Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The footnotebot (who may be somebody we know) has added some useful information to either provide context or muddy the waters in response to the "not quite Iamaphoney" videos we have seen lately.

1 - Footnote for Wizard of Faul #2 - Part A
2 - Footnote for Phillip Norman Interview
3 - Footnote for Magical Mystery Tour Clockwork Orange


Anonymous said...

About Wizard #2: At circa 3:00 there's the imperative to "look" which,in that instance, seems to imply import to the scan of song titles.

They've changed formats over the years, and among the differing organizations, but that image appears to be of a performing rights society semi-annual breakdown of what income is attributable to which song.

Leading me to wonder if the exclamatory "look" may be intended to convey proof of some insider status?

Because there seems to be no other conceivable import to the song listings, their order, or specific titles. Am I missing something along those lines?

If it is about implied legitimacy via insider status, I'm not sure if I buy it, or if I find it a bit lame.

~ km

MikeNL said...

The import list is from a Hey Jude promo vid, 1968. it's found on youtube, search for Hey Jude Rehearsals UPGRADED.


Tafultong said...

Yes, but I don't think it was conceived as a "Hey Jude" promo. I think it was in a short film called "Experiment in TV" or something like that. In addition to television, it was shown in schools for some reason.

That's interesting about the performing rights society breakdown. I always wondered what that was and that's the first reasonable explanation I have seen.

Anonymous said...

Good hello, my friends!
Vince, here.
I remember reading "Shout!". I bought it a few years after John died, and even though I was pretty young, he point he made about how many 'people' he had to go through in order to meet PAUL, the handlers, the 'insiders', etc. was the first time I realized this was someone MORE than just the happy-go-lucky Beatle.
Speaking of 'evil/not-evil', my precious "Venture Brothers" featured a character based on Henry Kissenger. He forces Dr. Venture to 'face his fears', and I gotta tell ya', not since "Duckman" have I seen a cartoon get so freudian that I hope you all get to the Adult Swim web site and check it out. The episode is called "The Doctor Is Sin". Even the necromancer is scared of "Dr. KILLenger".
Like I've told you before, my 'occult crap' needs a healthy dose of comedy!


Anonymous said...

"The Doctor Is Sin"


Anonymous said...

hi km
maybe the exclamatory "look" is realated to the clip before it.. Michael Jackson... doesnt he own the rights to all the beatles music????

Anonymous said...

NIR forum is down again :(

Anonymous said...

To anon. @ 6:08:

Perhaps so, although I'd thought that the Jackson deal only applied to the song catalog from earlier years. I'll look into that, because your speculation makes more sense than mine about the purpose of the image.

~ km