Monday, December 21, 2009

New Iamaphoney Song and New GFA Video

UPDATE: Speaking of the Beatles and the Bahamas, have you ever heard this story from John Rook?

A few months later in February of 1965, Chuck Brinkman and I were invited to join the Beatles in the Bahamas where they were filming “Help”. I have many memories of that "vacation" but one clearly stands out in my mind. "The Boys" with their well known mischievous streak decided to have some "fun" by wrecking the MG sports car they had been provided. Together they lifted the rear of the card up on two cement cinder blocks, one below each side of the back bumper, and then took delight in starting the motor, laying a brick on the gas peddle and pushing it off the cement blocks for the unattended car to gather speed crashing into a solid cement wall. This was done over and over until the MG no longer could "make the trip" to the wall. With each crash "the boys" leaped for joy squealing in delight cheering on the death of the MG. Source

For some unknown reason, Ringo Starr is promoting a new recording of a Beatles Outfake from the early days of Contra Band Bootlegs. Oh, wait a minute. I don't mean Ringo Starr, the former Beatle who is releasing a new CD called "Y Not." I am referring to RlNGOSTARR, who released a new video on YouTube called "Peace of Mind."

In a similar vein, Paul McCartney has an official video on YouTube for his new song "I Want To Come Home." But PauIMcCartney of YouTube fame also has an official video for "I Want To Come Home." Only your pause button will know the difference.

It never ceases to amaze me how Grandfather Aleister is able to delve deeply into the minutiae of Beatles History and find the most uncanny connections. His latest effort under the name 999nowhereman is titled Paul is Dead - Sam Ahab is Bahamas Backwards Part 1. GFA is in great form.

And many thanks to MikeyNL for keeping up with and sharing the large amount of Iamaphoney audio material. He quickly gave us a crisp sounding version of "Peace of Mind" and several others on his Iamaphoneymusic page.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Curious Thing

UPDATE: I have been listening to the Iamaphoney Bootleg #2 and you should too. Thanks Mike.


We have another one of those curious ads for a new McCartney product. One YouTube user named PauIMcCartney (I believe the first name is pronounced PAY-OOOWEE) has uploaded Paul McCartney's (I believe the first name is pronounced PAUL) 30-second trailer for Good Evening New York City with a little bit of spice added. I don't recall the original ad having quick flashes of Aiwass in it.

I found a few more little quickies in there including these two:

Check out the 30-second spot by clicking the image below:

This silly trick notwithstanding, there has been quite a bit of thought and work, along with some incredible expression of talent in the Rotten Apple Series over the years. Many fans and former fans have found the pace to be frustrating. Iamaphoney himself (or themselves as the case may be) has (have) expressed some frustration at the less than blistery pace of this long promised revelation. It's a bit like Alice In Wonderland. (Did I really say that?) At one point Alice found herself in a strange place where every time she seemed to get closer to an object, the more out of reach it became. Those who are looking in the Rotten Apple videos for that elusive thing called the truth have become increasingly frustrated. Several times it seemed like the vehicle was moving forward, but do we really know any more than when we started?

If you are looking for artistic expression and mystery and entertainment, there is no shortage of those things in the Iamaphoney saga. Truth is much trickier to nail down.

There have been some misleading things in Iamaphoney videos and I have pointed several of them out right here. But this is happening at a time when documentary makers are using many of the same tricks. So if we see footage of Derek Taylor speaking and the audio running simultaneously is Derek's voice from a different time, we can say that's a little misleading. But if there is no video footage to go with the existing audio, many filmmakers would do the same thing.

So, let's look at a couple aspects of Rotten Apple 78 again and evaluate what we have.

