Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Iamaphoney Interview - April 10

The Iamaphoney affair has taken another decidedly weird turn.

MikeNL a frequent commenter to this blog, has announced on the Nothing Is Real Discussion Group that he is scheduled to interview Iamaphoney on TV* on Thursday, April 10, 2008.

He is inviting people to suggest questions, so feel free to put any in the comments.

*No, he doesn't know where on TV it will be.

This comes from Mike's YouTube Channel:

After 42 years of not knowing what happened to James Paul McCartney in late 1966. On April 10, 2008 09.00 PM GMT will be the time to get our answers.

I'll be having a conversation with "iamaphoney" who will give us the final anwser (sic) about what happened to Paul McCartney. I can ask nine questions, post your question here, and not in the trend of "oh who is that guy from that video" but about what happened to paul, why he's coming forward with the information... and such

The conversation will be aired live and it's gonna be huge!

There will be a promo-video soon.

it's time!



Regulus Belmont said...

Holy crap... I trust you will blog more details as we get them, eh? I can't wait.

Tafultong said...

Yeah, I don't know where he is going with this, but as soon as I have any details you will see them here.

pmc27 said...

on TV? Where? Mike works on a TV Channel or what?

Strange... but great!

Tafultong said...

I would keep checking Mike's YouTube channel. I have the link on the post.

MikeNL said...

i will of course post it when i know more!

i need to make a video of the 9 questions, he will then watch the video of me while he answers the questions. i will be having a iChat video conference with him at the same time.. or something like that

65if2007 said...

"I come from a state that raises corn and cotton and cockleburs and Democrats, and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I am from Missouri, and you have got to show me."

(I'm actually not from Missouri, but the sentiment is appropriate enough)

MikeNL said...

Anonymous said...

no bag, no interview?

poppycock. :P

Anonymous said...

i hope you make a video from it, we all want to know the truth. And by the way...why does immphoney the truth!?