other album that appeared on the special Zapple label after "Life With the Lions" was "Electronic Sound" by George Harrison. The inner sleeve contained a quote from one Arthur Wax.

Although I don't believe that Mr. Wax ever existed, I think his quote was appropriate.

John Lennon's album "Mind Games" included a few quotes on the inner sleeve. The longest one was the Declaration of Nutopia signed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. But the inner sleeve also contained what may be the first appearance of the Lennon pseudonym Dr. Winston O' Boogie, who was quoted as saying, "Madness is the first sign of dandruff." Truer words have rarely been written and this does explain why confused people tend to scratch their heads. The other quote was a line from Yoko that must have served as the inspiration for one of John's songs: "Only people can change the world."

Lennon's next album, "Walls and Bridges" contained two signed quotes on one of the pages in the enclosed booklet. Suffering from constant harassment from the United States Immigration and Naturalization Department, John put the following:

"Possession is nine-tenths of the problem."
--Dr. Winston O' Boogie

The other quote, signed with only initials has been a source of speculation for years. May Pang still maintains that is was a true statement:

On the 23rd Aug. 1974 at 9 o'clock I saw a U.F.O.

Dr. Winston O' Boogie struck again in a profound way on the John Lennon Best of collection "Shaved Fish," issued in 1975. You don't need to be a PID person to give this statement a ton of weight, but it helps.

"A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words."-- Dr. Winston O'Boogie

Perhaps to spoof the trend, Ringo Starr put a most unusual quote on the back of his Best of album "Blast From Your Past," issued the same year.

"You don't have to be first, but make sure you're not last"
--A local Gynecologist

I have to say that my favorite album quote was yet another from Dr. Winston O' Boogie, this time on the Lennon produced Harry Nilsson album "Pussycats."

"Everything is the opposite of what it is."
--Dr. Winston O' Boogie, M.D. (Manic Depressive)

This statement is a tribute to the mental gymnastics of the conspiratorial mind. I am lumping myself into the category that I am describing. As individuals, conspiracy theorists tend to be intelligent, creative people. But when viewed as a collective, all kinds of crazy things can be attributed to conspiracy buffs. No one is immune to guilt by association. Just as the skeptics have the problem of being on the side of the closed minded, conspiracy people have many unstable people in their ranks. And when viewed from the outside, we can be seen as people who believe the contrary of every known fact in the world. As a result, the conspiracy world is stuck with some blatant contradictions.

Critics can sit back and ridicule the apparent incongruity of the conspiracy theorists who don't believe that men walked on the moon in 1969 (They believe it was filmed by Stanley Kubrick in a studio) but maintain that men can travel through time via star gates and wormholes. Skeptics can scoff at those who believe that every attack from Pearl Harbor to 9/11 was an inside job, unless they find one that really does turn out to be an inside job, in which case it must have been a real attack that had to be covered up by security agencies for political reasons. In the world of Beatles, some believe that Paul McCartney, who continues to make music nearly forty years after the breakup, actually died four years before the breakup but, John Lennon, who died in 1980 is actually still alive. And now that some rational people have suggested that Paul did die in 1966, we have a whole new crop of conspiracy theorists who say that Paul is alive, but was replaced in 1966 for other reasons. The theories get weirder and weirder with large scale replacements, aliens, shape-shifters, doppelgangers, monarch slaves, and the like. While these may be no worse than any other conspiracy theories, once you put them all together, you become an easy target.

So, to all of my fellow conspiracy theorists....You may be sane, you may be smart, and some day you may even be proven right. But for now, get used to the fact that you are stuck with some non-reality based bedfellows.

Just beneath the quote: "Everything is the opposite of what it is," we have another gem from Harry Nilsson's Pussycats album:

"But somehow it isn't only not just the words, isn't it?"
--Professor Schmilsson M.E. (Me)

Goodnight Harry. Rest in peace...if you really are dead.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things You Might Have Missed

UPDATE:Two Related Videos
obladi oblada ... una pequeña sorpresa from mastropierojs
Something wicked this way comes #1 - The Roman Polanski Coven from iamawitch (Thanks F)

Enjoy several songs from Paul McCartney's Quebec Concert courtesy of keeperof7key
A Day In The Life (Nearly got all the words right too)
Hey Jude
Let It Be
Flaming Pie
Eleanor Rigby
I'll Follow The Sun
Calico Skies
Dance Tonight
The Long And Winding Road
Fine Line
Let Em In
My Love
C Moon
Foxy Interlude
Let Me Roll It
Live and Let Die
Got To Get You Into My Life

PID enthusiast Fritz von Runte aka PeteZarustica has released "The Beatles Hell." This collection of remixes is available for free at His previous effort, "The Beatles Hate" is also available. He has even joined the Nothing Is Real community under the name thebeatleshell.

