Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Briefcase

Is this the real briefcase or a dramatization?

I thought this was the briefcase.


RockXLight said...

That briefcase has "Billy Martin" printed on it. Billy Martin was the fake name Paul McCartney used when recording his first solo album.

It doesn't help if you don't say where the photo came from or who is holding the briefcase. What makes you think it's Mal's, much less that he'd have the name "Billy Martin" printed on his suitcase?

MikeNL said...


Tafultong said...

Well, maybe sometimes I like to run some speculative items up the flagpole to see if anybody salutes. Picture is here.

pmc27 said...

It´s a dramatization... How do you know that the briefcase is real?

pmc27 said...

HI! Do you know something about the Crescent Jupiter image in the background of iamaphoney´s YouTube channel? And in the background of YouKnowMyName231´s?

RockXLight said...

Exactly! It's Paul's briefcase.
C'mon, tafultong, that's not very cool of you. Not everyone is going to try to find the source image, so all this is doing is planting seeds of doubt in people. :(

Tafultong said...

Hi pmc27,

I do know that the suitcase is real but I have no idea if it is the real suitcase. I am not an insider and I am guessing like everybody else.

Regarding the Jupiter image, I am quite perplexed. I recently posted in a discussion group that I was surprised that both video makers focused in on "The Fireman is no mason." I made the comment that I had previously thought they were on different paths, but now wasn't sure. The fact that they both are using the same background image really does make me wonder if they are both working together or if one is playing a head game with the other...and us.

Thanks for letting me know about that.

Tafultong said...

Hey Jude,

Don't make it bad. Isn't that a great song?

Anyway, let's keep it friendly. I admire you and I am always interested in your input.

So, I see this differently from you. Let me share my thinking and then I would be more than happy to hear yours if you disagree. That's cool with me. I tend to learn more from those who disagree with me.

Mal Evans carried Paul McCartney's luggage for a living. If you see footage of Mal in the early 1970's you'll see that he just adored Paul. So, it's not a stretch for me to imagine that Mal could have gotten a hold of the Billy Martin suitcase and put some important stuff in it. I thought the chances were pretty good that the Rotten Apple 101 video had an actor suitcase playing the real suitcase. I mean, if you had that suitcase, would you carry it around like that to make the video?

When I saw the picture with the Billy suitcase, I thought there was at least a remote possibility that Iamaphoney (who I know is aware of this blog) might see it and give me a clue that I could share here. Sometimes a wrong guess can yield the truth if your subject has a desire to be respected. If you read some of the anonymous comments I have received here, you'll know that I have gotten some vague things that were just enough to give me a baby step in the right direction.

So, I hope you will continue to visit this blog and share your thoughts and no matter how much you hurt me darling, I will still run to watch any new Rather Unfresh Apple videos from you.

Love, T

RockXLight said...


It's true that Mal carried Paul's luggage around during his years as a Beatle, but how do you bridge the point of Mal carrying Paul's suitcase to the point of Mal OWNING Paul's suitcase? The suitcase was in his possession when the cops shot him. The cops confiscated it, because it appeared to be Mal's. If it was clearly Paul's suitcase, why didn't the cops send it back to Paul? And why would Mal have Paul's suitcase when he was living on his own in Los Angeles while Paul was living in Scotland? Mal Evans was no thief, my friend, especially not a thief of the Beatles. And besides, Mal wasn't even around when Paul was recording the McCartney album.

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings with the last post. I wasn't accusing you of deceiving people, I just wanted to know why you had implied it was Mal's suitcase when it wasn't. I'm sorry if I offended you. I consider you a friend, and I am one of this blog's most frequent visitors. Keep up the great work!
Lord knows I check this page at least a dozen times a day for updates, heh. :)

Yours truly,

Anonymous said...




Beatles tunes hit space

Film Editor Tim Steel?

Tafultong said...

RockX, I responded to your comment earlier, but must have failed to post it. I was rushing because some of those links that anonymous posted in this comment section were quite interesting and I wanted to investigate.

I appreciate your comments and your friendship. Although I quoted John Lennon's response to Todd Rundgren's tirade in Melody Maker, I wasn't as hurt as I was concerned that you wouldn't want to continue giving your valuable input here. I do consider you a friend and I enjoy working with you to unravel this mystery.

A couple of things to clarify about the briefcase thing. If you have seen any interviews with Mal Evans in the early 1970s you would probably conclude that he adored Paul. It is likely that after the breakup he provided Paul with the same kind of tea and sympathy that he did for John. So, I don't think it's a stretch that Mal would be in possession of a suitcase belonging to Paul. He wouldn't have to or want to steal it, although who knows what was going on in his mind toward the end. Secondly, I don't think the police would recognize a suitcase with the name Billy Martin on it as "clearly Paul's suitcase."

Basically this new video has caused my imagination to run wild, which is quite a good thing. The thing that is setting IAAP apart from the others is that as more information emerges, his scenario remains consistent and plausible.

Tafultong said...

To Anonymous:
Thanks for the links. It might have been covered before in some discussion groups, but I didn't give a thought to the other LILY.

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