Monday, May 19, 2008

PID in American Culture

According to most accounts, America went crazy in 1969 shortly after October 12, 1969 when radio personality Russ Gibb received a phone call from a listener. As most parts of the world shrugged off the story, the American market became flooded with magazines, novelty records and news stories trumpeting the rumors of the death of Paul McCartney.

Not surprisingly, it didn't take long for references to "Paul Is Dead" to appear in the culture.

You have all seen the cover to Batman Issue #222 from June, 1970.

That same year, the topic of hidden messages in rock music started working its way into the plots of television shows. One of the best examples was "It Takes A Thief" starring veteran actor Robert Wagner. The episode featured the hot property pop group the 5th Dimension.

Here is the episode synopsis from
Episode 62. To Sing a Song of Murder
First aired: 2/23/1970

Mr. Jack assigned Al to keep an eye on a rock group that just toured the country of Rugeria. After the group left Rugeria, Marilyn Lee, the group's lead singer, and a close friend of Al's, was supposedly killed in a plane crash, her body burned up without a trace. Al was one of the last people to see her alive. Later, she turns up very much alive at Al's apartment, where she tells Al that when she died, she couldn't find a place to live! She tells Al that the Rugerian Secret Service blackmailed her into adding three chords into her last recording. In the meantime, Mr. Jack discovers that there is a plot to assassinate the Rugerian president, who just announced a 25 year co-existence pact with the U.S., upon his arrival in the U.S. Back at his apartment, Al figures out that the three chords added to the song are actually a sonic trigger that when played will shatter, and detonate, a bomb that is made out of a glass sculpture. Al has to get to the hotel were the president is staying and find the bomb before it goes off!

The song being promoted in the show was "Puppet Man." Notice the Beatles Poster on the wall behind the beautiful Marilyn McCoo.

At a critical point of the episode when it appeared that singer Marilyn Lee (McCoo) had died in a plane crash, the camera zoomed in and out on the face of Paul McCartney on that poster.

I don't know if Iamaphoney is a symptom of this or the cause of this, but in the past year, the "Paul Is Dead" myth cropped up again in American culture. During the presidential primaries, Republican Party candidate Mike Huckabee was accused of including a subliminal reference to Jesus Christ in a political ad wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Huckabee's defense to the most ironic accusation in 2000 years can be found in this YouTube video.

The furor produced one on the weirdest scrolling messages I have ever seen during an interview with another unsuccessful republican candidate. (Pictured below)

It appears that "Paul Is Dead" is alive and well in 2008 as evidenced by more grandfather aleister and joshbluish videos on YouTube.

8 - The Fireman is no Manson #1
9 - The Fireman is no manson #2
12 - The Things You Can't Remember


Anonymous said...

These new PID sites JoshBlue and Grandfather seem to be rehashing the stuff from the "Beatles and the Occult" site, which seems to think practically every sound, shape, gesture, and form alludes to Masonry.

Zakk said...

interesting, joshblue is actively posting comments on other videos just now...

Zakk said...
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Zakk said...

ok whoops, the link didn't post. Talful, whats your take or info on the briefcase situation?

Have the inmates finally gotten lose and have the run of the asylum?

Felipegcs said...


In his book “Confessions ...”, Crowley claimed that he had been initiated as a 33rd Degree Mason in the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Masonry (A&AR). He probably did this in Mexico, where he went after breaking up with the Golden Dawn. At this time (around 1900) there was a lot of Masonic activity in South America. However, there is some confusion regarding this, as you have to be a Master Mason to be initiated on the Higher Grades, and by this time Crowley hadn’t gone through the grades required, so either he made it up or was granted the 33 degree without prerequisites necessary. In his own words he received the initiation after he had helped an individual with another mystical order called LIL. No one knows for sure what the real truth is.

Tafultong said...


I thought that "The Suitcase" aka "Rotten Apple - 101" was a great video.

Everything beyond that has been a play.

For now, it appears that the briefcase is safe, but unavailable. I can live with that.

Felipegcs said...

LIL is LAMP OF THE INVISIBLE LIGHT the oldest of Aleister Crowley organizations, founded in mexico it seems. (Iamaphoney traveled to mexico in some rotten apple videos, or am I wrong?)

