Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RA #2 Flashback

This is the second in a series of occasional reviews of past Rotten Apple videos.

The second Rotten Apple installment begins with Paul McCartney's famous wink from the Beatles Anthology. In the Anthology, Paul, George and Ringo are seated at a table discussing the "Are you getting back together?" question. Rotten Apple 2 picks up right after Paul says, "And yet, with 'Free As A Bird' we somehow did." Paul bites his finger, raises his eyebrows and gives a half of a wink.

The video then abruptly shifts to clips of The Beatles "Hello Goodbye" video. The Beatles did three promotional films for the song, one wearing their Sgt. Pepper outfits, one in regular clothes and one that combined clips and outtakes from both versions. Interestingly, the controversial OPD/OPP arm patch from the album cover is nowhere to be found on Paul's Sgt. Pepper costume. The filming took place on November 10, 1967 at the Saville Theatre, the venue that Beatles manager Brian Epstein had purchased in 1965. Brian died two and a half months before the filming of "Hello Goodbye." The Saville was the site of Jimi Hendrix's famous performance of the song "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" on June 4, 1967, three days after The Beatles' original release. Jimi Hendrix was still performing the song in December of 1967.

The audio from Rotten Apple 2 is from a completely different source. It consists of a partially isolated vocal track from the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Reprise" with a quick "Turn me on dead man" loop added at the very beginning. Isolated snippets from Sgt. Pepper had been appearing at least as early as 1987 when the television special "It Was Twenty Years Ago Today" was shown. The audio of the "Sgt. Pepper Reprise" starts with the vocal more out in front like the mono version, but then the instrumental track drops out completely.

Using captions, Iamaphoney claimed that the isolated vocal included the words "Paul is dead. Really dead." It appears that Iamaphoney superimposed his own captions over pre-existing captions that said basically the same thing.

The most interesting part of the video appears around the 12 second mark where a brief snippet of the visual portion of the Anthology version of "A Day In The Life" is shown. For some unknown reason The Beatles opted to alter the ending of the promotional film for the song "A Day In The Life" when they made the Anthology in 1995. The original version used some downright creepy slow motion effects. The Anthology version inserted a new ending that consisted of the outlined "seating chart" version of the Sgt. Pepper sleeve gradually being replaced by an alteration of the color album cover shot. In the updated version The Beatles opted to mirror two areas of the cover. The placement of two vertical mirrors down the center of Sonny Liston's body and on Donna Dors' left elbow creates some interesting effects, particularly on the red hyacinths at the bottom of the picture. In addition, back in April of 2004, the never intrusive Apollo C. Vermouth told some members of the Nothing Is Real discussion group that a walrus can be found on the cover of Sgt. Pepper if you place a mirror vertically on Diana Dors' elbow. Not everyone sees a walrus, but many do.

The video also features some Sgt. Pepper album cover character animation from the "It Was Twenty Years Ago Today" television special.

The description of the 28-second video says "more reveals." The tags are "paul is dead mccartney iamaphony." The misspelling of his own name suggests that Iamaphoney had not quite established his identity yet. That would undergo a major change eventually, but at the time of Rotten Apple 2, the videos were quite simple and straightforward.


YouTube User breadandcircusfilms has a new upload called Bread and Circus: 8.

Although I believe he will be up to the task, these other video makers are giving Iamaphoney some competition in the quality and originality department. Hopefully he will emerge in April with something compelling.


MikeNL said...

nice job.

these flashbacks are great :)

jammie said...

lovely and entertaining

Anonymous said...

Very good and food for thoughts


Great work Taf!

Me and MikeNL are glad its back to Iamaphoney again. It is the Iamaphoney blog after all ROFLMAOLOLZ

Anonymous said...

ajaNL, the synthetic hybrid of MikeyNL1038 and Aja created in the LHC(Large Hadron Collider) at Cern, needs more articles like this.

Otherwise the Aja half gets bored, and the NL part freaks out. When you put the two bi-polar opposites together, you get weather.

Someone once asked "Who will stop the Rain?"

The answer? Tafultong!

Anonymous said...

Another clue for you all...Ghugugoothoyou!


Tafultong said...

Anonymous said...

Another clue for you all...Ghugugoothoyou!

