Thursday, June 26, 2008

Condensed Pilgrim

I was asked to do a post about "Condensed Pilgrim," the latest video from RockXLight (aka Jude).

It is a well crafted video with some sweet moments (such as George Harrison giving a rare smile for the camera) and some disturbing ones as well. Be warned that the video contains the often used shot of Lennon's face that made the tabloids when some parasite slithered into the morgue (Yoko used the image herself in the video for John's song Woman), as well as the full frontal nudity of the "Two Virgins" cover. There is also an effective, but disquieting image of Beatle Paul that suddenly is splotched with a blood red color.

The video has some great moments including footage of Derek Taylor saying "[If the Beatles tried to reunite without John] I think rotten apples would be thrown at the stage." What an outstanding find! The soundtrack also seemed to take a bit of work.

The video ends with the question "Are you really out there?" written backwards. The description asks "O when will you make your move?" (Funny how everyone is using game terminology these days)

I received an anonymous comment about this video that prompted a response from Jude.
Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why the elaborate charade, Jude? You don't really think Lennon's still alive, do you?

Jude said...

Elaborate charade?

Please. I'm no more behind a charade than IAAP himself. I'm no more behind a charade than oskarros, who went looking for the briefcase only to find Paul McCartney standing outside of a limo with a man who looked John Lennon.

That's not exactly a denial if you read it carefully.

My first question was: "Who is this oskarros?"

My best guess is that it is a misspelling of YouTubaPlayer oskarrakos

See Comments under Rotten Apple #111 for more information.

The second question is a tougher one. Who is Mr. Pilgrim?

When a video appeared called The Pilgrim under the Iamaphoney alias Y0KOONO, MikeNL posted this message on Nothing Is Real: John Lennon = alive?

I don't know how that was derived from that video, but I do know that prior to that, MikeNL was inquiring about the identity of a Mr. Pilgrim based upon communication with Iamaphoney. Now Jude's video appears to be suggesting that same thing.

Interestingly, the Liverpool Echo did a curious thing recently when they took an old picture of John Lennon and doctored it so he appeared to be older. I have no idea what would cause them to do that.

Real Picture:

Echo Picture:

Jude claims that he is lifting the veil, but are we really any closer? I am reminded of the magicians scenes in Magical Mystery Tour. They report that the bus is ten miles north on the Dewsbury road. The people on the bus go through all kinds of adventures and then later in the film the scene goes back to the magicians. They are all excited because the bus will soon be here. So where is the bus? Ten miles north on the Dewsbury Road. The bus really hasn't moved. It's all in the mind, ya know.

Please don't be long. Please don't you be very long. Please don't be long or I may be asleep.


Anonymous said...

what communication did mike have with iamaphony about mister pilgrim?

Anonymous said...

why should we believe oscar?

Be Deals said...

taf ult ong,
eminent as usual.

J said...

Anonymous: I hope Mike doesn't mind me sharing this, but Mike actually hasn't talked with Mr. Pilgrim. Nor have I. Iamaphoney has only said "Mr. Pilgrim sends his regards". A few more details, such as his possible whereabouts have trickled out, but really, we don't know for sure whether Mr. Pilgrim is even real. But Oskar's testimony, along with the "hints" that Iamaphoney has been dropping has made me ever more thirsty for answers. It's not enough just to make a video for the sole purpose of drawing people's attention this matter; I want Mr. Pilgrim's attention, and I want him--even if he isn't who I think he is--to come forward with the truth.

"If you want, you have it"
- John Lennon

Well...gimme some truth!

RXL said...

I mean to type:

"If you want IT you CAN have it"

Erm, I know I already said goodnight in an earlier post...but this time I mean it. I seriously need to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Taful, happy to see you're confronting key issues head on--the plethora of engimatic videos and accounts is dizzying and increasingly tiresome. Funny that you draw an analogy to Magical Mystery Tour, because Paul set it up in order to just make things happen, and as the reveiwers pointed out, nothing did. So true. Plenty of buses and magicians, yet the magic hasn't happened and we're still on Dewsbury Road. JCharles

Anonymous said...

A very evocative piece of work.

Does anyone have an idea of who that may be, very briefly and out-of-focus, at 8:08?

MikeNL said...

