Sunday, July 13, 2008

Christmas in Iamaphoneyland

Yes, I have received more files and I intend to share them with you. Just to recap...

On July 3, I published a picture of a document that I received from someone. I do not know the identity of the individual and I was asked to not even reveal the account name. The document appeared to be a handwritten note addressed to someone named Alistair on the stationery of Apple employee Geoffrey Ellis.

The following day I received another document from the same individual. It contained a wheel with spokes similar to what Neil Aspinall and others described as Paul's outline for the film Magical Mystery Tour with additional related annotations. There are at least three versions of this wheel: One in the book "Many Years from Now" by Paul McCartney and Barry Miles; one in Rotten Apple 68; and the one sent to me. I can only authenticate the first one, but some readers have said that the handwriting on the one sent to me appears to match Paul's.

Two days later I published a third document from the same individual. This appeared to be a recording studio sheet of some kind indicating the best mix of "Let It Be." The date that was given to me with the document corresponded to the date that the mix for the single was selected (January 8, 1970) according to Mark Lewisohn's book, "The Complete Beatles Chronicle."

The next day I received two more documents and published them. One was a typewritten page with some scored out handwritten annotations and the other was strange drawing that seemed to be a map of some kind containing the words "suitcases" and "phoney." Again some readers suggested that the handwriting and various doodling appeared to have a striking similarity to things that they have seen written by Paul McCartney.

Now, one of the most common complaints about the whole Iamaphoney experience is that instead of getting the answers that he promised (often referred to as the "revelation") we are getting a second layer of clues, one generation removed from the alleged clues left by the Beatles themselves. Those complaints became magnified by the time suitcase #1 appeared. Many at that point observed what appeared to be a series of dreadful miscalculations from the Iamaphoney camp.

However, if these documents, and the ones that I received this weekend turn out to be legitimate, then we have a whole new ball game.

MikeyNL1038 received some documents as well and put them in his video paul is dead - nothing is real 151.

Mike's video contained a shot of a portion of an item that matches one of the pictures I received.

Mike confirmed that the file name of that particular picture was the same as mine. Based on that (and who knows what else) Mike came to the conclusion "then we know it's from the same person... even though it's a different account name." I disagree with that conclusion. The file could have originated from one place, but other people could have had access to it without changing its name. I am also mystified about how Mike determined that they came from different account names since I did not share my source with him and he did not share his source with me. Hopefully, he will clarify that at some point.

I have "put it 'round" that in my position of being the chronicler of all things Iamaphoney, I am willing to be played a little bit. So this weekend I received some more photos. But this time I believe the source was Iamaphoney. I believe that the images Mike received are from Iamaphoney too. However, I also believe, based on communications with those involved, that the images I received last week are from a DIFFERENT source.

I believe this because:
1) I have suspected ever since April 10 that there has been a breaking of ranks in the Iamaphoney organization. How else can you explain the "Nine Questions Interview" fiasco, the plane delayed in the West Indies excuse, and the subsequent Suitcase miscalculation?

2) Iamaphoney seemed genuinely concerned about the apparent betrayal of MikeNL. I think that's why he gave him some genuine masters for the Iamaphoney bootleg, along with the pictures he sent to him this week.

3) The communications I received from both individuals who supplied pictures seemed to indicate a rift of some kind resulting in contrary motives.

4) There is always a possibility that I'm am being played to the point that this supposed rift is part of some manipulation, but I doubt it.

Iamaphoney's Response

So, I received four pictures that I believe came directly from Iamaphoney.

Picture #1

These bracelets appeared in Mike's video.

Picture #2

This one appeared to be in Mike's video, but you'll notice that the full photo has a date (1970) on it.

Picture #3

This frustrating portion of type did not appear in Mike's video, so it may be exclusive.

Picture #4

This is the most unusual item in the group. Does anyone have any idea what it is?

I cannot authenticate these pictures as genuine Beatles artifacts, but I cannot reject them either. They definitely at least meet my second layer criteria, that is, I believe they are genuine Iamaphoney items. If there is any doubt about that, I can show you proof of the photo album from which they came.

One more twist...

The other individual, who appears to have broken ranks with Iamaphoney, sent me something this weekend as well. The person who sent me this probably believes that Iamaphoney doesn't want you to see this, however I don't think that this hurts the credibility of the one to whom this blog is dedicated. So here it is.

This individual also sent me a color version of the same document that is unfortunately cropped at the top.

So, that is everything I have at the moment. I assume that both individuals sent them to me because they knew that I would put them all out there for analysis without being cryptic about it. They may be authentic documents. They may be forgeries that are part of some manipulative game. They may even be authentic documents that have been tampered with to fool us. At the very least, they are now in the light.