There is video footage of Paul McCartney talking to John Lennon. Most people who watch Rotten Apple videos can probably identify the footage from the movie "Let It Be." Many of them can probably recognize that the accompanying dialog is not from "Let It Be." When that video was shot, Paul was talking to John about live performances, but in the Rotten Apple video, a voice that sounds like Paul is saying, "I haven't the slightest doubt that we did the right thing and that we acted in accordance with the law. But he kept the book, you know, but you can't retain that book. It must be thrown away, burned or destroyed by... and what ever happened to him, is the invisible god. The world isn't ready for a revelation." If Iamaphoney has audio of Paul saying those words, that is pretty significant and relevant to the story he is telling. If that really is Paul's voice (and I cannot prove that it isn't) I don't have a problem with using footage of Paul talking to John as a companion piece.

Now, as I pointed out in a recent post at "Nothing Is Real" the John Lennon quote about hiring a phony was taken from his famous interview with Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone. He was actually talking about Alun Owen, who wrote the screenplay to "A Hard Days Night." You can find the Lennon quote with some context here.

So if the Lennon quote was presented as a piece of evidence, that would definitely be a deliberate attempt to mislead, right? But was it presented as a piece of evidence? Iamaphoney is telling a story in an artistic manner. So, I suppose some of us will grant him some artistic license. If you watch Rotten Apple 78 again more closely, you might notice that he gives us a little sign immediately before the Lennon quote.

That is the word "Imagine" more or less - Your brain has to fill in some of the holes. By preceding the out of context Lennon statement with this fragmentary representation of the word "Imagine", Iamaphoney may be telling us to use our imagination rather than our critical mind when interpreting the quote.

Just because he didn't have video of the statement that sounds like Paul saying "...we acted in accordance with the law" doesn't mean that he didn't say it. And I guess you could make a case that just because he didn't have audio of John saying that the Beatles hired a phony to take Paul's place, doesn't prove he didn't say that either.

He had audio of John saying words that went with the story he was telling and he used them. And he might have even tipped us off that he was exercising artistic license by showing the word "Imagine" up front.

In looking back on previous videos, there might be other examples of Iamaphoney guiding the viewer on how to interpret what they are watching. He lets us know when to fill in the holes. I wouldn't call it Journalism, but it certainly qualifies as Storytelling in my book. I haven't read the thing, but I'm guessing that it doesn't really violate any passage from Iamaphoney's book of the law. Curiously, I guess it all depends on what book you are using.

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Video - Rotten Apple 78 Apple Star

Iamaphoney is back!

Apple Star features the same old stuff presented in the same old way with the same old high quality we have learned to expect from the master. I think Iamaphoney fans will love the video.

Yes, there are the same old tricks. You see Paul speaking to John from the movie "Let It Be," however the audio of Paul's speech that you hear has no relationship with the video footage you are seeing. I don't know where the audio actually came from and I can't confirm that it is Paul McCartney, but it does sound like him.

Coincidentally, you can hear the actual words Paul is saying on the promotional Apple 45 RPM record "Dialogue from the film Let It Be."

Double coincidentally, that 45 was pictured recently in the Nutters produced inside the org:11 Cut The Cards by YouTube user LEWlSCARROLL. However, you can't see the flash of the 45 on YouTube because it truncates the endings of videos. So, you have to download it to see the brief shot of it shown below.

Back to Rotten Apple 78...We get to hear a little more of the song "Apple Star (It Was A Fake Mustache)" which continues to capture the attention. [Where is that bootleg, Mike?] You also have the familiar Iamaphoney stew of Lewis Carroll, Aleister Crowley, the CODE, the Tree of Life, the people on the Sgt. Pepper Cover. We also see John, wearing Sergeant Strips and a Star Patch on the Dick Cavett Show in 1971. I have been told repeatedly by wise people that this all means nothing, but what do wise people really know?

Although I have indicated that there is a "more of the same" feeling with this video, that doesn't mean that there is nothing new in it. Although it is distorted, we get to hear what appears to be some more of an interview with Beatles expert Bruce Spizer (another of the many characters who doesn't seem to mind being featured in Iamaphoney videos) about how clever the Beatles were or were not.

