Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Illuminati Schilluminati!

Two new videos from grandfatheraleister

13 - Eyes Wide Paul #1

14 - Eyes Wide Paul #2-LONG

Three new videos from joshblue33

10 - Sinsinawa #1

11 - Sinsinawa #2

12 - Sinsinawa #3

I'm not at all comfortable with the serial killer satanist angle in all this, but it doesn't make sense to ignore it either.

So, for the Sinsinawa fans, here is a picture of Mal Evans with Ringo Starr at Wembley. They are at a concert by Marc Bolan and T-Rex. The concert was being filmed for the movie "Born To Boogie," which was directed by Ringo. The picture is from Beatlefan Issue #155 from July-August 2005. It's not the greatest scan, but check out the button Mal is wearing.

The next picture is a screen capture from the Ringo Starr movie "Blindman." That's Mal Evans and Allen Klein in the opening minutes of the film just before they get blown up.

This next one is for mojollikins who put the Robert Anton Wilson link in the comments. You do realize that Fronds is Fnords spelled sideways, right?

Here is a link to that Chelsea Flower Show article. It has a couple pictures from the "Life to Life" exhibit which honors the memory of George Harrison.

Finally, Ringo played the Pope in the movie Lisztomania.

In Liztomania, composer Richard Wagner is portrayed as Adolf Hitler, the Frankenstein Monster and the Anti-Christ. This capture is of a ritual being performed Wagner's Castle.

Both pictures link to the YouTube video.

I think I will be sleeping with the lights on tonight.

UPDATE: We have a new video from SolesGirlRachelTwo, who has a considerable fan following among PID enthusiasts.
Paul Is Dead: A 'House Of Wax' Clue


Anonymous said...

Aw man don't drag Mal into the smiley face killers stuff. The smiley face is the ultimate symbol of the 70's. It was on every poster and t-shirt...along with and "keep on truckin'" and "I'm with stupid" craze. It's no big shock that it wound up on That 70's Show and the poster for Dazed and Confused too. When you think of the 70's...you think of the smiley face and the phrase that was always next to it "have a nice day". Did'nt your 5th grade teacher ever draw a smiley face on a good test for ya?

Tafultong said...

I don't know what you are talking about.
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

ewwww, you're not over 40.

Vince, here.
Yeah, the smiley face , and "Have A Happy Day" was iconic for people my age. I will be 41 on Nov. 1st.

So, I tried to read the rest of the big 65if fight, and it won't let me read it.


Tafultong said...

Hi Vince,

The Rotten Apples have been ordered to stand in the corner at "Nothing Is Real." I think it was an extremely reasonable reaction by the moderators. I am actually surprised by their tolerance.

Just scroll down to "other stuff" and select "The Rotten Apple." It requires the password "rotten." Then just follow the smell...

Anonymous said...

Vince here,

Hey, thanks.

I know, it's like wanting to watch "Jerry Springer", but, It's a PID Jerry Springer!


Tafultong said...

Please note that MikeNL and Jude have created their own Rotten Apple Forum. You will find links to it in the Essential Links section of my blog and at "Nothing is Real."

mojollikins said...

hello all, as for the links, I submitted them because they follow my train of thought, i am not sure that my thoughts are going to jive with others, i never am, is anyone? where several people have extensive collections of beatles items, i depend on them to point out their interests. though i,too, spent many of my early years, (my parents ran some bars) sitting behind the booths between the speakers poring over albums, noting writers, producers, lyrics, album art and their artists. so i may have something to offer and i may not. all i know is this is great fun for me still.
Finally, as for the illuminati/freemason/satanic refs. I have encountered since a young age the connections in the albums with real life people who are involved in these behaviors. some of them i chalked off as creeps mostly because my young mind really hated the thought of my good time peppered with the diabolical overtones. but as i matured i found that they were unavoidable. to what extent and to what aim is my concern. when i was 15, i read illuminatus! and it began to make sense. if you want to know why, ask me. now, 15 or so years later it continues to make sense. that said, nothing is true, everything is permissable. :P
as for this 65if fight, i have purposely been careful of blogs in i participate (this is the only one) because it is important to me to discuss these things where others are down to earth about their experiences (which is why i come back). i have been tempted to check out the 65if thing...i guess i will.