Yes, very cool. The Goo Goo Goo Joob/Finnegan's Wake connection was pointed out back in late 1969 by Christopher Glenn on his radio special WNEW-News Closeup, believe it or not.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please post links under "name/URL" for the palm pilots. Thanks

Anonymous said...

in Daniel 8:23-25, the Anti-Christ will possess great power through his understanding and practice of the occult arts, or witchcraft.

Anonymous said...

in Daniel 8:23-25, the Anti-Christ will possess great power through his understanding and practice of the occult arts, or witchcraft.
No it doesnt. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

I love you Tafultong!

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys!

Is THIS news to you??
'Coz it's news to me!

Harvey Weinstein, 'Nowhere' man
Paul McCartney's one-time gofer comes full circle by acquiring 'Nowhere Boy,' about John Lennon's pre-Beatles years.

March 24, 2009

For all of us Beatles fans, the news last week that the Weinstein Co. had acquired "Nowhere Boy," a coming-of-age tale about John Lennon's tumultuous teenage years in Liverpool, was cause for high hopes. The script, written by Matt Greenhalgh based on a memoir by Lennon's half-sister, Julia Baird, offers a bracingly unsentimental portrait of the fabled artist as a young scamp -- sensitive but bitingly sarcastic, smart but achingly soulful, wildly ambitious but without a ruthless bone in his body.

The script, which I've read, has a host of the most vivid moments from early Beatles mythology but always plays them in the right key, capturing Lennon's artistic drive and caustic wit.

When Lennon and Paul McCartney first meet, at a Quarrymen rehearsal at St. Peter's Church Hall, a friend has brought Paul along, who's come armed with a guitar. The friend says, "Paul plays too." Lennon immediately responds: "With himself?" After he gets a round of giggles, John takes the edge off it, adding "I do. All the time. Good for the wrist muscles."

But for Harvey Weinstein, the acquisition of the film -- now shooting in and around Liverpool -- was more personal. For the veteran film impresario, being involved with a Beatles project was the equivalent of coming full circle. Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when Weinstein was a skinny, long-haired, bell-bottomed teenager, he worked at Apple Records' New York office. The highlight of his job involved running errands for McCartney and picking up Lennon at the airport. For a 16-year-old Beatles fan, full of Hollywood dreams, it was nirvana.

"My mom knew somebody at the Villanova restaurant on 47th Street, whose owners knew people in show business, so they helped me get a job at Apple," Weinstein told me. "I did everything that needed to be done -- carrying boxes around, mailing out records, working backstage at 'The Concert for Bangladesh.' I remember picking up Lennon at the airport one night, who flew in with Eric Clapton, and I had them both in the back of my car."

The day of the Bangladesh benefit concert, a limousine full of Apple staffers pulled up outside Weinstein's home to take him to the show. "As I went out of the house, my mother, in true Jewish mother fashion, yelled out, 'Don't forget to brush your teeth and wash your face!,' which destroyed whatever semblance of cool I might have had forever," he recalls. "But being around the Beatles, I learned that I was never going to be cool because they had a monopoly on it. They were the most relaxed guys about everything. I mean, the whole world could be falling apart and they'd still be totally cool about it."

After Weinstein and his brother Bob launched Miramax, one of their first releases was "Rock Show," a 1980 concert film from one of McCartney's Wings tours. Weinstein has stayed friendly with McCartney over the years, friendly enough that when Weinstein began to organize "The Concert for New York" the day after Sept. 11, the first person he called was McCartney. "I told him, 'You know, if you do it, everyone else will follow,' " he remembers. "I have to admit that I still pinch myself that having started out as Paul McCartney's assistant, I'm now Paul McCartney's friend."

"Nowhere Boy," which is already two weeks into production, follows Lennon from his days as a cheeky 15-year-old to the moment, in 1960, when the Beatles take off for Hamburg, Germany, where they transformed themselves into a world-class band. The young Lennon is played by newcomer Aaron Johnson, while Lennon's Aunt Mimi, who raised him, is played by Kristin Scott Thomas. The film is directed by Sam Taylor Wood, who has been a hot commodity after making the 2008 short "Love You More," about a pair of late-1970s teenage Buzzcocks fans.

