Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A copy of Rotten Apple 101 has appeared on the YouTube account of MaIEvans with the new title LILY. Lily was the name of Mal Evans' widow who got into a legal battle with Paul McCartney a few years ago over the rights to some of his handwritten lyrics. I don't think there is anything new in the video, but I thought it was worth doing a capture of the box to the right of the screen.

The first one to solve the code gets an imaginary cookie.


Tafultong said...

Follow the lead.

pmc27 said...


And you win a cookie!

Anonymous said...

Bed this morning late. Up at 1 to phone. Conversation with Paul, something like this: 'Malcolm Evans' 'Yeah Paul' 'I've got the EMI over this weekend — I would like you to pick up some gear from the house' 'Great man, that's lovely. Session at EMI?' 'Yes but I don't want any one there to make me tea, I have the family, wife and kids there.'

Tafultong said...

Thank you anonymous. Do you have a date to go with that entry?