F has informed me about a new video maker named starkeyringo909 asking the question, "Is Paul Dead?"

Is Paul Dead
Is Paul Dead 2
Is Paul Dead 3

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Macca at Shea!

Follow the links for coverage of Paul McCartney joining Billy Joel at the last concert ever in Shea Stadium.

Abbeyrd Beatles News

This picture comes from

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Beau?

UPDATE #2: Jude has supplied a link to a video called 2nd Briefcase (Iamaphoney) from pen9cene.

UPDATE #1: Hmm, looks like that video of "The Beau" and the account from which it came have packed up and left town. Oh well, the still picture below is 99% of the video portion. At 1:00 there was a picture of a pyramid. At 2:00 there was a picture of a mummy. At 3:00 there was a decomposing head that could have been anything. The rest was the still picture.

Here is a nice link for you to enjoy - Paul McCartney rehearsing for his Quebec Concert.


The Beau. This new video comes from PaulMcCartneyIsDead. I want me mummy. The subliminal at the 3-minute mark is a little disturbing. Is this a solo effort from a piece of Iamaphoney? Is this all that is left of the Iamaphoney organization? Is it the beginning of a new phase? Time will tell.

Thanks to the anonymous comment person for the link to The Beau

We also have a way cool fan video from Maccaspan in anticipation of Fireman III

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beatles and Boxers

Inspired by a post by P(D)enny La(i)ne of Nothing Is Real...

On February 16, 1964, the Beatles made their second historical appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The broadcast from Miami Beach, Florida featured two boxers in the audience, Sonny Liston and Joe Lewis (a menu from "Beatles On Ed Sullivan" DVD is pictured below). This marked the beginning of a long running connection between the Beatles and Boxers. While the earlier connections were obviously tied to promotional gimmicks, the later ones often seemed to be tied to the concept of "taking a dive" or losing a fight on purpose and deceiving the public in order to make more money for organized crime.

Sonny Liston intersected with the Beatles again three years later on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Like many people on that album cover, Liston's life was a tragic one full of run-ins with the law, ties to organized crime, and allegations of boxing fraud (after his second loss to Muhammed Ali, fellow fighter George Chuvalo was quoted as saying, "It was a phoney.") Several other prominent boxers agreed that Liston took a dive for the mob. Liston went on to do a bit of acting, including a small part in the Monkees movie "Head" where Davy Jones was supposed to take a dive for the mob. Liston died of suspicious causes sometime between December 30, 1970 and January 5, 1971. The official cause was heroin overdose, but his aversion to needles and the lack of related paraphernalia at the scene caused many to question the accuracy of the police findings.

The Beatles also met Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) during their first U.S. visit. They participated in a mutually beneficial photo op at the boxer's training camp on February 18, 1964. The Beatles apparently overruled Brian Epstein by their participation in this event. Ali was one of the guests when John and Yoko co-hosted the Mike Douglas show.

There is a boxing monster who gets an exploding cigar in "Yellow Submarine."

Another boxer, Sugar Ray Robinson made a cameo appearance in the movie "Candy," co-written by Terry Southern and starring Ringo Starr.

Ringo's next solo feature film, "The Magic Christian," featured a boxing scene that brought a whole new meaning to the expression taking a dive. The scene in the movie goes by quickly and strangely, but Terry Southern's novel commits several paragraphs to describing the boxing champ as a national hero who, like everyone else, had his price. Two million dollars was enough to convince the champ to throw the fight in "a gay or effeminate manner." Even his challenger, the rough tough Tex Powell was paid to win the fight in the "most flamboyantly homosexual manner possible."

Paul McCartney recruited yet another boxer, John Conteh, for the cover of "Band on the Run." In 1974, Paul honored Conteh by appearing on an episode of "This Is Your Life" dedicated to the boxer.

Paul's song "Average Person" from "Pipes of Peace" not only features a verse about a fireman who likes to keep his engine clean, but also a verse dedicated to a boxer.

Well I Bumped Into A Man Who'd Been A Boxer
Asked Him What Had Been His Greatest Night
He Looked Into The Corners Of His Memory
Searching For A Picture Of The Fight
But He Said He Always Had A Feeling
That He Lacked A Little Extra Height
(Could Have Used A Little Extra Height)
Yes Mate, You Heard Right
He Always Had A Feeling That He Might Have Lacked A Little Height

Ironically Paul himself was accused of gaining a little extra height in late 1966.

Finally "Magical Mystery Tour" had its premier on Boxing Day. The holiday where gifts are given to the less fortunate was also mentioned in the movie "Give My Regards To Broad Street." I realize that Boxing Day has nothing to do with the sport of Boxing. Celebrated in several countries, the holiday seems to be tied to providing workers and the lower class with bonus gifts after Christmas. While the charitable tradition seems to benefit those with fewer financial resources, some claim that it is also ploy to maintain the distinction between the economic classes. When I was in school studying cultural traditions I was told that Boxing Day was the holiday when the classes would reverse roles: the poor would receive gifts of the rich, workers would be the bosses of their employers, and a Canadian policeman would become the leader of the world's greatest band.

