Monday, June 23, 2008

Santa Susanna Pass

Why did Iamaphoney insist on taking the suitcase to the same place? What is so significant about the Santa Susana Pass that he keeps showing on the suitcase videos?

Who was Saint Susana?

According to legend, Saint Susanna (the usual spelling) was born of Roman Royal blood. She was the niece of Pope Caius and cousin of Emperor Diocletian. A devout Christian, she is credited for converting her Uncle, the Young Maximus, whose name you can hear if you listen to Strawberry Fields Forever backwards as shown on Rotten Apple 39.

She refused to marry the non-Christian man that the Emperor had chosen for her and she had taken a vow of virginity. The response of the Emperor was to have her beheaded. Her body was secretly buried by an empress, who was a closet Christian.

There is also a Susanna in the Gospel of Luke 8:3. The name with other variants (e.g. Shoshana) appears in various Biblical Literature. Despite the spelling variations, all descriptions of Susanna seem to agree on one simple fact. The name Susanna means LILY.


Anonymous said...

Boy, you're on FIRE!
Vince here,
Sorry, but still a little bummed about the death og George Carlin.
Before I was a hard-core Zappa, Python, Beatles lover, he was THE MAN.
I knew he was getting up there, but it still kinda sucks.


Anonymous said...

Tafultong you are the Charlie Rose of
"Paul is Dead" "Iamaphoney"

there is no one better


Anonymous said...

gfa is the Roger Corman of PID

: )


Anonymous said...

guilty as charged ; )


P.S - Thank you and all praise to Tafultong for his time and due diligence. You are an anchor

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Probably deliberate to choose St Susanna Pass on the part of IAAP, although, if coincidence, he's loving you for that. Susan, Susanna, and Shoshana all mean "lily" from the Hebrew root for "brightness," which is one reason the lily is a symbol of purity and chastity in Christianity. The lily is also an ancient symbol of death, so that would have to be the clue, albeit a stretch. Someone has probably already gotten onto the Fleur-de-lis connections (French for "lily flowers") in heraldry, DaVinci Code, French kings and intrigue and whatever else. If Paul McCartney had made an album called St Susanna Pass it would be one thing, but IAAP, like the Jesus in Passover Plot, is the one deliberately crafting clues to suit his needs, which may be the point. The clever part of the series, which is probably unintentional, is that whatever IAAP ostensibly aims to reveal about Paul is really what he is revealing about himself. JCharles

Anonymous said...

So if it turns out that IAAP reference to the "Passover Plot" is because he is actually hoaxing this series about Paul's death, that would be a true revelation, and that way no one could say he didn't come through on his promise.

Anonymous said...

Last thing: one could make a grand clue from Liverpool or Woolton itself, which long ago was the site of a neolithic tomb. The ancient tomb stones with unusual markings(the mysterious calderstones) survived to modern times, and thus is the old Quarry Bank High School now called Calderstone School. JCharles

Anonymous said...

JGuildersleeve needs to read this post.

Michael said...

JohnCharles, you are my favorite IAAP skeptic. Really.

With that being said, can you make a comment WITHOUT disparaging IAAP for once?

I mean, what if you're wrong? Oh no, you're positive that you're right. 100% certain of it, and you'll use every opportunity at your disposal to comment on the facade that you believe IAAP is putting forth, no matter how arrogant you sometimes seem because of it. :P

Anonymous said...

By Richard B. Spence

Aleister Crowley is best today as a founding father of modern occultism. His wide, hypnotic eyes peer at us on the cover of The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and his influence can be found everywhere in popular culture.

"The Great Beast" has been the subject of several biographies, some painting him as a misunderstood genius, others as a manipulative charlatan. None of them have looked seriously at his career as an agent of British Intelligence.

Using documents gleaned from British, American, French and Italian archives, Secret Agent 666 sensationally reveals that Crowley played a major role in the sinking of the Lusitania, a plot to overthrow the government of Spain, the thwarting of Irish and Indian nationalist conspiracies, and the 1941 flight of Rudolf Hess.

Author Richard Spence argues that Crowley-in his own unconventional way-was a patriotic Englishman who endured years of public vilification in part to mask his role as a secret agent.

