Saturday, May 24, 2008

Walking Home From Ulaanbaatar?

You have to really be a big fan, but if you love Iamaphoney you can join the new Rotten Apple Forums and download the 1-second* video that MikeNL put in the members only section.

* That's not a typo. The video is really 1-second long.

"You don't think he's a new phenomenon do you?"
"You mean an early clue to the new direction?"
"Where's the calendar?"


Anonymous said...

Vince, here.

That is from my favorite part of "AHDN"

I still get a smile when the guy tells George, "You can be replaced, cheeky baby."
And, with a quiet and real tone, George says, "I don't care."

I've been watching that movie since before I could TALK, but when I heard that, I know I was gonna love these guys forever.

Tafultong said...

Yes, it still holds up. Very cool that you recognized the lines.

MikeNL said...

I asked IAAP if i maybe could have a picture of the guy in the video's for on the Sgt. Pepper album cover. Then they gave me this 1 second clip and said that i'm free to use it.

Anonymous said...

It's Dhani, no?

Anonymous said...

Belive it or not Dhani has appeared on a podcast by Mr. Liam Lynch called "Lynchland".
Ringo's been on it, too.

Tafultong said...

Liam Lynch was the first signing of Pumpkinhead Records, a joint project of Ringo Starr and Marc Hudson. Lynch was the creative force behind MTV's Sifl and Olly Show, but it was his song "United States of Whatever" that grabbed the attention of Marc Hudson and then Ringo.

His Pumkinhead CD "Fake Songs" appeared around the same time as "Ringo Rama." It came with a bonus DVD full of music videos, short films, animations and behind the scenes footage. The latter was similar to what was included in the Ringo Rama release. But, unlike Ringo's bonus DVD, Lynch was forced by the legal department to spend hours and hours blurring all of the product names in the backgrounds.

Ringo guested on Liam's Podcast in a skit about a day in the life of Ringo Starr. After a big buildup Lynch found Ringo spending a typical day cleaning his iPod, reading and doing other mundane activities.

I haven't heard anything from Pumkinhead Records since then, and I would expect that the current frosty relationship between Starr and Hudson is not good news for the fate of the company.

You can still find the Podcast "Lynchland - Episode 2" featuring Ringo Starr at

Anonymous said...

I Heart The Beat

I've seen it cut through the tape,
I've seen it run through the gate,
I've seen it make a new sound,

Four was fab,
and fab was four,
or five,
or six, seven, eight, nine,
getting back was not the plan,
Though some tried even when they're dieing

Anonymous said...

mikey's board being members only and iamaphoney's 1 sec endorsement thereof put me off the rotten apple series if it's going to be childish like that

Anonymous said...

Vince, here.
i agree.

Never liked a 'chosen few' view, so I think I'll just hang out here.
Was it Groucho who said, "I'll never join a club that would have ME for a member." ?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the hilarious parody videos on YouTube from yourliver1?I bet they'll have a field day with that photo.


Anonymous said...

maybe someone else's son? Recording at the Abbey Road studios, still revered as a shrine by Beatles fans who turn up in their droves every day to scrawl graffiti and have their picture taken on the famous zebra crossing.

"I'm actually doing some recording with my son, James," Paul told music magazine Billboard, with obvious excitement.

"We're looking at the idea of him making an album. He's doing it all. He's writing it all.

"It's sensational.

"There's nothing set in stone yet -

Anonymous said...

I think its a dumb move to password protect their forum too.

I am not creating an account there.

Jude said...

Hey anonymous: Last time I checked, ALL forums required registration, and most forums do have a "members only" section. You really should get off your high horse and just register, instead of complaining about it. :P

Anonymous said...

Jude: There is such thing as public topics.

It would be nice if you were actually able to get off of YOUR high horse, and quit talking down to EVERYONE. You are cocky and are single-handedly blemishing IAAP's supposed reputation.

To prove to point I was trying to make. Previously, you could view the Iamaphoney sub-board without having to be logged in, hence how I saw the lyrics to "Harmless Game". Now that is not possible.

I decided to see the great revelations revealed there by creating an account. Nothing of ANY value is in that forum. Just everyone slapping each other and Jude and Mike one the back, and nothing of any intellectual merit mentioned, whatsoever.