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Checking on the Forums

The Paul Is Dead/Paul Is Alive Forum has an interview with John Shaw, the photographer responsible for the front cover of the "Back To the Egg" album. Although the forum is in Spanish, they were kind enough to provide an English translation of the interview questions and answers.

The Nothing Is Real Forum has released the Rotten Apple discussion from jail, thanks to the peacemaking skills of JoJo. The compromise is that although Rotten Apple is in the room, it is still in the corner. But at least discussion can take place again without the obstacle of having to type the word "rotten" just to get in. Am I the only one who found that psychologically damaging? Anyway, Rotten Apple fans will still have to live with the fact that some people at the forum don't see any relevancy in Iamaphoney or his videos. It is still a terrific forum and a thread that was ignited by the change has inspired a post that I am working on for later this week.

The King Is Naked Forum had an interesting thread about Shirley Temple with some excellent pictures.

The fledgling Rotten Apple Forum is a good place to find out useful things like a list of Iamaphoney aliases and it has even gotten a few exclusive items directly from Iamaphoney.

The Paul Is Dead Miss Him Miss Him Miss Him forum seems to be the place to find an excellent collection of photo comparisons.

A new member of the Paul Is Dead Forum suggested that the real Paul McCartney switched roles with a member of the band Marmalade after the Beatles final tour. He suggested that the left-handed guitar player below will spook you.

I was checking out the PID Hoax section of Macca Funhouse and found a link to this blog in there. It didn't generate much conversation, but I want to give a big welcome to any Funhouse people who visit. This blog is a continuing investigation of the mysterious side of Paul McCartney as presented in the Rotten Apple Series of videos by Iamaphoney on YouTube. Please feel free to share your expertise on all things McCartney even if you disagree with information presented here.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Iamaphoney Speaks Again

Three more documents.

Another fragment of a typed document.

It was so unreal and tha
Nothing is real, he said
stand it until ? ? showe
. John is a genius a rea
ckwards. What a way to te
isention, a new way of ar

[I am not sure of the accuracy of the first words in the last two lines, but I think it is significant that we have both the phrase "Nothing is real" and part of the word "backwards" in the same area.]

The second item seems to be a sheet of memory cues for the song "Another Day." It is not a full lyric sheet, but musicians will often use a sheet with cues for each verse and/or the general song structure to help them remember the lyrics.

The last item seems to be a more detailed description of an early version of the Magical Mystery Tour story outline.

Magical Mystery Tour
T.V. Show

commercial....magical mystery tour,
opening..rollup..ideal customer..narrators voice over...end commercial.
Dissolve into customer and fat wife walking on street on
morning of tour. Narrator thickens plot, as couple approach queue for coach.
Staff of M.M.Tours give their famous service with a smile, and usher tourists
aboard brightly coloured bus.
Camera moves slowly from back of coach, and sound mixes to couriers ?????..
Tour boss explains what will happen, (engine starts) and bus moves off.
"On the left you will see the river, which for years has been the traditional
home of some of Britain's most famous....etc...etc..."
The Magical Mystery Tour draws your attention to the right hand window, and
the traditional surprise......????...
FIRST TRIP. In which camera pulls back to see mirrored dance floor with
swaying hoard of busmen, waiters, hostesses etc..who move in time to a
haunting melody (slow smooth steps, developing into running on the spot)

(Extra dancers are children from dancing clan, and formation ????? making
guest appearances.) ?????y and sparkle galore.
Songs ends suddenly cutting to shot of bus pulling offroad and stopping by
impressive building. People pile out...staff out first smartly guiding their
passengers into entrance of...
Second TRIP...
Exotic tropical paradise where M.MTOUR waiters serve mangoes,
yam yams, papayas, covered with orchids and many coloured fruits of the orient.
On stage is a magician who does amazing tricks to the sound of a steel band.
Conversation goes on between the campers, as they pull crackers, open bottles,
and watch the cabaret. A voice comes over the loudspeaker. The tour boss with
an announcement..
"Gentles, your attentions if you please. The coach will leave shortly
for the next stage of your MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR...
Passengers pile out of the front entrance, and climb aboard the bus, which has
a new interior (which sparkles more than the previous one)
As the coach drives away the shot cuts to the interior where the assistant
tour boss has taken over the mike leaving his boss to relax with his magic
pipe. Smoke billows out of the pipe, and through it, the next scene appears.
"Onward to scenes of natural splendour, the Arctic wastes...(The film is an
ariel view of icebergs, expanses of snow, mixing, with commentary, to incredible
shots from the air. Cutting occasionally to the passengers who now appear to be
in an aeroplane. (a collage of beautiful scenes from above)
Instrumental music of great beauty accompanies pictures.
(NORTHERN SONGS, of course.)