The verification of the Great Beast's participation in the twentieth century's most astounding government plots will likely blow the minds of history as well as occult aficionados.

Author Richard B. Spence has been seen on various documentaries on The History Channel and is a consultant for Washington D.C.'s International Spy Museum. He is also the author of Trust No One: The Secret World of Sidney Reilly (Feral House).

6 x 9 · 300 pages · illustrated · ISBN: 978-1-932595-33-8 · $24.95 · Available Now!


Aleister Crowley Was A British Agent

Encouraged Germany To Sink Lusitania

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MOSCOW, Idaho ­ Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), known as "the Great Beast 666," is most widely remembered as a practitioner of black magic and the father of modern occultism.

His hideous reputation lives on, and has grown. In 2002, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) conducted a poll on the 100 most influential Britons of all time. Crowley came in at number 73.

Crowley has been the subject of several biographies, but none that investigate his alleged connection to British Intelligence.

"That notion was dismissed by most biographers as idle boasting," said Richard Spence, professor and chair of the University of Idaho's Department of History. His recently published book, "Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult," reveals new facets of Crowley's life and raises new questions about his character.

The book began as an article Spence wrote for the International Journal for Intelligence and Counter Intelligence in 2000. Following its publication, history buffs and occult aficionados from around the world began contacting Spence with tidbits of information and leads.

Referencing documents in British, American, French and Italian archives, Spence discovered that Crowley was connected to the sinking of the Lusitania, a British luxury liner that was torpedoed off of Ireland, killing 1,198 of the people aboard; the sinking turned public opinion in many countries against Germany in World War I. Crowley also helped thwart Irish and Indian nationalist conspiracies, connived with the Communist International and played a murky role in the 1941 flight of Rudolf Hess.

It is difficult to discern where Crowley the man and Crowley the public persona overlap. Spence is intrigued by Crowley's use of the occult as cover and support for other activities.

"He was such a disreputable and even evil character in the public mind that arguably no responsible intelligence official would think of employing him," said Spence. "But the very fact that he seemed such an improbable spy was perhaps the best recommendation for using him."

Spence, whose dogged approach to historical research has earned him a reputation as "a frustrated detective," began his study by securing documents from the now defunct U.S. Army Military Intelligence Division. The file revealed an American investigation into Crowley's activities in 1918, which led to the discovery that he was an employee of the British government.

Later in his life, Crowley claimed that he came to the U.S. as a British undercover agent with a mission to infiltrate and undermine the German propaganda effort. "He did undermine that effort," said Spence. "His writing was an over-the-top parody of saber-rattling German militarism."

He actively encouraged German aggressiveness, such as the attack on the Lusitania, with the ultimate aim of bringing America into the war. In doing so, "Crowley followed precisely the wishes of Admiral Hall, chief of British Naval Intelligence," said Spence.

"Crowley was an adept amateur psychologist, had an uncanny ability to influence people and probably utilized hypnotic suggestion in his undercover work," Spence added. "The other thing he made good use of was drugs. In New York, he carried out very detailed studies on the effects of mescaline (peyote). He would invite various friends over for dinner, fix them curry and dose the food with mescaline. Then he observed and took notes on their behavior."

Mescaline, Spence noted, was later used by intelligence agencies for experiments in behavior modification and mind control.

Measuring the degree to which his occultism was a calculated cover "gets tricky," said Spence. "From my perspective, it ultimately isn't all that important whether he was sincere or a grand faker. He was certainly a person who could seem one thing while actually being something quite the opposite."

Though extremely unconventional in his behavior, "when push came to shove, Crowley had a visceral loyalty to England," said Spence. "Because he did things that could not be publicly discussed, he could never really defend himself against these charges, though he did make attempts to redeem his reputation."

Because of the inaccessibility of many key intelligence files, redeeming ­ or simply clarifying ­ Crowley's reputation has been a challenge for Spence. British government documents have been particularly difficult to access. "If I was looking for agricultural statistics I could just go in and get them," he said with a laugh. "But the more you have to hunt for something, the more satisfying it is when you get the answers. I like solving puzzles."

Spence has appeared on the History Channel, and he has spoken at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. He also is the author of "Trust No One: The Secret World of Sidney Reilly" and "Boris Savinkov: Renegade on the Left."

