Friday, April 25, 2008

EMI Tac Cam and Hey Jude

Iamaphoney has uploaded two re-edited versions of previously released videos. This is an unusual move. Early on we had a few videos that disappeared for a while and then came back with new edits. But, this seems to be a ploy to either transmit a couple messages or to take attention away from my last post. (Sorry, I got all self important there for a minute)

EMI Tac Cam (Macca Time). The description is simply "Next Level OT" - This is a slightly altered version of Rotten Apple 55 - Emi Stairs.

I don't know what the message is here, but if I were the guy who found the briefcase (are you listening 65if2007?) I would pull out that Magic Christian record and put the label under a black light right away. If that does not work, try any other method you can think of that will cause some type of invisible marker to show up. Just a hunch, but if I had it, I would give it a try.

Hey Jude. The description is simply "BT" - This is a new edit of the Rotten Apple 64 a - Who's Here/Do You Figure/Iamaphoney. It will take some time to examine all of those quick cuts , but there may be some new images in there. One possible explanation for this redux is that many people have been pointing out that the word "Phony" was used in the description of motive by John Lennon's killer. This has led to some speculation about the motives of Iamaphoney, particularly his fascination with killers and victims. I guess the message here is that the name had nothing to do with a murderer as it was just a backwards clue in "Hey Jude."

People have also been wondering about the identity of this guy in the bottom center of the picture:


Anonymous said...

the invisible ink idea is worth investigating, i guess, but i'm not really getting it from that clip.

the reason is, i can make out part of the "iamaphoney" ambigram in black ink during the part of clip where the hand is shown writing (or unwriting, as it's reversed).

still something screwy about that record, though...i don't understand why finding it was so imperative.

Anonymous said...

What 9 questions would you recommend asking IAAP for the May 1st deadline?

(I ask because the NIR crowd seems pretty well lost on their own.)

Anonymous said...

Tafultong I think you made him nervous with your last post (wink).In related news I see that excerpts from the Mal Evans diaries have been published in a UK newspaper last month.According to few Beatle forums this had been talked about happening a few months ago and may have inspired Iamaphoney's whole Mal Evans briefcase idea in the first place.Good find on the book Blackbird appearing in the RA video.Was it in one of those quick subliminal flash montages?I would watch it but I do not want to suddenly get an unexplainable urge to run out and buy the book!

Mat said...

Michael Jackson is the clue in this video. Look closely. Its Jackos time, not Maccas.

Anonymous said...

I assume you know OT stands for Operating Thetan so it’s probably talking about someone moving to the next level in Aleister Crowleys’ religion.

Anonymous said...

Tafultong said...

If OT is Operating Thetan, I guess that would make BT Body Thetans.

Anonymous said...

Ron L. Hubbard was learning from Aleister Crowley before forming the Church of Scientology. OT could very well be connected with both men.