Friday, April 4, 2008

Overlooked Items in the Briefcase?

Three Updates

1) Mike has a blog. This should come in very handy as we approach the date of his scheduled interview with Iamaphoney. Add it to your favorites.

2) 65if2007 responded to my request for pictures of the CD that he found in the suitcase. He said it only contained the one file, which was the Blair Witch style video. The file name was "ooo." Here are the pictures of the CD.

3) Milesdeo has provided another picture of his note. I guess this is the uncensored version.

Original Post

Last weekend a fellow we know only as 65if2007 did something to make himself the envy of Iamaphoney fans around the world. He traveled from Louisiana (I believe) to California, seemingly unafraid of all the talk of serial killers and closely guarded secrets. He dismissed wild claims about lizard-like aliens, stargates, shape shifters and paranoid computer geeks. He overcame any trepidation of rattlesnakes. He even ignored warnings about the FBI, CIA, the ghost of Doris Day and the potential threats of concerned neighbors and park police. And he found the Briefcase. It must have been a great experience to reach down and feel that baby in your hands. He has been cool about it, but his initial posts to Nothing Is Real shortly after the discovery gave away his excitement. He blessed us with pictures and descriptions of his findings, which I summarized in “The Suitcase Adventure.”

Upon his return he has had to endure maybe a little bit of skepticism and jealousy, “Why him and not me?” along with relentless unsolicited advice from people encouraging him to go get it dusted for fingerprints, get an X-Ray of it, and hire a witch or a priest to coax out demons. Okay, slight exaggerations, but not far from the truth. One writer even told him to go back to California to look for something else. On top of that came the word that Iamaphoney sent a personal message to someone saying that there was more to be found in the suitcase, which might have caused 65if2007 to think that people were accusing him of holding back some things.

First of all, I don’t think 65if2007 is holding anything back. I also don’t think anyone suggested that he was. If anyone did suggest that, it would have been because many people would have been tempted if they had found the briefcase to not let out everything for various strategic reasons. But, I think it is far more likely that if Iamaphoney actually did say there is more to be found in the briefcase, it means that there is more there than we are currently perceiving: not something hidden by 65if2007 from the rest of us, but something overlooked by all of us.

In the days since the briefcase was discovered, 65if2007 has given us some more details via the "Nothing Is Real" discussion group, to which I am indebted.

There is writing inside the briefcase. “Mal”

Another area appears to say something like “Beyond Jesus”

The cover from the “Magic Christian Soundtrack” album had some annotations on it. The words Lilli and Maclen Music were underlined. I covered Lily in a previous post. Maclen Music handled the publishing on Lennon-McCartney songs in the U.S. plus one extra song, which was “St. Paul” by Terry Knight.

The bottom corner of the album cover has some interesting scribbles on it.

It appears to me to say Paul Mc 8R.L There is some speculation that the last part refers to a postal code of some kind.

This item appeared in the subsequent video Pete Best.

The record itself has a little something on it. It looks like L.I.L.Y.

There was also some writing on the brown wrapper that held the album.

And another thing that 65if2007 described as “a little more familiar and a little more the result of purposeful design...”

Someone suggested it is the sign of Aries, the Ram, which makes perfect sense.

There have been several “Y”-shaped things in the Rotten Apple series, like this one on the left side of this frame from RA 39.

The outer jacket also contains “ME”

and the word “Superstone”

Superstone was the name of one of those outside the numbered series Rotten Apple videos. It came out around August 20, 2007 in a particularly prolific period for Iamaphoney which included Rotten Apple Videos 45, 46, and 47 all within the span of about a day. It’s actual title was "A lie adds up – Superstone" and it appeared on the site of YouTube user ROTTENAPPLEARMY (a definite Iamaphoney identity).

Unfortunately “Superstone” was taken down very quickly and only a few saw it. Fortunately, I was one of the few who did. I even got a chance to download it before it disappeared. When I got a request this week from someone at “Nothing Is Real,” the group that has been very helpful in helping us scrutinize the briefcase contents, I uploaded it to YouTube for them. Unfortunately, I removed it from YouTube last night.

I was asked to remove it and complied under the condition that I could tell you why I had to do so.

