Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Album Cover?


Regulus Belmont said...

Was there a newer video this post was going to link to? Either way it reminded me of a few questions:

1. whats up with L.I.L.Y. ? Its on pauls piano in one shot, and hidden on she sleeve of RAM.

2. Do you have the words to that IAAP song that is played over so many of the videos? All I can ever make out is something like "Grace took Paul".

Thanks for the post!

Tafultong said...

All good questions. I saw the "album cover" in a post in the Nothing is Real discussion group in the first post by a new member whose name was listed as "soon." The link you get to when you click the picture is to a new YouTube identity that MikeNL found which might have been created by Iamaphoney. So, I would keep checking that link.

For your other questions, I don't have quick answers, but I have some information that I will put in some posts next week.

HaHa Paul is Dead said...

I believe that it's "Elements say that grace took Paul. This is sad for few who know."

MikeNL said...

The link you get to when you click the picture is to a new YouTube identity that MikeNL found which might have been created by Iamaphoney.

and when was that ? hehe, can't remember that

pmc27 said...

I think I saw MikeNL profile. It looks like iama, but he is from netherlands, I think...

right Mike?
What is Haarlem promotion?

pmc27 said...

other thing... it doesn´t look like a cover, it´s just a fake.

When do you see the "stereo" word on the covers? There are still "mono" cds??? (others than the old ones)

MikeNL said...

hehe, Haarlem Promotion was a website project i had to make for my school ;)

pmc27 said...

haha, great Mike!

RockXLight said...

pmc27, how do you know that IAAP won't release his album on vinyl?

MikeNL said...

or cassette!

Tafultong said...

Yes, the word "Stereo" was a little dubious, but I think it's possible that it is legit to some degree. I added the link when I saw a posting by a guy named MIKE! who wrote, "i guess IAAP is coming with some sort of album there is an IAAP account too that's called TheRightAlbum, though i dunno what i means.. but now it certainly is a little bit clearer, giving us some sort of cover"

So, I regret the use of the letters "NL" or I regret Mike's amnesia, whichever of the two is the reason for the error.

I think it's very fair that I get corrected when I don't give credit AND when I do give credit. It's tough to keep everything straight when you're scouring all these web sites and discussion groups and still attempting to have a life.

I want to address the "what's up with L.I.L.Y." question. That's on my agenda for next week. Please send any thoughts my way.

I am also working on sorting out the songs of Iamaphoney and transcribing the lyrics. If you have been playing along, you'll know that this will not be an easy task. I have also been writing some summaries of the videos in the Rotten Apple series for who knows what purpose.

Anonymous said...

after watching iamaphoney's videos and the responses they have been getting, i am now more curious (and slightly concerned) about IAAP's motives than about any "mccartney" myth he may claim to shatter.

IAAP's claims lack credibility. his documentary "evidence" fails to meet any sort of objective standard and, moreover, it is clear that he repeatedly doctors footage and soundbites to fit his own needs. -but what are these needs? who is IAAP? what are his goals? why go to all this trouble?

1) it makes for a good story.

IAAP is a (beatlemaniac?) hobbyist, spinning a yarn of clues for us all- tying together the threads of various conspiracy theories in order to resurrect the real?/imagined? "beatles legend". in other words, he's just having fun.

2) it makes for a good viral marketing campaign.

IAAP could be...
a) promoting an album of original music/covers inspired by the aforementioned "beatles legend". (has his link to "FORMERMEDIA" been verified?)
b) promoting an album ("the right album"?) of newly-discovered beatles recordings (this, of course, is only if we accept the idea that he has indeed discovered evans' missing suitcase...).
c) promoting a film (documentary/mockumentary/drama/black comedy/otherwise) inspired by the aforementioned "beatles legend". the youtube link to the 'paul and john are dead' film suggests IAAP might not be the first to think of such a project. (it could also, as others have suggested, be a film about the nature of conspiracy theories themselves, how they are generated, etc.) IAAP clearly has some editing chops, in any case...
d) promoting a book inspired by the aforementioned "beatles legend" (if not THE BOOK itself). if he HAS found mal evans' legendary lost manuscript (a big IF indeed), this would be an interesting way to generate interest in its eventual publication. i am imagining it as something along the lines of chuck barris' "confessions of a dangerous mind"- thought-provoking and entertaining, but not provable either way.

in each of these scenarios, given the sinister implications of his films, i'm inclined to think IAAP is working independently of apple and emi. if the formermedia link is valid, he is likely an ambitious singer/filmmaker with both time on his hands and money in his pocket.