Funny to that the day the forum opens, IAAP posts the lyrics to his song, and a couple of days later shows himself in his metrosexual glory.

Anonymous said...

Great blogs by the way, Mike and Jude.

You have fragmented all this nicely and.

Mike seemed to give up on his blog a month ago, but it never covered anything that wasn't plain as day anyway...

And yours Jude, in it's one post glory containing jewels such as "There are many, many clues .. that I have uncovered in Beatles songs and films. For whatever reason I wasn't comfortable sharing them at Nothing is Real"

Jude said...

"It would be nice if you were actually able to get off of YOUR high horse, and quit talking down to EVERYONE. You are cocky and are single-handedly blemishing IAAP's supposed reputation."

Talking to down to everyone? single-handedly blemishing IAAP's supposed reputation?

What have I ever done to YOU?

Oh wait, I know---socash, right? Here's an idea: instead of anonymously criticising other people's blogs that have they have yet to get around to starting, post under your Nothing is Real name and start a fucking blog of your own. You always see it fit to blame me for nearly everything at any given moment, so why shouldn't I talk down to you? You have to give respect to get respect, and all you've ever shown me is that you're an immature little creep who blames everything on others and never takes responsibility for his half-assed, often inebriated behavior.

Jude said...

I decided to see the great revelations revealed there by creating an account. Nothing of ANY value is in that forum. Just everyone slapping each other and Jude and Mike one the back, and nothing of any intellectual merit mentioned, whatsoever.

1. The forum is barely a week old!

2. We're not promising great revelations, love. Get your head out your ass, get a clue, and get a life because your critiques aren't so clever now, are they? You're just angry. Get over your anger, and get over yourself; the drama you profess isn't even real--it's a product of your imagination, yet you rant and rave oh so angrily as if you genuinely had an axe to grind with me and Mike.

Jude said...

To set the record straight (as if it couldn't be any more straight, or obvious at that!) The Rotten Apple Series forums are for discussion of PID, with a heavy emphasis on, believe it or not, The Rotten Apple Series. There are no "revelations" to be found in Members section (unless IAAP himself decides to post, which is just as likely to happen at NIR as it is there!).

sweet loretta said...

JUDE is bringing IAAP down by himself with his stupid behaviour. I read the posts at NIR and think that MIke and him are just fine in their new forum.
they can play with themselves there.
Really nothing of interest can be found there, i rather stay with this blog.

back to topic: who is this skinny dude with the ugly style on the photo anyways?

Jude said...

"Stupid behavior"?

It's almost a year to the day that I first posted at NIR, and I keep wondering where I went wrong. What did I do? When did I become flypaper to morons like you and anonymous? I call you stupid because you follow the trend of villifying me and mentioning Mike's name in association. "Jude is single-handedly ruining PID", "Jude is bringing down IAAP himself with his increasingly stupid behavior". I'm sick of it. When this is all over you'll realise that the answers were in front of you the whole time and people like me and Mike were closest to the truth. I'm not bringing IAAP down; but you're dragging his name through the mud with idiotic comments like above. I didn't do anything to deserver your hate (unless your other name happens to be socash or 65if2007---does it, sweet loretta?).

People keep asking me when I'll make a new video. It's hard to feel motivated to devote your energies to being creative when nearly every day you find that it looks like someone is trying to destroy you.

Jackie_O said...

"When this is all over you'll realise that the answers were in front of you the whole time and people like me and Mike were closest to the truth"

I have nothing against you Jude but i have to say two things: you are often vere rude and secondly i don't get why you are not telling everyone what
you know, what you believe, and how close you are to the truth?
we are all seeking the truth!

Jude said...

"you are often vere rude"

To who? 65if2007? Did you just view some weeks-old threat on NIR where I clashed with 65if2007, or defended myself from socash's childishness?

How would it make you feel if someone approached you and called you rude, or blamed you for "ruining" something all while failing to provide the basic decency to cite their reasons for hating on you?

People are making a lot of really personal statements about me; huge, sweeping, exaggerated statements about how I am to blame for this that or the other. I guess they must think I'm made of something thicken that they, for if they had an inkling of what their words really meant to me then perhaps they wouldn't be so hateful.

Anonymous said...

Lily - Linda I Love You

jackie said...

yeah maybe so. But i still don't get why you are not telling everyone what
you know...
I though we are participating because we all want to know the truth and cooperate in that goal

Jude said...