Yes, the Beatles were clever, so is Iamaphoney.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

McCartney Freebie

Paul McCartney is giving away a free video of "Highway" and the mp3 of "Let Me Roll It" from his new DVD/CD set "Good Evening, New York City" to be released Nov. 17. As one of his roadies told a friend of mine years ago, "It cooks!" If my link doesn't work for some reason, try here.

The picture below is not an attempt to be cryptic on my part. It's just a little in joke to a reader.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Clever Young Lads

Yes, the "clever young lads," to quote Iamaphoney's description of them, are at it again. [Note: No blurry teenagers were used in the filming of this video]

inside the org:12 We where to late demolition cant wait

If you want some background on Forelands Farm, follow this link to the Wootton Festival 1969 page.

Fans of Iamaphoney covers might enjoy MikeNL - Snatch Crucifix by MikeyNL1038

I hope that the Iamaphoney detractors can at least admire him for creating a song title that makes "The King of Fuh" seem not all that offensive.

So, who are you gonna worship?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Evening, New York City

Do you recognize that face? Yes, it's the cover shot of the new Paul McCartney release "Good Evening New York City."

Now, don't you just love when Iamaphoney does this?

Official PAULMCCARTNEY ad for the new album, Good Evening, New York City.

UN-Official PauIMcCartney ad for the new album, Good Evening, New York City.

Some other Iamaphoney-inspired epics have hit YouTube this week:

by brainvisionfilms

Iamaphoney Secrets #3 - The Rotten Apple Series Part 2 of 81 by iamafunny

#9 #9 #9 by LikeMoreWizards

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Report From The Rabbit Hole

Iamaphoney seems to know. Apollo seemed to know. Jarv knows. Even the Nutters seem to know. Lewis Carroll may hold the key to the Beatles Mystery.

Paul McCartney told Miles in "Many Years From Now," when talking about the "I Am The Walrus" sequence and some others from Magical Mystery Tour, "It was all directly from Alice in Wonderland." John said the same thing in his 1980 Playboy interview. This Alice connection can be said of many things from the Beatles career and up to this very day of their solo careers--if they can really be considered solo.

From the perspective here in the rabbit hole, the Beatles never broke up. In fact everything is different here in the rabbit hole. From the top side perspective, there are many things that don't seem to have any meaning or significance. From the rabbit hole, everything means something and even nothing can mean anything. So, when you are down here, if you look directly at something, the damn thing disappears and if you walk towards it, the damn thing seems to get farther away. So it's like trying to see Pleiades, you see it more clearly when you don't look directly at it. Do you think it is by accident that Paul lived with a family named Asher? I guess the topsiders would consider that a random thing.

Back to the book "Many Years From Now," Paul tells us about Jane Asher. "At the age of twelve, Jane made her stage debut as Alice in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland at the Oxford Playhouse. Her 1958 recording of Alice in Wonderland is still selling well on tape cassette."

Topsiders also think nothing of the fact that Brian Epstein's mother's name was Queenie. The Queen in Alice says, "better, and better, and better!" and as Lewis Carroll described it, "Her voice went higher with each `better', till it got quite to a squeak at last." You do know that the Beatles have two songs where they repeat the word "better" with their voices getting higher each time. Better. Better. It's Getting Better all the time.

So, anyway, here in the rabbit hole, the queen is talking to Alice and once again says "better, better, better" and becomes a damn sheep, wrapped in wool. So you watch the 1979 Tomorrow Show interview and see Paul McCartney talking about shearing sheep to make wool.

And what is the sheep, who used to be a queen, doing the whole freaking time she is talking to Alice? She's knitting. That's right she's knitting.

Just read the damn book. It's all there.

So, I want to tell you topsiders that when you watch the video promo for "Instant Karma" and you see John and Yoko with there recently sheered hair, and Yoko is sitting there knitting with a freaking blindfold on, that means something, my friends. And if you don't believe me, come down here in the rabbit hole with me and you might see who is pulling the wool over your eyes.

Reporting from the rabbit hole...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Extra. Extra.