This is the correspondence I received yesterday from Iamaphoney. He has given me permission to quote it verbatim:

Subject: superstone
From: Iamaphoney

I must admit that I'm a fan of your work and I know that, in the future, it´ll be widely spread.
We accept the fact that superstone slipped out of our hands, and made it´s own life on youtube, really.
Superstone is a very important brick in the revelation and that demo supposed to be around!
So, if you will remove the video at this point, it would be very helpfull and highly appreciated.

If you choose not to follow the recommendation
I´ll understand it and therefore I´ll accept it.

do what thou wilt,

best regards

peace and unlimited life

So, I honored the request. Time will tell if I did the right thing. You have the right to criticise me, but it felt like the right thing to do. I also think the correspondence reveals a little bit about Iamaphoney, which after all, is what this blog is all about. If you think I did a bonehead thing, I hope you will forgive me. It is possible that this gesture will pay off dividends in the future. Let's wait and see.

The final discovery from the suitcase that we know about is the CD. I don’t know much about the CD. I would like to know: What did the CD look like? Was it packaged in anything? What was the file name of the video? Was that the only file on the disk?

This is the Video from the CD that 65if2007 so graciously uploaded to YouTube upon his return:
A close investigation of the “Blair Witch” style video reveals a person wearing a mask.

Last night a new video appeared on the channel of BlllShepherd (very likely an Iamaphoney alias) called “The Mask”
The eerily blurry 15 second video is accompanied by backwards fragments of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven (heard as “Oh here's to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is Satan.”) and the “Na Na Na” chorus of “Hey Jude” (interestingly corresponding to yesterday's post on this blog).

So, I wonder if there is anything else to be found in the suitcase. I believe that 65if2007 has found all of the physical items, but we need to do some creative thinking to find out if there is anything else of significance.

Send your thoughts, theories and insights my way of anything we might have overlooked.


65if2007 said...

*****He traveled from Louisiana (I believe) to California, seemingly unafraid of all the talk of serial killers and closely guarded secrets.*****

Not so far; not nearly so far. It was ME, as opposed to someone else, simply because I didn't live that far away to begin with.

*****the ghost of Doris Day*****

Singing "Que sera sera". That would horrify any sane man.

*****And he found the Briefcase. It must have been a great experience to reach down and feel that baby in your hands.*****

Remember, I was worried about snakes. I peered into the bushes first to see what I would be reaching into, so I SAW it before I grabbed it.

*****He has been cool about it, but his initial posts to Nothing Is Real shortly after the discovery gave away his excitement.*****

Those initial posts ("you didn't LISTEN, St. Paul") were based on RA 101, which was the video in during which Iamaphoney hid the briefcase in the first place. No one picked up on that. The initial reaction was that I must have gone crazy.

*****On top of that came the word that Iamaphoney sent a personal message to someone saying that there was more to be found in the suitcase, which might have caused 65if2007 to think that people were accusing him of holding back some things.*****

One of Iamaphoney's surrogates (it should probably be fairly obvious who, but I've chosen not to mention his name) sent me an email saying that he had been in touch with Iamaphoney, who had said to him, "Your friend is not telling you everything".

I suppose that could mean a number of things, but the implication was that I was holding back, and that is specifically what the surrogate asked me: if I was holding back.

That did upset me a little. Iamaphoney speaks in riddles for a period of time now that has extended almost two years; he tells his audience that one of us has to go on a scavenger hunt; his prize simply is another set of cryptic clues; and he says that I'M holding back????

Because I may not have found everything or known where to look for it? Because I can't follow Iamaphoney's own thought processes?

I did discover more on closer examination than I noticed initially, but I've disclosed it as I've discovered it, and that's a far cry from "holding back"

*****First of all, I don’t think 65if2007 is holding anything back. I also don’t think anyone suggested that he was.*****

I promise you that I'm not -- not on purpose anyway. If there's anything that I haven't talked about, it's because I haven't discovered it.

Iamaphoney's surrogate said that Iamaphoney said that I wasn't telling everything. I've since discovered and disclosed some writing/images that I've found in the briefcase itself. I don't know if that was the issue.

*****it means that there is more there than we are currently perceiving: not something hidden by 65if2007 from the rest of us, but something overlooked by all of us.*****

Maybe by me. But not on purpose.

*****This item appeared in the subsequent video Pete Best*****

A curious development. I didn't make that video, by the way.

