Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Indica Picture

This picture, according to the book "Many Years From Now" by Paul McCartney & Barry Miles was taken in January 1966. From left to right we have Barry Miles, John Dunbar, Marianne Faithful (holding an electric plug), Peter Asher and Paul McCartney. All were supporters of the development of the Indica Gallery in Mason's Yard. I have no reason to believe that the picture was actually the Board of Trustees of the Process Church, but it was the beginning of a strange time. The shot first appears about 1:40 into Rotten Apple 101.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Not a single comment and this was posted 5 months ago. Good post Taf.

Indica Gallery has been elaborated on. For the life of me I cant find the IAAP video. I strictly remember the Indica.

Iameye's wikipedia search on it, has my brain wrapped in knots right now.

NIR thanks!