Anonymous said...

interesting pile of loot you got there, taf...

IAAP's name is definitely IAN, then, right?

also, do you see an "AJA" on the left side of that last image? he posts here pretty often...

i'd love to have those bracelets.

Anonymous said...

Doubtful that anyone would tamper with original documents, unless they were copies, considering the fact that handwritten Beatle lyrics and notes, for example, fetch big dollars. Not only does the drawing of the little wheel or path contain "AJA," you'll note that, when spun around, it says "IAN." JCharles

Anonymous said...

Question is, why present these to your blog Tafulfong, and not, say, in another video in the "public domain"?

Anonymous said...

the "Mr. P(ilgrim?) / John arrives" part has Jude & co. written all over it.

Anonymous said...

again pouls handwriting

Anonymous said...

"2 1000 12" = 2012

Interesting that the clock would show 2012, so to speak.
The "end" of "time" when the Mayan calendar ends.
Perhaps a suggestion of a larger scope for their work.

Anonymous said...

"Chase Phoney"?!

How recently was this paper drawn?

Miles Denton Oliver said...

That "AJA" is the same on the fancy book cover.

MikeNL said...

I'm sorry, but what i meant was:
then we know it's from the same person/direction... even though it may be from a different account name.

And in my video, there is 19 70 on the side too.


hope that will clarify it a bit.

ps; the person who has been sending those things to me, said he might have more soon.


jojo said...

Just for those who haven't been on this earth as long as me.. ;) Back in the day, when you had pictures developed at the drugstore or whatever, they put a date stamp somewhere on the border of the print. I imagine the story of that billboard is well known, it was put up to promote Abbey Road in Hollywood or LA, and someone saw fit to chop Paul's head off..

An observation about the bracelets, and I know I'm stating the obvious, they are a pair. One says "Jai Guru" and the other "Guru Dev". (not "Deva", if that menas anything)

Tafultong said...

Guru Dev
was an appropriate term (name). In fact, the Beatles used it in the India jam "Spiritual Regeneration." It goes by several different names on bootlegs, but the lyrics contain the line, "We'd like to thank you Guru Dev 'cause your children couldn't thank you enough."

Anonymous said...

The Jai Guru and AJA point to Hinduism (Aja being part of Hindu mythology), and therefore to George. Brahman is the unborn (Aja). JCharles

Anonymous said...

Although "AJA" was also a huge album for Steely Dan. There are multiple meanings for "Aja," but one that might be of interest to IAAP is "offspring of a goat." JCharles

Anonymous said...

The table pictured has "AJA" carved in the center. "AJA" is also found in the drawing that follows the picture of the table.

Anonymous said...

In the color picture it's a bit easier to see but in the left bottom corner you can see the top of a face that looks alot like the one in Mikey Rotten Apple 141 video...
The face on the right does also look very much like some of the art that Paul or "Paul" has done. Plus there is that fake mustache in the face also. When I look close it seems as if in the face there are eyes, nose, mouth then below that the fake mustache with a mouth below it. If this is an old letter then the phoney reference is a coincidence because of the Klein comment in the middle possibly but if it's a new letter then who is Klein here? I'm assuming it's an old letter because who really uses telegrams anymore?

Anonymous said...

"I am also mystified about how Mike determined that they came from different account names since I did not share my source with him and he did not share his source with me."

:-) LOL

Anonymous said...

maybe they had a game going
chase phoney game = PID hoax

dieter said...

This AJA table. is the J like a shepherd stick?

Anonymous said...


Tafultong said...


That's one heck of a url. Let's make it more manageable.

Anonymous said...

The 5ª picture is easy the back cover of his suitacse


Miles Denton Oliver said...

A Table?

Looks like a book cover to me.

aleister said...

google aia crowley

Anonymous said...

No no, back in time till Feb 10 2008.......Billy Martin suitcase


Anonymous said...

"Although "AJA" was also a huge album for Steely Dan. There are multiple meanings for "Aja," but one that might be of interest to IAAP is "offspring of a goat."

"offspring of a goat"

tragedy: Greek tragōidiā (Classical Greek τραγῳδία) contracted from trag(o)-aoidiā = "goat song" from tragos = "goat" and aeidein = "to sing". This dates back to a time when religion and theatre were more or less intertwined in early ritual events. Goats would be traditionally sacrificed, as an early precursor to the Greek Chorus would sing a song of sacrifice-- a "Goat Song".

aeidein: singing and chanting

aoidiā - song

Anonymous said...

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