Monday, March 31, 2008

Coming out of the Woodwork

UPDATE 2: socash extracted two videos from the mystery application and posted them on YouTube.

[End of Update 2]

UPDATE: Thanks to the great work of socash, jarv, iameye and letterb at Nothing Is Real, we now know that the file contains some video. Here is the description from socash:
Its almost like a movie thus far. No real interaction. Lots of ghostly images of dead people. The dead Beatles. Epstein, Mal... In the Cavern Club.

He also reported that the file seems safe so far. I would still advise caution.

[End of Update]


This is quite a weird day. While I was investigating a new blog, the message from the new blog appeared in the comments on my blog. The text is identical to what I was reading at

WARNING: The links contain a zip file with an executable file inside. It tested negative for viruses on my computer, but this task would be safer in the hands of someone who has a test computer. I'm afraid that I don't have the courage of a 65if2007. In fact, I'd sooner be with forest rangers and rattlesnakes.

Anonymous said...

What's in a name?

I realize that by posting what I am about to post, I may receive countless inquiries that concern my identity. My name is unimportant. What I have done, however, may be of some use to you all.

For many years I worked for Yoko Ono Lennon as her personal assistant. I coordinated concerts and arranged public appearances for John Lennon, and for a time served as Yoko's own personal priestess in white (and sometimes black) magick ceremonies. I don't look back upon those years with any significant amount of fondness though I do miss John terribly. I was one of his many lovers, though I always felt he and I had something special. I suppose they all think that, though, and my time spent John is nowhere near as important as what I am about to share with you.

Before leaving the Dakota behind for good (this was after John had died), I took with me a few things to remember him by. One of these I believe may be relevant to all of you in conspiracy-land, so here I share it with you:



You may wonder why I am doing this, and I why I have chosen this medium, this format.
You may want to ask your friend Iamaphoney about that. He and I were close, but we have begun to drift apart due to unnecessary complications that arose. Regardless of what his answer may be, this is how it is meant to be. They have decided how things should unfold, and I am simply playing my small-but-significant role in this great Greek tragedy.

Whether you choose to believe a woman who will not even reveal her name to you is another matter all together. I believe it was Aleister Crowley who said it best:

"Do as thou wilt".

This individual describes herself in a very similar way to May Pang, whose new book "Instamatic Karma" published by St. Martin's Press is on the desk in front of me as I write this. (I'm hoping that if it is her, she will see the plug and slip me the answer) Having said that, it is highly unlikely that this individual is anyone having to do with May Pang.

I guess I should also remind everyone about the existence of That has been around for some time with very little activity.


Anonymous said...

Miles has supposedly with his contacts (at Beatle fest as someone conjectured) and now these "May Pang" files. Interesting that the action has now moved to your blog, Tafultong.

Tafultong said...

Yes, the activity here, there and everywhere is dizzying.

Anonymous said...

It's all conjecture, anonymous.

I'm as curious as anyone to find out what is going on here and post possible links as I find them.

I'm assuming that Tafultong is not "in on" this game, though, if that's what it is...

Is this a game? O_o

Tafultong said...

I'm so caught up in this today, I didn't even recognize the implication of the anonymous 1's statement. Please note that I have been one of only a few in this process who has not ever tried to involve myself to the point of leaving my own clues, anagrams, cryptograms, etc. I enjoy being an outsider but they keep pullin' me in...

Anonymous said...

Of course it's a game. If the multiple IAAP sites and bogus Macca sites and the "treasure hunt" for the briefcase wasn't enough to make that clear, I don't know what else would. It's only fun, though, as long as it heads toward some sort of payoff. For me, an IAAP album isn't going to do it.

65if2007 said...

Quite frankly, I think that there may very well be a number of hard-line PIA'ers/Macca Funhousers out there who set up bogus clues on purpose, just to watch people with an interest in PID/PWR jump at the bait.

And that might be what this is.

Tafultong said...

"I think that there may very well be a number of hard-line PIA'ers/Macca Funhousers out there who set up bogus clues on purpose, just to watch people with an interest in PID/PWR jump at the bait."

As long as they do it well, I can live with that. They haven't been this clever up to this point, so I'm not ready to suggest that yet. But, I appreciate the warning and will tread carefully.

Anonymous said...

I for one merely hope nobody uses IAAP's "clues" to justify harmful or illegal activities.

It may well be nothing but fun and games for those involved in its creation, but alas we do not live in an innocent world.

I hope this all ends well. If the love you take is indeed equal to the love you make, then the RA crew has a sizeable deficit to fill.

65if2007 said...

Yeah, but the love you take is NOT necessarily equal to the love you make. That was just hippie talk.