Jackie, what truth do you think I know?

I know who the guy who calls himself Iamaphoney really is.

I know who the guy who appears in the videos is.

That's it! I have some Paul is Dead clues that I've never shared with anyone, but I don't have some major revelation hiding up my sleeves. If I knew when, where, how, and if Paul died I would be telling everyone. The only things I keep a secret are those that were entrusted to me to be KEPT A SECRET. I'm not stingy, I'm just honest! If I tell someone I'll keep a secret, then I'll keep a secret. That being said, I could have figured this stuff out a long time ago had I only opened my eyes. Ask yourself, who is REALLY running this show? Open your eyes, and don't be afraid to send questions to only person qualified to answer them.

Anonymous said...

The general theory on the message boards is that Iamaphoney is Dutch director Wouter Van Opdorp and Dutch musician Martin Lind but all the speculating seems to have died down recently.I don't know either way.


Anonymous said...

so jude-

are you saying that if we simply write to iamaphoney he'll answer all our questions?

wasn't that the point of that much-ballyhooed, promised-and-not-delivered interview a little while ago?

still waiting on that one, in case you didn't notice.

if you aren't allowed to tell us your secrets, are you at least willing to play a game of hot & cold with us? for instance: how hot or cold is aja's guess in the post right above this one?

is iaap affiliated with yhshvh10?
is this all a promotion for an album?
is iaap working/affiliated with youth/mccartney himself?

i could go on...

you are "qualified" to answer these questions if only for the fact that you have been given insider knowledge and KNOW THE ANSWER! so GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE!


if it was all as blatantly obvious as you let on, i think a lot more of us would have figured it out by now.


Jude said...

Why should I play a game of hot and cold with you when you can't even ask nicely? I was going to tell you whether aja was hot or cold with one of those questions, but why should if you're going to be so rude about it? If someone were to ask nicely if they were hot or cold about a question, I'd be more than happy to play along with them. Either way I will never directly divulge any secrets that I have been made privy to.

And yes. It really is obvious. So obvious it's right in front of your very eyes. But you'd never believe it, even if I told you (which I won't, because then it wouldn't be a SECRET).

Jude said...

Tell me, when you know a secret, and promise not to you keep quiet about it, or do you blab on about it to everyone for fear that everyone would hate you for keeping a secret?

I suppose the real root of the problem is the fact that me and Mike let on that we know things to begin with.

If you want to know something, ASK IAMAPHONEY. He never fails to respond, even if does sometimes take him a few days.

Anonymous said...

i didn't intend that to sound rude, jude (i did say "please" after all). surely you can understand my frustration?

Jude said...

One of Aja's questions was quite warm.

It's the one that seems to be the most obvious solution.

Anonymous said...

thank you, jude. that wasn't so hard now, was it?

the rotten apple series makes a great deal more sense to me now, if that is the case.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Its a grave-scene on the cover! :P

Anonymous said...

Maybe Tafultong's next blog entry could be a look at Mr.Van Opdorp and Mr.Lind?

Anonymous said...

Martin Lind's age was originally the same as IAAP's. Not to mention that that the location of Denmark was also the same., the original name on the profile; before the game was established and investors involved, was also "Martin Lind". The location stated in the Formermedia (and also FormermedLa) profile(s) was also Denmark.

Mike is of the same native tongue so you could assume Mike's first messages to IAAP/FormerMedia getting a response.

I'd also like to provide:

Anything AbbeyRdish there?

No said...

Posts by IAAP on Nothing is Real forums....

Nov 28, 2006:
trying to get some investers to help me out.

Nov 28, 2007:
I do agree, Jude.
Spam isnt cool, questions are!
by the way:see you in LA

Jude writes:
This video is about the art of traveling incognito. On February 18th, Youtube user MikeNL revealed that he had learned, via a conversation with the man himself, that Iamaphoney was conducting PID-related business in Mexico.

Low and behold Jude is in mexico...

Anonymous said...

with a little help from my friends...

No said...

65 found that briefcase in Cali, no?

65 also realized this was a retarded harmless game and threw a stick in the spokes, and Jude got all pissed.

I then dropped to my childish mindset and spread the the negitive effects of the lies and half-truths, in turn making myself look silly.