Hello friends,

I am currently working on a new post, but I feel that I must respond to a new video by iamafunny. The video, entitled Iamaphoney Secrets #2 - The Rotten Apple Series, contains some information that has not been revealed publicly. Some of my readers are privy to this information, so there is no point in me denying it. I will keep a lid of things when someone asks me to, but I never intentionally try to mislead.

The Revelation has not arrived yet, but I must admit that at least one cat has left the bag.

I just want to be clear that I am in no way responsible for the delay in Iamaphoney providing his promised Revelation. I was told recently however that Iamaphoney is not the one behind the delay either. I do not know who is controlling the timing of the Revelation, but I know it isn't me and in a recent correspondence, Iamaphoney implied that it wasn't him either.

I realize how confusing this is, so I will quote Iamaphoney's remark regarding the apparent delay. This quote comes directly from Iamaphoney:

Sometimes I wish we take a shortcut, jump into a wormhole, and get this over with, really. Sometimes I wish some very close friends of mine could have stayed on this earth a little longer than they did. Once in a while I wish that communication could be just a bit more open and clear and Now and Then I wish this was only a harmless game.

For those who suspected all along that this tortoise pace was leading us all to Las Vegas in 2012, all I can tell you is, at this point, your guess is as good as mine.

Monday, October 12, 2009



Has Iamaphoney been leaving the garage door open? There has been much speculation about the exclusive Iamaphoney footage that appeared in videos related to a group of individuals who call themselves The Nutters. Iamaphoney calls them "clever young lads and in the better league of the socalled phoneyphoneys." Really, he did call them that.

Well, some audio that seems rather Iamaphonyish has appeared on YouTube, including a cover of "Yesterday" of all things.

Check out yesterday RIP by whaIedreamers

There is also a rather extended version of "Like More Wizards" in 7 12|10|09 by LikeMoreWizards

We have some Nutters in A BIRD IN THE BUSH - 6: Inside the Nutters by aGameOfFlVES

Finally, there is a bizarre tribute to Iamaphoney and/or Rotten Apple 59 P in iamaphoney by GnikNusEht.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Freaking With Russ Gibb

One month after Rotten Apple #77 alluded to the birth of the Paul Is Dead rumor in Detroit, Michigan, an article called "Paul Is Dead" rumor fascinates, 40 years after it took off locally" has been published on

The author, Will Stewart, interviewed former WKNR in Detroit Disc Jockey Russ Gibb, who was featured in RA #77 saying, "There is one piece of information that somebody gave me in London about this whole story that, I'm not sure that it's key, but it certainly is important." Gibb said this in the film "Who Buried Paul McCartney?"

Gibb disappointed me in the article by using the word "flipped" instead of "freaked" but nevertheless his first experience in hearing "Revelation 9" backwards had a lasting impression on him.

Like many people, Gibb suspects the Beatles were in fact the cause of the Paul Is Dead rumors in the first place by intentionally putting clues in their songs.

The article did however contain one surprise. Gibb claimed that Paul McCartney himself sent word that he wanted to meet with him several years ago during a tour stop in Detroit. Amazingly, Gibb declined the invitation.

Happy belated birthday to John Lennon. October 9 passed by rather quietly this year, but I suspect there are revelations just beyond the horizon.

John Pic was borrowed from the Beatle Photo Blog.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What A Week!

I happened to be lucky enough to get the box set of Beatles Remasters at a real store on Wednesday, 09-09-09. Several people I know were shut out as early as 11:00 a.m. in my neck of the woods. I insisted on making a ritual out of it, so I am listening in chronological order. I have made it up to Revolver so far. Congratulations to those of you who had the time to listen to all of them already and my heart goes out to those who still don't have them in your possession.

I knew as soon as I heard "Please Please Me" that I was embarking on a happy trip. Yes, I would have preferred that they had remixed the stereo albums, but overall the sound is excellent. A good example is "Got To Get Into My Life." I almost felt I needed to duck out of the way of the trombone slide. Yet it was frustrating that even though I could hear Ringo's outstanding drumming on the track, I had to pretend that it was louder and centered in the mix instead of way off to the side and way too low. Same thing with the vocals on the early albums that are restricted to one channel. The liner notes nearly apologize for their placement on the stereo mixes. But it is still a peak experience hearing these tracks in the best fidelity ever. And thankfully, I can no longer say that the Anthology outtakes sound better than the released versions.