The film fits snugly in the Weinstein library of projects focusing on the interior lives of artists, be it "Shakespeare in Love," "Finding Neverland" or "My Left Foot." "It's really a film about how John found the music that was always inside him," Weinstein says. "When you get to experience his early years, you get to understand what the songs are about, because you see the streets and the scenes and the people that ended up being a part of the songs themselves."

The film is slated for an end-of-the-year award season release here. "I haven't even called Paul yet, but I know that he's read the script," Weinstein says. "God knows what it means to him, having lived through it all. But it really hits close to home for me. It captures a lot of memories for everybody."

Of course, if Lennon were still alive, he'd probably be appalled to hear so much sentiment applied to his life. So let's end with another moment from the script, taken from a scene in which Lennon and McCartney first appear onstage as the Quarrymen.

Introducing their version of a Chuck Berry song, Lennon says, "I present to you . . . Mr. Paul McCartney!" Relieved, since he never knows what Lennon might say next, McCartney says, "Thanks, John. Kind words."

Lennon's reply: "I didn't mean them."

--------I had NO IDEA Mr. Weinstein made "Rock Show" or was THAT involved in the Beatle-camp!
I guess that's how they were able to get "Hard Day's Night", and why he called to 'bitch' at Howard, when he kept talking over "Lover To A Friend"!


Slap Chop said...

Hey Vince,
I been meaning to ask, are you the Vince from the "ShamWow"/"Slap Chop" fame?

I like the "Your gonna love my nuts!" line! That there is some funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yoko will kill it. :-P

Anonymous said...

"Knock down the old brick wall,
and be a part of it all
Nothing to say, nothing to see, nothing to do

If you would give me all, as I would give it to you
Nothing would be, nothing would be, nothing would be"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
in Daniel 8:23-25, the Anti-Christ will possess great power through his understanding and practice of the occult arts, or witchcraft.

March 25, 2009 12:21 PM

Thanks. Bible's are so hard to come by these days. You can't find one anywhere. Please post all of the scriptures if you could.

Shirley Evans said...

"Hopefully he will emerge in April with something compelling."-tafultong

Wink Wink! Nudge Nudge! Say no more! Say no more Squire!
A Wink is as good as a Nudge to a blind bat!

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Lamech married two women, one named Adah and the other Zillah.

Genesis 4:19


road to perdition said...

" ... nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies."

1 Timothy 1:4(NIV)

Hmmm... Paul is Dead Mythos....

uh oh.

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The next day as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was hungry. Seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to find out if it had any fruit. When he reached it, he found nothing but leaves, because it was not the season for figs. Then he said to the tree, "May no one ever eat fruit from you again." ... In the morning, as they went along, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots.

Mark 11:12-14, 20

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Anonymous said...

vince approves that message

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L Rond Hubbyrds said...

We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one, alester crowly

1 John 5:19 (NIV)

Rangler Jeans from now on said...

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Leviticus 19:19

I am throwing out all my rammey acrylic/Polyester slacks this instant.

word assoicates said...

The LORD was with the men of Judah. They took possession of the hill country, but they were unable to drive the people from the plains, because they had iron chariots.
Judges 1:19

kryptonite is to Superman as
_______ is to God

a. iron
b. Rotten Apples
c. Faul
d. MikeNL
e. All of the above, plus Jude

uoɹı ˙ɐ

Anonymous said...

The contradictory nature of the Bible is due to the fact that there are actually TWO gods- Enki and Enlil. They are brothers, but they are also rivals. Sound familiar?

Con Edison said...

God dwells in light
Tim 6:16

God dwells in darkness
1 Kings 8:12/ Ps 18:11/ Ps 97:2

Anonymous said...

"Black holes would seem to suggest that God not only plays dice, but also sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen."
— Stephen Hawking

God is much like Aja, both sneaky and lurking.

dont panic Conned Ed.. said...

"If somebody votes for a party that you don't agree with, you're free to argue about it as much as you like. … But on the other hand, if somebody says, 'I mustn't move a light switch on a Saturday,' you say, 'Fine, I respect that.'"
— Douglas Adams

Anonymous said...

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?"
— Epicurus (ca. 341-270 BCE)

Anonymous said...

