Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Video - Suit

This comes from the MaIEvans page.

I knew there was too much material around for Iamaphoney to resist giving us something else to chew on. I checked the source video for the timing of the wink at the end during the Larry Kane interview. In the original, the wink occurs during the word "Liverpool" but in this video, in addition to it being a slower speed, the wink clearly occurs after the word Liverpool. But as he has done several times in the past, Iamaphoney exaggerated what happened, but it did happen.

The source video can be found here.


MikeNL said...

i sure like this one!

anders said...

Hi there I am from denmark and it seems that you think imaphony is danish.Someone with that talent could not hide there.I have been researching on former.It looks like he was a star in the 90 with a band called boghandle and then he played in sort sol.He does not look a bit like imaphony more like danny de vito.his name is martin lind and he is making music.

anders said...

I talked to him and he claims that he is proud by the fact that somebody thinks his the phony but listen to his music and then listen to could not be the same man.he is always hanging out drunk in a bar called RUST on nørrebro in copenhagen claiming he is the phony so if he is the phony then he would have to be superman.I think that imaphony is such a brilliant faker and he would not just scream the news out.I think we have to rethink.

Tafultong said...


Consider the following:

1) Former has in the past been among Iamaphoney's Favorites on YouTube

2) Former and Iamaphoney have also crossed paths on MySpace.

3) I received these comments on this blog:
Anonymous said...
Maybe the big revelation is that Martin and Ian are putting the band back together.It's been ten years.You have half of the story figured out.Good work.
February 6, 2008 4:05 PM

Anonymous said...
They worked so hard.Then dropped by the label.Not fair."I don't believe Paul is dead but I am interested in conspiracies and how people respond to them"

February 8, 2008 12:05 PM

I still believe that Martin is connected in some way, but I agree that we may be wrong about Iamaphoney's place of origin. I have heard that he was born in Brazil and has relatives in Kenya. But there is also some evidence that he may be American. If so, he obviously doesn't want us to know that. Do you know anything about a band from Denmark called "Pupil Copenhagen" or "Pupil CPH"? That may be a piece of the puzzle.

I agree that Former's music is different and that he looks nothing like the individual who appears in the Rotten Apple videos, but Former's music is varied and he certainly could be providing some help with Iamaphoney's music.

anders said...

I am so sorry tafu but I have not heard about pupil copenhagen but someone told me that they are philiphines so if you google pupil music philiphines
you will see that they are asians I can not imagine phony is in that band.Is there anything else i can do.

anders said...

they are beatles related though

RockXLight said...

Anders, so you are saying that Martin Lind (Former) actually hangs out in bars telling people that he is iamaphoney? Do you know if Former and iamaphoney know each other? Was there anyone named Ian in the band boghangle?

Thank you for all your help. :)

anders said...

I have been checking "boghandle" google it yourself
There was somebody named Ian Walsh in the band but they have not played together for years.I think Ian is english but he does not look a bit like phony and also he is kind of a looser walking around in copenhagen.I am going to the club tonight and martin lind will surely be there as usual.would you like to make me ask him questions?

Tafultong said...


Thanks for the information. Just ask him as many questions as he will allow about Ian and/or Iamaphoney. See if he can explain why he was always on IAAP's favorites list and why he is always having to deny that he is Iamaphoney. Ask if he is the one who suggested that people looking for Iamaphoney's music should check him out. Ask him if he has a big Sgt. Pepper poster in his studio.

anders hansen said...


i had a chance to speak to him
he was quite drunk he talked about him being draged
into this and how he thought that he could use that people think he is phony but some english guys came up to him like being in a movie he said,and something was worked out! it is kind of weird that this guy were chosen to play a role in something he does not really know anything about if that is the case sorry if i talk to much

anders hansen said...

i feel like i talked to much
because he said that imaphony is the owner of this site

Tafultong said...

OOOH, if he thinks that Iamaphoney is the owner of this site, that reduces his credibility.

But thanks anders for your contributions.

Anonymous said...

Tafultong, i know who pupil were, they are also connected to former and ekko and by this, to boghandle link

put me in touch with anders hansen and i will tell you more!