Monday, February 11, 2008

Angry McCartney

This is proported to be video of the recent McCartney slapping the photographer event. There is no visible slap, but he does push the camera. It is very similar to a video that appeared a few months ago and wound up in one of the Rotten Apple videos. If anyone can confirm that this is the real deal, please comment.

If you compare it to the one from a few months ago, he is still keeping it together better than a lot of people would under the circumstances.


Regulus Belmont said...

you know, for having dealt with this from the height of Beatlemania to now, I think Paul deals with the press well. I sure know I would be punching cameras left and right if I were in his shoes.

Tafultong said...

Me too. I thought the Princess Diana thing would have made them a little less aggressive, but it seems worse. With what he is going through at the moment, I don't know how he is holding it together as well as he is.