Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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The Cleveland Leader reported that Paul McCartney would like to have a "Celebratory Funeral." Apparently he wasn't happy with his first one.

Iamaphoney provided the lyrics to the song "Harmless Game" on the new Rotten Apple Forum. Shaggily, it is an interesting choice.

Harmless Game by Iamaphoney

say half of them who works this out never heard that we
say half of them who works this out never heard that we
say half of them who works this out never heard of that riddle
it gave me luxury and all we fear in us
man I´m singing now for my fear - will Paul re-live
shaggily if someone - that is reality
sad for the endless luck you never heard of that riddle
that they make up nasty names and all we fear
is sad for the harmless game
they gave me luxury and all we fear

It gives me luxury to express that if you play the song backwards, you will hear the lyrics to the Paul McCartney composition "Come and Get It" from the famous Magic Christian Soundtrack album. It is pretty amazing that Iamaphoney can create these songs this way. had a picture of the Beatles Liverpool Garden Sculpture minus the headless Ringo.

They also were picking on him for his failure to sign autographs for some obnoxious people, one of whom stuck a Sgt. Pepper album in his face.

And as most of you probably know, the Rotten Apple threads at the "Nothing Is Real" forum have been punished for getting too nasty. You can still access them by scrolling to the bottom of the main page to the "other stuff" section. Click on "The Rotten Apple" and type the password "rotten". There you will find, among other things, the infamous "Rotten Apple 2" thread started by Bill (aka Iamaphoney) on November 27, 2006. It started with a link to the second installment of the Rotten Apple series and is still going strong with 4,921 replies and 89,008 views as I write this. Some people have observed that some of the replies don't directly relate to the second Rotten Apple video.

UPDATE: Nothing official about it, but a fan has produced a nice mirrored version of "Dance Tonight (Instrumental)."


Anonymous said...

I dont hear "Come And Get It" after reversing it. The structure can pass, but Harmless Game backwards is sounds like nothing backwards.

I've isolated both tracks, done everything I can to try to hear that, but it is just gibberish (besides 1 or 2 parts which if you really stretch you mind you might be able to hear something like "sgt pepper" or "play it forwards")..

Please explain.

Anonymous said...

The Rotten Apple 2 Thread should be kept alive. The IAAP worshippers who are quick to lash out against anyone and everyone who has something slightly negative to say about IAAP and his game (slightly negative being a serious understatement) should be banned from posting in said thread. Its seems to have been a collective pattern at NIR to think that 1 or 2 or more members there are in on the game.

MikeNL said...

ummmm, when you reverse it, after 44 seconds is the long outro played forward but then it starts with:

hurry, cause it's going fast
if you want it want it , here it is.. come and get it, make your mind go fast. if you want it any time, i can give it but you better hurry but it may not last (sunny)

you can hear Harmless Game backwards as Come and get it backwards on the rotten apple album on NIR

No said...
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Anonymous said...



play it forward. gibberish

gibberish hum, hum, hum, it makes your mind go fast.

play it forward. gibberish gibberish gibberish gibberish gibberish gibberish gibberish go fast.

You're hearing what u want to hear?

MikeNL said...

yeah, right.. or you cant hear the structure of how the words are said!

doing proper pronounciation in backwards mode is hard, doing it in both backwards & forwards is even harder. i still can clearly sing to the song and hear it ok.

mojollikins said...
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mojollikins said...

Shaggily, it is an interesting choice...It gives me luxury to express that if you play the song backwards...

as always Taf, your comments bring me laughter.

I checked out the NiR thing, and whoa, I guess I knew that somewhere folks might be getting that passionate, er, yeah, but it really is a new and interesting source of links/information. Just gotta skip through the hoopla.

I really hope this place doesn't get too uptight. People have opinions, different methods of collating and processing information. But, come on, it's THE INTERNET. I mean if you don't like it you can, not read it, right? But whatever.
So, could you please tell me when the last time anyone had contact with iiap? Obviously, he was posting fairly regularly in NiR but to sort through that mountain of info...seems daunting. so if anyone knows, please share. Thanks and Goodnight.;);););););)

Tafultong said...

The only way that I can qualify it is to say that "Harmless Game" is as close as Iamaphoney could get when trying to sing semi-intelligible lyrics forward to make them sound like the lyrics to "Come and Get It" backwards.

So "gibberish hum, hum, hum, it makes your mind go fast" is an approximation of "Here it is, come and get it, make your mind up fast."

You might not hear it, but I am fairly certain that this was Iamaphoney's intention. In my opinion, he did this most successfully on "He Was My Brother/Free As A Bird" but I still find "Harmless Game" pretty impressive.

I understand that 99% of backwards lyrics heard in the Beatles music is rather dubious. I encourage you to seek out some of those Beatles Backward Masking videos on YouTube that were the inspiration for some of the early Rotten Apple videos. Talk about a stretch! For some reason the person who did them heard the words "Sleepy Red Moose" repeated in more than one backwards Beatles' song. Some of the other interpretations of backwards lyrics are laugh out loud funny.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mojollikin's last comment.