Does anyone have an idea of who that may be, very briefly and out-of-focus, at 8:08? -----

Well, really... where's the video about?

John Lennon.

On who does the man look like?

I don't know for sure if it's him... but he sure looks A LOT like him.

When i had this frame full screen on my pc, my dad came in and said, who's that guy? he looks a lot like lennon.

Also, if it is true, i have no clue on how this is possible.
Was he ressurected somehow? Did he fake his death?

I'll guess we'll know in time...

still want to see that picture from oskar... but he's afraid it seems :(


Anonymous said...

that Mr. Pilgrim thing....
I read about just last night.

Its in the book "Magical Mystery Tours" by Tony Bramwell.

I read last night where Mr. Pilgrim was an alias for Lennon to avoid strangers calling him up. Bramwell would use it to call Lennon at his home.

If anyone has the book, its near the bottom of page 122.
There are even pictures in the book that show that exact address book Tony Bramwell has.

surely that's what "Mr. Pilgrim" relates to, right?


MikeNL said...


you are right ;)

Anonymous said...

i wonder if tony is in on this

Anonymous said...

I've tried to be polite but the John Lennon is alive theory is right out of the Weekly World News.It's a nice fantasy but I can not believe that anyone would take it seriously.This has to be a joke now.


Anonymous said...

"oskarrakos. See Comments under Rotten Apple #111 for more information."

See those comments if you want a good giggle. Its absolutely retarded that anyone would believe oskarrakos.

Anonymous said...

Vince here,
As far as 'John world' is concerned, I DO like the story in the Albert Grossman book about how Yoko went with an assistant to a witch for eternal life. She was told she would have to sign a document.... IN BLOOD ! She chickened out, but had the assistant go to the witch to see if it was on the 'up and up'. When the assistant returned, she told Yoko she signed the deal..... AND PUT YOKO'S NAME ON IT!!!

Hey, she's gotta be what, like 90 now?

Tafultong said...

The current issue of Beatlefan (#172) has an interview with former Apple insider Ken Mansfield. Tony Bramwell's book comes up in the conversation.

Mansfield said: Seventy percent of it was really informative and I really enjoyed it. The thing with Tony that troubles me, because he was there, is that a lot of the facts are wrong. And I don't know if that's just memory or what...But he was there, bless his heart, and I gotta tell you--Tony Bramwell was something else.

Tony Bramwell unsuccessfully tried to impersonate Paul McCartney in 1969 to put an end to the Paul is Dead rumor. This caused Apple to have to backtrack and leave him hanging there and that's one of the reasons we are here today.

Tafultong said...

Why don't we ask John?

John Lennon AI.

My favorite answer.

Jude said...

Aja: I can't imagine why you'd think that the JIA is any sillier than PID.
Just as you can say "That's preposterous, everyone knows that John is dead, there were witnesses", I can say "Paul isn't dead you ninny, he's still recording and touring as he's always done!". Let's try to be constructive; if you have any real reason to doubt that John is alive, please say so.

It's a bit petty, on the other hand, to be comparing this with the Weekly World News---last I read, they were saying Elvis was alive, and there still people, even relatives of his that think he is.

Can't we all be constructive? We are talking about something world deemed to be a hoax nearly 40 years ago--it doesn't get crazier than that, not even if you start throwing in speculation that John could have faked his death.

Anonymous said...

jude said: "if you have any real reason to doubt that John is alive, please say so."

Hell, we can all do that. Witnesses, police, hospital staff, coroner, autopsy report, a confession from the mentally ill wacko who shot him. Need I go on? John's dead. He's not Jesus and he's not coming back.

Jude said...

"Hell, we can all do that. Witnesses, police, hospital staff, coroner, autopsy report, a confession from the mentally ill wacko who shot him. Need I go on? John's dead. He's not Jesus and he's not coming back."

....said the person posting at a blog that seriously entertains the idea that Paul McCartney is dead.

Anonymous said...

if you people think that john is alive and paul is dead i quit...

too much for me...

Anonymous said...

everybody can believe what they want

time will show

Tafultong said...

anonymous said:
Hell, we can all do that. Witnesses, police, hospital staff, coroner, autopsy report, a confession from the mentally ill wacko who shot him.