Anonymous said...

I think milesdeo might have put them in panic mode!

Hope they have fun hoarding up their secrets from everyone over there as well.

THUMBS DOWN TO MIKEY, JUDE & ALL YOUR PATHETIC CO-CONSPIRATORS. you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

cool clip from the ringo movie, i didnt know that movie and now i can watch it all on youtube thank you; in the scene with naked women why do the children have shirts with wingslogo =W= ?

Tafultong said...


Yes, thanks for those links, and for the clarification of the missing link. I still think it was an interesting coincidence that you gave the one link which led to an article about "Fnords" and then I checked out the most recent Beatles News headlines and the top one used the word "Fronds."

It reminded me that the guy who played a vampire in a ton American movies was named Bela and the guy who played a vampire in a ton of Spanish movies was named Abel. Evil seems to love patterns like that.

Anonymous said...

Evil, if it exists in some supernatural form, wouldn't manifest in goofy dracula movies and the obvious places for all to recognize, fear, and reject. The evil would be the kind old woman selling Avon; you know, the place you least expect.

Anonymous said...


stream of consciousness leads to...








...all of them illuminati? or just inspired by old egyptian/nazi design? LOL

Anonymous said...

dont forget mcdonalds upside down! :)

champagneorslimfast said...

That =W= on the shirt stands for Wagner. Just Ken Russell's way of showing that Wagner had a big fan following (see also: the giant T's / crosses in "Tommy").

Tafultong said...

Ken Russell did the critically acclaimed "Women In Love" and then fell out of favor with projects like "The Devils," based on the Aldous Huxley novel (yes, I am obligated to make the Sgt. Pepper connection) and Lisztomania. Then he came back with "Altered States."

Another Russell film, "Crimes of Passion" got panned, but I think it has one great chilling scene in it, where psycho Anthony Perkins willingly gives his victim a chance to plunge a knife into him.

mojollikins said...

Evil, if it exists in some supernatural form, wouldn't manifest in goofy dracula movies and the obvious places for all to recognize, fear, and reject.

ha ha ha the hell it wouldn't, baby.

that's kinda like saying truth wouldn't manifest itself in a comedy routine.

mojollikins said...

or a smiley face wouldn't manifest itself at a crime scene.

mojollikins said...

...all of them illuminati? or just inspired by old egyptian/nazi design? LOL

obviously knowing the difference is the key. now how would we differentiate...

mojollikins said...

not sure how to navigate the NIR site...go figure but iam really in a hurry..

yes, taf, i tried to read the article you linked and my comp went to sleep, that was strange. anyway i will try again when i get back. it looks really interesting, thanks.

gotta go now,though!

Anonymous said...

His last words were: 'I am perplexed. Sometimes I hate myself.' It was
a pathetic end for the devil's disciple.

^ short bio of crowley, told me all i wanted to know

http://www.hyperextra.com/Music/Let%20it%20Beast/ <- mashup of beastie boys and beatles: let it beast

Anonymous said...

My point is that Dracula novels and smiley faces are not intrinsically evil; they are just things; and the ideas taken from or associated with them are the work of individuals. If evil can manifest everywhere, than so can goodness. Who is to say that God's goodness cannot also manifest in Dracula movies and smiley faces? In the same way, the pentagram or five-sided figure is merely geometry, though it can represent something else to certain occultists. It is pure superstition to imagine that the number 666 (or any other number) is a living entity and evil (as occultists believe), particularly if that wasn't even the intended number.

Anonymous said...

is that you milesdeo? the real number is 665 no? i guess a way to rephrase it would be to ask if evil is something you do or something you are, which paul mccartney certainly is (i don't mean the real one obviously, only the symbol)

Anonymous said...

Since when is Paul McCartney's image considered evil except for in IAAP-land? McCartney is, without question, a unique case in that he was among the biggest and coolest musicians in the world, and became one of the least cool and least threatening musicians of all time, on par, almost, with Neil Diamond or even Barry Manilow.