"There is but one evil, ignorance."
— Socrates, (ca. 469 BC–399 BCE)

Be Nice said...

"Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."
— Plato

Slap Chop said...

"Your gonna love my nuts!"

Yenz said...

I wonder what Mr. Phony has up his sleeve this time.

Finger Clown said...

I wonder what Mr. Phony has up his sleeve this time.

March 26, 2009 12:55 AM

A finger perhaps?

MikeNL said...

Yenz said...
I wonder what Mr. Phony has up his sleeve this time.

March 26, 2009 12:55 AM

a new video?

Anonymous said...

Yenz said...
I wonder what Mr. Phony has up his sleeve this time.

March 26, 2009 12:55 AM

Finger Clown said...
A finger perhaps?

March 26, 2009 1:14 AM

Mike said...
a new video?

March 26, 2009 2:13 AM

That's a pretty good call Mike, but Finger Clown's answer was funnier...and somewhat fitting considering who supposedly asked the question. lol

Clown College said...

one goat!

Hi. I'm Paul McCartney. said...

Paulie is funny.

Take It Away said...

Yep. He's definitely funnier than Phoney.

iamaphunnie said...

"Lamech married two women, one named Adah and the other Zillah.
Genesis 4:19

Just think: He could have married one named God and one named Zillah!

basic answers please said...

what is phony up to now?

EliasCrowe said...

I was told a few times,
> That Paul is alive.
> That PID was cooked up,
but not only for money.
> That Paul did meet Manson,
as iamaphoney has implied.

"For God and the Empire."

iamaphoney's videos are interesting, but I would much rather hear these people speak than to play Go Fish PID.

I hope that a suitable answer is given soon... otherwise this will continue till 2012!

Anonymous said...

"I was told a few times..."

By whom?

Anonymous said...

"For God and the Empire."

motto of the
Order of the British Empire award.

♫Johnny♫ said...

a suitable answer?

"I am the eggman."

Anonymous said...

anyone going to the david lynch thing?

Anonymous said...