Local book signing events will be announced later this summer.

... ©2008 University of Idaho.

Anonymous said...


more mind games...

Anonymous said...

I'm getting tired of all the copycat videos and they all seem to come from the same 3 or 4 people.It's not even worth finding them at this point.
I think JCharles does a good job.If someone made a series of videos claiming that Superman was a real person and lived beneath Wal-Mart would you refrain from mocking the videos or would you say "I respect your opinion"?.YouTube is full of people bitching at each other.Look at the arguments on every George Carlin video now.
"I'm glad he's dead".
"Oh yeah,well screw you"
.That's what YouTube is all about now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Aja. Michael, perhaps you have not noticed, but I have posted numerous positive statements about IAAPs series, including one recently on his site. I'm a fan. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the series (which I do) for what I believe is entertainment value and not hard facts. "Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, aren't they?" Most of my comments aren't directed at IAAP, rather to others who are just as firmly ensconced in their beliefs and who don't question much. I'm open to anything given evidence, I just don't feel I've seen it yet. Lastly, it is possible, you know, that IAAP isn't really a believer. Remember the backward music (by IAAP) where the phrase "We're messing with these people" can be heard? What about the Seek and Find puzzle that he keeps referencing? You can clearly seek and find NO PID in the upper right hand corner. You don't think IAAP noticed that? Just sayin.'

Tafultong said...

No bearing on the debate one way or another, but the "NO PID" you referenced is on an official, albeit limited edition McCartney product. And as enticing as it may be, it was probably a random event. And if it isn't random, McCartney's message trumps Iamaphoney's message.

12" Single

Anonymous said...

Probably most if not all of the PID clues are random, including the HE DIE on the Pepper drum, though that's probably the best clue IMHO. The NO PID may be random, but who's to know? That's the difficulty with the clues is that it's impossible to know what is genuine, coincidence, or reaching on the part of the clue finders. I'm wondering, though, because IAAP keeps referencing that Seek & Find and panning up toward that corner, whether he wanted us to notice. JCharles

Anonymous said...

Hey don't go knocking my belief that Superman is a real person and lives beneath Wal Mart. I've got all the evidence I need! Wal Mart is a "superstore" right? Thta's such a blatant clue! THEY want you to believe Superman is fiction because that's how THEY control you.

Tafultong said...

Anonymous said...

Hey don't go knocking my belief that Superman is a real person and lives beneath Wal Mart.

For goodness sakes, use you critical thinking skills, man. If Superman is real, why is he not out solving crimes or rescuing people? I'll tell you why. It's because those elitist Wal-Mart types have sealed him in and have been feeding him steady doses of kryptonite so that normal people like you and me remain afraid to go out of our houses.

Anonymous said...

Wal-Mart is really an anagram for RAM (Paul, Amon-re)+ LAW (thelema) + T (ankh/cross). JCharles

Anonymous said...

Theres a mirror in the back of the electronics section. If you can destroy that mirror you can destroy the beast.

Anonymous said...

But if you break it, you buy it. It's a trade off, really. JCharles

Anonymous said...

Jackass2007, there is at least one post-1967 McCartney number that includes the phrase "By the way, Paul is dead", and I'm sure that you regard it as a coincidence.

mojollikins said...

HA HA ha ha he he he ho...whoo..y'all kill me.

Anonymous said...

"..there is at least one post-1967 McCartney number that includes the phrase "By the way, Paul is dead"

Of course there is, it's one of those WalMart exclusives but you have to play it backwards and buy a 10 pound family size bag of Ruffles to hear it. Damn them all! Set Superman free!

Pilgrim's Progress said...

The Prologue

Anonymous said...

This is interesting:

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why the elaborate charade, Jude? You don't really think Lennon's still alive, do you?

Anonymous said...

Vince, here.
So, nobody wants to deal with my NEW theory:
And, the more 'spooky crap' that can be associated with The Beatles, the better it will be to insure the brands name as more than just a rock 'n' roll band!!!

Jude said...

Elaborate charade?

Please. I'm no more behind a charade than IAAP himself. I'm no more behind a charade than oskarros, who went looking for the briefcase only to find Paul McCartney standing outside of a limo with a man who looked John Lennon.

