Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Evening, New York City

Do you recognize that face? Yes, it's the cover shot of the new Paul McCartney release "Good Evening New York City."

Now, don't you just love when Iamaphoney does this?

Official PAULMCCARTNEY ad for the new album, Good Evening, New York City.

UN-Official PauIMcCartney ad for the new album, Good Evening, New York City.

Some other Iamaphoney-inspired epics have hit YouTube this week:

by brainvisionfilms

Iamaphoney Secrets #3 - The Rotten Apple Series Part 2 of 81 by iamafunny

#9 #9 #9 by LikeMoreWizards

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Report From The Rabbit Hole

Iamaphoney seems to know. Apollo seemed to know. Jarv knows. Even the Nutters seem to know. Lewis Carroll may hold the key to the Beatles Mystery.

Paul McCartney told Miles in "Many Years From Now," when talking about the "I Am The Walrus" sequence and some others from Magical Mystery Tour, "It was all directly from Alice in Wonderland." John said the same thing in his 1980 Playboy interview. This Alice connection can be said of many things from the Beatles career and up to this very day of their solo careers--if they can really be considered solo.

From the perspective here in the rabbit hole, the Beatles never broke up. In fact everything is different here in the rabbit hole. From the top side perspective, there are many things that don't seem to have any meaning or significance. From the rabbit hole, everything means something and even nothing can mean anything. So, when you are down here, if you look directly at something, the damn thing disappears and if you walk towards it, the damn thing seems to get farther away. So it's like trying to see Pleiades, you see it more clearly when you don't look directly at it. Do you think it is by accident that Paul lived with a family named Asher? I guess the topsiders would consider that a random thing.

Back to the book "Many Years From Now," Paul tells us about Jane Asher. "At the age of twelve, Jane made her stage debut as Alice in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland at the Oxford Playhouse. Her 1958 recording of Alice in Wonderland is still selling well on tape cassette."

Topsiders also think nothing of the fact that Brian Epstein's mother's name was Queenie. The Queen in Alice says, "better, and better, and better!" and as Lewis Carroll described it, "Her voice went higher with each `better', till it got quite to a squeak at last." You do know that the Beatles have two songs where they repeat the word "better" with their voices getting higher each time. Better. Better. It's Getting Better all the time.

So, anyway, here in the rabbit hole, the queen is talking to Alice and once again says "better, better, better" and becomes a damn sheep, wrapped in wool. So you watch the 1979 Tomorrow Show interview and see Paul McCartney talking about shearing sheep to make wool.

And what is the sheep, who used to be a queen, doing the whole freaking time she is talking to Alice? She's knitting. That's right she's knitting.

Just read the damn book. It's all there.

So, I want to tell you topsiders that when you watch the video promo for "Instant Karma" and you see John and Yoko with there recently sheered hair, and Yoko is sitting there knitting with a freaking blindfold on, that means something, my friends. And if you don't believe me, come down here in the rabbit hole with me and you might see who is pulling the wool over your eyes.

Reporting from the rabbit hole...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Extra. Extra.

Hello friends,

I am currently working on a new post, but I feel that I must respond to a new video by iamafunny. The video, entitled Iamaphoney Secrets #2 - The Rotten Apple Series, contains some information that has not been revealed publicly. Some of my readers are privy to this information, so there is no point in me denying it. I will keep a lid of things when someone asks me to, but I never intentionally try to mislead.

The Revelation has not arrived yet, but I must admit that at least one cat has left the bag.

I just want to be clear that I am in no way responsible for the delay in Iamaphoney providing his promised Revelation. I was told recently however that Iamaphoney is not the one behind the delay either. I do not know who is controlling the timing of the Revelation, but I know it isn't me and in a recent correspondence, Iamaphoney implied that it wasn't him either.

I realize how confusing this is, so I will quote Iamaphoney's remark regarding the apparent delay. This quote comes directly from Iamaphoney:

Sometimes I wish we take a shortcut, jump into a wormhole, and get this over with, really. Sometimes I wish some very close friends of mine could have stayed on this earth a little longer than they did. Once in a while I wish that communication could be just a bit more open and clear and Now and Then I wish this was only a harmless game.

For those who suspected all along that this tortoise pace was leading us all to Las Vegas in 2012, all I can tell you is, at this point, your guess is as good as mine.

Monday, October 12, 2009



Has Iamaphoney been leaving the garage door open? There has been much speculation about the exclusive Iamaphoney footage that appeared in videos related to a group of individuals who call themselves The Nutters. Iamaphoney calls them "clever young lads and in the better league of the socalled phoneyphoneys." Really, he did call them that.

Well, some audio that seems rather Iamaphonyish has appeared on YouTube, including a cover of "Yesterday" of all things.

Check out yesterday RIP by whaIedreamers

There is also a rather extended version of "Like More Wizards" in 7 12|10|09 by LikeMoreWizards

We have some Nutters in A BIRD IN THE BUSH - 6: Inside the Nutters by aGameOfFlVES

Finally, there is a bizarre tribute to Iamaphoney and/or Rotten Apple 59 P in iamaphoney by GnikNusEht.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Freaking With Russ Gibb

One month after Rotten Apple #77 alluded to the birth of the Paul Is Dead rumor in Detroit, Michigan, an article called "Paul Is Dead" rumor fascinates, 40 years after it took off locally" has been published on

The author, Will Stewart, interviewed former WKNR in Detroit Disc Jockey Russ Gibb, who was featured in RA #77 saying, "There is one piece of information that somebody gave me in London about this whole story that, I'm not sure that it's key, but it certainly is important." Gibb said this in the film "Who Buried Paul McCartney?"

Gibb disappointed me in the article by using the word "flipped" instead of "freaked" but nevertheless his first experience in hearing "Revelation 9" backwards had a lasting impression on him.

Like many people, Gibb suspects the Beatles were in fact the cause of the Paul Is Dead rumors in the first place by intentionally putting clues in their songs.

The article did however contain one surprise. Gibb claimed that Paul McCartney himself sent word that he wanted to meet with him several years ago during a tour stop in Detroit. Amazingly, Gibb declined the invitation.

Happy belated birthday to John Lennon. October 9 passed by rather quietly this year, but I suspect there are revelations just beyond the horizon.

John Pic was borrowed from the Beatle Photo Blog.