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sʎɐp sıɥ ɯoɹɟ uouuəl sʍolloɟ 'uoıʇɔnpoɹd oʇuı sʞəəʍ oʍʇ ʎpɐəɹlɐ sı ɥɔıɥʍ "'ʎoq əɹəɥʍou" "˙puəıɹɟ s,ʎəuʇɹɐɔɔɯ lnɐd ʍou ɯ,ı 'ʇuɐʇsıssɐ s,ʎəuʇɹɐɔɔɯ lnɐd sɐ ʇno pəʇɹɐʇs ƃuıʌɐɥ ʇɐɥʇ ɟləsʎɯ ɥɔuıd llıʇs ı ʇɐɥʇ ʇıɯpɐ oʇ əʌɐɥ ı" ˙sɹəqɯəɯəɹ əɥ " ,'ʍolloɟ llıʍ əslə əuoʎɹəʌə 'ʇı op noʎ ɟı 'ʍouʞ noʎ, 'ɯıɥ ploʇ ı" ˙ʎəuʇɹɐɔɔɯ sɐʍ pəllɐɔ əɥ uosɹəd ʇsɹıɟ əɥʇ '11 ˙ʇdəs ɹəʇɟɐ ʎɐp əɥʇ "ʞɹoʎ ʍəu ɹoɟ ʇɹəɔuoɔ əɥʇ" əzıuɐƃɹo oʇ uɐƃəq uıəʇsuıəʍ uəɥʍ ʇɐɥʇ ɥƃnouə ʎlpuəıɹɟ 'sɹɐəʎ əɥʇ ɹəʌo ʎəuʇɹɐɔɔɯ ɥʇıʍ ʎlpuəıɹɟ pəʎɐʇs sɐɥ uıəʇsuıəʍ ˙sɹnoʇ sƃuıʍ s,ʎəuʇɹɐɔɔɯ ɟo əuo ɯoɹɟ ɯlıɟ ʇɹəɔuoɔ 0891 ɐ "'ʍoɥs ʞɔoɹ" sɐʍ səsɐələɹ ʇsɹıɟ ɹıəɥʇ ɟo əuo 'xɐɯɐɹıɯ pəɥɔunɐl qoq ɹəɥʇoɹq sıɥ puɐ uıəʇsuıəʍ ɹəʇɟɐ "˙ʇı ʇnoqɐ looɔ ʎllɐʇoʇ əq llıʇs p,ʎəɥʇ puɐ ʇɹɐdɐ ƃuıllɐɟ əq plnoɔ plɹoʍ əloɥʍ əɥʇ 'uɐəɯ ı ˙ƃuıɥʇʎɹəʌə ʇnoqɐ sʎnƃ pəxɐləɹ ʇsoɯ əɥʇ əɹəʍ ʎəɥʇ ˙ʇı uo ʎlodouoɯ ɐ pɐɥ ʎəɥʇ əsnɐɔəq looɔ əq oʇ ƃuıoƃ ɹəʌəu sɐʍ ı ʇɐɥʇ pəuɹɐəl ı 'səlʇɐəq əɥʇ punoɹɐ ƃuıəq ʇnq" ˙sllɐɔəɹ əɥ "'ɹəʌəɹoɟ pɐɥ əʌɐɥ ʇɥƃıɯ ı looɔ ɟo əɔuɐlqɯəs ɹəʌəʇɐɥʍ pəʎoɹʇsəp ɥɔıɥʍ ,'¡əɔɐɟ ɹnoʎ ɥsɐʍ puɐ ɥʇəəʇ ɹnoʎ ɥsnɹq oʇ ʇəƃɹoɟ ʇ,uop, 'ʇno pəlləʎ 'uoıɥsɐɟ ɹəɥʇoɯ ɥsıʍəɾ ənɹʇ uı 'ɹəɥʇoɯ ʎɯ 'əsnoɥ əɥʇ ɟo ʇno ʇuəʍ ı sɐ" ˙ʍoɥs əɥʇ oʇ ɯıɥ əʞɐʇ oʇ əɯoɥ s,uıəʇsuıəʍ əpısʇno dn pəllnd sɹəɟɟɐʇs əlddɐ ɟo llnɟ əuısnoɯıl ɐ 'ʇɹəɔuoɔ ʇıɟəuəq ɥsəpɐlƃuɐq əɥʇ ɟo ʎɐp əɥʇ "˙ɹɐɔ ʎɯ ɟo ʞɔɐq əɥʇ uı ɥʇoq ɯəɥʇ pɐɥ ı puɐ 'uoʇdɐlɔ ɔıɹə ɥʇıʍ uı ʍəlɟ oɥʍ 'ʇɥƃıu əuo ʇɹodɹıɐ əɥʇ ʇɐ uouuəl dn ƃuıʞɔıd ɹəqɯəɯəɹ ı ,˙ɥsəpɐlƃuɐq ɹoɟ ʇɹəɔuoɔ əɥʇ, ʇɐ əƃɐʇsʞɔɐq ƃuıʞɹoʍ 'spɹoɔəɹ ʇno ƃuılıɐɯ 'punoɹɐ səxoq ƃuıʎɹɹɐɔ -- əuop əq oʇ pəpəəu ʇɐɥʇ ƃuıɥʇʎɹəʌə pıp ı" ˙əɯ ploʇ uıəʇsuıəʍ "'əlddɐ ʇɐ qoɾ ɐ ʇəƃ əɯ pədləɥ ʎəɥʇ os 'ssəuısnq ʍoɥs uı əldoəd ʍəuʞ sɹəuʍo əsoɥʍ 'ʇəəɹʇs ɥʇ74 uo ʇuɐɹnɐʇsəɹ ɐʌouɐllıʌ əɥʇ ʇɐ ʎpoqəɯos ʍəuʞ ɯoɯ ʎɯ" ˙ɐuɐʌɹıu sɐʍ ʇı 'sɯɐəɹp pooʍʎlloɥ ɟo llnɟ 'uɐɟ səlʇɐəq