Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Video - logical spacemen

The one from GEORGEHARRlSON comes with a cypher.

logical spacemen


MikeNL said...

Where is the song from?
something like:
your mama is crawling she wants you back again???
i can't find lyrics ANYWHERE

Anonymous said...


It's a shift cypher. The decoded message is:




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So, the next level of this virtual reality GAME is set to begin. What fun.

MikeNL said...

oh shut up about the GAME and ARG stuff... it annoys me, and i'm prob. gonna kill the one who started using the ARG word

okay not kill, just a very good word : ]

Anonymous said...

you are full of it, mikenl.

Tafultong said...

MikeNL said...

Where is the song from?

It is an unreleased McCartney song called 1882.


Tafultong said...

Nice job on the cypher. Poe would have been proud.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the cipher. Of course, when you work for the team that created the cipher, it's not so tricky.

Anonymous said...

I don't work for them. I just know how to google for cypher decoders.

IAAP & Co. clearly do not want this to end anytime soon; what would be the point of posting a solution to a cypher just minutes after the video that had contained it?

I do find it interesting that Mike has been trying to nudge things along over on NIR:

what about reflecting the rest of the pepper drum nobody else did that except for iamaphoney and some others.. i NEVER saw discussion about other possible pepper drum mirroring
there is this video of iamaphoney where you can see in red written letters:
He Died 9-11-1966
and then mirrored in 4 ways

what about that.. double mirroring

okay enough putting you all in the right direction

Funny that he's playing smart after playing dumb so long.

Anonymous said...

Paul McCartney - unreleased - 1972

Good morning, young master, it's 1882
Your mother is hungry, what will you do?
There is bread in the kitchen of the big house upstairs
But I warn you, don't take it from them

Na na na na, du du, du du, na na du
You'll be tarred, you'll be feathered, you'll be hung like a ham
And I warn you, don't do it, young man

Your mother is calling, she wants you by the bed
So get up, young master, go shake your sleepy head
"Darling son, I am dying, and I leave it to you
I'm leaving, tell me, what did I do?"

Du du du, du du du, du du du, du du du
I'm dying, tell me, what did I do?"

Boy, he steals the bread, now that's enough, and heads for the door
Man, he hears him coming, "Boy, you won't be running no more"
Boy, he gets arrested and the case is tested that day
Judge, he guilty makes him and the jailer takes him away

Du du du du, du du du du du, du du du du
Du du du du, du du du, du du du du du du
Good night to the outlaw, but you want to be free
Good morning, oh, it's late, too late again

Anonymous said...

The nudging by Mikey (and others) reminds me of the parlour magician who can't perform his card trick if the audience member (in this case, 65if) doesn't react as planned. The magician then has to rely on his shills to force the desired result while making it appear as though there was no outside involvement. What a waste of time. IAAP would have been better off creating another fake account, then pretending to be the person who found the case and discover the proper clues. And Mikey, when IAAP hid the fake Mal Evans briefcase and left clues for people to trek all over the country to retreive it, he was playing a game. If so and so knew who really killed Kennedy, they wouldn't create YouTube video series including a scavenger hunt with clues to the murderer's identity hidden in the bushes. Imagine if it were you. A high-ranking Beatle insider tells you he knows for certain Paul died. Would you take that staggering information and proceed to record original Beatle-inspired trance tracks and create multiple bogus McCartney YouTube sites to draw in viewers? Instead of calling on the media to tell the story, would you enlist a high school kid to interview you for an audience of YouTubers who are mostly already PID believers? It's a game, and that's cool. And you're hardly one to talk about what is or isn't annoying when you've already assured everyone the interview would take place April 10th with 100% certainty and by the end of April with 100% certainty.

Anonymous said...

O yeah, and another thing, about the phoney team expanding, more people getting aboard during the series, that angle: it occured to me that it was prob. suggested to add to the enigma, so the first video was made to look soemwhat amateur on purpose, adding more and more allure on the way, again look at the l1ly girl 15, same diference right there. So you were meant to get that idea.

Anonymous said... is that the story behind all those "LILY" clues? we're supposed to see a connection between the "L1LY HEARTS" club band and "LONELYGIRL15"?


Anonymous said...

the funny thing is i have never heard that demo
only a bad one with just piano.
where is the source of this fully intrumented version?

he Changed said...


I CAN'T FIND IT - only the demo and a live Wings..
but not the one phony uses?
where did he get that?