On the same day that I was blissing out about having the Remasters in my hands, Iamaphoney released an excellent new video.

Rotten Apple 77 focuses on an interview that Roby Yonge (one of the DJs who broke the Paul Is Dead story in 1969) did with with John Paul Roberts on June 13, 1995.

For a contribution (not to me--to them) you can hear the entire interview at ReelRadio.

Yonge was fired for his late night rumor mongering, although the "Bon Voyage" article flashed in RA 77 had nothing to do with that. You can find an excellent review of Yonge's career, including the "Bon Voyage" article and a recap of his encounter with Paul Is Dead lore at this Roby Yonge dedication web site.

The video uses interview footage with both Larry Kane and Denny Laine that could have been done at that Beatles Convention a couple years ago. And I'll tell ya, when I saw the cryptic statement from another DJ, Russ Gibb just before the two minute mark of RA 77, I freaked.

I know that a lot of us have been speculating that The Nutters, a group that has been putting out videos under the name LEWlSCARROLL, might have been at the helm of the Iamaphoney video team at some point. Their videos are interesting, and similar in style to our grand hero, but Rotten Apple 77 shows superior editing in my opinion. The Nutters latest video is Inside the org:9 The Nutcase 09:09:09.

Yet another spectacular event of the past week was the return of our dear friend Grandfather Aleister. He is back releasing videos under the name 999nowhereman and even received a Welcome Back message from his royal highness Iamaphoney himself, really. He has returned in wonderful form with a new video called Paul is Dead - 999.

Special thanks to my funny friend for giving me the heads up on GFA's return.

Now, another BIG thing that was supposed to happen this week was the release of a new Iamaphoney bootleg from MikeNL1038. Mike did release a new video called paul is dead - nothing is real 6, but I haven't been rocking to Iamaphoney yet.

Was the bootleg ever released, Mike? I would love to hear it. Some of the clips in Mike's video iamaphoney - the right album bootleg 03-10-09 promo were of significantly greater audio fidelity than the corresponding Rotten Apple videos. I don't know the reason for the delay, but I hope it has nothing to do with my own delay in putting out the message from the man who had the gun to my head. I told him I was very busy, but here it is:

"The RA bootleg is a bootleg.
The RA bootleg contains soundtracks from The Rotten Apple Series
and rare demotracks from the upcoming The Right Album

Seriously, I am sorry that I was unable to post anything on 09-09-09. I certainly had every intention to do so, but other priorities resulted in me not even being able to open my Remasters Box until the following day. I am feeling as rushed lately as Derek Taylor must have felt when he penned the liner notes to Nilsson's Pussycats album.

Don't forget that this wonderful week is not over yet. Tuesday, September 15, should see the release of Ringo Starr - Soundstage on DVD. It would be good if his Official Website mentioned it.

And if that's not enough for you, Sunssol, EliasCrowe, AdmiralAlbert, and yenohpehttonmai uploaded new videos this week as well.

Has it not be a banner week for crackpots like you and me?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Notes From The Overground

Fans of Iamaphoney's music simply must be excited about what MikeyNL1038 got his hands on.

iamaphoney - the right album bootleg 09-09-09 promo

Okay, well maybe you won't love the whole video portion, but musically this looks like it will be a sonic delight for those of us who have been intrigued by Iamaphoney's soundtracks.

The last thing I heard from anyone related to the Iamaphoney camp was that "The Right Album" does exist. All I could think of was the fictitious John and Yoko album that was at the heart of the infamous April Fools joke from our friend Jude. But this appears to be a second Iamaphoney bootleg, and if the clips in this video are any indication, it will be superior to the first one. If Iamphoney shared these recordings with Mike, and Mike shares them with us, that would be a wonderful thing. The supposed release date of 09/09/09 is a bit strange considering that as much as I adore Iamaphoney and worship the ground that he walks on, I'm afraid that I will be listening to something else on September 9 of this year even if our hero comes to my house and places "The Right Album" in my cold dead hands.

