Friday, May 23, 2008

What's Inside

I don't know what the phrase "What's Inside" means, but it has appeared on one of Iamaphoney's alias channels.

It's going to require a side by side comparison or a memory better than mine to determine the significance of this "new" video from the johnIennon channel.

The Beatles - Real Love

If that one doesn't do it for you, we have something that ain't Iamaphoney, but at least it is new. From Grandfatheraleister we have 15 - The Black Rose in Wonderland


Anonymous said...

i've always wondered about the abbey road sandals/barefoot paul pic @ 2:12 of the real love vid;

it draws so much attention to itself, in a nudge-nudge wink-wink sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Odd how Paul is wearing sandals in some of the pictures that weren't used. Maybe they were edited out of the picture (his left foot looks odd to me).

Anonymous said...

At 2:34 of the Real Love video, Paul is playing guitar right-handed. Oops.

Anonymous said...

Vince, here.

On the "Alice"/"Walrus" tip, I'm surprised none of these vid wiz kids have used the speech Matt Damon said at the beginning of "Dogma"!

Not the biggest Kevin Smith fan, but I found that movie to be a lot of fun,
.......... and yet, IAMAPHONY & the 'others' are doing exactly what the Walrus & the carpenter were doing....

I'm still gonna "Think For Myself".

mojollikins said...

“It seems a shame,” the Walrus said,
“To play them such a trick,
After we’ve brought them out so far,
And made them trot so quick!”
The Carpenter said nothing but
“The butter’s spread too thick!”

Personally, I don't like oysters. But if I were a walrus I would definitely think this trick is a lovely one, after all it does preserve the flesh. A terrorized prey makes a terrible meal, what with all the corticosteroids. yakkk, the come-on isn't about me. it's about my flesh.

mojollikins said...

I want to share a kick-ass song, whether you have heard it or not,it's from my heart!
Mojo LLikins

Anonymous said...

Funny you mention THE GIANTS and 'sumblinenality':

I bought their 'kiddie' album, "Here Come The A B C's", and there's a track called, "Can You Find It?"
They sing, "Can you find the D."
and , "Can you find the W."

, they finally ask, "Can you find the M."

Whether or not this was intentional, I don't know, but, when I heard it, it was all I could think about.

Maybe it wasn't meant for kids, but THE PARENTS of the kids who enjoyed this recording.
I understand kids like listening to the same thing again and again. I know I did.

Maybe I'm giving them more credit then THEY deserve.

Who knows,

mojollikins said...

Well I don't know about that, but Subliminal is one of a string of songs of it's kind that tmbg (where your eyes don't go, a self called nowhere, put your hand inside the puppet head,working undercover for the man)came up with. I just thought that Subliminal was a particularly upbeat take on a heavy subject, and it makes me feel jolly to listen to it. Therefore I thought I would share my joy with the folks I like. TMBG has that gift.
By the way they have an instrumental named "Ram On"

See how I tied that up in a neat little bundle.

Also, about Paul playing upside-down and backwards. I also play left handed but that doesn't mean I can't play the other way ever, in fact I try all the time, for fun, just to get a different point of view. The thing is, I cannot see the way the guitar is strung.

Anonymous said...

Mojo, you cannot see the way the guitar is strung, but you can see the pickguard. The pickguard is above the soundhole as if a leftie were playing it, the picture is reversed.
For some reason, this happens more often with pictures of lefties then righties. This happens a lot to pictures of Hendrix and Albert King as well.

mojollikins said...

to anonymous...oh, yeah.

and also the instrumental...well it's a coven of Ram On and they said they chickened out on the lyrics....

Anonymous said...


in a soft voice

"They did a cover of "Savoy Truffle", too."

mojollikins said...

In a soft voice? um, do I aggravate you papi? lol

anyway yeah I saw that too.

Anonymous said...

No. not at all.
I was thinking of that scene from "Family Guy", when Peter says, "I liked "The Money Pit"!"

And Chris says, in a soft voice, "I like that movie, too."

It's such a cute, throw-away line, and so funny, that I tried to imitate it.

mojollikins said...


Anonymous said...

The movie "They Might Be Giants" is pretty awesome as well, and PID-related in that the main character is a psychotic paranoid who questions reality. Rating: 7.2/10 on IMDB!

mojollikins said...

They made a movie about me? TMBG get out of my BRAIN!!
oh that reminds me...

Cage And Aquarium
By: They Might Be Giants
Copyright: 1988

Somebody's reading your mind
Damned if you know who it is
They're digging through all of your files
Stealing back your best ideas
You cover your windows with lead
Even keeping the pets outside

Then you hear, a moment too late,
This sound coming over the phone:

This is the spawning of the cage and aquarium
Don't wait a moment too soon
Used to be different
Now you're the same
Yawn as your plane goes down in flames

This is the spawning of the cage and aquarium
Don't wait a moment too soon
Used to be different
Now you're the same
Yawn as your plane goes down in flames

Homophones rule!