Monday, May 5, 2008

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The All Together Now Trailer.

It opens with three walking away in one direction while one walks away in the other to the sound of "Can You Take Me Back."

The DVD is scheduled for release on June 24, 2008.

A disturbing piece today with very little details about a security breach at Ringo Starr's London apartment.

In the comments, somebody mentioned that you never hear of threats of this nature against Paul McCartney, but I think that there have been some over the years. It would be hard to find them with a search engine because of all the Heather Mills ranting and the fact that the McCartney camp tends to keep these things quiet. If any crazy, violent people read this blog, please stay away from the surviving Beatles and their families!

In other news we have the usual Paul/Ringo reunion rumors. As much as I would like to see it, I think that the furor over Ringo's misinterpreted remarks earlier this year have made Liverpool not the most friendly place for Ringo right now. I'm from a working class town myself and I think he meant that once you go off to the big city and become a success, you don't really miss the Dingle. Give the guy a break. Liverpool is a great place and Ringo never suggested that it wasn't.


Anonymous said...

Interpol or some such entity foiled an elaborate attempt to storm McCartney's home to take Linda and the children hostage. This was in the early 80's as I recall.

Anonymous said...

There was also a mentally ill man who ran on to Paul's property last year. This is only what gets reported of course. I'm fairly certain it happens all the time. To ex-Beatles and Uma Thurman alike.

pmc27 said...’s-home/

And I remember that an intruder filmed a bit of Macca´s house a year or two ago. The video was in YouTube for a while.

What is the All Together Now trailer?
Trailer of what?

Tafultong said...

Thanks for the examples. I knew they were out there.

In response to pmc27's question, "All Together Now" is a documentary on the making of "Love," the Cirque Du Soleil show.

Anonymous said...

I like to meet Ringo, he must be the most happy guy in the world


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think Jude/Queen of Cosmania knows who iamaphoney is. Just a hunch.

mojollikins said...

Published: 07 May 2008
A BURGLAR who died after breaking into Ringo Starr’s apartment block was named last night.

Guards caught Edward Sharman, 32, sneaking into the 67-year-old ex-Beatle’s pad in Chelsea, West London.

They held the prolific burglar to await cops but he collapsed in custody and died days later in hospital on April 30.

The police complaints watchdog is probing the death. An inquest is due to open tomorrow.

Well, let's see where this inquest goes. I am relieved to find something.
I didn't want to say anything before but because of those Fireman posts, and the iamaphoney connection wierdness and the strange absence of iamaphoney/alias posts this attack made me nervous. Strange days indeed.

pmc27 said...

Thanks tafultong.