Friday, June 20, 2008

23 June 1970

UPDATE 1: big boys don't cry from MaIEvans

Activity at the Apple offices had come to a stop. The Press Officer was nowhere to be found, apparently writing a book. His assistant, Mavis Smith had just resigned because she was sick of having nothing to do. The press office was being run by Richard DiLello, the house hippie, and the phones were not ringing anymore.

Ringo was probably in Nashville recording his "Beaucoups of Blues" album, although most of the tracks were recorded in two days (June 30-July 1).

Mark Lewisohn in "The Beatles Day By Day" noted that Paul, Linda and family left England for an extended holiday abroad in April of 1970. Paul had just announced that the Beatles no longer existed. There is no information on where Paul went other than "abroad." That's the last entry on Paul's activity until December when he filed suit in court to dissolve the Beatles partnership. But Paul told "Life Magazine" in an interview published in April, 1971 that he had a knot in his stomach all summer at his farm in Scotland. There is not much information on George Harrison's whereabouts although his mother was very ill at the time and passed away on July 7. He did do a recording session with Eric Clapton June 18. Even John and Yoko had dropped out of the spotlight for a while, although they were probably in Los Angeles at the time undergoing therapy at the Janov Institute for Primal Therapy.

So we have John and Ringo in the United States. George was most likely in England. And, Paul, where was Paul? Probably in Scotland. He was also the subject of the June 1970 issue #222 of Batman Comics.

The U.S. Pop Charts featured several Beatles-Related items on June 23, 1970:

#4 "The Long and Winding Road" single
#1 "Let It Be" album
#2 "McCartney" album
#24 "Hey Jude (The Beatles Again)" album
#34 "Sentimental Journey" album
#53 "Abbey Road" album
#119 "Live Peace in Toronto" album
#120 "Magic Christian Music" album (The Badfinger L.P, not the Movie Soundtrack)
#149 "In The Beginning" album (Tony Sheridan tapes)

So, what is the significance of 23 June 1970? You tell me.

Did the Beatles meet to celebrate what would have been Stu Sutcliffe's 30th birthday?

Did Mal Evans type something that included this fragment shown in Rotten Apple 111?

This is what I could read based on the quick shots throughout the video:

because of the
and he was fired. Poor Georg
Why, he cried bitterly, why
and again I was standing t
my body was shaking and I w
but big boys don't cry... It
having a chance to tell his
left cavendish the same evening
We were all there, Neil, Ro
and Tony Everybody was exci
did a good job in Nairobi
we had known him forever

Why am I writing about 23 June 1970? Because the date appeared in the comments of this blog. It could be nothing or it could be Iamaphoney's reaction to the negative comments about the 2nd Suitcase.

If I were to bastardize a gem of wisdom from Clifford Stoll, I might suggest the following:

Do something once and you're a pioneer
Do something twice and you're an engineer
Do it three times, you're a souvenir and it will be time to move on

I have to tell you that I was listening to the Iamaphoney Bootleg today and I still think it contains some damn excellent music.

Good luck.

UPDATE 2: Paul is Dead - 25 - The Car Crash of Paul McCartney from grandfatheraleister


Anonymous said...

Very cool music.

Anonymous said...

So is there anything significant about Tom Waits' "God's Away on Business"? The iamaphoney extended family really seem to enjoy it (enough to encode it in the latest PIDGame vid).

Anonymous said...

Suitcase Checkmate

Anonymous said...

big boys don't cry

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Anonymous said...

June 23 = 6/23. 2/3 = 666, so 6/23 could mean 6/666.

Anonymous said...

Fireman Rushes, Youth, Oasis w/Zak.

Well played.

Get up-close with IAAP and its not pretty, and could be Zak. Get underneath and the IP address is Ringo's HQ. Go further and the suitcases are dropped 20 minutes from Ringo's office.

Whatever happened with the guy that broke into Ringo's house? Oh yea. Oh shi-

Anonymous said...

IAAP's Yellow Submarine.

Anonymous said...

Vince here,
I STILL say I've got 'THEM' on the run with my theory of placing 'the lads' outside the world of music and into the........evermore???

I don't know.....
Tuf, you are SO on a roll.
Love it!

Anonymous said...

Vince here,
Speaking of 'CODE's : apparently the Sistine Chapel is LOADED with 'em!

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which the renaissance artist worked on for four years in the early 16th century, is actually a "bridge" between the Roman Catholic Church and the Jewish faith, according to The Sistine Secrets: Unlocking the Codes in Michelangelo's Defiant Masterpiece.

Wish I knew about this when I was writing my book!
But I DO feature a 'drunken' meeting between 'ol Michey and Machiavelli!