Christmas in Iamaphoneyland

Yes, I have received more files and I intend to share them with you. Just to recap...

On July 3, I published a picture of a document that I received from someone. I do not know the identity of the individual and I was asked to not even reveal the account name. The document appeared to be a handwritten note addressed to someone named Alistair on the stationery of Apple employee Geoffrey Ellis.

The following day I received another document from the same individual. It contained a wheel with spokes similar to what Neil Aspinall and others described as Paul's outline for the film Magical Mystery Tour with additional related annotations. There are at least three versions of this wheel: One in the book "Many Years from Now" by Paul McCartney and Barry Miles; one in Rotten Apple 68; and the one sent to me. I can only authenticate the first one, but some readers have said that the handwriting on the one sent to me appears to match Paul's.

Two days later I published a third document from the same individual. This appeared to be a recording studio sheet of some kind indicating the best mix of "Let It Be." The date that was given to me with the document corresponded to the date that the mix for the single was selected (January 8, 1970) according to Mark Lewisohn's book, "The Complete Beatles Chronicle."

The next day I received two more documents and published them. One was a typewritten page with some scored out handwritten annotations and the other was strange drawing that seemed to be a map of some kind containing the words "suitcases" and "phoney." Again some readers suggested that the handwriting and various doodling appeared to have a striking similarity to things that they have seen written by Paul McCartney.

Now, one of the most common complaints about the whole Iamaphoney experience is that instead of getting the answers that he promised (often referred to as the "revelation") we are getting a second layer of clues, one generation removed from the alleged clues left by the Beatles themselves. Those complaints became magnified by the time suitcase #1 appeared. Many at that point observed what appeared to be a series of dreadful miscalculations from the Iamaphoney camp.

However, if these documents, and the ones that I received this weekend turn out to be legitimate, then we have a whole new ball game.

MikeyNL1038 received some documents as well and put them in his video paul is dead - nothing is real 151.

Mike's video contained a shot of a portion of an item that matches one of the pictures I received.

Mike confirmed that the file name of that particular picture was the same as mine. Based on that (and who knows what else) Mike came to the conclusion "then we know it's from the same person... even though it's a different account name." I disagree with that conclusion. The file could have originated from one place, but other people could have had access to it without changing its name. I am also mystified about how Mike determined that they came from different account names since I did not share my source with him and he did not share his source with me. Hopefully, he will clarify that at some point.

I have "put it 'round" that in my position of being the chronicler of all things Iamaphoney, I am willing to be played a little bit. So this weekend I received some more photos. But this time I believe the source was Iamaphoney. I believe that the images Mike received are from Iamaphoney too. However, I also believe, based on communications with those involved, that the images I received last week are from a DIFFERENT source.

I believe this because:
1) I have suspected ever since April 10 that there has been a breaking of ranks in the Iamaphoney organization. How else can you explain the "Nine Questions Interview" fiasco, the plane delayed in the West Indies excuse, and the subsequent Suitcase miscalculation?

2) Iamaphoney seemed genuinely concerned about the apparent betrayal of MikeNL. I think that's why he gave him some genuine masters for the Iamaphoney bootleg, along with the pictures he sent to him this week.

3) The communications I received from both individuals who supplied pictures seemed to indicate a rift of some kind resulting in contrary motives.

4) There is always a possibility that I'm am being played to the point that this supposed rift is part of some manipulation, but I doubt it.

Iamaphoney's Response

So, I received four pictures that I believe came directly from Iamaphoney.

Picture #1

These bracelets appeared in Mike's video.

Picture #2

This one appeared to be in Mike's video, but you'll notice that the full photo has a date (1970) on it.

Picture #3

This frustrating portion of type did not appear in Mike's video, so it may be exclusive.

Picture #4

This is the most unusual item in the group. Does anyone have any idea what it is?

I cannot authenticate these pictures as genuine Beatles artifacts, but I cannot reject them either. They definitely at least meet my second layer criteria, that is, I believe they are genuine Iamaphoney items. If there is any doubt about that, I can show you proof of the photo album from which they came.

One more twist...

The other individual, who appears to have broken ranks with Iamaphoney, sent me something this weekend as well. The person who sent me this probably believes that Iamaphoney doesn't want you to see this, however I don't think that this hurts the credibility of the one to whom this blog is dedicated. So here it is.

This individual also sent me a color version of the same document that is unfortunately cropped at the top.

So, that is everything I have at the moment. I assume that both individuals sent them to me because they knew that I would put them all out there for analysis without being cryptic about it. They may be authentic documents. They may be forgeries that are part of some manipulative game. They may even be authentic documents that have been tampered with to fool us. At the very least, they are now in the light.