There is also the fact that the 27 albums he released after his death sound like older material. But when it comes down to it, the only thing you really have is proof.

Tafultong said...

Anonymous said...

if you people think that john is alive and paul is dead i quit...

You can't quit without giving two weeks notice. Now grab a wet mop and clean up that vomit that the one guy posted on Paul's birthday.

floyding said...

what is this? a fight club?

Anonymous said...

"He name was Robert Paulson."



floyding said...

"We are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world"

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the good old days; when a movie about destroying buildings could be both funny and insightful...

Speaking of, Mr. Taf...
Has anybody brought up the Howard Stern interview.
Paul did a couple of days after 9/11?
I've seen lots of little vids explaining how it was a massive ritual sacrifice for the elite.
And, yet none of our 'vid-kids' have mention the fact that HE WAS THERE!

Just odd, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Could the 9/11 sacrifice have opened a "Stargate" that brought back 'the REAl Paul'...... and...
Aw, nevermind. Now I'm just grasping at staws!

Anonymous said...

WHY john would have faked his death?
and if he really did it,why would he be with Paul if he's the fake one,and if John is alive than Paul is dead or alive?

Tafultong said...

Vince wrote:

Speaking of, Mr. Taf...
Has anybody brought up the Howard Stern interview.
Paul did a couple of days after 9/11?

Not yet...

Tafultong said...

Anonymous said...

WHY john would have faked his death?
and if he really did it,why would he be with Paul if he's the fake one,and if John is alive than Paul is dead or alive?

No one can give you a good answer to any of those questions, but just to be a devil's advocate, I'll give you a bad answer. Just please don't think I actually believe this and please don't take this as something insulting to John's memory. I have a deep love and respect toward all of the Beatles.

If I were writing a historical fiction novel and I needed the plot to include John Lennon faking his own death, I might try something like this:

John was warned at least twice that someone was going to assassinate him: Once, in 1969 when he was captured on film during a bed-in reading a letter that someone sent him based on a message from a Ouija Board and again a couple years later when Yoko noticed that he had yin sanpaku eyes. She must have read the 1965 book "You Are All Sanpaku" by George Ohsawa which suggests that people with sanpaku eyes are likely to experience violent deaths.

Weak they may be, but that gives me two facts on which to base my plot.

Then in my novel I would need to concoct some third warning to convince John that he would have to fake his own death.

Of course, once I am committed to that plot line, I have the problem of how to explain Yoko and Sean. Were they in on the plan? Do they think he's really dead?

By now I have a headache and decide to write a non-fiction book about shyness.

But if I could somehow explain Yoko and Sean's involvement or lack thereof, I would then need to put John and Paul together. That's not too difficult. Despite the fighting, the bond between the 4 or 5 of them has been solid throughout the years. Then when Neil died, things started to unravel and that's why they need to get together and come up with a plan before Iamaphoney reveals everything.


Anonymous said...

Nice, nice!
Vince, here.
Here's another avenue I haven't heard anyone disscus yet:
What about Heather?
No, not Ms. Mills, but Linda's first daughter.
She must be in her mid-40's by now, and I've often wondered if she was still considered a member of 'the family'.
Then again, I felt that Linda's song, "Endless Days" was for her.
But, I don't know.
Maybe "Momma's Little Girl" was about her, too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jude for asking about why I think the "John is alive" theory is sillier than "Paul is dead".Obviously I think they are both crazy but PID has slipped into the history books and the public's consciousness.I don't know of any Beatle book that does not address the PID story and most everyone knows about it.Paul himself even encouraged it with that live album.It makes sense to me that there would be websites devoted to it because it's as famous as Roswell.Since Paul is not dead it's safe conspiracy theory you can have fun with as long as you have your mental health.
This blog is the first I've heard of a "John is alive" theory.It does not have that historical background so can you understand why the idea would be shocking?Maybe this is the new hoax of the 21st century.At least it's not as downbeat as PID.


Tafultong said...

Let me just say that there is no "John Is Alive" theory. I suggested how I might come up with a "John Is Alive" theory if I were writing a novel, and while I was doing that I changed shape and had to type with my horns.

I have no control over the thoughts of those who read this blog, although somebody else may....

Jude said...

Tafultong, to this very day you've tried not to pick sides; you've simply reported on the videos, expounding upon them with references to both films and literature.