Anonymous said...

That's the awesome strnegth of the rotten apple series. I rember a few months ago watching press that clip with paul in the london underground and laughing at how silly it was also reminiscing about the 80s now i cant watch when i'm alone and it's dark cos it's too creepy :-o

Anonymous said...

The Rotten Apple series has been effective in altering the opinion a small minority has about Paul McCartney, who to the rest of the world is seen as a once-great talent who's become a happy-go-lucky old man. Iamaphoney's subliminals are working well on people who willingly invite evil into their lives. Iamaphoney uses wickedness as his canvas. The subject is benign.

Anonymous said...


Tafultong said...

I don't know who all you anonymous people are, but thank you all for raising the level of discussion on what was essentially a light-hearted post. I think we often do put too much emphasis on specific symbols like 666. (I wasn't aware of the associations with 665. All this time I have been fiddling with 616.)

C.S. Lewis said that the standard that we use for goodness, which is often employed when we try to defend or justify our evil acts, is proof of the existence of a greater power of good. A clergy person I know once made the observation that evil has intelligence. It seeks to create chaos, but its method of doing so is surprisingly organized and rational.

So yes, evil shows up everywhere, even in harmless smiley faces, lifeless geometric shapes, and in the pew next to you in church.

Those idiots who claim that rock music is rotten to the core are 100% right and 100% wrong.

I think I can present a good case to convince people that Paul McCartney is the sweetest person in the world. But, at the same time, he is always the one with the black flower. He is always the one who likes to be straight with one detail a little off (such as a suit with no shoes on Abbey Road). I'm not just talking off the top of my head, I am paraphrasing John Lennon.

The Rotten Apple series (which in my opinion is still the best show in town on this subject) depicts Paul McCartney as both Christlike and Satan-like. How far is that from the truth for any of us?

Anonymous said...

Another Russell film, "Crimes of Passion" got panned,

I love his films, "Liar Of The White Worm" & "Salome's Last Dance".

He also had a brief cameo in that film about Kubrick's imposter, starring John Malkavich.

mojollikins said...

BRAVO! wow...Taf, mf excellent post.
I agree.
I also think that it is the most dangerous one that draws you in with the aesthetic of "benevolence" and "normality" quite purposefully while stroking the dark feather. you see, i am not talking off the top of my head either. in the very qenuine organizations devoted to experiments of mind control it has been found that the trauma of an innocent is most effectively perfomed in the surroundings of normality. even exaggerated with the sight of happy things, in the case of very young innocents, it is suggested the offender dress as a comic character. why? because the goodness of the human spirit in innocence is more likely to be motivated by it's desire to IGNORE the evil being done to them. this causes a split-off of the psyche and personality, an extreme weakness, that those seeking to dominate can then use to their advantage.
I know this is an extreme example, but the principle is the same. like a best friend who sleeps with your love, or consider the countless plots of films based entirely on the premise of a horror occurring within the realm of safe, warm, secure and sure.

Tafultong said...

Yes. I don't know your take on this example, but I found it extremely revealing when Mel Gibson did "The Passion of the Christ." So many mainline "church people" heaped a ton of praise and took their kids to that incredibly violent movie. Then they overlooked the fact that every child in the movie was demonic and that Satan himself was an attractive androgynous figure. Then they go back to their churches and say how wonderful it was. A short time later they hear that old Mel got himself drunk and shouted anti-semitic drivel.

That had to be a victory for the dark side.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Taful, though I disagree that IAAP depicts Paul in Christlike fashion. I doubt anyone watching the series has every thought, "Hmmm, Paul seems very Christlike in this video. I think IAAP is trying to point out Paul's sweet side." The only Christlike allusions he makes are those intended to show he is some sort of Antichrist.

Anonymous said...

100% right and 100% wrong? Hey, now, that's MikeyNL math. These folks who believe in the "good old days" myth before everyone was corrupted by "I want to hold your hand" have little appreciation of history. Long before the evil Beatles came on the scene, people were murdering, cheating on their spouses, greedy, lustful, blah blah. Nothing new under the sun, as it was put long ago.

Tafultong said...

