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I have mentioned previously that the frequent references to the Zodiac killer in the Rotten Apple videos may be due to the theory about a connection between the Zodiac and Charles Manson.

The book “The Zodiac/Manson Connection” by Howard Davis appears to be hard to find, but you can get some information about the theory from the web site

This particular investigation centers on Bruce Davis, who in 1967 became a follower of Charles Manson. Davis is serving life sentences for the murders of Gary Hinman and Shorty Shea, which were arranged by Charles Manson; but some investigators have linked Bruce Davis with other murders.

The Zodiac killer frequently used this symbol in his writings to newspapers and police.

This symbol was prominent in the literature of the Process Church of the Final Judgement.

Bruce Davis was allegedly connected with the Process Church of the Final Judgement, ( or ( while he was in England. The organization, which has been associated with satanic practices may have influenced the philosophy of Charles Manson. There are also several rumors about a relationship between the Process Church and David Berkowitz, the serial killer also known as the Son of Sam. Some of the evidence that suggests a connection between these three killers and the Process Church seems a little shaky, but it is still worth a look.

One person who does have a verifiable connection with the Process Church is Paul McCartney. While there is no evidence that McCartney ever participated in the church or even accepted any of its teachings, he did agree, along with his girlfriend Jane Asher to be interviewed for the “Fear Issue” of its magazine, the cover of which has appeared in a few Rotten Apple videos. Members of the church apparently hung out quite a bit at Indica Gallery in the mid sixties.

The Process Church magazine was still around in 1972 when it featured some text written by Charles Manson. (Photocopy of issue featuring Manson)

Now here is where we need to make a gigantic leap of logic. If the Process Church was a Satanic cult, and if Bruce Davis was a part of it, and if Bruce Davis had time between the murders he committed for Manson and the other murders that he might have committed, he might also be the Zodiac killer. And so, Rotten Apple 199 features a police composite drawing of the Zodiac. It also contains a picture which might be a note written by the Zodiac.

Interestingly, a couple of the notes out there which are believed to be the work of the Zodiac contain the term “blue meanies,” which of course is a term from the movie “Yellow Submarine.” This is a picture of a letter sent to the LA Times that is believed to be from the Zodiac.

He also frequently said in his writings that his victims would be his slaves in the afterlife, which is why I find these pictures from Rotten Apple 199 intriguing.

UPDATE: The individual pictured above is Mike Renault Mageau who survived an attack of the person believed to be the Zodiac in 1966. Mageau was shot four times with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol in a parking lot outside of Vallejo, California. His companion Darlene Ferrin died in the attack. In 1991 he identified Arthur Leigh Allen as the attacker. But the story doesn't end there. Here is an odd little 1993 addendum from

The Rotten Apple videos seem to consistently portray Paul McCartney from 1967 on as an evil character. Some have even suggested that Iamaphoney is saying that the man we know as Paul McCartney is the Zodiac Killer, which I think is absurd. But however absurd it may be, I think that some people out there are finding and reacting to a sinister side of the music, which may or may not actually be there. One of the more plausible reasons why the Beatles have gone so long without ever admitting that they were playing little games with their art is that they did not want to be associated with the Manson murders. But could there actually be evil hidden in the yard, underneath the wall, buried deep below a thousand layers?

There are a couple new evil videos that have turned up on YouTube in the last couple days.

One "Pete Best" comes from the YouTube user whaIedreamers, which I believe is an Iamaphoney alias.

The other "live fo rehtaf" (Yes a line written backwards from the Iamaphoney song,"He Is My Brother" which is a line sung backwards from the John Lennon song "Free As A Bird") comes from THEFlREMAN who uses IAAP material in his/her videos, but I’m not sure it is actually him. The video is good though and there are some interesting subliminals.

Finally, a new PID character MilesDeo, who appeared on the scene with comments on Iamaphoney's YouTube page and then on the Nothing Is Real discussion group just as 65if2007 grabbed the briefcase, has tipped his hand slightly. He says that he is traveling around doing an independent investigation because of the note pictured below which has been censored by its owner so as not to reveal too much.


Zakk said...

Awesome, thanks for gathering all this info together in one proper post. Great read.

Tafultong said...

Thanks very much, Zakk. I added a little update near the bottom.

Anonymous said...

That's how you do it, Tafultong. Always nice to hear lucid, fair-minded dissemination of facts. IAAP would've made 17 videos to convey what you've put in that single post.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly, anonymous. I find this blog to be a welcome torch in navigating the "phoney" fog.

65if2007 said...

How many slaves does one need in the afterlife anyway?

I can understand the desire for as many virgins as possible, but how much menial assistance does the average serial killer expect to need in the afterlife?

What physical demands do they expect their slaves to serve?

Anonymous said...

It should also be mentioned that Davis had dated Cheri Jo Bates, belived to be a Zodiac victim, and was the first suspect in that case. So this theory pre-dates both the creation of the family and the appearance of the Zodiac.

Davis had also lived with Doreen Gaul and James Sharp prior to their murders, the Zodiac has claimed to have commited this crime. Davis, Gaul and Sharp were all involved in the Church of Scientology, another inspiration for many of Manson's rantings.

Tafultong said...

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the kind comments.

The additional information on Bruce Davis was very helpful. I didn't mention Scientology in my post, but most sources did indicate that the Process Church started there.

Anonymous said...

Man, we(you and the rest of us)are coming throug heavy stuff. Really heavy stuff¡¡¡
Great post


Anonymous said...

The song by AIC (Alice in Chains)"Rotten Apple" got some meaning in this blog?

pmc27 said...

Excellent post...
It explaines everything very well and simple.


Anonymous said...

Anyone ever coorinate the schedules of Zodiak and you-know-who?