plo-ɹɐəʎ-61 ɐ ɹoɟ ˙ʇɹodɹıɐ əɥʇ ʇɐ uouuəl dn ƃuıʞɔıd puɐ ʎəuʇɹɐɔɔɯ ɹoɟ spuɐɹɹə ƃuıuunɹ pəʌloʌuı qoɾ sıɥ ɟo ʇɥƃılɥƃıɥ əɥʇ ˙əɔıɟɟo ʞɹoʎ ʍəu ,spɹoɔəɹ əlddɐ ʇɐ pəʞɹoʍ əɥ 'ɹəƃɐuəəʇ pəɯoʇʇoq-lləq 'pəɹıɐɥ-ƃuol 'ʎuuıʞs ɐ sɐʍ uıəʇsuıəʍ uəɥʍ 's0791 ʎlɹɐə puɐ s0691 əʇɐl əɥʇ uı ʞɔɐq ˙əlɔɹıɔ llnɟ ƃuıɯoɔ ɟo ʇuəlɐʌınbə əɥʇ sɐʍ ʇɔəɾoɹd səlʇɐəq ɐ ɥʇıʍ pəʌloʌuı ƃuıəq 'oıɹɐsəɹdɯı ɯlıɟ uɐɹəʇəʌ əɥʇ ɹoɟ ˙lɐuosɹəd əɹoɯ sɐʍ -- loodɹəʌıl punoɹɐ puɐ uı ƃuıʇooɥs ʍou -- ɯlıɟ əɥʇ ɟo uoıʇısınbɔɐ əɥʇ 'uıəʇsuıəʍ ʎəʌɹɐɥ ɹoɟ ʇnq "˙səlɔsnɯ ʇsıɹʍ əɥʇ ɹoɟ pooƃ ˙əɯıʇ əɥʇ llɐ ˙op ı" ƃuıppɐ 'ʇı ɟɟo əƃpə əɥʇ səʞɐʇ uɥoɾ 'səlƃƃıƃ ɟo punoɹ ɐ sʇəƃ əɥ ɹəʇɟɐ "¿ɟləsɯıɥ ɥʇıʍ" :spuodsəɹ ʎləʇɐıpəɯɯı uouuəl "˙ooʇ sʎɐld lnɐd" 'sʎɐs puəıɹɟ əɥʇ ˙ɹɐʇınƃ ɐ ɥʇıʍ pəɯɹɐ əɯoɔ s,oɥʍ 'ƃuolɐ lnɐd ʇɥƃnoɹq sɐɥ puəıɹɟ ɐ 'llɐɥ ɥɔɹnɥɔ s,ɹəʇəd ˙ʇs ʇɐ lɐsɹɐəɥəɹ uəɯʎɹɹɐnb ɐ ʇɐ 'ʇəəɯ ʇsɹıɟ ʎəuʇɹɐɔɔɯ lnɐd puɐ uouuəl uəɥʍ ˙ʇıʍ ɔıʇsnɐɔ puɐ əʌıɹp ɔıʇsıʇɹɐ s,uouuəl ƃuıɹnʇdɐɔ 'ʎəʞ ʇɥƃıɹ əɥʇ uı ɯəɥʇ sʎɐld sʎɐʍlɐ ʇnq ʎƃoloɥʇʎɯ səlʇɐəq ʎlɹɐə ɯoɹɟ sʇuəɯoɯ pıʌıʌ ʇsoɯ əɥʇ ɟo ʇsoɥ ɐ sɐɥ 'pɐəɹ əʌ,ı ɥɔıɥʍ 'ʇdıɹɔs əɥʇ ˙ʎpoq sıɥ uı əuoq ssəlɥʇnɹ ɐ ʇnoɥʇıʍ ʇnq snoıʇıqɯɐ ʎlplıʍ 'lnɟlnos ʎlƃuıɥɔɐ ʇnq ʇɹɐɯs 'ɔıʇsɐɔɹɐs ʎlƃuıʇıq ʇnq əʌıʇısuəs -- dɯɐɔs ƃunoʎ ɐ sɐ ʇsıʇɹɐ pəlqɐɟ əɥʇ ɟo ʇıɐɹʇɹod lɐʇuəɯıʇuəsun ʎlƃuıɔɐɹq ɐ sɹəɟɟo 'pɹıɐq ɐılnɾ 'ɹəʇsıs-ɟlɐɥ s,uouuəl ʎq ɹıoɯəɯ ɐ uo pəsɐq ɥƃlɐɥuəəɹƃ ʇʇɐɯ ʎq uəʇʇıɹʍ 'ʇdıɹɔs əɥʇ ˙sədoɥ ɥƃıɥ ɹoɟ əsnɐɔ sɐʍ 'loodɹəʌıl uı sɹɐəʎ əƃɐuəəʇ snonʇlnɯnʇ s,uouuəl uɥoɾ ʇnoqɐ əlɐʇ əƃɐ-ɟo-ƃuıɯoɔ ɐ "'ʎoq əɹəɥʍou" pəɹınbɔɐ pɐɥ ˙oɔ uıəʇsuıəʍ əɥʇ ʇɐɥʇ ʞəəʍ ʇsɐl sʍəu əɥʇ 'suɐɟ səlʇɐəq sn ɟo llɐ ɹoɟ 9002 '42 ɥɔɹɐɯ səɯıʇ sələƃuɐ sol uıəʇsploƃ ʞɔıɹʇɐd ʎq ˙sɹɐəʎ səlʇɐəq-əɹd s,uouuəl uɥoɾ ʇnoqɐ ,'ʎoq əɹəɥʍou, ƃuıɹınbɔɐ ʎq əlɔɹıɔ llnɟ səɯoɔ ɹəɟoƃ əɯıʇ-əuo s,ʎəuʇɹɐɔɔɯ lnɐd uɐɯ ,əɹəɥʍou, 'uıəʇsuıəʍ ʎəʌɹɐɥ ¡əɯ oʇ sʍəu s,ʇı zoɔ, ¿¿noʎ oʇ sʍəu sıɥʇ sı ¡sʎnƃ 'ʎəɥ ˙˙˙pıɐs snoɯʎuouɐ

