Monday, January 14, 2008

"Now and Then" is spreading

Ever since YouTube user beatles222 took Iamaphoney's version of "Now And Then" and presented it as a new video with no explanation, people have been wondering, "Is it really them?"

The "rumor" has reached at least two Beatles News sites who are treating it with both skepticism and interest.

What Goes On wrote: While I must stress that there is absolutely no way to tell what this is or where it came from, and whether or not it is the actual new version of the song that's rumored to be released sometime soon, I must say I personally think it does really does sound like a John Lennon demo given the same treatment they gave to Real Love and Free As A Bird in 1995.
The Abbeyrd's Beatles News Page described it this way: While this sounds very professionally produced, we don't think this is anything more than a clever, but unauthorized, mash, thanks to the overuse of echo and the audio from Beatle songs woven through it. A mash, but a well-done one, at that. (Abbeyrd actually links to an Iamaphony alias for the video)

Can the general news media be far behind?


Anonymous said...

Great track The Beatlesversion of Now and then.
Where can I obtain/find a mp3 of it?
Thanks in advance.
Greetings from Holland, Patrick

Anonymous said...

Your Beatle-mash "Now and Then" is great. I'd really like to get a copy of the recording if possible.

Anonymous said...

Well here's another clue for you all.

ch said...

the audio from youtube is terrible, would you please upload a better-sounding mp3 of this great work?