Check the websites:

It's suppossedly a "true" illuminati order. I think that in this link you can see ALL that iamaphoney wants to tell us

The Beatles putted subliminal messages (and other not so subliminal) like a lot of other groups of the time, to promote suicide(unreleased song of Macca), murder (maxwell Silver Hammer), orgies (Helter Skelter), etc etc, all you can see at the thelema.
They helped to corrupt us. And now all those things are almost normal to us.
Maybe the Beatles didn't do this with bad intentions at the beggining... maybe they thought it was cool... and they were used.
(Actually, i think Macca at least is VERY aware of what he does with all those symbols, all the fireman stuff, etc...)

Felipegcs said...

Her name was Mc Gill
And she called herself LIL
But everyone knew ger as nancy

L.I.L.Y and a RAM
It's not a love message to Linda.
If you match the pieces, it's VERY OBVIOUS.

But if you are a unconditional macca lover, you'll NEVER gonna see it, even if the information is putted right in front of your eyes. I think that's the reason why all those guys use cryptic messages, and send you to investigate and see by yourself.
(And maybe it's because they are into those organizations too)

The manson link is very clear now. All was intentional. Like the accusations to ozzy for inciting suicide. All was planned. They succeded.

I think that's what iamaphoney wants us to see.

Anonymous said...

Vince here,

Why the Tom Waits song?
"the thing you can't remember,
tell the things you can't forget"
Hit me hard as I saw that, and said to myself, "Where have I heard that before?", and sure enough, playing "Time" on the vid helped.
But, it feels weird and now I see and feel the 'manipulation' of all around me: TV, Music, religion, etc.

Plus, I feel I strange 'throb' in the middle of my forehead when I lay in my bed, just before I fall asleep.
Oh, well. Thanks for listening, and here's hoping we get 'the answer' soon.

From George:
- "The answer's at the end."

- "The more I see, the less I know."

- "He who knows does not speak, he who speaks does not know, and I go 'round in circles."

Tafultong said...

Felipegcs said...


Felipegcs posted his discovery, with a little more context, in the "Nothing Is Real" forum. Definitely worth a look.

Thanks for sharing it here.

Anonymous said...

So what's all this about a controversial video IAAP asked you to take down, tafultong?

Maybe you could share that here?

Anonymous said...

...I'm thinking it might be a decent bargaining chip, in any case.

Anonymous said...

From what I remember Iamaphoney is actually in a rock band and he doesn't want those two worlds to be connected.Tafultong can explain it better.I have to confess I feel a little better thinking of Iamaphoney playing guitar in a band than stalking Paul McCartney.


Anonymous said...

maybe you should inform the 'beyond good & evil' freaks who have been posting on his youtube page...

No said...

No doubt Aja.

Socash DID not write the comment about posting your hidden video, btw, despite me craving it.

I'm hardcore for you saying fark this harmless game, and sharing your knowledge. Too many people in this little game use too many words and slowly reveal that they are part of it.


No said...

I guess you having hidden (sacred) knowledge is your invitation into the club that is IAAP.

Tafultong said...

Anonymous said...

So what's all this about a controversial video IAAP asked you to take down, tafultong?

Thank you for asking, Anonymous. A few months ago a member of the "Nothing Is Real" forum asked if anyone could post the Iamaphoney video called "Superstone" to YouTube because it was no longer available. Since I had the video, I honored the request.

The NIR member thanked me and that was that.

Then later on, I received a personal message via YouTube from Iamaphoney asking me (quite politely) to take the video down. It had already served the purpose for which I had uploaded it, so I honored his request.

In my honoring of his request, I asked him to grant me one favor. I gave him a couple options, and the one he selected was that he would allow me to print his personal correspondence in its entirety on my blog (See my April 4, 2008 entry).

This could have been a miscalculation on my part. It could have been a stupid deal in his favor, but I still believe that the correspondence (which is still available on this blog) revealed much more than the video did.

We'll eventually find out if I made a good deal or a bad deal. My aim was to get as much information as possible and I shared what I got with the readers of this blog.

My word is my bargaining chip. If Iamaphoney really does know the truth, then it's probably a good thing that I can be trusted. If he doesn't know the truth, then it really doesn't matter.

