Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I am talking about the defenders of the Iamaphoney faith. The language of Religion is being used surprisingly often in the dialog about the merits of the Rotten Apple series. There are frequent references in the videos to organized Religion and its antithesis (i.e. Christ and the Anti-Christ) but this is different. There seems to be much said about the worship of Iamaphoney.

I have been called an "Agnostic" in terms of my coverage of Iamaphoney's exploits, and I take great pride in that. I have also been told that I should be ashamed of myself for acquiescing to a request from Iamaphoney and I take pride in that too.

Those who are fascinated by the Rotten Apple videos are often disparagingly called Iamaphoney disciples. This site exists because of my interest in the videos and the music contained in them.

The "Nothing is Real" discussion group has been the main battleground for the Iamaphoney holy wars. At first I didn't understand why the moderators were so resistant to the discussion of Iamaphoney videos, which brought all kinds of new traffic to the site, but I have a better understanding of that now. They have actually been amazingly tolerant when you consider that even with Iamaphoney rarely taking part in the discussion, his influence has been felt at some point in nearly every long running thread.

The Religious talk started with questions like "Do you believe in Iamaphoney?" which is as humorous as it is troubling. Each date that passes without the promised "revelation" (which is a term I believe Iamaphoney has used since the first video of the Rotten Apple series) the critics pounce and the defenders say things like, "At least we got a new video and a fire. I still believe in Iamaphoney."

Parallels have been drawn between Christ's disciples who expected His physical return during their lifetime and didn't get it and Iamaphoney fans who expected a revelation by now and haven't gotten it.

Now after the interview fiasco there is a backlash. All but the "faithful" are saying nasty things about Iamaphoney. I am taking great pain to resist pointing out the irony of people calling a guy, who calls himself Iamaphoney, a fake. One of the recent criticisms was that Iamaphoney is turning the "Paul Is Dead" conspiracy into a joke. Ah hem, I thought all conspiracy theories were a joke. That's what the conspirators want the masses to think. Most effective conspiracy theories start from the premise, "Yes, I understand I am a joke, but isn't such and such a strange coincidence?" and then another conspiracy theorist is born. Isn't that how it works?

There does seem to be a joke out there with this new video that Mike's Blog has been gushing about called Rotten Apple 69 by yourliver1. I don't think that this spoof came from the Rotten Apple camp. I hope not, although I might be able to accept it if it was a wink to the critics who complained about PID becoming a joke.

I also don't know what to make of WITCHKRFT by MBEpaul. Is this another Iamaphoney wannabe or a sign of dissension in the Rotten Apple group? It's an interesting video, but it is not of the quality I am accustomed to with Iamaphoney. I wouldn't even suspect it of being anything but an imitation if it hadn't been for the chaotic moves coming out of the Iamaphoney camp lately.

I thought the suitcase video was excellent, but I had some misgivings when it turned into a real suitcase and a contest to find it. Some may remember that I got criticized for not taking the suitcase thing seriously enough. Then there was the "Blair Witch" video on the CD inside the suitcase that made me cringe a little bit, but not in a good way. Follow that up with the interview that didn't happen, a plane delay in the West Indies, the 9 Q video with assassinations and a picture of a guy with 3/4 of his head blown off, and now the invitation to get a new list of questions together by May 1.

Remember that the Rotten Apple series started with backwards masking discoveries and photo comparisons, which I have always thought were the weakest evidence in the Paul Is Dead theories. But then it developed into slickly produced gems with allusions to "The Passover Plot" and "The Book of the Law" and a soundtrack every bit as compelling as the visuals. Those videos would send shivers down the spine.

This got me very interested because I could easily imagine someone of importance catching those earlier videos and saying, "Hey Iamaphoney, I have a story for you." But this recent series of miscalculations worries me a little. It's as if some of the brain trust moved on or the various pieces of the organization are not working as well together.

The CD was meant to appease Mike, but it actually appeased me. That was a step in the right direction. And I have not forgotten that I have not yet paid a dime for any of this often outstanding entertainment. So, I continue to pay tribute to Iamaphoney with this site and I continue to wait in anticipation of the next move. If that makes me an Iamphoney Apologetic, so be it.


