Wednesday, July 9, 2008

YouTube Activity

All kinds of new videos have been appearing on YouTube in various accounts. I don't know for sure if any of these are from Iamaphoney, but it looks like people are trying to blur the identity lines.

UPDATE: After a long absence, Romek from allofthemwitches

Paul is Dead - Nothing is real from grandfatherboxset

Paul is Dead - 7 - End of Game from PIDgame

The Return of the Son
from son of whom

Mals Book from apaulcorps (Note: MikeNL said the ending is different from the same video that is on the Iamaphoney Channel)

balloon or dolphin
and amous bouche from MilesDeo

Paul is Dead - 1 - Yoko Ono and the Number 9 from iamawitch

Full Circle from sonofwhom

The 1882 video that appeared on July 3 has now surfaced in the account of JamesPaulMccartney.

Suitcase #2 reappeared in a new account named MESSlAHS

And this is not new, but it's the complete version for Bonzo fans and TKINers.
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Canyons Of Your Mind (Complete)

In other news, the Iamaphoney Channel has added "80020902 smra dica" whatever that means. And the Rotten Apple Army said, "imagine 8R," in response to a video.

I took a second look at a recent video by MikeyNL1038 and wanted to make a few comments. I wonder how Iamaphoney feels about Mike's video titles lately. As if the numbering system isn't confusing enough already...

The video seems to be a bit of a double-edged sword. It is obviously an anniversary tribute to Iamaphoney, but it also appears to be saying, "Come on already."

I think Iamaphoney's fans, and you can still count me among them, want to encourage him to deliver. I would expect him to respond in some way, but I still think the end game is a ways down the road.

I thought it was interesting that out of all of the material at his disposal, Mike would select the fake mustache as a clue on which to focus. I have always wondered about the significance of the fake mustache. After all, Paul McCartney could be alive and well and wear a fake mustache.

In fact there are lots of stories of Paul and Neil trying to get past security to do something relatively normal without being recognized. It would not be a surprise if McCartney had some disguises around the house.

But the fake mustache puzzles me because of its connection to the versatile symbol that is formed when the LOVE logo is mirrored.

But the mustache is not the only thing that seems to relate to that symbol. You also have its similarity to aries, the ram, and as Iamaphoney showed us in Rotten Apple 44, the Pineal Gland.

You have to look quite deep in Beatles history to find any direct reference to the pineal gland, believed by some to be the "third eye" or "seat of the soul." I only found one, in fact. It was on a bootleg album, "The Alternate Wonderwall." On the third track labeled "Microbes II" you hear Jack MacGowran say, "Pineal Gland." The bootleg is probably taken from a print of the film, but unfortunately I could not find that line of dialog anywhere in the DVD release from 2002.

If anything does come from this "LOVE code" and I'm not convinced that it won't, I'll bet it has something to do with that little Y-shaped symbol.

Kudos to Mike for an interesting video.

It appears that Mike has now been selected to receive pictures of items presumably from the suitcase. I have no idea if it is the same person who sent me the five items that I posted here. I did ask my contact the question, "Are you an associate of the Beatles or Iamaphoney?" The answer I received was "Both." I was told that the pictures I received were of items in the suitcase, but as far as my contact knew, the suitcase was still where Iamaphoney left it. I trust Mike will give us updates.

At this point, he was kind enough to make a short video of the items he received.

the rotten apple 151 from MikeNL1038


Anonymous said...

What about the third eye on the bust on Pepper?

Anonymous said...

Of course McCartney wore disguises. There are plenty of stories of him slapping on a fake moustache and leaving hotel rooms to get some air while on tour with the Beatles from 64 to 66. Read Keith Badman's 2 excellent books.

MikeNL said...

Well, taf;

i received the same picture you received, the suitcase drawing, with filename Picture 3.pgn, i don't know if you reveived the same thing...

i asked iamaphoney if it was ok to use the name the rotten apple 141, he was fine with it and also repeated the o-so famous "Do What Thou Wilt".

you said:
I think Iamaphoney's fans, and you can still count me among them, want to encourage him to deliver. I would expect him to respond in some way, but I still think the end game is a ways down the road.

in the suitcase is the big clue, get the suitcase and we can move on. the suitcase is the trigger *again*, just like suitcase 1, but the clue wasn't discovered there so there is suitcase 2. to release the continuation of mr. bungalo bill. that's the reason i'm seeing if someone in the neighborhood can get it.. so far, nobody.

I hope this answers your questions.


Nick said...

Where is the suitcase?

Tafultong said...


My file was Picture 3.png too. Will you please clarify what you mean by "to release the continuation of mr. bungalo bill"?

Anonymous said...

