Thursday, February 28, 2008

On the Trail of Iamaphoney

You never need a reason to listen to a great McCartney track, but RockXLight gives you one anyway. How he spent his winter holiday on the trail of Iamaphoney in Mexico.


mikeyNL said...

sitting in the backseat of my car

Anonymous said...

Paul is really cutting down on the Apple staff members. I was elevated to office boy and I feel very hurt and sad inside — only big boys don't cry. Why I should feel hurt and reason for writing this is ego... I thought I was different from other people in my relationship with the Beatles and being loved by them and treated so nice, I felt like one of the family. Seems I fetch and carry. I find it difficult to live on the £38 I take home each week and would love to be like their other friends who buy fantastic homes and have all the alterations done by them, and are still going to ask for a rise. I always tell myself — look, everybody wants to take from, be satisfied, try to give and you will receive. After all this time I have about £70 to my name, but was content and happy. Loving them as I do, nothing is too much trouble, because I want to serve them. "Feel a bit better now — EGO?"

Tafultong said...

Somebody appears to be in possession of Mal's diary.