Incidentally, one of the characters accused of being an Iamaphoney worshiper asked me privately for a copy of the "Superstone" video. Either that person is not as much of an insider as people think or I was being tested. The bottom line was that I received a respectful reply when I politely refused to share the video.


Something I said in the comments of a recent post provoked a response from someone who calls himself "Be Deals." His comments tend to be revealing.

Tafultong said...

Aja and no,

I hope my last comment adequately clarifies my position and motives. As always, I appreciate your input.

mojollikins said...

hello all.
felipe...very interesting post, i had alot of fun following that trail. i have but one question and i hope that you will indulge me without bunker mentality; where is the Y in the l.i.l.y. ?
lamp of light ______.

taf, thanks for sharing and being open, that is what i have come to like most about you. the people (s)? such as iiap may have good reason to be secretive (or may not) but we are all in this little mindtrip together and if the anonymity of the chosen usernames and ghost accounts isn't enough maybe a kinfolk is a bit paranoid. my point is some kinfolk gotta stay grounded, down to earth. you seem to do that.
since this IS the iiap forum i thought that i might share that...I MISS IIAP dammit. what a wonderful gift those vids have been. and yes, i am not going to lie, i am quite relieved to think of iiap in a band simply keeping this um, avocation, separate from his other daily activities, (although the time consumed by this iiap, and other noms de guerre, series must have been staggering.) and not stalking beatle members, or setting fires or other creepy activities. but this brings up a question to me, why would the beatles be so surprised and unnerved by the reaction of their fans. macca clearly plays to the public in an esoteric fashion to this day. milly gets a harsh treatment but i can't help but think that he did choose her in "sound" mind (not on the rebound), you mean to tell me macca doesn't have the resources to check this chick out? ummmm,ok. maybe he really believed that she was up to the challenge "knowing the truth" whatever that may be, and figured that if she wasn't he could smear her with her little secrets which he tried. a very common manipulation tactic of the coercive. oh but i have digressed again, where is that wineglass? lol.
good night!

mojollikins said...

oh man, all that posting and i forgot to respond to the mason thingy...the practices of the freemason seem to be a remnant of the satanic cliques. in the same way that a baptist, catholic, and pentecostal clique represent the "christian" practices. i don't know if i am explaining my opinion eloquently enough....but the communication standard among the masons is a conventional indicator of wayward activity, one a lesser initiate might recognize as a signpost. just as the other emblems within freemasonry are used to pave and point the way to the temples and sacred satanic places. sigh, i dunno...but Kubrick probably does. er, did.

No said...

Y is the symbol for Aries.

Aries being the RAM. The Aries symbol is looks exacly like the RAM.

Anonymous said...

Subject: superstone
From: Iamaphoney
I must admit that I'm a fan of your work and I know that, in the future, it´ll be widely spread.
We accept the fact that superstone slipped out of our hands, and made it´s own life on youtube, really.
Superstone is a very important brick in the revelation and that demo supposed to be around!
So, if you will remove the video at this point, it would be very helpfull and highly appreciated.

If you choose not to follow the recommendation
I´ll understand it and therefore I´ll accept it.

do what thou wilt,

best regards

peace and unlimited life

"that demo supposed to be around"

This is the only bit of the letter that seems to reveal anything to me (and I might be reading into an IAAP typo at that).

It seems as if the people who suggested this was all viral marketing for an album of PID-inspired songs were probably correct, then?

Is this related to the album Mike & Co. are currently recording? I don't understand the secrecy. It's simply going to amplify the backlash.

Anonymous said...

Peace And Unlimited Life


Tafultong said...

Anonymous asked:

It seems as if the people who suggested this was all viral marketing for an album of PID-inspired songs were probably correct, then?

I don't know the answer to that. If you are correct, all I can say is that I have not been a willing participant in it. I just like the videos.

Is this related to the album Mike & Co. are currently recording?

I doubt it, but I am not involved in that thread.

I don't understand the secrecy. It's simply going to amplify the backlash.

I agree with you. zakk suggested that the inmates may have run of the asylum. I don't know if that is true, but they sure seem to be manipulating people outside the walls.

Tafultong said...


I deeply appreciate your kind words. I miss IAAP too.