*****The outer jacket also contains “ME”*****

I assume that those are simply the initials of Mal Evans. I certainly appreciate your clarification of "SUPERSTONE". I saw the YouTube video before you took it down.

Iamaphoney's request that you take it down is amusing, in light of (what is presumably) his own suggestion that I am holding back.

*****The final discovery from the suitcase that we know about is the CD. I don’t know much about the CD. I would like to know: What did the CD look like?*****

Just a regular old CD. I can post a picture of it when I get home.

*****Was it packaged in anything?*****

I am pretty sure that it was not. I don't have a jacket for it, at any rate, and I don't think that I lost the jacket, though it's conceivable that I regarded it as trivial (stupid me) and lost it in the excitement.

But I don't think that there was a jacket. As I remember, the "Book of Law" was separate, and everything else was bundled in the brown wrapper.

*****What was the file name of the video?*****

I can find that out for you when I get home. It was not anything that I noticed as remarkable, or I would have mentioned it, but someone else might be able to attach a meaning to it.

*****Was that the only file on the disk? *****

Yes. I have checked the disk several times to be sure. Otherwise, I would have uploaded any other files.

*****Last night a new video appeared on the channel of BlllShepherd (very likely an Iamaphoney alias) called “The Mask”*****

I had not considered that video in relation to the video on the CD in the briefcase. I think that you are likely right that "BillShepherd", whoever he is (Iamaphoney or not) is saying that there is a connection.

In the light of day, it's hard to take the video on the CD in the briefcase at face value (i.e., as something that REALLY happened), but I watched it as soon as I got home from Los Angeles in the dead of night, and it was easy to be frightened of the images when watching the video for the first time when it's dark outside.

By the way, isn't that remarkable that Iamaphoney is talking to you as Crowley would ("do what thou wilt")?

And I'm curious as to why has he written to you and others directly and not me. Why shouldn't he write to me and DIRECTLY address me if he has something to say to me.

Mike said...

Yeah, it was a good thing to do! and i like the fact that you can make everything clear for EVERYONE to follow... i always recommend this blog to anyone who wants to know the hidden things in the rotten apple series, and why they are there

===One writer even told him to go back to California to look for something else===
that was me, but i didn't told him to go back to california, it was more like i told everyone was free to go.. because there were people planning on going too besides 65if, and if they would be going they better check this too

Tafultong said...


I can't thank you enough for the clarification and analysis.

Tafultong said...

Thanks Mike. I appreciate your support and input.

Anonymous said...

it sure looks like Paul's handwriting.

Anonymous said...

on the Magic Christian record that is...................

Anonymous said...

can't we get better high quality pics of the inside of the briefcase?????????????????

MikeNL said...

65if; about that email i send you: i just want openness, and i know you do.. but after IAAP send me that message i thought: hmm okay, well maybe there was something in the suitcase that was very important and you didn't wanted it to show everyone. i knew you were telling the truth before that, and i also do now :)


Zakk said...

I think people need to chill about quality pictures and what not. I tip my hat to 65if for making the trek none of the rest of us did.

Honestly, if the case is Mal's, would you REALLY wanna slice the darn thing apart to find out if its holding more secrets? Plus its pretty hard to take a picture from inside of a brown leather bag.

MikeNL said...

65if2007 said...

Tafultong, you are welcome.

Mike, you will simply have to ask iamaphoney for me if he still thinks that I'm holding back and what it is that he thinks that I'm not telling everyone and where I would find it.

Does he want me to slice up the briefcase? Does he want me to find an opportunity to find a phonograph and play "The Magic Christian"? What does he want me to do?

I'm not even going to press the issue of why he writes to you and tafultong and others directly but doesn't write me directly and instead chooses to address me through you.

I'm really reluctant to sit through the "Magic Christian". I assume that others have listened to it, including the inner grooves, before now, but I would PROBABLY do it, if specifically informed that there's something there.

Zakk, thank you for your support, and you have hit exactly upon what I am thinking.

It is VERY difficult to take a quality picture of a penciled drawing on soft fabric of the inside of a briefcase (again, it must have been even more difficult to create the drawings in the first place -- who did this and why?).

As Mike says, necessity required that I cut the strap.