MikeNL said...

VERY well said!

Anonymous said...

What is instructive with regard to your appraisal of IAAP is that it seems mostly tied to the quality (i.e. entertainment value) of the videos, rather than the content. One could do a sober series on the topic without any razzle dazzle or Beatle-inspired original music overlaid. The problem here is that the videomakers have painted themselves into a corner by promising a major mind blowing revelation. The series seems to have "jumped the shark" as it were. The only payoff they can go for now is to continue with the Magic Christian theme and just have all the Rotten Apple Army jump into the vat of sewage on cue.

MikeNL said...

oh boy i wonder why everyone "anonymous" isn't just using their YT or NIR nickname, because really.. i know you all go there, without it you wouldn't even be here.

Zakk said...

well said sir, I agree. I daily visit the NIR forums, however they always appear in such a state of disarray that I hesitate to join in the mess... even though I hate to be "that guest lurker" also...

No said...


Thats not channels MBEPaul subscribes to, thats IAAP subscribing to MBEPauls channel.

Anonymous said...

If you must know Mikey (and this should come as no surprise), many of the long-winded anonymous comments have come from me, John Charles, but they're all just screen names anyway. I found Taful's blog when I googled "Iamaphoney." Taful, yes, you are one of the most rational of the agnostics, and you have come to realize that the IAAP discussion has now turned inward, just as the series itself has slowly turned away from Paul and toward its creators and their music.

Anonymous said...

We all know that Iamaphoney is apologetic toward Manson.I think he based the whole thing on Manson.Manson was a failed musician who thought he heard secret messsages about a race war in Beatle songs.He spread his gospel,got a group of believers to follow him and then eventually got THEM to do his dirtywork.It sounds like the Iamaphoney blueprint.I think the whole suitcase debacle was an game to see if they could get someone to really follow an order.I don't think Iamaphoney are killers or anything but I think they are playing a dangerous game with people's minds.If you have your wits about you you can just enjoy it for what it is.The trouble is you have some really odd people out there who see Iamaphoney as a spiritual leader now.
I think you are being unfair when you say that conspiracy theories are considered jokes.There is a lot of money and power behind the JFK and 911 conspiracy theory industry.Major motion pictures and documentaries that the masses are aware of.PID does not have any of that because it does not make any sense.Why would you go to the trouble of replacing Paul McCartney for some evil plot that only winds up with the replacement coasting on his past glories in concert? No offense to Paul but everyone knows he stopped being relevent in the early 70's.The NWO wanted to create a benign nostalgia act trotting out his old hits?Are they that retarded?
My theory is that possibly Iamaphoney wants to make the major motion picture down the road but they have to create the internet buzz in order to make that possible.The trouble is they ran out of material and just started shoehorning in every conspiracy out there to get as wide an audience possible but that damaged their credibilty.That is when the series jumped the shark.


65if2007 said...

*****I think the whole suitcase debacle was an game to see if they could get someone to really follow an order.*****

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but as the dude who ended up GETTING the briefcase, I'm not under the impression that I was ever following ORDERS -- certainly not any orders directed towards me specifically.

This was never anything more to me than a scavenger hunt, and if I'd been stopped by someone wearing a badge, that's probably what I would have told him, hoping that he would see the humor in it.

I suspect that you're giving Iamaphoney way too much credit for stealth in seeking to portray him as a non-lethal type of Manson.

My guess is that Iamaphoney has some sort of distant connection with McCartney and/or the Beatles -- not close enough for them to be aware of him but close enough to fuel some pre-existing suspicions of his without affording him any solid proof (i.e. he knows someone who knows someone sort of thing).

Of course, if I knew whether this briefcase was a genuine article or not, I would be in a better position to speculate on how close Iamaphoney is to everything.

But with what appears to be limited knowledge, he's made these videos in which he seeks to inform as much as he can (and given that his knowledge is limited, as little as he can get away with) in as entertaining a manner as possible.

I imagine that there is some interest on his part on just how far he can push his audience, but I doubt that it's as all encompassing and as pre-planned as you suppose.