I have a pretty extensive Beatles collection and even though people have pointed out how he borrows things, I still am impressed by his apparent knowledge of Beatles esoterica. The videos themselves are extremely original in the way that they tell a story and I respect the artistry in them.

You wrote: but the communication standard among the masons is a conventional indicator of wayward activity, one a lesser initiate might recognize as a signpost. just as the other emblems within freemasonry are used to pave and point the way to the temples and sacred satanic places.

That is very interesting. I would welcome any elaboration you would care to provide on that. That may explain my frequent feeling that I am surrounded by McGuffins as I try to navigate through a maze of theories.

Anonymous said...

I think for first time that there might be something more to iamaphoney besides good videos only and that it actually really is Paul who really actually is going to reveal something sometime soon! how exciting would that be?! this scenario makes sense of certain things hitherto troubling me (certain people seeming in the know, being defensive about it)and to me right now seems likely

Anonymous said...

"To me, it’s a huge compliment that a bunch of kids think I might be up to smoke a bit of dope with them. I really can’t believe it’s thirty years since the sixties. I find it staggering. It’s like the future, the sixties, the sixties to me, it hasn’t happened. I feel like the sixties are about to arrive, really. And we’re in some sort of time warp and it’s still going to happen." - Paul McCartney

Anonymous said...


If only I knew...perhaps I would not be so interested?

mojollikins said...

ohhh, thank you no. or No. i see that now. sometimes i embarrass myself by not looking or listening. but it's all part of the conditioning..i say that somewhat with tongue in cheek consider this excerpt:
which is ,of course, tongue in cheek.

ok, brothers and sisters, still also have not been able to find a shred of news on Edward Sharman. anybody?

also, Taf, they can explain it better than i this link is for you. keep in mind that this is a public website available to anyone seeking this understanding, a beginners course, if you will, that should put things in perspective. of course there are an infamous 33 degrees of this particular sect (?) so you could start here. i have to get to class now.

You know,if it makes you laugh it's probably true.

Anonymous said...

Things have taken a very nasty turn at NIR with 65if just quitting.Would Mike care to explain where he got the idea that "harm" could come to 65if if he destroys the suitcase?I really hope this is just grandstanding on your part.I do hope that 65if will post here again.I enjoyed reading what he had to say.
I am not a member of NIR but I visit every day for the continuing soap opera.


Zakk said...


hence why I just stick around here. I decided NIR was just a bunch of babbling garbage after reading the 7 page hate fest over people pestering 65if. Which I saw coming a mile away with that dumbazz petition to take it away from him.

The blog is a nice concise bit of coverage from the random things that pop up all over youtube.

Anonymous said...

Vince here,
yeah, this 65if stuff is 'ruining the buzz', so to speak.

Anonymous said...

NIR has gone the way of TKIN. This blog might be the last sane place left to discuss all this....for now.

mojollikins said...
LMMFAO I am so sorry, Taf. I meant to cut and paste this in my last post! but, i was in such a hurry to get to class.

mojollikins said...

Sinsinawa 1, 2, &3

mojollikins said...

Led Zeppelin
» Down By The Seaside

Down by the seaside. See the boats go sailin' Can the people hear, What the little fish are sayin' Oh, oh, the people turned away. Oh, the people turned away Down in the city streets, see all the folk go racin', racin' No time left, to pass the time of day The people turned away. The people turned away So far away, so far away
See how they run, see how they run, see how they run, see how they run. Do you still do the twist Do you find you remember things that well I wanna tell you... Some go twistin' every day though sometimes it's awful hard to tell Out in the country, hear the people singin' Singin' 'bout their progress, knowin' where they're goin' Oh, oh, oh, oh, the people turned away Yes, the people turned away Sing loud for the sunshine, pray hard for the rain And show your love for Lady Nature. And she will come back again The people turned away The people turned away

Felipegcs said...

Excellent comment, No.
Mojolikins: Lilly, Lil, Lily... i have to add that the real name of Lilly gray was Lily gray, with ONE "L". So, the root of the word is LIL. They added a fake "L" on Lily Gray's tomb, and a "Y"(Ram symbol) in the RAM Album, and in the Nancy Ryan videoclip "L.i.l.Y Like I love you", but the root is always LIL.