Monday, February 25, 2008

The fireman is no mason

This cryptic phrase has flashed during several Rotten Apple videos.

It originally came from the website which no longer exists--But you can still see it at However when it did exist from January 1999 until July 4, 2007, it was the official site for the CD Fireman Rushes. Most of you know that this was the second collaboration by Paul McCartney and the Producer Youth (aka Martin Glover, bass player and founding member of the band Killing Joke).

The site itself was rather amateurish looking with a front page consisting of a cut-out of the word fire on a black background. One click got you to another page with 9 (yes 9) boxes at the bottom which were links. One link allowed you to purchase the CD but most of them led to weird phrases. The box that featured barely visible stars led to the phrase "The fireman is no mason."

A short time after the release of the CD, the site boasted one of the strangest web casts in the history of the Internet. A transcript at the preceding link shows someone asking if the statement "The fireman is no mason" is an anagram. The fireman answered, "No, no sam, it ain't no anagram."

Well, a recent video by YouTube user YouKnowMyName231 pointed out that it is in fact an anagram for "I am the risen son of man."

Did Iamaphoney ever explicitly state that? I don't know.
Did Iamaphoney know about the anagram? I think so.

The Rotten Apple video that shook me out of my skin and caused me to become a major fan of Iamaphoney was Number 41.

It is staggering how many references this video makes to Jesus and there are nearly as many to the anti-Christ. It is the video of Armageddon in my view.

Despite all of those references, I was not able to find a flash of the line "The fireman is no mason," in it. However, if you look at the description and the tags...

A final footnote: reported yesterday that Paul McCartney has started yet another musical project--another collaboration with Youth. God knows what they are cooking up this time.


Felipegcs said...

White Album

Revolution 1
Revolution 9
Revelations 1:9

Regulus Belmont said...

Is there some connection between the changing of IAAP's background on Youtube and this post? : )

Anonymous said...

imaphony is having fireman on his youtube site

Tafultong said...

Hmmm. I'm not sure about the timing of the new background. It wasn't until after I had prepared most of that post that I found out about the new McCartney/Youth collaboration, but it was reported in the new Issue of Beatlefan before it showed up on the Abbeyrd Beatles News page. Pretty cool timing though.

Tafultong said...


A lot of people have been talking about Revelation 1:9, but I think there is more to find if one reads Revelation Chapter 1 and Chapter 9. Actually even more if you read Chapter 1 through Chapter 9. But I think if you start at Genesis 1:1 and read all the way through to Revelation, you'll really be able to put it in context. Okay, I'm only half joking. Several of the more obscure and confusing images in the book of Revelation can be found in other parts of the Bible, and those other parts do help put it all in context.

For the record, Revelation 1:9 is "I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ." (KJV)

Yes, John, see you as Leso or Leslo.

Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how I could have missed that "risen son of man" title on video 41 -O when I always check the title and tags. After a little research, I discovered that IAAP has changed the original title and tags to video 41-O, apparently to make it look as though he knew about the anagram after-the-fact (though not explicitly). The original title of this video was "thelema" (once numbered 41r) and the tags were (paul dead mccartney beatles love vegas secret code). 5 months ago, "roachy333" commented on Video 41-0, saying "the title "Thelema" it means will as in 'will to power'. . . ." I was beginning to wonder whether IAAP and the knowmyname site were the same person or if the myname site was one of Phoney's "disciples" but, as you pointed out, the styles are just too different.

Tafultong said...


Thanks for the research. I am sure you are correct about the title and tags being changed. But, the fact remains that there were many references to Christ in Rotten Apple #41 (which has not changed.) And shortly after that, the line "The fireman is no mason" started appearing in the Rotten Apple videos. All that occurred long before YouKnowMyName231 came on the scene.

So, it's possible that Iamaphoney knew about the anagram, but was saving it for the right time. Then when YouKnowMyName231 spoiled it, he made the best of it. I believe that Iamaphoney used anagrams a lot in his interactions with people in discussion groups, but he often seemed to dumb them down for some reason.

One thing is for sure. If Iamaphoney did not know about the anagram, it must have blown his socks off to find out how prophetic he was in his videos, especially when you put together #41 and #46.

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