Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Items

There was something significant about the ukulele (uku-lily) talk in the Beatles Anthology. So, I think the auction of a ukulele once owned by George Harrison and by George Formby warrants mention here. NME article. Turned out nice again.

The grandfatheraleister/joshblue33 team is at it again. The production values are increasing.

13 Lewis Carroll
from joshblue33

And four from grandfatheraleister
16 Lewis Carroll #2
17 Rosemary's Lennon
18 Paul is the black rose
19 John Lennon

How many Rubik's Cubes does it take to make a portrait of John Lennon?
Answer: 224
See the article in the New Zealand Herald

Finally, Yoko's legal victory from Contact Music.


mojollikins said...

That walrus is eating a bloody kid on the Sgt. Pepper cover/ mirror image.

Tafultong said...


That ties in with something I have been thinking about lately. I will post in detail soon.

jojo said...

I came oh so close to seeing that Lennon video.. They were going to show it for free (thereby circumventing the copyright issues, so they thought) at a prep school just a few towns away from me.. But alas, the legal maneuvering stopped it. I wonder if there might have been a few "read between the lines" moments therein.. I doubt anything was said directly, but for those of us with an eye for detail, who knows.

Oh Yoko...

Just dump the thing on the internet, can't make any money in the foreseeable future anyway...

About the ukulele, and this is working from memory, too lazy to dig this up at the moment, but I read that Paul kept one tuned like a guitar in the "Ram" era to compose when the mood hit him.. So, it seemed odd to me when he acted like he "discovered" it just recently and then went on to compose "Dance Tonight".

Anonymous said...

Hello JoJo.Paul uses a mandolin on "Dance Tonight" not a ukulele.Both are from the lute family but with differences.I think a mandolin is European but a ukulele is Hawaiian.The group REM use mandolins in their music.


Anonymous said...

I have the special version of Memory Almost Full with the interview CD and Paul says he bought the mandolin in a music shop in London.The owner kept pushing him to buy it because it was left handed and eventually Paul caved in.


Tafultong said...

Paul used the ukulele on "Ram On." In the Beatles Anthology you had the ukulele session with the Threetles on the grass, you had the George Formby ending on the "Free As A Bird" video and Paul specifically said about John's mother that anyone who plays the ukulele is all right by him. There seemed to be a lot more to it than just the fact that it was an instrument that George enjoyed.

I loved the beautiful hybrid version of "Something" in the Concert for George.

jojo said...

Hi Aja,

I got that one all messed up, lol. I think I read that he kept *something* tuned like a guitar, and it probably was the Barry Miles book, "Many Years From Now".

Anonymous said...

Part of George's interest in the ukulele is that he rediscovered the music and films of George Formby(Fromby?) in the 1980's who was a popular music hall-comedian in the 1920's and 1930's I think.He went on to become a Formby collector as well.I have an interview on CD with Paul from 1989 or 1990 where he talks about liking Peggy Lee's music and he mentions"George is totally besotted with George Formby at the moment."At least it's a better obsession than Hitler!Ha ha