But as both you and Mike have also pointed out, it would be a shame to cut up this briefcase any further and destroy it entirely simply in the HOPE that I might get a slightly better quality picture of handwriting that is cryptic anyway and doesn't itself provide any ultimate answers.

I'm not going to cut up the briefcase unless someone can convince me that it would really would be worthwhile to do so.

I have run my hands through it enough times to assure myself that there are no other papers or items hidden in the material. If I'm still wrong about that, Iamaphoney will have to specifically guide me.

Anonymous said...

65, Is it possible the blair-witch CD is a mixed-mode cd? Have you tried it in an audio CD player (not in your computer)?

65if2007 said...

*****65, Is it possible the blair-witch CD is a mixed-mode cd? Have you tried it in an audio CD player (not in your computer)?*****

I did not know that there such things as "mixed mode cd's".

I will put the CD in question in an audio CD player when I get home.

Anonymous said...

Tafultong, you should be ashamed of your censorship. The information wants to be free.

He's a phoney and your being his accomplice.

If he was dumb enough to tell too much in that video, I think we all have the right to know what it was.

I'm not trying to play this game.

If he had anything important in the PID world, why would he sit around and feed us this garbage for 2 years?

Anonymous said...

If there is anything whatsoever of import in that bag, it has to be something physical. Think about it; why send people on a scavenger hunt to retrieve images and scrawls that he could just as well have incorporated into another video? It has to be something that IAAP couldn't convey through images or sound alone. Unless, of course, it's all for show, which I believe it is anyway.

Anonymous said...

Its just a mindf*ck that Iamaphoney plays and everyone cares which inflates his ego.

Repost the video you deleted, Taf. If he had any sort of revelation don't you think he would have shared it by now?

After seeing the retarded video that was in the briefcase...

Anonymous said...

On the NIR board, IAAP told Mikey that all the information anyone needs will be revealed on the iChat interview April 10 at 9:00pm. So what was the point of the briefcase and the countless videos? If this was a viral campaign for Macca, it didn't generated much interest (based on viewings). No doubt IAAP (and some other NIR folks collaborated on the series, and you can follow their clues from posts on NIR. It's a kitchen sink approach: throw up every image and related conspiracy theory hoping something will stick.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will be revealed on the 10th. Just more stupid cryptic crap to keep everyone chasing their tails.

65if2007 said...

Anonymous, I've said this before, but it's worth repeating.

I ceased being an Iamaphoney "true believer" a while ago -- if I ever was one.

When I went to get the briefcase, I did so, not as a starry-eyed true believer, but because Iamaphoney has pretty much committed to a publicly-accessible "tell all" interview (to the extent of nine questions anyway) on April 10.

But he had conditioned that on someone retrieving the briefcase. Why did he make this condition? Why did he even dump the briefcase in the first place? I don't know. Probably just more mind games.

But I went and got the briefcase not because I thought that there would be anything earth-shattering in there and not because Iamaphoney commanded it but because I wanted to force his hand and MAKE him honor his agrement to submit to the interview.

So hopefully, I've done that, and hopefully, his interview of April 10 will take place and will be a productive one -- but I'm not investing any real emotional stake in that either.

If Iamaphoney doesn't come up with something solid on April 10, I for one will cease regarding him in any way as an investigator and start regarding him purely as an entertainer and that's how I think that others should react.

The fact is that Iamaphoney's videos are entertaining enough that he'll probably always have an audience -- it's just a question of whether the response he gets from that audience ever changes significantly.

Anonymous said...

Well said, 65if. IAAP has painted himself into a corner and so the interview should be the end of everything if he has nothing earth-shattering to reveal. IAAP is reading these posts, and "they" know they have to produce something of objective value. How many times can we watch the same video clips reedited of some guy walking on Abbey Road for Pete's sake? It will be interesting to see how many remain loyal even if the interview winds up being another crypto-fest.

Anonymous said...

How many Phoneys are to be expected?

No said...

Tafulong. Fuck Iamaphoney REPOST THE DAMN VIDEO HE DOESNT WANT PEOPLE TO SEE! It must contain something.

He told you "Do as thou wilt", which, if you were human and wanted answers, would post it.. Not sit back and suck his fucking game and repress it..

Shame on you Tafulong. I guess you dont want anyone to figure it out do you, Iamaphoney?

Anonymous said...

Same with that guy. Why do you hide it? Expose this fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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