Are we insane who see things beyond the scope of most? Are we deluding ourselves because the hopes and truths we embrace are so radically different than yours?

This isn't charade. This is me trying to lift the veil---should whether that veil even exist be any of your concern? I want Mr. Pilgrim, whoever or whatever he is to contact me. I want answers, and I will get answers no matter how long it takes me. And I want to open some eyes, cause people to ask questions, start discussions.

Keep up the great work, as always, Tafultong...

...the truth is a lot closer than we think.

Anonymous said...

So he met Paul McCartney and a resurrected John Lennon?Tell him we need photos.


Jude said...

Aja, he took the photo (of Paul and....someone else) and sent it to BILD Magazine in Germany. Says he won't let me see the photo until they publish it.

So, yeah. Do I believe him? Well, it's really a matter of: "Do I have any reason NOT to believe him?"

I think we'll find out soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Please. I'm no more behind a charade than IAAP himself.

Huh. You see, I thought IAAP WAS behind an elaborate charade, called the Rotten Apple Series, in which he pretended he had cracked a secret code hidden on the 'Love' album. Maybe I'm wrong, though.

Are we insane who see things beyond the scope of most? Are we deluding ourselves because the hopes and truths we embrace are so radically different than yours?

Well, yeah...if you sincerely believe what IAAP is telling you in his videos, then you are aligning yourself with the likes of Charles Manson himself. Most rational observers would say he is a criminally insane individual. If you really want to defend Charlie's belief system, that's your call, but don't be surprised when people start calling you a nut for it.

Also, personally, I wouldn't exactly call a belief in the idea that Paul McCartney was killed and/or replaced in 1966 (whether due to magickal activities, a secret society hit job, an ancient Egyptian prophecy or whatever) a "hope" OR a "truth". It's a morbid fantasy at best. The same can be said for the idea that Lennon (or Elvis or Kennedy or whomever) still walks among us, in secret.

This isn't charade. This is me trying to lift the veil---should whether that veil even exist be any of your concern?

I'm really not all that concerned with lifting veils that do or do not exist. If they do exist, a series of cryptic YouTube videos isn't going to do much in the way of lifting them. I am concerned with lifting the sort of delusions these videos can inspire. History is scarred with the consequences of holding such delusions.

And I want to open some eyes, cause people to ask questions, start discussions.

If you want to open some eyes, and cause people to ask questions and start discussions about your own sanity, you are succeeding.

"Do I have any reason NOT to believe him?"

Um, Maybe the preposterous nature of his claims, combined with an almost total lack of evidence to back them up? His failure to follow through on a long-promised interview? That demented video he put inside the suitcase? I can probably think of a few more, if you need them...

You know, maybe you should go back and watch 'The Magic Christian' again. If IAAP has proved anything with this little CHARADE, it's that you can still get people to do (and to believe) pretty much anything he wants. Sad but true.

Jude said...

Great stuff you wrote there. Has a good long laugh at it, really.

How do you equate Charles Manson's belief system with whatever delusions/rationalisations/excuses he came up with to justify the murder's he was indirectly responsible for in the 60s? Oh that's right---you can't. The very fact that you are suggesting that because Iamaphoney occasionally refers to Charles Manson in his video series, Iamaphoney MUST therefore be aligned with the belief system of Charles Manson himself is preposterous.

If you want to accuse me of crazy talk, pull the speck out of your own eye, brother. I eagerly await the End Game so I can laugh my arse off at you as you scratch your head saying "I was SURE it was all a ruse!".

"Do I have any reason NOT to believe him?"

Um, Maybe the preposterous nature of his claims, combined with an almost total lack of evidence to back them up? His failure to follow through on a long-promised interview? That demented video he put inside the suitcase? I can probably think of a few more, if you need them...

Genius. And at what point did you realize that I was talking believing Oskarkarros, and not Phoney? Hmm? Read before you speak, or better yet, before you even think.

Jude said...

I apologise for any typos that crept into the above post. It is getting rather late, and I have had next to no sleep at all in the last 24 hours.

Goodnight, Neverland.

Anonymous said...

goodnight, gullible.

Anonymous said...

Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, is a tool who will believe that a Czech can afford to fly half-way across the country and meet JPM and Lennon, all from ~10 lines of youtube comments.