3) IAAP is an obsessed (and perhaps dangerous) fan of paul mccartney.

the threatening nature of his films (including, as they do, overt references to satanism and the very real- and beatle-related -killing-sprees of the manson clan, mark david chapman, and others) becomes even more disturbing when one factors in the "fireman" imagery he has repeatedly used in them. others have noted, with justified concern, that IAAP's last two videos have coincided to the day (and most recently, practically to the hour) of two prominent london fires. he effectively suggested his connection to them himself, distastefully changing the background of his youtube page to an image from the scene of the fire. it has also been suggested that the "02092008" date he has put up on his pages refers not only to february 9th (when the last fire/video release occured), but also september 2nd, 2008- a date that will mark the anniversary of the great fire of london: sept. 2, 1666:

i find it troubling to discover that the "st. paul" cathedral factored so prominently into this historic tragedy (given IAAP's focus upon the song of the same name in his last video). if IAAP is an arson, i'm sure it would all make a sick sort of sense to him...and if his motives are indeed malicious, he is following a path that others have blazed before him.

"phoney" calls to my mind the term mark david chapman used to explain his murder of john lennon- he apparently felt that lennon was a "phoney" (and some odd combination of reversed beatles recordings and scenes from "catcher in the rye" led him to believe, in his own mind, that this meant lennon should be shot). whether IAAP is just making a dark joke about all this history or if, god forbid, he means to harm himself or others is not clear at this point. the sigil he uses for his name, as well as his apparent obsession with anagrams and secret codes, etc. suggests that he himself is heavily into occult practices (and, in its slight nod to the methods of the zodiac killer, adds another disturbing level of possibility to his "rotten apple" game).

real people have died over disturbed individuals' belief in convoluted theories and fantasies like these, and if IAAP is simply making an elaborate joke...the humor is lost on me.

i am inclined to believe the whole "PID" thing DID start out as a joke within the beatles and that they DID hide things in their albums relating to it. it got out of hand, though, when people like manson and others latched onto the clues and twisted them to meet their own dark fantasies. the beatles- wisely or not -decided to keep silent about their little "joke" thenceforth for fear of lending credibility to the things manson heard and, perhaps, for fear of acknowledging their part in the inspiration of his clan's killings.

IAAP may not believe his own story (he must be aware of its "phoniness" to some degree when he fudges his facts, fabricates interviews, etc.), but i fear those who take it all at face value, or else in their own egocentric delusions see it as a call to arms. it wouldn't be the first time such a tragedy has been brought about. all in all, i feel IAAP is unscrupulously treading on some very scary ground in the "rotten apple" series.

4) the "rotten apple" series might be an elaborate, underground smear campaign aimed at sir paul, orchestrated by heather mills and others in her circle to influence divorce proceedings.

mills reportedly has had an ongoing association with a film editor named tim steel (and their illicit relationship may well have contributed to the ultimate failure of the mccartney/mills marriage). this scenario seems at least remotely possible (if also very unlikely).

5) lastly, there remains the possiblity that "paul" IS dead, that he was replaced, etc. and everything IAAP has been presenting is true (even if his methods in presenting it are suspect and his documentary "evidence" is easily proven to be false in many instances). this means a global conspiracy with hundreds involved... if we are to follow IAAP's (circuitous) lead, it also means the dawning of some sort of new age, the crowning of a new sun king/antichrist, the rising of atlantis/NWO/blah, blah, blah.

some of it is undeniably compelling; the connections he makes are strange, alternately plausible and completely far-fetched.

it's all 'wait and see' at this point, i guess, but i'm beginning to 'see' a few things that do not bode well... what are IAAP's motives? i'm beginning to think someone might want to get some authorities involved in this "rotten apple" mystery of his to find out...

Anonymous said...

NOVEMBER 12, 2007


FEBRUARY 9, 2008


Tafultong said...


Thank you for providing an excellent, thought provoking essay. All of the possibilities you mentioned can be refuted to some degree, but they remain the most plausible possibilities that I can imagine. Iamaphoney has had frequent communications with his various fans, and although he is sometimes cryptic and playful, he has never come across as anything but a nice person. Having said that, he apparently has used pictures from the fires as temporary backgrounds on his pages. I admit that is a little freaky.

It seems that for every reference to Paul as Satan, there is a corresponding reference to Paul as Christ. So, it is hard to know what is going on there. But yes there does seem to be a fixation with serial killers.

If we turn to some of the more innocuous theories, such as he is promoting an upcoming album, we need to remember that he did well over 30 videos before he started putting original music in them. (Yes, there is original music in Rotten Apple 30, but that was only because he pulled the original version and replaced it months later with a similar one with a new soundtrack.)

One of the versions of R.A. 65 that was pulled right away did appear to be a slick documentary excerpt, so he could be heading there.

I don't know where this is all leading, but if I believed for a minute that Paul McCartney or anyone else was in danger or that Iamaphoney had anything to do with fires, I would not be doing this blog. Believe me I love Paul McCartney BEFORE and AFTER 1966!

I believe our subject is a very rich and talented guy with a lot of resources and he makes great music and videos. And his name is Iamaphoney.