Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nothing Is Real Forum

The Nothing Is Real forum is down at the moment. It is possible that the data center of the host server had a fire. Let's hope that this problem is resolved quickly because the NIR forum is one of the best resources for information and insights on all Paul Is Dead theories.

All appears to be quiet at Iamaphoney land as well. The "schedule" on the Iamaphoney YouTube Channel said:
8002 edisni s`tahw

It appears that "what's inside 2008" was simply a statement on the channel of the Iamaphoney alias johnIennon which has since been replaced by the word "bea†les®" If there was anything else to "What's Inside," I didn't find it. Now, I guess we will see if the June 1, 2008 listing is for the McCartney Liverpool concert only or if there will be some Iamaphoney activity as well.

For those suffering from NIR withdrawal, grandfatheraleister has come through with 3 new videos:

20 George Harrison
21 Lucy in the Sky with Paul
22 But She Called Herself Lil

Let's Rock Car Stall from Joshblue33


Anonymous said...


A gee-whiz look at a few examples of non-PID reverse speech.

joshblue/gramps' latest vids remind me a little bit of NIR user iameye's posts...interesting while tangential.

mojollikins said...

OK, so it really looks to me like GFA's slant on PID is summing up the fiasco to include the possibility of a manufactured group,(which has been alluded to by Paul McCartney), for a deliberate purpose (the corruption of youth in a widespread, methodical way). In the word of my street bud "T": "SHit's deep out ther'" Of course, each circle of thought always seems to bring me around to the same thing: Whatever is going on with the Beatle's and thier friends, there must be connections to a greater power, whatever or whoever that might be. I am not in the frame of mind to go into what I am inclined to believe at this time...
HOWEVER, I did want to comment on the DIANA DORS/Temple/Baby Eating Walrus tangent. I noticed that there is a Maltese cross that stands out better in the mirror image on either side of the "temple entrance". Taf, I have to hand it to you, this is a really trippy connection you have made, and I am almost certain that it is very important. It is late however and I will pick up on this later as I am microsleeping at the wheel.

mojollikins said...

Well, I couldn't go to bed without checking out JB33's vid...and I agree as muchas I can (not being all that familiar with iameye)...but I think JB33 may dwell on what he/she considers to be key points in order to enhance the overall effect of his/her theory....well ...let's rock...I mean, let's hope.

lol tangent must be the word of the day...

Anonymous said...

Vince here,

It's the "I don't care." moment that affects me.
Now, how am I being conditioned here?

Isn't like Kubrick:

"They're not trying to SCARE us,
they're trying to WARN us."

How can you TRAIN a mind to "QUESTION EVERYTHING"?
And, if you could, why would you?

Nick Burton said...

Hello Tef, Nick here, I posted a few days ago RE: Macca's biography. I'm getting it tomorrow so will update you then. In the mean time, I thought all you here might have a look at all the references there are in "Free As A Bird" - All realated to Paul Is Dead in the songs. Very clever synching.

I also have another book I want you to read, I'll be happy to send it.

Anonymous said...

Vince here.
Just looked at Mike's YouTube channel, and he's got a SGT. Pepper parody, but it's too small to see who's on it.
Can anybody enlarge it?

Tafultong said...


He was working with some people at NIR on a Sgt. Pepper musical project that I think they were releasing today on the 41st anniversary of the original.