Monday, June 2, 2008

Message from Iamaphoney

The text is:

the fires
June 2, 2008
Dear T,
I am a big admirer of your work, as I told you before!

I can assure you that I, of course, have nothing to do with the fires.
It came as much as a surprise for me as for you.

Too close to be mere coincidence?
Somebody might take the fireman valence to seriously!

The Revelation requires no burned houses or dead bodies,
for what I know, nobody is going to get hurt, really!


This is entirely consistent with the couple other correspondences that I have had with Iamaphoney. He does not seem delusional to me. As I suggested in the comments, I would like to see Iamaphoney get rid of the schedule. It isn't really serving his purpose anyway. I think specific dates on the schedule are only asking for trouble.

I want to thank Iamaphoney for addressing my concern.


Anonymous said...

I like the schedule. I'd rather know exact dates to check YouTube rather than checking aimlessly.

Please leave the schedule, IAAP.

Anonymous said...

Well, how cool are you????

Totally forgot about the 'fire' connection.
Once again, it's that 'Fight Club' moment, and for him to say, "Oh, that's not me."
Eeeeeewwwwwww........... but, what IS YOU?

I know 'nothing is real', but why would he FLAUNT the fire connection, and then say what he said to you?

"Why would religion LIE to us? What would they have to gain?"- Millhouse VanHounten.

Your friend, Vince.

Anonymous said...

He used the fire across from the Capitol Records Tower (LA) as the background for a RA youtube account on the previous date of the schedule in sync with the release of a RA video.

This time the video footage of the Universal fire (in LA) is included in the new RA.

I don't care what he says via a text message, I think the LAPD's Arson unit should at least look a little closer into this.

Maybe he would like to elaborate then on why he chose to include pictures of both of these LA fires in his videos.

Anonymous said...

Vince is correct.I find very little in his message to reassure me.In his videos he fabricates audio and reedits video.In other words he lies.A revelation built on lies?Why should I then believe his message?The connection between Iamaphoney,the fires and his schedule has already been made here and at NIR and on his YouTube page.It's up to him now to change that perception.I hope that he does.This might be a start but he needs to do more.He can begin by taking his Rotten Apple series seriously and not trying to be a 21st century PT Barnum.


Anonymous said...

I've spoken to Lieutenant Jerry Rodriguez about this, will update if I hear back

Anonymous said...

I remembered something else.In the other message he sent you he wrote about this blog "in the future it'll be widely spread".It sounds like Iamaphoney thinks he is going to be famous.I think that what John Charles wrote yesterday may be the best idea I've read yet about Iamaphoney.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone determine whether or not a fire was the cause of the NIR servers going down?

Anonymous said...

See it for yourself.

This is ThePlanet's datacenter.

MikeNL said...

really :O

no serious, that's not the server center for NIR...

Anonymous said...

No it's one similar to it.

Anonymous said...

Something else: i rember reading an article about David Bowie in the seventies, how he was obsessed with (nazi/magic) symbols at a time when John Lennon visited him and the article mentioned how John warned David that he was playing a very dangerous game even though you wouldn't expect this from someone so beyond silly superstitions as John Lennon, it has always sticked in my mind but i dont rember where i read it, maybe Q magazine does anyone recognize?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous that probably has something to do with an interview David Bowie gave in the U.K. in the 70's about England needing a fascist dictator.What was lost on the reporter was Bowie being coked out of his mind at the time.A few years before that Lennon agreed to play on one of David Bowie's albums and he did.Aside from that the only thing I've ever heard Lennon say about Bowie was him making jokes about Bowie being gay.There's a video on YouTube of Lennon reading a radio commercial for a dance club and saying that if ladies can get in free then David Bowie should go.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Aja, i was searching for the article i rembered just now on google and found this:

On Fame, by David Bowie

From the Andy Peebles interview:

JOHN LENNON: So I just contributed whatever I contributed, which is, you know, like backwards piano and (sings) "Oooh" and a couple of things - a repeat of "fame". And then we needed a middle eight so we took some Stevie Wonder middle eight and did it backwards (laughs), you know, and we made a record out of it, right? So he got his first Number One.

We'll sing it mon, cos we'll be reverse :eek:

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I guess I should have finished the thread over at the Proboards support forum :D

That is just a video of a transformer blowing up, and not the ThePlanet fire.

mojollikins said...

hello all, I have not even gotten CLOSE to catching up, I been out havin' fun and all hell broke loose @ Taf's!

Right said, all of it.

ALso, though,I mean, truly, I have a choice to be interested and spend my time digging his stuff, or to go back to cute kittens (ok, fill in the blank w/ whatever you did before IAAP). But, I has been a damn good ride until the broken promises, why even make promises just to be a dick and break them, idunno...not that IAAP really owes me a damn thing.
I think it's kinda cool that he wrote you, Taf. I am curious, though, when he says "your work" does he mean this blog? You do put alot of good research into your subjects, (a quality of which I have a new propensity to admire LOL)..doing what you do requires thought and energy. SO, thank you btw.
I got a lot of reading to do.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, so no mention of the Universal studio fire being an acident?.

Tafultong said...

mojollikins wrote:
I think it's kinda cool that he wrote you, Taf. I am curious, though, when he says "your work" does he mean this blog?

I have expanded the focus of the blog a little bit, but it is still a tribute to his artistry. So, that must be what he meant. This is my only connection with him. I don't do any work for him or with him and we don't have sleepovers.

Anonymous said...

Vince here,
that post was funny!
"cute kittens'; is that what the kids are calling 'PORN' these days?
But, seriously, folks,
you're right.
There was a time I used to check Terry Otts siteall the time, but now, it's Tuf's ALL THE WAY!
All the 'forums' give me a headache; everyone winds up bitchin' with each other.
I'm staying here.