əɔuıʌ sʞuɐɥʇ

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Which of these scenarios do you find more plausible?

1. Beginning in the 1920's, Hollywood movie stars and celebrities flocked to Laurel Canyon to engage in black magick and witchcraft and to await the arrival of their lord and saviour Charlie Manson 45 years later.

2. Beginning in the 1920's Hollywood movie stars and celebrities flocked to Laurel Canyon for the relative privacy and luxurious surroundings. In the 1960's a psychotic drifter and wannabe celebrity named Charlie Manson tried to worm his way into that world, and when rejected, ordered killings part ritualistic and part old style mafia retribution.

If you answered #1, you're either extremely paranoid, a lunatic or both.

If you answered #2, how does it feel to be on planet earth?

Anonymous said...


EliasCrowe said...

Anonymous said...
"I was told a few times..."

By whom?


Anonymous said...

OMG this taking forever

EliasCrowe said...

Is it good to go so far with PID?

Individuals like iamaphoney and MilesDeo claim to have what I would call special evidence.

The rest of us have whatever has been released in many forms of media. Some have private conversations with those who claim to have special evidence.

Which do you think is more likely to be "the proof" that Paul McCartney died in 1966?

Do not worry yourself trying to know what happened. If you look at the Beatles' albums and listen to their songs and you think to yourself "Paul is Dead" - do you really need clarification via special evidence?

By my own opinion ~ I think you should look towards Macca for clarification.


>>1. McCartney would know if he had died in 1966.

>>2. McCartney's replacement would know if the real Paul died in 1966.

Whichever road you choose, I wish you well. I haven't much more to say about it.

Anonymous said...

still on schedule?

Anonymous said...

"Individuals like iamaphoney and MilesDeo claim to have what I would call special evidence."

Claim being the key word.

Confucius say: "Man who boast about big dick, is actually one himself."

Anonymous said...

The above Confucius comment wasn't necessarily meant for Miles.

twin leaks.... said...

mikey is back at it again. now twin peaks has clues


Anonymous said...

To the guy with the 'two scenarios' ,
Dude, NEITHER of those are right!
Read that guys LAUREL CANYON stuff!

I know, I know.... it's a LOT OF READING, BUT....
it goes far beyond Mr. Charlie!
If you have to, change the font size on it. His 'old style' can give ya' a bit of a head-ache.
Plus, it's FUNNY!
DID YOU KNOW, that when Gail Zappa was in kindergarden, she hit Jim Morrison in the head with a hammer! This was when they were both living on the army base in Florida!
AND, Jim's DAD was busing actually STARTING the Vietnam War!!!!!
Cool, huh?
Like I said, it goes FAR BEYOND CHARLIE!
check it out!


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