Cool, huh?

floyding said...

there is a briefcase.

i dont know whether IAAP has it now or it's there waiting for someone to pick it up.

anyway, i didnt understand the whole "Suitcase Checkmate" thing...

is it implying that someone has already got the briefcase?

did you recognize the man in the video?

Anonymous said...

This briefcase thing is ridiculous. Talk about loading the deck! Why don't they just hand it to Mikey and have done with it? By the way, the Mason's Yard design in the Boys don't Cry video is a recurring image in the youknowmyname series. I also noticed a subliminal in Iamaphoney's last video of the Magic Christian sleeve with writing that reads 23/6, but the slash could really be a 1, so it's probably supposed to be 231 with a 6 next to it. Am I the only one who caught that?

Anonymous said...

Mojollikins here...Hey all!!! I have been checking in, albeit briefly..TRYING to simulate vacation...maybe I will get a real one soon who knows...

Ok, I have a few ?

Where the hell did "suitcaese checkmate" go ,dammit...

Has anyone any news on Edward Sharman?

Vince, whatcha talking about wrote a book? I want to read it...

What is this thing with the cartoons...I really don't get it. I was on board with "oz", gfa, sweetie, but now I am losted.

I think being in and out of the loop has cost me 'cause, it wall looks like a jumbled mess to me:( Catching up, though, I think.

Anybody plan on going out for the suitcase or have they already? I saw Mikey post somewhere that he knew who would or something.

Anyway, I will still be in and out. Miss you a little, Taf...ok alot .. Great work as always I would be completely lost with out this here clearinghouse.


I know y'all probably get tiredof me pointing back at illuminatus! but there is a page or so about "23"...which has probably already been touched on somewhere in this sea of info. forget all that , somebody buy me this shirt... and I will shut up...:P

here's another link on 23

and yeah, i know about the terrible Jim Carrey movie...let's not go there. AlthoughI am a J.C fan.

Also, Vince, why are you so hung on the idea that this is all about so militant Christian reform ploy? are you kiddding me?

Also, for your cheesing pleasure, one of my daughter's little cousins was singing to "Give me Love" and at "Keep me free from birth" she was singing "Give me freezer burn" it was so cute. I've been chuckling for days. She was so sincere! I couldn't correct her.

*sigh* well goodnight all.

MikeNL said...

I think that, because SSP is some kind of holy place because of Charles Manson, and has something to do with magick, that they can't send it to me.

It does has a reason why the suitcase has been put there twice, IAAP didn't told me that, but that's what i think.

Tomorrow is OTO 23/6.


Anonymous said...

Vince here,
Where you been??
First, let me say; "Give me FREEZER BURN??".... Now, THAT'S FUNNY!!
Thank you for giving me the first chuckle of the morning!
Second, I'll hold the 'it's a christian ploy' thing in the back of my mind 'till the end. Maybe I've listened to TOO MUCH Jello Biafra, but I'd rather call it that, than just be nasty like some of those commentators on the IAMAPHONY YouTube comment page...... Have any of you guys tried to get through THOSE??? Oh, brother!
Anyhooooo, good to see you still around, Mr. Mojo, and I wanna know what you think about my other 'theory'. Since you DO have a child,I've been wondering if anyone under the age of 20 still thinks of MUSIC as something to give full attention to, you know? That's why I bring up the idea of placing The Beatles OUTSIDE the relm of music.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. . .technically speaking, one pretty much has to be a Christian (or Muslim) to believe in Antichrist and Satan as an opponent of Christ, so either Phoney just enjoys making semi-scary videos casting Paul in a "magickal" or satanic light, or maybe he is a typical born-again type who wears designer jeans, frosts his hair, and hangs out in LA. JCharles

Anonymous said...

I know Rev. Hastard had a taste for the .... tight trousers!!!

Anonymous said...

I wanna see a new video wherein the young man in the Mustang has to fill up his tank with $4.50/gal gas.

Tafultong said...

Good to see that the stimulating conversation has continued and that everyone has been in good humor while I have been in the real world.

Welcome back Mojollikins!

Vince, you sure have been generating a lot of interest in your novel. Have you considered self-publishing a limited run with the hope that it might catch the attention of one of the majors?

Regarding the Beatles Cartoon series, I am planning to say more about that in an upcoming post. While my qualifier was intentional and accurate, that doesn't mean that I have dismissed it entirely.

Anonymous said...

Big boys dont cry Anyone have a higher res pic of that issue?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Taf,
Vince here,
I'm thinking of self-publishing through Wheatmark; they'll give me an actual editor.....unless you know of a better place to go.
E me if you do!