The Beatles should have known better because their early songs often talk about love that isn't being returned or that won't be returned and their personal lives must have had a fair amount of examples of this.

The idea that, in the end, it should all balance out, was just hippie talk. There always have been and probably always will be people who are adept at receiving love without returning it.

I don't understand the dig at the "RA crew", though, whoever they/we are. The search for the truth in this matter was never conceived of as a "loving" enterprise, any more than a game of "Clue" is.

And even if it was, where exactly is the "deficit"? What "love" has the "RA crew" received that it has failed to return?

Anonymous said...

I was merely trying to suggest that the whole RA enterprise sort of seems to be aimed at generating hatred towards the person of Sir Paul McCartney (or if not hatred, per se, then an equally negative feeling).

Please forgive me the hamfisted poetic license I took. I suppose I should extend the same apology to IAAP and the gang? Sorry loves. No harm. Carry on. Do what thou willst. ;p

Anonymous said...

So is that supposed to be a dead JPM @ the 00:21 mark of the first vid?

Tafultong said...

Anonymous said: So is that supposed to be a dead JPM @ the 00:21 mark of the first vid?

I guess it is supposed to represent that. The phoney "Carnival of Light" soundtrack is a bit dubious as well.
Quoted from wiki:
Phony "bootleg" on filesharing networks
A minute-long mp3 file of backwards, sped up electric guitar noises showed up on filesharing networks under the title of "Carnival of Light." Unfortunately, this track was a misnamed partial track (originally 1 minute 9 seconds long) by the Lord of Boothferry, a very keen Beatles-related music collector. It was recorded mid-2000, using a damaged Hondo guitar, on a digital eight-track machine, and was released under a pseudonym on Napster. The track was a response to misnamed files on filesharing networks that made outrageous claims. Although not released as "Carnival Of Light," once circulating the name of the file was changed by various fans to fit descriptions of this unreleased composition. A follow-up track named "Joker's Relief" did not gain such a "following" or misnaming.

However, I still find this particular chapter to be impressive.

MikeyNL1038 said...

Well, good evening everyone

a lot has happened in the 3 hours that i left!

anyway, i think this is strange because; they didn't had digital files back in 1980... thus that exe file, if it was indeed taken from john as she claims isn't real!

Anonymous said...

You're right, Mikey.

This one doesn't fall too far from the old Rotten Apple tree, no matter who she claims to be.

Anonymous said...

It was made with cheesy AdventureMaker (point and click software for making video games).

The video contained in it shows a wrecked car, but what is it like a 89 Tempo/Taurus?

Tafultong said...

Anonymous said...
It was made with cheesy AdventureMaker (point and click software for making video games).

The video contained in it shows a wrecked car, but what is it like a 89 Tempo/Taurus?

The disclaimer in her little explanation would explain the AdventureMaker software, but if you forgive that and the soundtrack created by a fan in the year 2000, it's still hard to accept a smashed 1989 automobile.

I give an "A" for the concept though. I'm am planning to post something a little more rational tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but have somebody found the password for "the secret" file? I don't get it.

65if2007 said...

*****I was merely trying to suggest that the whole RA enterprise sort of seems to be aimed at generating hatred towards the person of Sir Paul McCartney (or if not hatred, per se, then an equally negative feeling).*****

That varies. Some people who suspect a hidden truth behind the later years of the Beatles do dislike Sir Paul McCartney. I am one of them. Others do not dislike him. There's no universal mindset there.

If Sir Paul is not universally beloved, I'm sure that he is largely the one to blame for this. I can't help hearkening back to the fact that he once fired a number of employees for eating meat.

That wasn't quite a prime example of "letting it be".

Anonymous said...

I cracked it.

Anonymous said...

^ - socash :D

Felipegcs said...

The truth
Thanks, socash

Anonymous said...

Are we sure that the password has to be 12 characters long?


P.S. This is off the immediate topic, but I found it interesting:

Watch this video at 3:10

This program was on the History Channel last night. Standard 'apocalyptic history' fare with little in the way of actual revelation, but it just might explain the "ZODIAC" sign that has appeared in some of the RA videos thus far.

Who knows? This whole thing might simply be an elaborate re-dramatization of an ages old star-story. ;)

Anonymous said...

wow, you folks is quickety

Anonymous said...

The video tags form an acronym:


I'll only add...

I've got a word or two
To say about the things that you do
You're telling all those lies
About the good things that we can have
If we close our eyes

Do what you want to do
And go where you're going to
Think for yourself
'Cause I won't be there with you

Tafultong said...