Still I look forward to hearing it and I predict that "Apple Star It Was A Fake Mistake" will be the sleeper hit of the year among conspiracy theorists, NIR types, TKIN types, PID fanatics, United Methodists, and Charles Dodgson fans like me.


Once again, Paul McCartney is talking about this subject.

It is almost as if the people who sell magazines think that people in the world would find the topic to be interesting.


The I Don't Have A Clue Department has been wondering what the videos by this relatively new YouTube user are all about.

At first glance GnikNusEht appears to resemble a cross between Grandfather Aleister and Milesdeo. Wouldn't that be an unusual duo?

Speaking of unusual duos, was that really Jude and Socash sparring recently? Both are great characters on the journey in an Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler kind of way. I hope you both are doing well.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Goddess

Another one of those NIR types wrote a thought-provoking post recently based on a couple pictures pointed out by me of all people.

I was wondering if there might be a connection between this...

and this...

And so I asked our friend P(D)enny La(i)ne, who I felt could provide some expertise in the subject. Using some of Jarvtronics' recent revelations about the Sgt. Pepper album as a starting point, P(D)enny built a fascinating argument suggesting that the imbalance between the masculine and the feminine in our society will result in the collapse of the United States and the emergence of a One World Government. P(D)enny went on to say that this revelation, which is tied to Hopi Indian prophecy, is emanating from Paul's heart on the Sgt. Pepper cover.

My question to P(D)enny was prompted by my curiosity about the Goddess sculpture found on both the "Wings Greatest" album and the "Back To The Egg" album.

The sculpture also appeared in the strange ritual that kicked off the "Back To The Egg" television special.

I believe the Wings Goddess Sculpture is the work of Russian artist and fashion designer Romain de Tirtoff (also known as Erté). It certainly reflects his style. Paul's daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney (who was seven years old when "Wings Greatest" was released) credits Erté for being a major inspiration and even wrote the forward to a catalog of his works in 2004.

As P(D)enny noted in his article, it's funny that the Goddess appeared both on the last Wings release in the U.S. before the move to Columbia Records and the first release on the new label. The United States has a Goddess and her name is Columbia. The formal name of Washington D.C. or District of Columbia is a constant reminder of her image.

The Statue of Liberty is seen by many to be a representation of Columbia. That would explain this famous logo...

It does sound rather far-fetched that the Beatles, and Paul in particular, would somehow be involved in the fulfillment of ancient prophecy that restores the balance between masculine and feminine and creates the way for a New Order and One World Government. I'm rather embarrassed by my association with the concept at all, but that won't stop me from playing with it.

I don't see any Statue of Liberty on the cover of Sgt. Pepper. But, it is interesting that the Beatles would hold an Apple meeting in 1968 on a Chinese Junk while sailing around the Statue of Liberty. And if they had looked at her left hand during that meeting, they probably would have seen the Laurel Wreath she was holding.

Now, that is just silly to associate a Laurel Wreath with Stan Laurel, unless of course you are a stamp collector.

Silly yes, but let's go back to that strange "Band On The Run" video from the McCartney Years. Guess who makes an appearance...

Now check out those eyes...

"Making another magic transformation, find the right boy for the right girl"

So what was it that prompted a level headed NIR type like myself to query P(D)enny La(i)ne about the Statue of Liberty and the Goddess Columbia? In July, Paul McCartney was the sole guest on the David Letterman show. The show was aired on a network called the Columbia Broadcasting System and features an all seeing eye as its logo. On the particular day that McCartney appeared, Dave had two sight gags in different segments of the show guessed it.

As John Lennon sang: If the Man wants to shove us out, we're gonna jump and shout:'The Statue of Liberty said come!"