Jude can call me a childish idiot all he wants, but with a little help from friends...

Anonymous said...


No said...

The superstone video that Tafultong refuses to release because IAAP said 'It contains vital secrets', was really just withheld because it contained a gaping error.

Jude said...

Hi socash.

I'm afraid you're way off the mark about the gaping error. It's really just a normal video, as I'm sure Tafultong would testify to. The reason it was withheld is because of a revealing frame or two that shouldn't have been included in the video. It was an error, but not a gaping or a technical one. It was a mere oversight by the editor, and nothing more.

No said...

I am sorry of my incorrect use of adjectives, Jude. By "gaping error" (one worthy of a clean-up campaign), I guess I was right in my initial thought of "hole" rather than IAAP's own words saying "it revealed too much information"

I'm sure you have enough words to cover it all up tho.

Jude said...

It DID reveal too much information.

Did I imply otherwise? Forgive me if I didn't make myself glaringly clear:
There is something in the video that IAAP didn't want people to see. Something that they'll find out about eventually, but it wasn't "the right time" for them to know.

Anonymous said...


Your words betrayed you.

overdude said...

Tell me...

Is there no longer any place in the PID/PWR world (besides TKIN) that I can go to read and/or discuss PID-related matters, and NOT be subjected to JUDE and his new found ability to make ANY topic, PID or not, about him and his delusional rants about how the whole world is out to get him and/or IAAP?

Alas, it now appears as if tafultong's blog, once an oasis of untainted, cool water alone in a sea of self-righteous, stinking sewage, is no longer the haven that it once was...

And, um, my apologies in advance if I sound like I'm posting this from a "high horse."

Jude said...

anonymous: Wow, you misused the world fail yet again! How clever. :D

overdude: Hi, socash.

Jude said...

"and his new found ability to make ANY topic, PID or not, about him and his delusional rants about how the whole world is out to get him and/or IAAP?"

You mean like THIS:

"Hey anonymous: Last time I checked, ALL forums required registration, and most forums do have a "members only" section. You really should get off your high horse and just register, instead of complaining about it."

And I'M delusional? No, I'm afraid I'm not. I'm just genuinely sick of being blamed for shit by people in this community. Your comment and the apparent lack of thought put into it only proves my point.

Jude said...

In other, nicer words, I would greatly appreciate it if you would get off my back.

Anonymous said...

Overdude is not socash or anonymous.

Jude said...

...said someone who is posting anonymously. :P

overdude said...

No.... I'm afraid "Anonymous" is entirely correct, while again, Jude's mouth runs off before his brain can even attempt to catch up to it.

Here's a good little piece of advice, JUDE. You might try thinking first, before just emotionally reacting.

For example, If you had taken a mere second or two to do a search for my name over at PWR, you'd easily have found that I've been a member there since early-to-mid 2004... and probably keen to all things PID before you or Mikey even knew that "Paul" was in a band before Wings.

Hey Jude - You make it Bad.

overdude said...

***Edit*** Ooooops...

I meant over at NIR - not PWR.

Anonymous said...

Don't blindly follow IAAP, whoever he may be and his/her half truths. To use a phrase so loved by conspiracy theorists, that would make you nothing more than a "Sheeple".

Zakk said...

wow... look at the fun going on in here.

Anonymous said...

If Iamaphoney is Wouter Van Opdorp then that would make sense.If he is Martin Lind then he's either playing a game with all of us or he has decided to throw away his music career.I don't think anyone would want to hire a music composer who believes that Paul McCartney is the devil or the son of Alistair Crowley and that Charles Manson was only following Paul's orders.I would think security would show him the door immediately and he would never work again.I went to his website and Martin Lind had a coca cola commercial a few years ago so maybe that's where the money is coming from.His own work sounds to me like he's copying Moby but his work with other artists does sound like Iamaphoney's style.


Anonymous said...

I do find it very suspicious that the comments on one of Formermedia's (Martin Lind) YouTube videos are all from Iamaphoney aliases praising the video.I don't know who said it here first but that's viral marketing 101.


Jude said...

I left Nothing is Real.

You win, overdude, anonymous, socash.

The world is now a better place thanks to your efforts to remove me from it.

mojollikins said...

did you mean I get by with a little help from my friends, i said...;)