But isn't it great that we all got to celebrate April Fools Day on March 31 this year?

I don't know who was behind today's foolish games. I don't think it was Iamaphoney and I know it wasn't 65if2007 or socash. They both made outstanding contributions today and we all got some good sleuthing practice that should serve us well in the coming days. Let's not let any of this overshadow the fact that the briefcase was found and its contents were shared in great detail.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a record day for comments on this blog. I hope you found my attempts to keep up with this fiasco satisfactory and that you will stay with me in the days leading up to the Iamaphoney Interview. I think that should yield us something more satisfying than a premature April Fools Joke.

IAMSHE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
IAMSHE said...

But why was it premature?
Do you think I could have predicted that someone would use a password cracker rather than honestly solving the anagram? If socash would have kept quiet and let everyone else PLAY THE GAME FOR THEMSELVES....then for many people this would have been an April 1 joke, and not a March 31st one.

I don't know why I'm trying anymore. It hurts so much to try so hard and then see everything collapse right in front of you while people gossip about how it was a "foolish", premature joke.

IAMSHE said...

And then, to make matters worse, everyone praises socash and says how they should be grateful for all the excellent work he did. Work? What work? He played the game, something I thought everyone would do. But I was wrong. Only one person did, and that person emptied out it's contents and exposed everything for the world to see. On top of that, he lambasts me on the forum for no apparent reason, and gloats about he was the first to "crack" my code. He has since deleted those comments and shut his mouth, but from responses he gathered you can tell he was being quite a jackass.

I didn't design a "fiasco". I designed what could be considered a micro-alternate reality game.

What's done is done, and I know no one is going to apologize, and really, I don't expect anyone to.
If people want to think that I'm some idiot with a poorly-planned April Fool's joke, then so be it.
All this proves to me is how much of a failure I am. I put so much goddamn care into the dialogue and graphics into that game that I can't imagine that I'll ever feel up to the task of tackling another multimedia project ever again. I will probably shut down my Youtube channel soon, and my videos will be gone for good along with their creator.

Goodbye world of PID.

Tafultong said...

Dear Iamshe,

Whoever you are, please know that I am concerned about the language of your post. You had tons of people hopping and nearly overshadowed the finding of the briefcase. That's not bad at all. I even said some positive things about you in spite of my criticism. You really had me going and I enjoyed the ride.

Please don't let this get to you personally. Whatever PID is about has already happened and we are just trying to figure it out.

Your life, your self-esteem and your happiness are a different matter all together. I will pray for you, Iamshe, and I hope that you understand what a precious gift your life really is.

IAMSHE said...

Tafultong, it's very sweet of you to be concerned, but I'm fine, really.

Depressed, crushed, disheartened and in anguish, but fine.

It's just depressing to see all this activity on this blog and at NIR--yes, I really did have people hopping around, which was great---but it was all centered around socash because he is the only one who bothered to play the game. Everyone relied on him to tell them what was going on, and ultimately he spoiled the April Fools joke. So many people laughed and said my plans were "foiled" because the game was beat on March 31st. Well, obviously it was. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine someone would use brute force to hack into the file. Aside from you, no one was able to figure out the anagram, which to me, is very sad because I actually thought I should have made the game harder.

I wouldn't throw my life away for this. Thank you for your concern, but I'll be fine. But I'm weighing my options and leaving the PID scene for good is sounding awfully nice. I don't know if I could ever do this again. I was having anxiety over this project because I thought people have trouble running the game on their PCs. It seems instead they were too paranoid to even install it. How many times have you seen someone who is claiming to be a personal assistant of Yoko Ono release a virus through a BLOG of all places? I was shocked, utterly gobsmacked that socash was the only one with the guts to install it. Hasn't anyone ever heard of Windows Defender? If you have it installed then you shouldn't even be afraid of viruses/malware--it will automatically be detected before it is installed onto your system by a Windows Installer of all things.

Anonymous said...

Iamshe--if you follow the posts on IAAPs site you'll note that at least two others figured out the anagram (both PIAers), and at least one of them was indeed trying different passwords but didn't use the obvious for unknown reasons. There were several people who noticed the tags were an acronym, but the discussions were spread around several sites, including talk going on amongst youtube sites (in private messages), so I would say you had a lot of people going--and the timing was nearly perfect.

iamshe said...

Thank you, anonymous. Your words have provided comfort to me in this unique predicament. It was nice to get some people going--that's the point of an April Fools joke, after all--but I only wish someone hadn't resorted to cracking the password...seeing how reluctant people were to actually install the game, I'm sure that it would have been well into the morning hours of April 1 before anyone knew it was a joke.

Anonymous said...

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