Thursday, March 20, 2008

Iamaphoney's music videos?

I received this comment today from an anonymous writer:

Another big item that did not get a mention here was Iamaphoney's music videos which he posted on YouTube last week only to quickly take them down when he was fingered by NIR.He wants to keep both projects seperate [sic] but he's going to have a hard time getting his music career off the ground when he's constantly outed.

I think you are referring to a post made by a user named nothingthatdoesn'tshow in the Rotten Apple 2 thread of the Nothing Is Real discussion group. The post consisted of the phrase "Do you figure..." followed by two embedded YouTube video links and the word "hanssah." By the time I found the post and tried the links (within two hours of the original post) the videos had been removed from YouTube. But within that two-hour period Iamaphoney expert/fan/future interviewer Mike had seen the linked videos and wrote "i figure.. it's phoney alright, though he has his hair painted there we can see a very large sgt pepper cover there too!"

First of all, I think Mike meant that a person in the two linked music videos appeared to be the same person that has appeared in several Iamaphoney videos in places like Abbey Road, Beatlefest, and more recently Mal Evans' old residence and Charles Manson's old hideout. I try to call that individual "the actor" because I have not seen any conclusive evidence that the person in the videos is the individual who calls himself Iamaphoney. There could be one person filming the videos, another one editing them, another keeping track of about 9 YouTube and 3 MySpace accounts, another recording the music, another globetrotting while being filmed etc. Hell, there could be teams of people for all I know.

I do believe that nothingthatdoesn'tshow did find videos that feature the person from the Iamaphoney videos although he gave no clue on the board as to how he found them.

Judging from these two pictures from the embedded videos (shown below) and the description from Mike, I believe that these are the same videos I found in July of last year. This was back in the day when Iamaphoney allowed you to see his YouTube favorites and subscriptions. One of the videos gave a glimpse of a recording studio with the BIG Sgt. Pepper poster on the wall. As soon as I posted my discovery on the NIR discussion group, the videos were privatized. I am actually surprised that somebody put them up again just to remove them again within a couple of hours.

Here is my post to the NIR group from July 19, 2007:

Re: The rotten apple 2
« Reply #414 on Jul 19, 2007, 12:27am »


Jul 18, 2007, 5:14pm, Mellow Yellow wrote:Tafultong, those videos wont work for me, it just says "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request."

That's weird and just a little bit frightening. I didn't think that Iamaphoney would have felt in any way threatened by my discovery. It certainly didn't reduce my anticipation about where his videos were leading. And I fully intend to purchase anything that he makes available. I hope this is building up to a DVD release of some kind. Anyway, I'm just trying to play the game based on the clues he gives.

I know the big question is..."Did I capture the videos?" The short answer is NO. Damn. I wasn't able to do that from the location where I found them. You win Iamaphoney---if you are the one (or ones) who didn't want us to see the videos.

Now, from memory---here is what I found.

All three videos are by a Danish Band. I think their name is Pupil, but that wasn't totally clear to me. Their songs could best be described as Beatles influenced dance music (if you can imagine that).

Iamaphoney had several of their videos on his Favorites list. One of the videos showed a car crash scene that has shown up repeatedly in some of the R.A. videos. The band wasn't outstanding, but they were definitely good enough to do some of the "new" music in the R.A. videos that he has done recently. There is also a large Sgt. Pepper poster on the wall of what appears to be a recording (and possibly film) studio in one of the videos by the Danish band. I think it zoomed in on the drum in particular a few times. And the production values of the band's videos are similar to what we have seen in the R.A. series, albeit not quite as creepy.

In his infrequent postings, Iamaphoney appears to be someone whose native language is not English. I suspect he is Danish.

He must be either an accomplished musician and film maker, or he at least is being helped by one or more people who are.

Before the band privatized their videos (which must have happened today after my posting) there was a comment from Iamaphoney from about 5 months ago on their YouTube page. So that made it look like he was just a fan. I thought he posted the comment to cover his involvement in the band itself, but apparently I was getting too close to something he didn't want known.

I don't know. It would be a strange coincidence if the band just happened to put a lock on their videos the day I wrote about them. What kind of band would want their videos to be private?

I have one more clue. Another one of Iamaphoney's favorites is a very bizarre video called Sexolution. This video is still available at

Their is a camera trick in the Sexolution video (a person spinning and flying in the air) that is identical to one used throughout one of the videos by the Danish band. It would be odd for anybody to connect these two videos unless they were involved in both on the production side. If the link above doesn't work, it is also available here: [I removed this link because my virus detector found something nasty at the German Sexolution site]

Hmm, I hear the sound of footsteps outside. I'd better go and see what it is.


Additional Note: One of the videos I watched last July had a car crash scene in it that I now believe had been lifted from the unreleased German film "Paul Is Dead."


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Nice Sgt. Pepper suits. ;o)

Tafultong said...

It's hard to find a band anywhere on this planet that doesn't show some type of Beatles influence or tribute, but this doesn't look anything like the band I was describing and I didn't see any trace of the actor from the Iamaphoney videos.

I think the band I saw was a Danish Band that went under the name of "Pupil Copenhagen" or "Pupil CPH"

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