Vince here,
No matter where 'the answer' takes us, it's important to laugh.

I remember when "The Rutles" TV show came out in '78. Some Beatle fans HATED it.
I also remember how neutered "Rutles 2" was. With John dead, and George, either sick or dying at the time, It looked like everyone was not 'in the mood' to make fun of The Beatles.
I also recall Eric Idle saying that he had heard that Paul didn't find the first one all that funny, but that Linda LOVED it!
I think all of us HERE know, laughter is the best medicine.

Anonymous said...

re: backmasking the beatles on youtube, clips i found awesome were those by user called fightfirewithsnow, not all of them some are not awesome but the john lennon one and beatles are

Tafultong said...

Sleepy Red Moose

Zakk said...

HOLY SH!T! Ok, ill confess, these last few days I became disinterested with all things IAAP. I never downloaded the Paul is Dead album, until just now.

Of course the first thing I did was listen to the track I was always impressed with, called 'Elements say that grace took Paul'.

Out of kicks and grins I decided to reverse the ending of the song, to see if it "sounded" like anything... well, it does.

Forwards it sounds like the lyrics are "this is how for few there is no, elements(still sounds like neverless to me) say that grace took paul. Reversed it says "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, all good children [gibberish]"

sorry if this was already pointed out before, but I found it fascinating.

mojollikins said...

That is funny as hell, i had it in my mind to name my shop Sleepy Red Moose but it really sounds more like a coffeehouse...
also: Thank the smoke! Paul is Hare Krishna it seems, but will he be back as Superman? (no, a Krull, it seems) A bottle? No a Demon idol.
He Was My Brother/Free as A Bird is my very favorite, I catch myself singing it all the time and I have probably viewed it 20 times, maybe more. I believe this is is one of the most highly imaginative "tributes" that could be done. I dig it.
Also, strangely, I revisited the first 20 IIAP vids and they seemed different to me. I will revisit the rest of the series tonight, just to see all I have missed. I had forgotten how long those short vids can take with all the rewinding and freezing! lol. Good day all! and Thank you.

No said...

Zakk, you didn't hear "Paul is alive he is still with us"? Or something like that.

Anonymous said...

I have spoken with a connection at Apple Records. They were unaware of the series and have no interest one way or other. One of the reasons Iamaphoney detractors are curious that Apple has done nothing about seeking removal of pirated film footage is that Apple signs off on Beatles related product. EMI-Capitol would be the parent company to seek an injunction.

Zakk said...



Tafultong said...

I think when he does the forwards/backwards music, Iamaphoney makes compromises on both sides of the equation. So, if you listen forwards, there will be some unrecognizable words that only make sense when you turn them around; and when you listen the other way, only some backwards words are recognizable. That way there is enough accuracy in both directions that most of us will let our brains accept any inconsistencies that occur.

This idea might have sprung from the Christopher Glenn WNEW "Paul Is Dead" radio news special in 1969. He realized that even though the speaking at the end of "I'm So Tired" was gibberish, it was a forward voice recording. So he did an experiment where he took the "Paul is Dead, miss him, miss him miss him" phrase, spoke it into a tape recorder, played it backwards, and then tried to mimic the backwards voice. The forward voice sounded something like "Miss him, miss him, miss him, boy oh dead sea hole." The when he played it backwards, it came close to "Paul is dead now, miss him, miss him, miss him."

Iamaphoney has taken it a step further by trying to make it somewhat sensible in either direction, not only lyrically, but also musically. It is a monumental task and I think he does it amazingly well. It can't be perfect, but if most people recognize the song when it is played backwards, that is pretty impressive.

MikeNL said...

very agreed, tafultong :)

Anonymous said...

Call me old fashioned, but I tend to judge songs based on how they sound when played forward, not based on some reversal gimmick. And it is a palindromic gimmick, the musical equivalent of Criss Angel's illusions. Kind of cool, but ultimately cheesy and meaningless. Then again, I'd wager IAAP is kinda into Criss Angel.

Anonymous said...

IAAP has fulfilled his Beatle fantasy; he's not so much a truth-seeking PIDer as a publicity hound. Now, his followers are poring over his songs, playing them forward and backward looking for clues, just like fans did with Beatle albums. Next, he'll start dropping IAAP is Dead clues.

Tafultong said...

I am of the IAAP was replaced belief.

Nah, I'm looking at his work as a tribute to the mastery and mystery of the Beatles.

He has taken something that I love (the Beatles collectively and individually) and synthesized it into to something fresh and new. I love the videos and I would buy his music, but that does not make him equal to the Beatles for me. Still, Iamaphoney has sustained my interest with a quality product at a damn good price (Still $0.00 after more than a year!).

Of course, if he also turns out to be a pyromaniac and serial killer, I probably won't like him as much.