Thursday, March 6, 2008


Remember that great version of St. Paul from Rotten Apple 101? It might have been a hit in New Zealand.

Click on each picture from Isn't it lily? for more information.


MikeNL said...

what about terry knights? i thought he wrote it??

Tafultong said...

Terry Knight wrote it and had a minor hit with it. Shane did a cover version of it and it became a hit in New Zealand and parts of Europe.

The biggest mystery is how that song ended up in the MacLen music catalog. That is the only time that ever happened.

Be Deals said...

Et vas a magor hid bud et wads befor de rumoor starded hoo soldt de sorng y wads et sordt ads ae cormend on de porl es ded roumoor

anders h said...

I don't understand dutch.

Tafultong said...

Welcome back, be deals!

To anders,

It is not Dutch. It's just not very good English. Read slowly out loud and the message will emerge.