Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Strange Convergence

Have you noticed that three strands of PID-related videos seem to be gradually moving to a common point? Iamaphoney seems to be moving toward an end game with the promise of an interview and the supposed planting of Mal Evans' suitcase at the former Manson family hideout. YouKnowMyName231 released a video today called "The Joker" about coincidence and synchronicity, which includes the words "Rosemary's Baby" at exactly 2:30 (yeah "23" which is a coincidence, I guess). And then there is aIIofthemwitches (notice the Iamaphoney trick of "II" that seems to look like "ll" on YouTube) with the constant connections between Manson, Manson's victims and PID.

So there are three completely different editing styles from these three most likely different video makers who started at completely different places. But all three of them seem to be heading toward the exact same destination.

One of the many excellent comments in response to my post "The Magic Christian" caused me to blow the dust off May Pang's book,"Loving John." In Chapter 12 she writes about a visit by Cynthia and Julian during the Christmas holidays. The chapter veers off in several directions as she describes a very unstable John jumping from the "Too Many Cooks" session with Mick Jagger, to a trip to the Playboy mansion, to dinner at Mal Evans' house and then the infamous night at the Troubadour when John donned the tampon on his head and ended up nearly killing Jesse Ed Davis with the Coke bottle in the kitchen.* That last incident prompted a visit from the LAPD. John pulls himself together enough to avoid arrest and he even answers the "Are you getting back together?" question from a starstruck member of LA's finest.

Here is where it gets weird. After the police left, May walked Jesse Ed and his friends out to their car and hears John back at the apartment screaming "I hate Roman Polanski."

Here is May's description:
I dashed back to the apartment. John was upstairs. Shaking with rage, he had attacked the four-poster bed and was doing his best to break loose one of the posts. "It's Roman Polanski's fault!" he screamed. "Roman Polanski is to blame for everything." We had met Roman Polanski at a few parties, but John had never expressed any anger toward him. I watched as he systematically began to demolish the room.

She appeared to be mystified about the source of John's rage. Where in the hell is this heading?

* Reminds one of the game "Clue" doesn't it?


65if2007 said...

What's unusual about this is that Iamaphoney didn't start out heading in the direction that you refer to.

Look at Rotten Apple 1, published on YouTube in November 2006. It's plain unvarnished PID based largely on already-known clues from "Strawberry Fields" and "Yellow Submarine".

"We'll be reverse" is probably the only new wrinkle. I don't know if anyone spotted that before Iamaphoney did.

But there's no reference to Satanism, Crowley, Manson or anything of that sort in Rotten Apple 1. Again, it's plain unvarnished PID.

So it's possible that as Iamaphoney did further investigation, this is where the investigation independently led him, as it led the others.

Paul doesn't even have to be DEAD now to make this work, as the debauchment of the same old Paul into the forces of darkness is STILL a story.

Of course, it works much better as a story if Paul IS dead. The happy-go-lucky youth from 1966 and beforehand who happily cavorts around the stage doesn't seem to fit the portrait of evil very well.

Then again, it was apparently THAT Paul who wrote "Ian Iachimoe" at the bottom of "Paperback Writer".

But he still doesn't fit the picture as well as the rather stern unhumorous physical replacement (if physical replacement he was) who makes his first appearance (as shown in Rotten Apple 30) in front of EMI headquarters on December 1966 and then again in the Strawberry Fields video.

Still, as much as I dislike the post-1966 version of McCartney (either as a replacement or as a metamorphosis), I'm skeptical of the Satan/Crowley/Manson element.

But still, if three different individuals really were led in that direction, it's interesting.

Tafultong said...


I have written many times about the metamorphosis of Iamaphoney as the Rotten Apple Series has progressed: The sudden jumps in editing quality, the shifts in content, the late appearance of the presumed Iamaphoney character in the videos and the even later appearance of original music. It's almost as if Iamaphoney had been replaced somewhere along the line. IID-IWR?????

Zakk said...

One of the video's on that all of them witches page has an address that Google Maps says is in LA:

10050 Cielo Drive. 1 West 72nd Street.

FIND THAT CASE GUYS! I'd help but I'm all the way in Kansas. :(

Tafultong said...


10050 Cielo Drive was the residence of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. It is the site where the most famous Charles Manson family murders took place.

1 West 72nd Street in New York City is the address of the Dakota Building where Polanski's Movie "Rosemary's Baby" was filmed and where John Lennon lived and died.

Anonymous said...

10050 Cielo Drive no longer exists.
It was on the market for 30 years, and despite being rented by several bands for recording, no one would buy it.
The original house was torn down in the late 1990's, and the current house has a different address.
The people that eventualy bought the new house weren't informed about the history of the lot untill after moving in, and realy dislike trespassers and gawkers.

Zakk said...

Well then, i'll just did a bit deeper next time. Thanks all!

Anonymous said...


The supposed Roman Polanski connection to all this is the part that really gets my hair to stand on end.

It is disturbing (and probably far-fetched) to think he might have somehow played a part in arranging ritual murders, of course, but then again he was smack dab in the middle of some very strange times. The Manson murders really did happen.

Looking at Polanski's subject matter alone, films again and again focusing upon sexualized violence and various occult activities, one might begin to wonder what exactly the attraction and inspiration was for him personally.

I do not claim to know, of course (and I realize there are various fallacies in even suggesting a connection).

What I do know: Lennon clearly suspected him of something... and Polanski has since been found guilty of child rape and other crimes.

Something's just not right with all this. Where there's smoke...

Anonymous said...