I respect your comment and grant you the point about my questionable math, but...
A coin has two sides. If you drop it on the ground, you only see one side, but no one would suggest that you are looking at 50% of a coin. Oh no, now I'm getting into duality and Carl Jung. That's okay, because Jung was obsessed with Salome, which brings us back to Ken Russell. Amazing how we stay on topic.

Anonymous said...

What got me about the Passion of the Christ is when even the friggin' pope chimed in with "THIS IS HOW IT WAS!" So ridiculous that whole fiasco was.

I don't see IAAP portraying Paul in a very good light in these videos.

I have wondered if the people behind the curtains subliminally planted the Christian imagery to invoke a positive happy response. Well a little more than "positive thoughts" more like having the the fans unknowingly elevate their perceptions about the Beatles to almost religious-like obsession.

John Lennon (who I don't believe ever really became a true Christian) sang "I've seen religion from Jesus to Paul" (neither being a messiah).

Anonymous said...

Lennon's lyric was pretty hypocritical coming from the guy who positioned himself as the truth teller ("Imagine no possessions/I wonder if YOU can")and not to mention his other embarrassing martyr-populist-messianic figure episodes. He was jealous of Paul in many respects, no doubt. But the IAAP and PID thing is definitely a fan obsession, and that's why a lot of the believers are huge Beatle fans who want to remain fixated on things Beatle though the group is long gone. The whole idea is just another example of fans building Beatle mystique. Face it, the PID phenomenon is just as fun as Beatlefests and "Stamp out Detroit" buttons. Really, when you think about it, PID is a collaborative interactive detective game. Anyone can play, anyone can contribute. As frightened as some of these NIR posters claim to be, they also have a camaraderie, and they often speak of how "awesome" this or that video is.

Tafultong said...

I don't see IAAP portraying Paul in a very good light in these videos.

I think most people would agree with you. One complaint about Iamaphoney is that he has annexed several different "Paul Is Dead" theories, but in over a year still hasn't committed to one.

It is open to interpretation, but I think there are some clips that present Paul as a sacrificial lamb. Plus we have that cross that appears during the Anthology/Help clip.

There are two ways to look at that. The obvious popular one is that sweet loving nearly perfect (except for paternity suits) James Paul McCartney was the lamb who gave his life and was replaced by the evil Billy.

But another way to look at it is that sweet lovely Christlike Paul is also evil devil worshiping Anti-Christlike Paul. Two spirits in the same body.

Maybe he put that silly line about a "dustbin lid" so people would notice the lyrics to "The Other Me."

Anonymous said...

My take is that IAAP is "himself" into Crowley and serial murderers and all that, and wants to drag Beatles into it, like Manson did. He's all about anagrams, reversing things and subliminals--the very things he portrays as demonic. One thing is for sure: if Paul McCartney edited a hundred videos with Lennon as the subject, and used the same propaganda and misdirection techniques as IAAP to make Lennon look like a fraud, you can be sure everyone would think him evil, manipulative, and wrong to do so. IAAP isn't held to that standard because he's (they) anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I left the Jesus to Paul comment.

To other anonymous comment:

I could have cared less about the Beatles up until I discovered the underlaying conspiracy. I wasn't a beatles fan hoping for anything. I do believe I fell victim to their occult tactics and "brain washing", per se.

I was heavy into researching occult symbolism and somehow wound up, though the magic of the internet, seeing IAAP's videos. The backmasks were interesting. I didn't really start looking into PID until I came across the comparison website of Paul/Faul pics (I shutter to think of the URL, but its on NIR's required reading list if you haven't already seen it). Back then IAAP's videos were too short and it looked as though he was still on the case himself. He still made appearances on forums back then too.

IAAP did post the lyrics to Harmless Game today on another forum. Which I would like to mention the lyrics did scream something... The most basic cult doctrine. Promise a secret, promise "luxury" and BAM you have followers that strive for luxury and answers. It doesn't help that his videos are subliminal in nature.

mojollikins said...

IAAP did post the lyrics to Harmless Game today on another forum.

I would like to see them, link us?


Anonymous said...


I doubt that'll post properly so:


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