Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Herb "the Fake" Blake

In an amusing turn, a brand new YouTuber has uploaded a wonderful collection of songs that he claims are rare lost Beatles outtakes. They actually are songs that people over the years have mistakenly thought were lost Beatles outtakes. In what at least appears to be a deliberate attempt to deceive, YouTube user HerbBlake has given us a group of videos that are well worth having, even if they are not what they say they are. The video portion is simply an old time reel to reel tape recorder spinning, presumably to enhance the illusion that these were really obtained from Abbey Road. Most of the songs really do have some Beatles/Apple connections and others are interesting gems from the psychedelic era. I think the deception is all done in good fun.

Lullaby For A Lazy Day is not a 1967 Beatles outtake, but it is by Grapefruit, a band signed by Apple Publishing and named by John Lennon. L.S. Bumble Bee is the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore parody with a very Lennonesque vocal. You have some Klaatu songs including Sub Rosa Subway in the collection to make it even more interesting. Frenzy and Distortion is not a White Album outtake, but it is on the Soundtrack to the Apple film "Raga" by Ravi Shankar. We Are The Moles is one of my favorites, but I'm afraid it's by The Moles and not The Beatles. Some of the songs, like Bye Bye Bye and Peace of Mind still have a bit of mystery to them. One interesting thing is Now and Then. It's definitely a phony version, but it's not an Iamaphoney version.

So check out old HerbBlake. Ignore the descriptions and enjoy the songs.

In other news, F informs me that YouTube accounts seem to be vanishing under strange circumstances. They all seem to be leaving this message both here and on Iamaphoney's channel:




I have no idea of what it means, but the casualties include iamawitch and P1Dgame.

There are a few others. They seem to have something to do with IONEIX, who put this message on Iamaphoney's channel.

Dear Member:

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following
material as a result of a third-party notification by ********************* claiming that this material is infringing:

; )
knock knock...
guess who?


This all seems to be connected in some way to wizardofpaul, who recently appeared on the scene.

Please note that although the names are very similar, the following YouTube accounts still exist:


The closed accounts do not appear to be in any way related to Iamaphoney.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I noticed the Herb channel also got excited then just had a laugh! But there is some interesting stuff on there. Enough to pass the time for a bit.

MikeNL said...

The I AM REVEALING MYSELF is an shift cypher from iamaphoney subaccount Lamaphoney.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to change the subject, But I just heard for the first time the clip of Paul singing, "Read the record mirror, let it be, let it be",
and saw the special mirror-image of Sgt. Pepper with the demon figures that was tacked onto the Day In The Life video used in the Anthology series.

All I can say is, DAMN. How about a blog entry on THIS subject?

Anonymous said...

look at this who is this guy?