Mikey, why on earth does someone have "to get" this suitcase? If IAAP can send you and Taful these pictures, what point in having someone physically retrieve a suitcase? I have half a mind to grab it and chuck it just to demonstrate the folly of this enterprise. IAAP has to know there is a possibility some random Boy Scout will stumble across it.

Mike said...

why don't you ask Him yourself?
because i cannot answer that question.


Anonymous said...

In the PIDgame video, it appears that he got it. He has footage of the Santa Susana that IS not in any of the rotten apple videos.

Mike have you asked IAAP if the briefcase has been discovered?

MikeNL said...


He said it's still there

Miles Denton Oliver said...

Mike, you did say something like "it has to be done this way." So doesn't that mean the dates and locations, everything, is part of the puzzle? - And we'll only know what it means after his "revelation" comes?

Anonymous said...

80020902 smra dica = acid arms02092008

C'mon Taf how long have we been at this game? I AM HE becomes EH MA I!

What acid arms means, I have no idea.

Miles Denton Oliver said...

~T0qAnaunrPAUL9220085OCLOCKin dangr~

I've always wondered about this.

Miles Denton Oliver said...

Sorry... I mean this:

r gnad ni KCOL CO 5800229 LUAP nr ua A q 0T

Tafultong said...

anonymous wrote:

What acid arms means, I have no idea.

There is a possibility that it is a misspelling of "Sacred Ram."

Anonymous said...

PIDgame here,

its still there because i put it back

the last time it didn't seem to do any good that someone actually "got" it, and i am not playing the game anymore using the same old rules

; )

Sheep in wolves clothing
wolves in sheep clothing

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

the only way to win

is not to play

Anonymous said...

Hows that Pupil CPH album coming along?

Anonymous said...

for ian?

Miles Denton Oliver said...

PIDGAME that's smart.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, well that's great. Not only do we have the overly cryptic IAAP dropping suitcases with overly cryptic clues, we have an IAAP follower who apparently found the suitcase, only to make like a mini-IAAP by making overly cryptic videos about the cryptic contents.

Anonymous said...

Anon: But no videos dealing solely with the content have been made yet, just images from the case sent to Mikey and Faf.

I'm looking forward to some videos dealing with the contents soon tho.

Anonymous said...

whoops, I meant "Taf"

Anonymous said...

Why would someone make yet another video about the contents? What do videos have to do with anything? Is this some youtube incubator test in which all communication becomes back and forth video images?

Anonymous said...

What we have now is a slew of interim videos, most of which are from the same guy (or two or three), most recently this PID game video that stretches patience to the limit insofar is it is a video about the fact that he found the case. Will there be another video showing someone opening the case, and yet another video flashing song lyrics and maps and symbols? Funny, all these clues from people who ostensibly deride the secretive and cryptic nature of Masonry.

MikeNL said...


My file was Picture 3.png too. Will you please clarify what you mean by "to release the continuation of mr. bungalo bill"?


Didn't see your message there, but... then we know it's from the same person... even though it's a different account name.

to release the continuation of mr. bungalo bill, i mean getting this thing going.. you know?

Anonymous said...

I see this time and time again on followers of Iamaphoney's Youtube pages. This ignorant idea that the Beatles created the hippie counterculture movement which destroyed the 50's styled Leave It To Beaver American family, damaged Christianity and led to widespread immorality. Read your history books. There was something called the Beat Generation in the 50's and writers like Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs who inspired teens to tune in, turn on and drop out long before Timothy Leary did. They are the true fathers of the hippie movement. Try finding a TV show or magazine in the 50's that didn't report on the incredible popularity of the Beatniks. If you want to read about true immorality read up on the Roaring 20's. Historically there are always periods of social unrest followed by periods of conservatism, regardless of what's in the hit parade.

Miles Denton Oliver said...

Entertainment can be brainwashing sometimes.

9/10 brainwashed persons don't believe brainwashing is real. ;()

Miles Denton Oliver said...

^9/11 persons.

Mike .. you said there was some type of clue that was in the first case : what's up with that? Is it now just a lost clue? Surely if it existed, it still exists. And what if the 'trigger' is not found in the second case, just as it wasn't found with the first? What then; a third case?

Doesn't IAAP know that 9/12 times: you can't depend on someone you don't know. (?)

Anonymous said...

Vince here,

A question of TRUST!
People thinks I'm nuts for listening to Alex Jones, reading RI, and watching IAMAPHONY......
But, now, I can see the 'brainwashing' at work when I watch TV, thanks to them....
Funny how when I've talked to ZAPPA fans, most think he wasn't serious when, in "Think-Fish", he claims the Government is responsible for AIDS!
Like George's "Brainwashed", some listen, and do not believe....... right?

Anonymous said...


Sethtzol said...

anonymous wrote: What acid arms means, I have no idea. There is a possibility that it is a misspelling of "Sacred Ram."