I don't think that he had any real idea of whether anyone would go and get the briefcase (why do people still call this thing a "suitcase"?) or not or of what he would do next either way. He was always going to play that one by ear.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I saw on the Nothing Is Real forum that they were saying it was a suitcase.I also read here that Iamaphoney has not contacted you, so what exactly are you supposed to do with it now?Stick it in the closet until doomsday?This is why I'm speculating that there is some kind of game being played here. I've seen your comments and you have been very forthcoming with information so I appreciate the candor and I am not suggesting that you are a participant in the game if there is one.Like everyone else I have a few theories but what you wrote about having a distant connection to Paul is intriguing.I was thinking maybe Geoffrey Guiliano who now has a page on his website called "living the beatles legend" might be a part of this.Guiliano collaborated with Denny Laine on a hatchet job McCartney biography and also has some experience with speech reversals.He also wrote a book based on his "memories" of reading John Lennon's diaries which he then claims mysteriously vanished.Somehow he keeps cranking these books out.He seems to go back and forth on which Beatle he hates the most,Paul or John.Anyway just more to chew on.


Anonymous said...

Vince, here,
I actually SURPRISED that after all is said and done, we still have to either "BELIEVE or NOT BELIEVE". And yet, I don't want to belong to EITHER camps, you know. This must be the true "Human dilemma": we are forced into two choices, and a small handful of us 'just wanna watch'.
Maybe this is what America was doing with Hitler; standing back, saying, "Where's he going with this?" Is it right, wrong? Who knows?
In the movie "Idiocracy", the main character states that when he was told to "Lead, Follow, or get out of the way", he 'got out of the way'.
I'm with you, and if that makes me an 'apologist', so be it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about MBEPAUL but i think i solved the anagram!

Remember the discussion about "Former Media"? There might be a connection

65if2007 said...

*****Sorry, I saw on the Nothing Is Real forum that they were saying it was a suitcase.*****

No apology is necessary. I have no personal stake in the matter. It's just obvious that it IS a briefcase when you look at it on RA 101.

*****I also read here that Iamaphoney has not contacted you, so what exactly are you supposed to do with it now? Stick it in the closet until doomsday?*****

Ah, that's the $64,000 question. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it now. I have been requested to "stick it" in an entirely different location though, but that request didn't come from Iamaphoney. No request of any sort has come from Iamaphoney.

*****This is why I'm speculating that there is some kind of game being played here.*****

I don't doubt that. To what end, I have no idea.

*****I've seen your comments and you have been very forthcoming with information so I appreciate the candor and I am not suggesting that you are a participant in the game if there is one.*****

Thank you. I am certainly not a WILLING participant. Perhaps Iamaphoney's Plan A was to have the briefcase picked up by an already-chosen individual who was already "in" on -- whatever this is exactly -- and I caused him to revert to Plan B. Or maybe there was no Plan B, and Iamaphoney is playing things entirely by ear now.

Who knows?

Your Geoffrey Guiliano speculation is very interesting and caused me to do a little bit of online research.

If Guiliano really has or has had access to Lennon's diaries containing all his deep dark secrets and if this little issue concerning the substitution of Paul McCartney never came up before in anything that Guiliano has written about the Beatles up until now, it does make me wonder how much there is to any of it.

Anonymous said...

For some fun reading

Anonymous said...

or type geoffrey giuliano and reverse speech into a search engine and see what you get

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt the IAAP guys are connected to Giuliano or any insiders. No insiders would be inserting "clues" like the well-known hoaxed photos of dead Paul (you know the two I mean)or handwritten stuff that they got off the internet. They're PID guys from NIR, who maybe picked up a few other confederates along the way. I think they're the types that go to Beatle conventions and try to interview third-string Beatle people like Victor Spinetti in hoped that they can manipulate the audio or context to their ends. They are definitely manipulators and more into Crowley than Paul ever was.

Anonymous said...

Ken Mansfield this Saturday

Anybody planning to be around Scottsdale this Saturday? If so, maybe you could ask Mr. Mansfield what the hell he thinks IAAP is up to!

Anonymous said...

for that matter, why doesn't somebody shoot a politely-worded email over to giles martin? he apparently keeps track of his own myspace account:

Giles Martin Myspace

he at least knows if there was ever any validity to this whole "hidden love code" story, right?