But I'm beginning to doubt your neutrality. I was worried when you hadn't posted anything about the new video. I thought I had perhaps done something to offend you. I wasn't going to ask you to write about it. It's your blog, it's my video, and I'm not one to beg for publicity from anyone. But you eventually did report on it, after Mike had asked you to, even mentioning in your post that it was because you were asked to. Now, I'm only human, so I was tad bit offended but, by far, even more so was I disturbed by the fact that you no longer seemed to be remaining neutral. Reading your post on the main page, and in the comments here, I get the feeling that you're only trying to be polite, trying to not offend me or Mike.

But Taf, if you think this is utter bunk, tell me. If you think that, after my infamous April Fools prank I lost all credibility, then say so. Let all the anonymouses throw rocks at me or at Mike (or at Iamaphoney, who birthed this new "theory" into existence). But you, Tafultong, I respect your opinion too much to watch as you hide behind a facade of politeness.

Your "John is Alive" theory is quite plausible, in my opinion, and it is the one that IAAP was postulating in the YOKO0NO "Pilgrim" video. I'll bet anything that you will soon hear more about this so-called "theory" from IAAP himself, or from oskarkarros. This isn't a joke, or a distraction, and shouldn't be viewed as one any more than PID (because, in the end, album covers and backwards song messages aren't real evidence anyway), as both theories lack supporting evidence.

Besides, if you were to cover up a death or fake one for that matter, perhaps the best way to go about it wouldn't be to drop clues everywhere...

MikeNL said...

very good comment, Jude.

Tafultong said...

Hey Jude,

Thanks for the comment. I pretty much knew I would be walking a tightrope by reporting on your video. Let's face it, you have made some enemies, and as you suggested, you might have lost some credibility with some people. So, I was atop a fine line trying to keep communication flowing while remaining honest.

This blog is dedicated to the videos of Iamaphoney and my objective is to have a place where Rotten Apple videos can be appreciated and analyzed by intelligent people. I sometimes cover videos made by others who seemed to be inspired by Iamaphoney, but I usually only give a link without any analysis for those. Recently, grandfatheraleister posted a video that I found interesting and I spoke about it in a post that dealt primarily with one episode of the Beatles Cartoon series. And if you notice I sometimes get complaints about paying attention to other people's videos at all.

So between my original post and the 30-some comments, I think you made out pretty well in terms of attention toward your video.

I specifically mentioned that the post was done by request because many of my posts are done in response to questions and suggestions by readers. I'm not sure what you were reading into it, but that was my only reason for stating that.

As far as the "John Is Alive" business, I shared my thoughts in the most effective way I could. If you feel that was a biased interpretation, you have noted that and I respect your opinion.

If you know for a fact that Iamaphoney knows/believes/wants people to think that John Lennon is alive, that would be newsworthy. If you have anything you would like to share about that, I am all ears.

Anonymous said...

The idea that Lennon is alive has floated around since he died. Same for JFK, Elvis, and anyone else the public doesn't want to let go of. That's pretty much the case for all dead rock stars and iconic celebrities. Either that, or there was a conspiracy behind it, witness Cobain, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Brian Jones, Morrison, et al. The idea that John is Alive is to be expected, but at this point we have just about every PID permutation one can imagine, including Ringo, John, and George were also replaced, blah blah blah. JCharles

Anonymous said...

Just to play with the JIA theory a little more.
One could easily tie in the FBI's harassment into why John would want to dissapear. It's already beleved by some that John's retirement in the 70's was a result of this.
The kidnapping of Yoko's daughter is a rather grand conspiacy in and of itself. Other than a possable phone call in the mid 80's, Kyoko remains hidden.

Anonymous said...

Jyoko Ono Cox is not hidden. She was at the premiere with Yoko and Sean of the Lennon broadway musical.

Jude said...

"I sometimes cover videos made by others who seemed to be inspired by Iamaphoney, but I usually only give a link without any analysis for those."

I know I'm a bit late responding to this, so I hope you still read it, Tafultong..

You do provide links to PID videos---nearly ever single one of them. But when a few days had passed without a link to Condensed Pilgrim or Pilgrim's Progress, I had feared that perhaps you had taken issue with the film's subject matter.